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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved mishandling of funds

To all who are investigating Nationstar mtg and their business practices. Investigate the interest rate changes in your ARM loans. Twice this company has failed to notifiy untill after the fact adjustments in interest rate being lowered which lowered my payments. Guess they figured I would not notice since I pay more than my minimum payment every month. WRONG I keep a very close eye on this company. When I notified them of their error on my billing they corrected the payment amount but I had to request a full print out of my loan history and tell them I would be contacting an attorney before they transfered the amount they overcharged in interest to the principle of my loan. May I also suggest that anyone who has Bill Pay with a bank that covers late fees set up their payments to Nationstar with this service. When I was mailing them my checks myself for some reason they were "late" maybe lost in the mail or more like on someones desk until the date the late fee would kick in. After 2 times of having to deal with my bank on these "late fees" instead of myself they suddenly seem to be able to post my payments on time. This is not a reliable company which you can trust to post items correctly and in a timely manner. They push to the limit the interperation of the lending laws. Keep very close eyes on all dealings with them and keep records and copies of all paperwork.

  • My
    My-family-of-5 Apr 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer




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Resolved lack of communication

We paid cash for our home in 2003. We needed to expand our home so we took out a mortgage with Nation star. Everything was going great till the economy took a hit. NSM tried to set us up the Obama plan, Did not qualify. So they did there in house modification that's when the night mare began. We were told our payment would be $537 a month for 1 year with a 5% interest rate. Well once we signed the docs for this program we found out that our payment was $807 a month! I was floored. I called NSM and asked why they told me I agreed to put my home in escrow. We pay our own insurance on the side and always have, they told us we could no longer do that. During all this they kept telling me I do not need to make a payment for 60 days, we thought cool. That would help us out a lot. Damn were we wrong. Now I am setting in foreclosure trying to save our home. I came up with the money we were behind, mailed it to the company on my default letter. NSM told me I could not do that. That they could not understand why I would send that company there money. I explained to them I was told to on my default letter. They said no way you could have been told that. I was on the phone today with 5 different people trying to get this taken care of. Finally I spoke with a young lady name Stephanie, she called me in January and said she would be handling my account now. Told her ok and explained what I was trying to do to come up with the money. she said ok just keep me posted. I talked to her today and she told me she called me in January sent me an e mail (which I never received) I told her I left her a voice mail today and asked for her to call me back, Stephanie stated she does not have time to check her voice mail, but it is a form of communication for them? made no fracking sense. Every time I questioned her about somnething she got defensive. She finally told me she would not talk to me anymore because I was attacking her and she hung up on me. Is there any help out eir for us who are in this jam with NSM?

  • Ev
    Eve1243 Jul 20, 2010

    FILE A COMPLAINT ON NATIONSTAR NOW! This State Department is responsible for issuing them a license. They are in the process of investigating them.
    Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions

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Resolved Worst service ever

I have been trying to have my home loan modified or at least considered for modification for past 6-8 months by Aurora loan services. I provided all the documents in August of 2009. They are still asking to have 2 more weeks to just give me an update on the status of my loan modification request. It seems that delay is their way of providing service to their customers.

I just called them and asked for the name of Aurora Loan Services president. The response was that I needed to submit my written request via fax to a number they gave me! It appears very strange that even the name of president is kept secrete.

Please avoid Aurora Loan Services if you can.

  • Jo
    Joe Sing Mar 19, 2010

    I am in same situation, my loan modification start in 1st week September 2009. after every 2 months asking same documents again and again. They are hard working not to approve permanent load modification. It is already 6 moths trial period payment is done, still no answer yet.

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  • Ho
    Hold Aurora Loans Accountable ! Apr 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You better start paying as much as you can now. They wont approve the modification. You will be in worse debt than when you started. They will demand the money paid in full plus past late charges plus mysterious fees. They also won't pay your escrow so expect that to add to your monthly payment too. They gave us false hope for a year now we have 30 days to pay or get out!

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  • Ho
    Hold Aurora Loans Accountable ! Apr 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also filed a complaint with the FTC https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ maybe if enough people complain they will be held accountable for their awful business practices.

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Resolved business practices

I have read alot of the complaints on the board about Nationstar Mortgage and now I know I am not alone in...

Resolved fraud in esrow dept.

This company is a nightmare since GMAC sold us to them. They tried to rip us off in the begining, by charging...

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Resolved fraudulent processes

My morgage was sold to nationstar mortgage by Flagstar Bank last year. I was a fairly new homeowner had been in my home for 3 years and due to financial difficulties was working with Flagstar and a company in Florida for modification. Had recd the initial mod. pak and filled it out and returned it to the company in Florida along with the first of three trial payments in August. When I did not receive any contact by mid Sept and contacted the modification company only to be told that they were overrun with modifications and it would be up to 6 wks for the paperwork to be processed NOT to send another payment until I recd return info from them should be around mid Oct. When nothing arrived I called again and was told they could not discuss the account with me due to it being sold to Nationstar. I then contacted Nationstar and the first person I spoke with advised me not to send a payment until they had recd my file from Flagstar and then I would be advised of the next step. I spoke with a different person each time I called and was given different info each time. Then in Nov. I was told I needed to send both remaining trial modification payments by Nov. 30 or I would forfiet the modification. So we scraped together the nearly 1500.00 and sent it right out. By this time we had begun to receive foreclosure papers from the sheriff, but with Flagstar listed as the mortgager. When I called Nationstar with this info I was repeatedly told dont worry until you receive a sale date, when you do contact us and we will put a freeze on the foreclosure. So on Jan, 4th we recd the sale date of Feb. 4th and immediately contacted Nationstar. This time their story was due to a computer glich we cannot find your modification payments and for us to continue the hold on the foreclosure we need those payments. Well, I'm no fool and enough is enough we called the Sheriff and were told we had to be out of the home by Feb. 3rd. So the choice was ours, throw more money we couldn't afford to lose at nationstar in hopes that we wouldn't lose our home or use that money to find another place to live. So we left our 4 br home and moved to a 1 br apt. We are lost and disgusted and feel that Flagstar and Sterling of Florida and Nationstar and in this together and something needs to be done to stop this madness.

  • Co
    Colleen (Michigan) Mar 22, 2010

    I hear ya. I hate Nationstar they are trying to foreclose even though I am doing loan modification with them. They are liars! I had a loan with Flagstar too.

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  • We
    werkmstr May 01, 2010

    WOW!! I thought this was my post at first.. The same story, but I haven't lost my home YET. The only reason there aren't more posts is because people dont know about this site, probably too busy trying to scrape up another payment to be on-line..LOL...Sorry you are out of your home... You are not alone, if it helps any at all

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  • Sg
    S >Messiah Jul 14, 2010

    I had a loan with Flagstar as well and my story is the same. We will probably lose our home in the next month or so.

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  • Ti
    Ticam Jan 03, 2011

    Please, do not just sit by and lose your home. See a housing counselor or a lawyer about suing Nationstar. There's still hope.

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Resolved fraud!

After reading all of the other complaints, I can assure you that you are not alone! The more complaints that...

Resolved crooked company trying to get people out of their houses

We had a loan with Flagstar that we had four a couple of years when the construction industry that I was in went through the floor. We were able to get a loan modification with flagstar and everything was just fine. We were able to make our monthly payment, when all of the sudden we got told our loan had been sold to Nationstar and we have a letter stating from flagstar that there would be absolutely no negative action with this transfer to Nationstar. Well ONE month after our loan was transfered we got a letter stating that we were going to be forclosed on if we didn't catch up our back payments, and that they had no records of any modification. The only modification program they could offer us would make our payment over 2800 a month which was 1000 dollars more a month than our normal payment, and that if we couldn't do that then our only options were to turn the house back over to them or forclose on it. Now we are in forclosure procedings. Isn't there any one out there regulating this industry, or can they basically kick anybody out of their house that they want to. Who do we call??????

  • Sn
    snowbunny20h20 Mar 06, 2011

    I have seen numerous complaints about Nationstar Mortgage and I have the same problem that many people are. They will not accept a check, will not automatically debit your account, which now I am fearful of doing, since I have seen they will take your money out twice in the same month and then don't give it back. My mortgage was sold from Citimortgage to Nationstar Nov. 1, 2010, and it has been nothing but trouble. I have been trying to modify my mortgage since March 2010, I have reported them to the goverment and have also reported Citimortgage. Hopefully we all don't lose our houses with Nationstar, I am afraid to send them money, because they are so untrusworthy. I pray I can sell my house so that I don't have to deal with them anymore, I think they are a scam.

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  • Ne
    newman1 Oct 05, 2011

    I had Flagstar also from 2004 until about 2009 when they sold my mortgage to Nationstar. I tried the HAMP program, they kicked me off of it even though I did what they told me to do. If you call them they will tell you one thing and then if you call back the same day you get another rep on the phone and they tell you something else. They also give out bogus phone numbers for you to call to try to do an in house modification. I am now over 60 days late on my payments and afriad they will take my house. I am the only making the money in the family and it's not much so we are doing our best but cannot keep up on all the bills. Renting would actually be more costly in Michigan than my house payment. I just hope they don't come and padlock my doors soon.

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Resolved bad service

Nationstar Mortgage also took our loan from gmac. This is the worst mortgage company i have ever dealt with. I am afraid of using them as a reference because they say on their 1-800 number that they are a collection agency and any information will be used for that purpose. They also put that on their emails as a disclaimer. I do not appreciate being told that. I have had my mortgage for 12 years and have never made a late payment. They also sent me a notice that I did not have homeowners insurance which is a bunch of you know what. If this is a collection agency then they need to seperate the collection agency from the mortgage company. I am also going to file a complaint with my attorney general in regards to this . And I would advise everyone with complaints about Nationstar to do the same. These people need to be put in there place. And GMAC had alot of nerve sending us to this rotten company.

  • Da
    dana Minak Apr 28, 2010

    this company is the worst company, they are not follwing the gov.guidelines in the home modification dept. they would rather i walk away from my home than help me keep it

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  • We
    werkmstr May 01, 2010

    Sounds very familiar...I sometimes wonder if this is worth the trouble or should I let the house go, move back into an apt, & save $1000 a month...Good luck, & I too would like to thank GMAC for dumping us on this collection agent of a mortgage company.

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Resolved force place insurance

This month (January) I went online to make my house payment as we always do. To my surprise, they had added...

There is Hope...No Kidding

A New York Lawsuit With Promising Implications for Chicago Homeowners January 6, 2010 Posted In: Foreclosure...

Resolved late fees

I had GMAC as my lender for years. I did not have one single problem with GMAC. My loan was sold to Nationstar and I have had nothing but trouble with these people. They mailed MY monthly statement to my ex husband (which provides all my personal phone numbers etc on the statements), charged me late fees when my payment was not late. I call, get them cleared and the BANG they appear for NO reason again. I do not get my escrow statements anywhere near on time.

I live in AZ and they do NOT know the real estate/homeownership laws in this state. It is as if they are only doing business in Texas.

I wish that I was not upside down in my house or I would certainly refinance and get away from these people. I am stuck with the constant headache of dealing with these folks every month or so.

I have contacted them about assistance regarding my payments and they simply transfer me around, talk in double talk, tell me I can't refinance and them tell me there is nothing they can do. That's it.

I know I qualify for the Hope Foundation, but they told me to "look it up on line" and go from there. Some help huh.

Makes a good person want to simply walk away to "stick it " to Nationstar.

  • Ev
    Eve1243 Jul 20, 2010

    FILE A COMPLAINT NOW! This State Department is responsible for issuing them a license. They are in the process of investigating them.
    Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions

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Resolved liars

I have been in a loan mod since July 2009. Here it is Jan 2010. We have paid our trail period payment on time...

Resolved scamming americans

We might lose our home because of this mortgage company. I kept getting letters in the mail saying I was behind on payments and when I would call no one could give me a straight answer! One person would say it was an error or nor to worry then another would be rude and stated I was 3 months behind. They said they have no records of my payments! Now I sent them a payment and they sent it back to me. I was very confused by this until I got papers from a lawyer stating our house was being forclosed on. They sent the payment back so they could do this! Now we have no choice to participate in this loan modification which will double our payments. We never had a problem with gmac before they sold our mortgage to this company. We maybe got behind by one payment but because I believed their crap I have no idea where my payments went. I am scared we are going to lose our home because of this companies practices!!

  • Get an attorney!!! Run!!! I entered into a government-sponsored "Home Affordable Mortgage Program" loan modification with NationStar in August after a reduction in income and falling behind on my mortgage. I paid every payment on time as stipulated in the 3-month trial period and was told I was going to enter into a 5-year loan mod program. All customer "dis-service" reps I dealt with were young kids, rude, obnoxious, talked to me like I was an idiot, never got straight answers. After completing the trial period and still making payments, I received a notice of impending auction from NationStar's attorneys in January. When I asked what was up, NationStar informed me they had decided to "extend my trial period - but just keep making your payments". I wanted it in writing; they refused. I called their attorney, who sounded surprised and apprehensive when I informed him of the loan modification. Talked to NationStar again; they told me my house wouldn't be sold, gave me "another couple of months of the trial period to make sure you get approved". Still nothing in writing. I finally contacted the court and learned my house was scheduled for the auction block in a week. I filed an emergency motion to halt the sale, which was denied. The sale was stopped, but only because the ###s didn't pay the proper court fees. I then learned they had foreclosed on my home a full month before, and every time I spoke with them or their attorney, they blatantly lied, knowing full well my house was already foreclosed on but kept telling me to "keep making your payments". I retained an attorney immediately and learned this is the new scam - The government gives these banks a mere $2000 per loan mod. It's much more financially lucrative to take as much from you as possible, give you a false sense of security thinking they won't foreclose, then they do it behind your back. Most people find out after the sale has taken place, after the 10-day period to protest the sale has passed, and only when a sheriff knocks on the door with a notice to vacate. They have no money after making their payments in good faith and basically are screwed!!! Then the banks buy the house back for $100, sell it and come after the foreclosed homeowner for the difference between what you owe and what they sold the home for. Basically, it's a racket and another financial rape of America. People are wondering why the foreclosure rates are not going down with the government's program available - this is why!!! They are ruthless thieves! Well they messed with the wrong person. I've filed a motion to reverse the default judgment against me, and I'm going to sue them for emotional, psychological and physical distress. I'm not after money - I want them to know they can't do this anymore!!! Someone has to speak up! I'm writing to congressmen, senators, even President Obama himself. My attorney said that NationStar appears to be one of the more aggressive and ruthless of the banks and mortgage companies he's seen carrying out this "bait and switch" scheme. Don't let it happen to you!!!

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  • To
    Tommy12399 Mar 09, 2010

    Contact The Law Office Of lets Start A Class Action
    Kaufman Englett & lynd

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  • Im
    important Apr 13, 2010

    i went throw the same as you they told me to keep making the trial payment i make the payment for 6mo and they approved me for the mod which went back to the same payment i was making they are the ruthless companies

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  • Me
    Meela Apr 27, 2010

    OMG! This is my exact story, I'm unemployed and on my second round of trial payments with nothing in writing. My attorney has spoken to their attorney and is getting lost in the maze of attorneys for Nationstar. My Congress woman (Marcy Kapture) put in a request for information on my behalf... the company's nice to me, saying they'll stop everything just send more copies of the paperwork I've already submitted 4 times and don't forget the payments. Nationstar has it on the auction block for Aug. 12th... I'm currently getting ready to file bankruptcy and am wondering if I need to include it. I can't go thru bankruptcy to have Nationstar come after me for the remaining amount they didn't get from the auction.

    I have 65 emails documenting almost every conversation and their lies, along with names, direct line numbers, fax numbers and occupation within the company. If we are starting a class action law suit... please email me mmlaporte at yahoo dot com .

    This company is ruthless!

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Resolved where to begin???

I have already filed a complaint with these people and I have written to my Attorney General. If each of you...

Resolved harassment&posting payment

My parents have been with this company for many years. Their last payment was due Nov..They have had...

Resolved escrow-homeowners insurance

Good morning russell, I am not happy with the service that i have received from you or your company at all...

Resolved unwarranted charges & rude employees

Has very rude employees that modify your mortgage as they see fit even though a modification plan is in...

Resolved escrow theft

I got sold in 2008 to Nationstar, who I never even heard of and I'm sorry I ever did. It' s been nothing but a ongoing nightmare since Feb 2008. Their title company was to cut a check per my closing for the 1st half of my house taxes. Nationstar was to pay the 2nd half. But Fiserv(the title co.) sent the wrong amount and it got kicked back. They said nothing and did nothing. When Nationstar tried to pay the 2nd half it got kicked back because the first half was never paid. Now neither company said nothing and did nothing. In August 2008 I got a letter from the town my taxes were deliquent and a lein was being placed on my property in Sept.2008. I took an entire day off from work and spent it on the phone between Nationstar, the Town, the County and Fiserv. I found out Fiserv still had the check it had never been cashed. I was in contact with Jeffrey of Nationstar Escrow. I told him Fiserv had the check, gave him the contact there I had spoken too and the check number. He said it would be taken care of, no problem. A few weeks later I called the town, they said everything was paid and there was no lien. Everythings good right??? WRONG!!! It seems Jeffery and Nationstar took out an advance of money from First American (who holds the escrow monies). They took basically an unauthorized loan on my mortgage for $7000.00 in Aug 2008. I found this out 8 months later in April 2009. How?? I had just made the April payment online. My account appeared perfectly normal on the statements. There was no inkling of what they had done until I received a letter on April 6, 2009 that my next payment (in 3 weeks for May 2009) would be an additional $700.00 a month to payback the advance they took out 8 months earlier to cover the tax money they lost. I went NUTS. That was Saturday and all was closed. Again Monday I took off from work and called them. Needless to say, they told me they would file a dispute it could take 30 day...then 90 days... it has now passed 6 months and they still have not gotten back a single dime of my money. I have been working with a woman named Theresa Pointer in Escrow, but she has suddenly disappeared in the last month (they said she's been out sick). Now I have Tom in Escrow and Fiserv contacts with the Research Department of Randy Foyer and Kathy Kinkerk. Not only can they not get the money back from Fiserv (I even sent them an entire packet of papers certified registered mail w/signature required) with a copy of the page from my mortgage that shows what should have happened, but they themselves cannot find the money they should be holding for what should have been the second half of the taxes. But they said "Don't worry about that yet, we have to get the Fiserv money back first." The original tax bill and what they ended up paying, of course, were different amounts because of the interest and penalties that accrued after they paid it also. I have refused to pay them ANY of the extra amount since May, because I believe they are thieves and con-artists and I will not pay on money for an unauthorized loan they took out because they are incompetent. So now they keep saying my payments are behind, they put each payment into a holding account until it adds up to what they want it to be. I call them 3-4 times a week. They call me 2-3 times A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK. They send me threatening letters about foreclosure, and remodification of my loan. I get phone calls from all these departments- Customer Service, Collections, Foreclosure, Research and Escrow. I am on the automatic dialer so they call me everyday including Saturday and Sunday when they are closed, besides the live operators. It starts at 8 am and goes till 9 pm. This for the last 5 months.. They threaten me constantly. I even had a supervisor hang up on me during one phone call because of my attitude toward her (this was on a third phone call of one day from them after about 4 months of this crap) She didn't like my tone or attitude and wouldn't be spoken to "in that manner" and when and if I calmed down and adjusted my attitude I could call back to speak to them..with that she hung up on me. So 6 months and still waiting for them to find my money...it's the worst nightmare scenario. I would never have imagined this happening to me. All my bills are paid on time..but my credit is now in the CRAPPER because of this..because, of course, they are report me as being deliquent to the credit bureaus. I cannot even refinance through another bank just to get away from them because of all the damage they have done to my credit. I can't sleep and have nightmares, I don't know what to do anymore. :(

  • Tr
    Tracy H. Oct 15, 2009

    Yes, they made us pay flood insurance when FEMA sent them documents saying we were no longer in the flood plane. Our attorney is handleing this now.

    Tracy, Oregon, OH

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  • Na

    Everything you mentioned about Nationstar Mortgage is true! You forgot a few things

    1) Housing Discrimination - by disability
    2) Mortgage Fraud
    3) Wrongful Foreclosures - and they are representing Fannie Mae? Who is using taxpayers money to "disqualify" people illegally and mis-represent the "making home affordable" program. OBAMA's FAILURE
    4) wrongful and misrepresentation of the Making Home Affordable Program by both Nationstar Mortage - Specifically David Cardenas and Michael Graham of NationStar and Fannie Mae.
    5) Wrongful Evictions

    Share YOUR FACTS and experiences with Nationstar Mortgage right here!!!

    Trust in God, and Turner Broadcasting CNN is Watching!!!

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Resolved unfair practice - closing fees

My daughter purchased a home out of foreclosure. The bank that owned the property was nationstar mortgage out of texas. My daughter and her fiancée made an offer for the full asking price with no conditions or inspections. They accepted the house "as is". 12 weeks later they are still trying to get the final closing paper work from nation star. 1 day before the scheduled closing they still had not provide all of the required documents to constitute an accepted sales contract. This is after my daughter was forced to sign an addendum agreeing to pay $195 a day for each day the closing was delayed. Because we did not have all of the paper work back from northstar the rural housing department could not process the final loan approval. At the end of the day prior to the schedule closing we received the final paper work but it was too late to close the next day. We had to delay a week while the final loan approval was process. At closing one week later, they refused to sign the closing papers unless we paid a $1095 late fee. It was their fault the closing was delayed. Our lender has negotiated a reduced late fee, but we still had to pay one. They told us they had a back up offer on the table and we either paid or forget the deal and they would keep the earnest money. We have our fingers crossed that now that we have agreed to pay this extortion money we can complete the closing.

  • Sc
    ScrewedInKentucky Oct 15, 2009

    Update - My daughter received the final paper work and the closing is official. I had mis-stated the fee they wanted to charge. it was $150/day, not $195/day. They wanted a total of $1050. We negotiated a reduced fee of $300.

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  • Ev
    Eve1243 Jul 20, 2010

    FILE A COMPLAINT ON NATIONSTAR NOW! This State Department is responsible for issuing them a license. They are in the process of investigating them.
    Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions

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  • Cj
    CJonesLakeland Jul 01, 2011

    I feel your pain. We were atempting a short sale in which they were the mortgage holder. We made and bid ans thought things were moving. The arbitrator came back and said there was a certain number the title company had to have to make the sale. So we increased our bid to meet the arbitrators number. One strange thing happened that I have never heard of or had happen before, they would not process my bid unless I filed a loan applicaiton with them. Of course this means they will and did check my credit. Nationstar finally made an official counter offer. The arbitraitor they wer using raised our initial bid by 13K, and after they received my loan application, Natiostar jacked up the price on the home another 13K! That was 26K above what the home was listed for with the realtor and put the cost at the price of brand new homes in the area! Incidentally, I was infomred by the bank I had actually planned to use that the new price was right at the limit of what I would be able to borrow based on my credit. Coincidence, I THINK NOT!!!

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