Motel 6deposit

A Jul 17, 2019

I stayed at the motel 6 in Englewood Ohio on 7-15-2019 and checked out on 7-17-2019. On 7-16 the front desk called my room stating I wasnt allow to cook in my room. I assumed they walked by my room when the door was opened and seen a hot plate laying on the bed. I was cleaning out my car and just sat it on the bed. Was planning on giving it away to a homeless couple but turned out it didn't even work. I told them I wouldn't. Also they said in the same conversation that my guest had to leave because they was there to long. They wasn't even there an hour. They told me I wasn't allowed to have guest for more than 30 min. This is during the day around 4. and we wasnt being disorderly. I went down stairs to get a copy of the rules. He wouldn't give them to me. Said he gave them to me orally. Some sounds even made up. I don't understand why be this way. The next morning checking out, the guy at the front desk (Danny) said he had 2 complaints that I was cooking. I know microwaved food isn't the best but come on. He started here had to check my room. He acted like I was a bother
He went to check my room and it smelled like I was cooking. Then shower me a picture of the griddle that I had in my room with steam on the lid. Then told me I couldn't have my deposit back. My deposit is for damages. There was none. I cooked in the microwave and put the food in that to mix it. So yes there was steam cuz it was hot. The thing is, he said he called the room and knocked on the door, but came in anyway and took a picture of a griddle that wasn't even plugged in. I can't possibly know when this happen. When I went to my car? Or taking a shower? And why? Cause he smelled food? And why not say something later in the day? They seen me doing laundry. Danny was rude for no reason, I was polite and I'm sure all this is on camera. How can you guys keep a deposit when there is no damages or special cleaning? Just cause he said I cooked doesn't mean I did. I tried to show him the giddle did not work, he had no interest in seeing it. All he kept saying was, it worked last night. Cause it smelled like food. Of course it smelled like food. A microwave can do that. We had microwaved breakfast that morning He tried to keep my deposit last time cause my son spilled cool aid on the sheet. It comes out. Is this even legal? Please advise
Georgia Ann Durden
Room 233

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