[Resolved] Motel 6i'm good. just got off the road yesterday.

S Aug 02, 2019

The GM's and his wife especially were incredibly rude to my mother and i. They tried to say they were filling a police report for missing hangers and towels. Why would I take filth stay towels and I'm in a semi 11 months a year. We don't exactly have a place to hang out clothes I found 5 roaches plus bedbugs at me alive. I wasn't allowed to have any visitors and my mom who paid for room had to check in before she could see me. I am absolutely appalled that. Multiple people doing and selling drugs in the parking lot. The towels had black stains all over them and the tub had remenets like someone had just shaved there pubic region in it. I stayed here for a week and didn't speak up, because I was trying to be a good person and let it go. I can no longer keep my mouth shut after he called and yelled at my mom and upset her. When they said they were going to file a police report for stolen stuff that was the last straw. And newly remodeled hotels? They painted a turd. It stills smells like years of cigarette smoke and it's shody contracting at best. Only hot water came out of kitchen sink. I was nothing but respectful and accommodating to all their complaints which is what their job actually is. Something seriously needs to be done about this. I was completely appalled by the way they conducted their business.

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