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I'm asking for an full investigation of my modification that was done in 2014 and CitiMortgage knowing they received five payments of my mortgage from the Windsor Federal Bank, Bloomfield, CT 06002 causing me to do an modification and never credit me of $5, 517.00 I send proof payments to fax [protected]. for those payments 8/14;9/14;10/14/11/14;12/14. to loan #[protected]; Resource Dept.. they claim they never receive those payments and therefore if I don't do the modification they will take my home I couldn't afford that being my grandchildren was in my care through the probate court. A gentleman (Mr. Nathaniel) who were taken my calls at the time after the modification who were hanging up my calls. since my loan been transfer to Censlar I was told that on April 24, 2020 that CitiMortgage had two loan on my house.

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    Dec 30, 2019

    CitiMortgage — home equity loan transfer to one star rated cenlar, inc.

    December 30, 2019 Citibank played a very dirty trick on its loyal customers when it transferred all of their...

    CitiMortgagetransfer of payment processing to cenlar

    In August of 2018, payment processing of our mortgage was transferred to Cenlar (Central Loan Administration & Reporting). When we received 1st mortgage statement from them there is a 95.00 charge still unpaid for transfer fees. In February of this year we received our annual escrow analysis. In May we received another analysis. Cenlar said it was because of another threshold escrow amount that started when our mortgage was refinanced in 2003. The customer service rep said it is usually never explained and that the amount used as a contingency should never go below 650.00. The representative went on to explain that because of higher home owners insurance and property taxes that the contingency had dropped below 650.00 and an additional amount of money is needed for escrow and contingency. Because of this 2nd analysis, our mortgage payment will increase twice in 2 months. Can someone please explain why in all correspondence last summer in regards to Cenlar taking over payment processing that we were never told of the 95.00 transfer fee. Also why was it not explained about this additional 650.00 threshold account.

    My Name is KImberly Chriswell
    My Cenlar Account Number [protected]
    Property Address: 182 Addie Road, Graniteville, SC 29829
    Phone Number: [protected]

    Mailing Address: PO Box 248 Langley, SC 29834

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      • Updated by Kmckrc · May 20, 2019

        Additional information, I did call a Citi Mortgage Representative, he told me you no longer owned my mortgage. When I spoke to Cenlar they said it was indeed still owned by Citi. Could I have clarification of this as well

      CitiMortgagecenlar central loan administration and reporting

      You have put cenlar in charge of my mortgage payments. I an extremely unhappy with them for multiple reasons. Their website is clunky and not user friendly. Payments cannot be made on the weekend or after 6 pm for those of us living on the west coast. Up until now I have been happy with citimortgage. Please reconsider contracting with this company that provides extremely subpar customer service. Or I will be reconsidering continuing to use citimortgage for my mortgage purposes.

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        CitiMortgagerefinance offers

        I have been getting offers to refinance every couple month for the last 2-3 years and has been unsuccessful to unsubscribe from those. I get a run around between different teams who promises that would the last time but in a couple month, I get a new offer.
        I spoke with multiple teams and their managers but offers still coming.

        I want those refinance offers to stop.

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          CitiMortgagemodification department which includes their executive escalation team

          I am a widow and like many others lost my house, cars etc. During the bank meltdown years. Ironically, I was a professional in mortgage lending, I worked hard and honestly for over 35 years. My last position was director of affordable housing, I enjoyed what I was doing as a profession because unlike many others in my field,
          I was really helping those in need of housing and gave my very best to educate my customers so they never would lose their home. Now, sadly I have a nuerological illness that has no cure and is very painful, for the last 6 years, that does not permit me to work full time or in my profession. I was very hopeful that the bank I have been a loyal customer for over 25 years citibank would listen to my request for a modification of my mortgage to make it affordable for me now that my income was so much lower than years ago. The story unfortunetly is long, I will summarize as best possible... This is my fouth attempt to request a modication on my mortgage with citimortgage!!! They are the most incompetent and unresponsive group of people I have ever encountered. Each time I have sent in all of my incredibly lengthy amount of documents to them, after 6 months of waiting I get another decline. Each time for something else, I feel they just want me to fail and give up... I am now trying once again to request the modification of my mortgage, I am not asking for a hand out, I am not asking for any special treatment, all I am asking for is a fair honest opportunity to keep the only thing I have that I call home, which is a small condo apartment. Nobody in citimortgage cares to stand up for what is the right thing to do or listens, the last person I spoke to in the executive escalation department said to me "it is not about emotions, it is all about numbers" so there you have it, they don't care at all to take the last small home you have. The modification process should be easy and it should not feel like I am begging for help, I have my dignity and I worked very hard for many years, I only ask for justice to be done, it is simple; all I need is a lower 30 year fixed rate loan, instead of a 15 year adjustable rate that keeps going higher. There are many people in my shoes and this is an outrage that this bank "citibank - citimortgage" being such a huge corporation would be so heartless and frankly unprofessional. I am so out of hope and feel to low at this point that, I doubt this is going to help me or any one else, but atleast I felt a little relief in writing my citimortgage saga which is a "true story".
          (I am not sure how you would contact me if this does make a difference, I have never written a complaint like this before.)
          I do not want to sound so bitter, or resentful, but it is really not fair to take away they only home I have, after having so much hardship.

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            Jan 13, 2019

            CitiMortgage — mortgage loan insurance resolution department not respond to endorse check

            Citi loan no. [protected]-9 We were in the Woolsey fire are and have been holding a check from our insurance...

            CitiMortgage — cenlar mortgage service

            We requested a statement of our escrow account, showing tax and insurance payments. NO RESPONSE ! despite our...

            CitiMortgagepayment of ground rent for property in baltimore, md

            I have been billing CitiMortage for payment of Ground Rent for the property at 1209 Wildwood Pkwy, Baltimore, MD 21229. You hold the mortgage and I understand there is an escrow account for taxes, etc. Ground Rent is due the 5th of January and July in the amount of $48.00. It was last paid by CitiMortgage for January of 2011. I have been billing CitiMortgage every 6 months at 4050 Regent Blvd., Irving. Texas 75063. These bills have never been returned by the post office and CitiMortgage has never shown the courtesy of advising me why they are ignoring these invoices. CitiMortgage did pay the ground rent a couple of times, around [protected], but then stopped. Property records in Maryland indicate CitiMortgage was the mortgae holder for most of the time between 2011 and today. Your assistance is appreciated. Avery Chandler [protected] [protected]@verizon.net

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              Mortgage Number [protected]
              We purchased our home in June 2016 for 370K. This 20yr old home needed TLC and some updating. We planned to put around 80K into it. We only put 5% down so we would have funds for the updates. I specifically asked the loan originator about when we could request an appraisal and get PMI off our mortgage. I was told the loan needed to be "seasoned" 1yr. At 1yr I requested the PMI to be taken off, but was denied due to needing 2yrs of seasoning. I felt I was intentionally misled. Our loan officer knew we were looking at other mortgage companies. We inquired about financing thru Wells Fargo with a 6 month seasoning. CITI was offering a discount because we already had 2 mortgages with you. We figured we needed about a year to complete our updates, so a 1yr seasoning with CITI was okay. Now that it is 2 yrs, we have spent an additional $2400+ on PMI, so the saving CITI offered for originating the loan cost us more than if we had gone with Wells Fargo.
              In our denial letter it stated, unless we had updates, etc to prove increased value. You requested a detailed letter of updates, which I sent. I also explained in the letter that the original appraisal at time of purchase(which was 64K more than purchase price) already supported that we were at 80%. I understood appraisal price cannot be used initially, but since we had put around 80K into the property in 1yr, considering the initial appraisal, and the real estate market in our area, it would be a no brainer that our home would meet the 80% ratio. My request was denied. It is frustrating that I could not talk to that department. Only faxes and letters were allowed. I sent repeated letters pleading our case, only to be sent form letters back denying my request and asking for detailed improvements.
              It is now 2 yrs and we just received our appraisal. Our home appraised for 535K. Our current loan is 338K. That is about 63%. Our home would have ABSOLUTELY appraised for enough 1 yr ago. I don't understand why CITI would not have let us attempt this last year. The cost of an appraisal was all on us, so CITI would not have been out any money. That department probably spent more time answering my letters than they would have processing my PMI approval. I have to wonder if CITI has a financial benefit to keeping PMI on the account for longer than necessary, and this factored in the decisions. If so, that should be a conflict of interest.
              I feel we should be reimbursed for 1yrs worth of PMI. This was a wrong, poor decision made by the PMI department not to work with us 1 yrs ago. The numbers don't lie. They support that even a year ago, we would have met your parameters for PMI discontinuation.

              Thank you,
              Terry and Cynthia NeSmith

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                CitiMortgagemodification of current loan - property 1122 waterford. allen, tx 75013

                This information relates to my modification of loan terms. I initially applied for loan modification in April 2017 and submitted package to CitiMortgage Inc. team.

                In January 2017 I called the Citimortgage Homeowner Support Specialist for his advice and he highly recommended that I should apply for modification of loan and get FHA loan to lower your monthly payment.

                First Homeowner Support Specialist
                Marian W Mutwota
                I applied for loan modification in February 2017 and Ms. Mutwota asked me to provide complete information of my business and personal bank accounts. I provided almost 400 to 500 pages of information which she asked over three to four months period. Some of documents I provided to her three to four times. This happened during February to July 13 2017.
                Second Homeowner Support Specialist
                Gilbert Ponce De Leon
                Mr. Ponce De Leon took over my case some time in July 2017 and started asking me the information that I have already provided to Ms. Mutwota. Some of documents such as bank statements of my business and personal accounts which were almost 100 pages plus all other documents. I also provided him 400 to 500 pages of information.

                Third Homeowner Support Specialist
                Tamara Graham
                Ms. Tamara, I am attaching a letter from my wife's school letter head with the information you requested that is her annual salary, how often she get paid and how much she has been paid up to date. This information will enable you to make a final decision of my loan modification. I am also attaching the similar letter requested by Mr. Gilbert Ponce De Leon. I am attaching a photograph of all my documents and information that is more than one 1, 000 pages that I provided to three Citimortgage Homeowners Specialist.

                So far I was not able to get approval on loan modification since April 2017 but at the same time CitiMortgage continue to charge me $1, 586.76 every month since April 2017 to July 2017 although I did not have the ability to pay but I kept myself up-to-date until May 2018. I borrowed money from friends and daughter, and kept my payments up-to-date. This is the first month I was not in position to make my mortgage payment. I send several emails to Mr. Gilbert Ponce De Leon my previous Homeowner Specialist and explained to him my situation and explained to him that I will not be able to make my mortgage payments but I did not receive any response from him. Now I am having high hope and expectation from you to finalize my case once for all. My application is straight forward and I have submitted hundreds of pages and documents to support and justify all my financial information. I believe I am in good hands and I will hear a good news from you very soon. My whole family is severely affected because of my illness and due to the burden of monthly mortgage payments that has put us in a extreme financial difficulty and hardship.

                Please help me to resolve my problem as soon as possible.

                Farasat Khawaja

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                  CitiMortgageproperty taxes

                  My husband and I bought our house in 2013 and in 2017 we submitted tax exemption paperwork because my husband is a veteran. Our payments were approximately $1150, which then got reduced to $838. This was in the early part of the year. Come November our loan was sold to Nationstar/ Mr. Cooper. We had become past due on our payments in 2017 and we were just about to get caught up. In April I was told our payment would be going up due to property taxes. I advised we have tax exemption paperwork so I submit this and don't hear from anyone. I called and a customer rep says they did receive it and are doing an escrow analysis to figure out what my payment is going to be. April May come and go and when I call to make a payment on June is when I find out our payments our increasing because our property taxes were not paid in 2017 because CitiMortgage didn't include this in our payments. So now we owe NationStar that money because they paid the property taxes. We owe them like over $3k now over five years to payback the property taxes. Our mortgage payment is over $1200 now. No one seems to want to help us in getting CitiMortgage to pay for their error. We need help!

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                    CitiMortgageinsurance check made out to me and citimortgage

                    It has been over two weeks since I sent you a check from my insurance company, it was sent overnight from Goin' Postal on Simpson Road in Kissimmee, Fl. 34743.
                    The check was supposed to be returned to me after being signed by Citi Mortgage. I can not begin repairs on my home until this check is returned. I incluced a paid return envelope in the shipping envelope.
                    My Account number is [protected]-4.
                    Please return this check ASAP.
                    Note: While waiting for this check my roof is being damaged further by wind and rain!

                    Janice Nichols
                    2498 Shelby Circle
                    Kissimmee, Fl 34743
                    Thank You

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                      CitiMortgagetax lien on my property when I totally satisfied my mortgage in 2012

                      My loan number was [protected]. I satisfioed my mortgage in Sept 2012 on property 141 Park Lane Douglaston, New York 11363 bourough 4, block 08043, lots 36 and 40. Approximately 2 wks ago I received a Summons and Complaint from New York Bank mellon, the lienholder of my property lot 40, stating that they were undergoing foreclosure proceedings on lot 40. This was my initial notification of a problem which I knew absolutely nothing about! I never received any mail or phone correspondence regarding additional taxes due on lot 40 or a possible lien on my property!!! I therefore immediately paid off the tax lien so as not to incur any foreclosure [email protected]! I am requesting compensation for the tax penalties and legal fees incurred by your negligence

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                        CitiMortgageunethical behavior

                        My name is Brenda Ramirez from The Lane Law Firm. We Represent our client Loan # [protected]. I need to report really rude behavior from Edith Serrano & Ramon Goodman. I would like to please listen our call from today 05/16/18 @ 2:30pm Central Time where I was trying to obtain a Loan Modification Status. Ramon was giving a really ugly attitude and Wrong Information. I requested to speak with a Supervisor who stated he was out for lunch. I then spoke with Edith Serrano that was able to provide me with updated update but same thing with a really nasty attitude. I requested to Speak with a Escalation Team who she stated she would transfer but Carlos Lopez took the call. I stated I had enough of supervisor that I need to report the call. He then hung up on me. This is ridiculous! I need this to be escalated due to we will need to continue following up to obtain Loan Modification Process through.

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                          CitiMortgage — customer service complaint

                          CitiMortgage is reporting an address to the credit agency - Transunion. I never had a mortgage with thi...

                          CitiMortgagemortgage/loss and mitigation

                          March 8, 2018,

                          Account #[protected]-1
                          Stephanie D. Bobosh

                          I have been attempting to work with Citi on my mortgage. I have spoke with customer service as well as loss and mitigation employees. I have been emailed a list of what documents were necessary and I did this, then I was told no fax nor email was received. The following week another employee instructed me to send the docs since Citi has not received these. When I asked about if any follow up to where my personal information had gone to and each conversation-02/27/18, 03/06/18, 03/08/18 no employee was able to answer my question. I was told to resend these documents again. I have asked to speak with a supervisor and was told that supervisors do not return calls. I have had this turned over to an attorney and sheriffs department. I have been in contact with Citi since 2017 and yet my account has been transferred to an attorney. I am asking for some follow through from someone in a timely manner. It would be a nice gesture for some response to this complaint.

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                            CitiMortgagecustomer service // heather

                            The worst Customer Service I have experienced. I have been calling for three consecutive days, requesting a letter, the past 2 days I was directed between Customer Service, credits and other departments, no one could help me. Today was my 3rd day calling trying to get this letter. Today this lady Heather answered my call, I explained the situation that happened last year and she told that she can't give me the letter, I asked to transfer me with the lady who I worked last year in my mortgage and Heather plainly told me that she can't transferred me and she hung up on me. I never imagined that a company how City Mortgage will work this way, unbelievable. I will never use this company again. What type of personal this company hire????

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                              CitiMortgagemortgage / loan

                              Creative & Crooked Accounting

                              Be careful with Citi and loan modifications / trial payments. Last year I went through this, during the trial period I didn't receive any statements. After the 3 payments, an agreement was made BUT it took months to receive and record the mod. I made additional payments the whole time. Then 10 month later received my first Statement with late fees and called delinquent. Citi had taken the trial payments used them on the prior balance and didn't record or report the trial payments to the Credit bureau.

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                                CitiMortgage — property tax department customer service

                                I just need someone to tell me that efforts are being made to resolve my property tax payments. My local...

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