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loss mitigation

I lost my job a year ago and went to them to try to stream my loan so that I would not have to pay so much principal. My loan is about $170k on a $450 property, is on a 15 year fixed, and most of my payment was paying principal. If only I could reduce the amount of principal I had to pay, live would be so much better. But not only did their loss mitigation department refuse, they offered me instead a forbearance where I would go delinquent, my credit score would take a hit, and I would owe zero for 3 months. However, at the end of the 3 months, I would owe them a balloon payment for all arrears, at a time where I did not have much income. Dovenmuehle told me that they can only offer this forbearance (which may not be true), and they would be glad to renew it for up to a full year where I would owe them a 13 month balloon payment at the end. They led me to believe that after 6 months or more of this forbearance, that they may be willing to renegotiate the terms of my loan. However after calling HUD, HUD told me that Dovenmuehle would probably not offer me a modified loan as it costs them money to make the adjustment. I called Dovenmuehle's forbearance plan "the suicide plan" as they lure you in to a weaker position leading the borrower to believe that Dovenmuehle will come thru in the end, but they won't, and you will be left with a very large balloon payment or default, penalties and fees and interest. This is nothing but a scam to lure the borrower with the belief that there will be relief, when in fact there is nothing but a grand balloon payment and penalties, fees and interest all in the lender's favor. The government ought to eliminate this loss mitigation program. It is dishonest, predatory, and leaves the borrower with no options but suicide!

false credit reporting to credit bureau

A monthly payment was made in 2014 and I was mislead that it had to be made by 2:00 PM to be considered as payment made on that day so payment was made on the internet but it wa...

mortgage mod after harvey

have a va loan on house, after Harvey ask for payments to be deferred for 3 months. mod came back last week finial they raised interest rate, payment amount and length of loan...

mortgage payoff documents and lien release

The bank has not sent me UCC3 even though mortgage paid 9 months ago. I asked for a faxed copy and was told that they don't fax, I asked for a copy overnight at my expense and told I had to contact another dept . I emailed and faxed and still no response 5 days later. Worst customer service dept I have ever dealt with in my entire life. I just want a copy of a document that I was told was generated 5-6 months ago and getting no cooperation from bank

customer service

I have been trying to get an answer to a simple question, for which I was told to submit the question in writing and await a response in 5 business days.

I did so, only to be told I had to resubmit the paperwork with my signature.
Even though the paperwork contained my written name and loan information I still had to do this.

I complied and resent the paperwork, and called in 5 business days later and was told the paperwork was never received (I sent it in via fax and received the transmission page, so this was a lie).

I sent in the paperwork via email and called in on business day number 7, only to be told it would be another week before they would have a damn answer.
I asked to speak with a supervisor and the lady hung up in my face.

These people are completely disrespectful and unprofessional, I wish I had my loan through any other company but this one.


Golden 1, Dovenmuehle — failure to correct admitted impound errors

I got a loan modification from: Golden 1 Credit Union on my home. I started making payments and received notification that they needed additional funds to be put into an impound...

tired of dovenmuehle, always have excuses

Over 2 years ago applied for a reduction of the mortgage payments, and now they tell me I don't qualify, I'm very frustrate with them.I have a young daughter and is not fair.This company is the worst that anyone could have.I have sent them all required documents, and I have called every month to check the status of the case, they always gave me the same status, so far they tell me that I can't help me. What they have is an abuse to people. I'm tired of this company and do not recommend it to anyone..

trouble transferring money

We have been w/Dovenmuehele Mortgage for 20 yrs...never missing a payment but paying extra principle each month.We sent a large principle payment 1/27 & the rest of the payoff 1/31/11 . I called them, they had the money in the bank...but did not pay off the mortgage nor send it to the new mortgage Co. 2/04/11 they sent the the large amt of our money back to my bank and said the acct# was wrong. Still dont know where 2nd amt is. New mortgage meanwhile charging interest everyday til they find the money.

messed up from beginning

I refinanced two years ago. My mortgage was sold to another regional bank and all was good. A year and a half later, the bank went under and was sold to Great Western Bank. Made payments to Great Western for a few months, then GW sold the mortgage to Mutual of Omaha Bank. MoOB has at least some of their mortgages serviced by Dovenmuehle. Immediately, Dovenmuehle screwed up my mortgage. I have ALWAYS been over a month ahead on my mortgage payment. This is intentional. I never want to risk having a late payment and it's a cushion in the event of financial difficulties. The first statement from "MoOB" shows my payment is due in two weeks. Now, through all the selling of the mortgage, I have NEVER missed a payment. I should be 6 weeks ahead but MoOB/Dovenmuehle says I'm exactly current. Called and talked to a rep. He said he couldn't change my due date. I explained that they already changed by due date and I need it changed back. He said he couldn't do that. I asked to speak to a manager and he then changed his tune. He said he would have to research it. Told him to do so but I still need to speak to a manager. I was told I would get a call back in 30 days (?!). Since I'm not actually behind on payments, even though I thought it was a rediculous timeframe, I agreed. 30+ days later I got a call back. He said the due date was correct. I am not 6 weeks ahead. Asked what kind of research he did. He said he saw that I made 12 payments last year so it must be correct. What he didn't see is that those 12 payments were ALL 5 weeks (given processing time) ahead. Spoke with a manager "Lenny Figliola". He said he'd get to the bottom of it and call me back in 3-5 days. It's been 5 days and I haven't heard anything back from him. Left him a voicemail which hasn't been returned. Spoke to the loan officer that originated my refinance. He said someone else had to refinance AGAIN because Dovenhuele had his payments as being 30 days late every single month, despite calling them every single month. Called Mutual of Omaha Bank. They are going to investigate and the person I spoke to said they have been having issues with Dovenmuehle that they are trying to fix. If they don't, I'll go through the expense to have it refinanced just to get away from them.

giving false infomation every time I call!

I have had Dovenmuehle Mortgage for almost 2 years (not by choice) my mortgage was sold and now Dovenmuehle is in charge. I have had problems from day one. When they took over my loan I never received any notification until the 90 days past due. Dovnenmuehle claimed they mailed several notifications prior; but never received them. Now I have a loss on my property and trying to get my insurance check disbursement. They told me what I need to do to get the process started; did everything only for them to tell me they need more info because I was told the wrong thing initially. When I question the wrong information all they do is apologize and say "I don't know why you were told that" Now after spending countless hours on the phone I have received my first check. Enclosed with the check is a letter that explains how the disbursement works. The letter explains if the insurance loss is under 10, 0000 then it will be signed and turned back over to us. My check was 9755.11 so what is the problem; why am I only getting a 1/3 up front and not the whole thing?

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    try again123 Mar 17, 2011

    If you r loan was in default then you have to have it issued in 1/3 that is procedure

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Golden 1 and Dovenmuehlewrongful foreclosure

I am filing a legal complaint in Sacramento California Superior Court seeking a restraining order against Dovenmuehle Mortgage who is the "loan servicer" on a first mortgage obtain through Golden one credit Union in Sacramento California.
Dovenmuehle Mortgage filed a notice of default on my Sacramento home after I explained to them that and escrow impound account had been set up and funded. They claimed that they had no information about that and they increased my loan by the amount of $760 per month, over $9000 per year which is in excess of any real amount, to presumably make up for a negative balance. I was reasonable and I asked for something in writing that established their numbers which they said they would fax to me but they never have. After I received the notice of default I wrote a letter again requesting this information, although I had contacted them and Golden one many times by phone. The response was to continue the foreclosure and file a notice of sale. They use a Trustee Called Quality Loan Services, San Diego California, which I believe they may have some financial relationship with. It would be helpful to me if you know anything about these entities and be willing to sign a declaration that I will prepare for you stating the facts regarding any problem that you've had with any of these three entities. Dovenmuehle Mortgage claims to be located in Lake Zürich, Illinois but I can't find them there so be helpful to know and information about their location especially if you're from Lake Zürich and know that they are not there.

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    Jerry Jan 28, 2011

    The Golden 1 Credit Union works with Dovenmuehle Mortgage for loan servicing. If there is a concern with your loan, please contact Wes Motschman, Manager of the Golden 1 Real Estate Loss Mitigation Department, at phone 916-732-2722. We will be happy to help in any way we can.

    The Golden 1 Credit Union

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  • I am in Sacramento and have the identical problem with entities. Dovenmuehle sent 4 different notices for same months payment with four different amounts claimed. I called I found that funds in "escrow" were not in impounds. They said they would send me an analysis; they didn't. They started foreclosure and buried me in duplicate notices of default. I had to contact Quality (who "yes" is connect with Dovenmuehle) telling them amount claimed as default was wrong as I had money in impound account not credited. They said I had to contact Dovenmuehle about that and I did again but Dovenmuehle continued with foreclosure. I recall that one of the principals at Dovenmuehle is also a principal at Golden 1 and she is the one who signed for the Notice of Default, but note that I believe that her signature was notarized without her being present. I have extensive files but trying to build a case as you have, I had to give up the battle and file a Chapter 13 so I could get back to work. I am more than happy to share information. Have never used a blog so will send this and see how it works.

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    Ben Gikanga May 14, 2013


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    JHall.sacramento Jun 18, 2013

    I have had a lot of problems with Donvenuhle Mortgage Co. ever since I refinanced in December of 2012. And to date I am still have problems with them raising my payments for a mistake that they made and I am being penalized for it. I call and they said that I am right and when I get my payment voucher it is always more than my payment. Then I get letters saying I am in default of my loan. This very frustrating going through this every month. They are the worst mortgage company I have ever had to deal with.

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  • To
    Tom Wickwire Nov 06, 2018

    Wanted: anyone with Dovenmuele complaint that after fire damage, owner's insurance company pays Dovenmuele, then it holds insurance money, forcing owner to use own funds to repair fire damage while Dovenmuele offers various excuses for holding $.
    reply to: [email protected]

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stay away from them

These people are *** or unscrupulous. When I struggled with my mortgage, I did the right thing and contacted Dovenmuele. I placed the property for short sale with a realtor and advertised. Within 2 weeks I got a cash offer, albeit for less money than what I paid, and they never responded to the offer. After 2 months, the buyer pulled out. I then received another cash offer some months later and they did the same thing. This time, buyer only waited about 3 weeks to pull out. I am now facing foreclosure which I feel could have been avoided.

loss mitigation

They are not interested in assisting any homeowners! They probably already spent the goverment stimulus money they received from the obama admin. They do not work with any of the...