Motel 6thief among you!

L Jul 24, 2019

Let me first say that I am a frequent guest of Motel 6 - booking 5 rooms in this trip alone.

I stayed at Chambersburg PA Motel 6 7/23-7/24 (3 Rooms - #115, #204, and #205) as we were driving up further North. We generally come in late and leave early... you know the perfect guests.

Anyway we left out of Chambersburg this morning at 7:30 AM and didn't formally check out... just left the keys as always.

Two hours into the drive it was discovered that an Apple watch was left charging on the nightstand in room #205.

I immediately called and spoke with "Ken"... he said he would check and call back, which he did at 11:43 AM.

Per Ken... although he commented that we had not checked out the watch was not found. Hmmm

I asked him to speak to the cleaner and call me back, he did not return the call as he assured me he would. I mentioned to Ken that because we had formally not checked out, was it normal that a cleaner be in there already... he didn't really know how to respond.

Knowing that the Apple watch was left, I feel you have a thief in your employment.

It's too bad too, because the watch is locked and we will be notified if anyone tries to connect to Wifi. What this means, is the watch is of no use to no one.

My daughter received that watch as a gift, and although its her fault for forgetting it, it is of no use to the person that found it.

We are very upset about this. We would of turned around to retrieve it or made arrangements via mail on our expense to get it back.

I would hope at the very least you check into who was assigned to the room. Clearly somebody picked it up.

Although we will never be able to prove that this happened, we know it did.

I would check your staff... clearly there's a thief and if it happened to us it will most likely happen to other families.

Thank you for your past service, but we will no longer use your services, as a motel with thieves in their employment is not a motel we want to frequent.

This is a loss to you, do you care? As I wrote previously, we stay often and because of the large family size, usually 2-3 rooms a shot.

Should the watch someow reappear.. no questions asked... please contact me at: Linda Rohloff [protected] or at [protected]

VERY disappointed in our Chambersberg visit. My daughter is sick over the loss.

I hope to hear back from you in regards to this matter. I have not written my review yet, NO THREAT, but am still deciding how I going to portray this Motel 6.

The actions of 1 affect all.

Very Disappointed...

Linda Rohloff - [protected] or [protected]

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