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Morgan Properties Complaints & Reviews / office staff incompetence

Oct 03, 2019

My current complaint is that I'm interested in upgrading to a 3 bedroom 2 bath unit because my daughter and grand daughter want to move to Nashville for employment reasons. In order to do that we had to have a background check done on my daughter and son in law in order for them to be...

Morgan Properties / many issues with property manager

Sep 18, 2019

Morgan PropertiesI reached out to the Property Management office in the middle of July to discuss several of the issues I have been having with the apartment and the property, see list below. The only response I received was the schedule an in-person discussion. I immediately responded to explained that...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / rental deposit

Sep 12, 2019

I was a Tenant at the Chase Lea Apartments, I moved out May 17, 19 11 Wellhaven Circle Apt 1013 Owings Mills, MD 21117. I did an early buy out, I paid everything that was required and Raven Coleman did my walk through she marked everything off and also wrote no additional damage on the...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / dispute final bill

Aug 24, 2019

Our family moved in from a house fire. We had to move in right away because we only had the clothes on our back and we had children. The apartment they showed us was some what ready, so we took it in good faith. When we got in they explained that they were going to clean the carpet, which...

Morgan Properties / horrible management, place to live

Aug 21, 2019

There are too many issues at this morgan property to even start here. Management is horrible, I cannot get anyone in management to call me the almost 2 years that I have lived there, there have been 4 managers and the leasing agents come and go. Management needs to get it right or...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / rodebts

Aug 13, 2019

My daughter moved in on 8/7/19 3 days later my granddaughter was bit by a bat that was in the apartment my other daughter who is 29 weeks pregnant was also in the aprtment along with my other granddaughter they all have to get rabies vaccines one of my daughtes has no insurance so she ha...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / mismanagement

Aug 08, 2019

Morgan PropertiesBowel movement, waste, unsanitary conditions, Feces, rodents, bugs, urination, maggots etc. Inhuman conditions.Etc. Dirt, trash unlivable conditions. New Apartment heating room and filter black. They knew the lady moved because of the back up some of her dog feces from Before June 12. We knew...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / maintenance, neighbors

Aug 06, 2019

While living in this apartment I have experienced major issues. Maintenance is a complete mess. Between taking over a month to fix the air conditioner that was completely unusable, the window that will barely close not being handled, the doors being completely broken for about three...

Morgan Properties / additional charges

Aug 06, 2019

Morgan PropertiesMoved out of my apartment on 5/30, and have been charged for maintenance issues (such as my kitchen and foyer floor that was replaced with a laminate sheet in 2017, and tore by the contractors that were replacing, and was told that i would not be charged) it also states that that were were...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / worst rental establishment, poorly run and up kept for how expensive the rent they are charging.

Jul 28, 2019

I had to move into this Apartment Complex due to having a fully disable brother, Leg Amputee, Stroke victim, Diabetic, as our prior place which we lived in for 7 yrs had stairs and due to my brother`s declining health, he could no longer climb stairs. I am his full time Caregiver and...

Morgan Properties / the property

Jul 25, 2019

Writing this complaint regarding country village apts in Dover delaware. My grandmother and brother who was both disable had to deal with roaches flooding issues mold mildew air not working heat not working and no hot water for over a week. But yet was took to court for non payment of rent...

Morgan Properties / the service and the customer service

Jul 22, 2019

This is the worst apartment complex I have ever lived in. It's the middle of the summer. I called 4 week ago to tell them the air condition was not working. The air is adjusted at 68. The heat in the apartment. Is 83. They finally brought a portable air condition for 1 bedroom on...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / no hot water

Jul 19, 2019

Moved into a Morgan property on July 6, 2019, The next morning(7/7/2019) I was in the front office due to not having any hot water!! Maintenance request was submitted. Monday (7/8/19) came home to the same issue of not having hot water. Received email stating my maintenance request wa...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / noise complaint

Jul 17, 2019

I am writing this complaint to inform you that your complex in Avery Park in silver Spring, has not helped us at all with the noise complaint. We been living in the complex over year now and since we move there, we have had issues with residents upstairs of us. We live in the second level...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / towing

Jul 15, 2019

My vehicle was towed within 10-12 mins of me pulling up and running in to use my bathroom. My visitor pass is inside my vehicle in the cup holder along with my cellphone and belongings. I have not been able to get any kind of assistance from the leasing office. The tow truck company cannot...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / inadequate a/c

Jul 06, 2019

Morgan PropertiesMy A/C is not strong enough to provide the proper air to my unit. I had this issue last year in which I keep the A/C on ALL day, but my apartment is still 81. The maintenance people keeps saying the unit is working, but the bottom line is it needs to be replaced because it does not provide...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / being charged extra rent

Jun 30, 2019

My lease is about to be in July and I wrote a letter to the rental office letting them know I would not be renewing. I was told that since I didn't respond to the renewal agreement they sent out months in advance, which was November of last year, that my lease was automatically renewed...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / woodacre apt in claymont, delaware

Jun 14, 2019

I'm a resident at the Woodacre Apt and on June 14th, 2019 some of the residents in building 907 decided that they would let off fireworks in the parking lot. The fireworks where going towards a building that already had a fire and possibly on to the roof of that building. There where small...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / plumbing

Jun 11, 2019

Morgan PropertiesI move in to 5413 Sheffield Ct Apt # 51 on April 9, 2019; and so far is the worst decision I had ever made. There is a lot of cockroaches and I told the office the day after I moved in and they went only 1 time for pest control. There is a leak of urine in the bathroom the pea is dripping...

Henry on the Park Apartment Homes / refrigerator

Jun 04, 2019

After logging a service call online to Henry on the Park Apartments on May 21, 2019 and waiting for two days, we met with Danielle in the leasing office, who spoke to maintenance via telephone. We were told that the refrigerator was going to be ordered for us because they didn't have...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / bill issued after move-out

Mar 22, 2019

Morgan PropertiesI'm trying to grasp my head around how I am being charged for the caulking around my shower border and nozzles. I submit a request to get them fixed but they were not prior to me moving out. Now I must pay for what maintenance did not do. I don't understand. The walls to my shower as well...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / gym and pool fee

Mar 19, 2019

Good morning: My name is Sandra and I live in imperial park drive. My complain is that this property charges me $150 fee for a gym and pool which we never use I live with my parents (they are senior citizen) they also charge a fee for water and sewing. Their maintenance is very poor I have...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / no heat/flooding/kitchen repair

Mar 08, 2019

Morgan PropertiesOn February 6th I reported that my kitchen was flooded due to a leaking pipe in my kitchen and dining room ceilings. This caused water damage to the appliances, cabinets, countertops and dining room. To date this issue has not be fixed. From February 6 - 15 my family had no heat. I would...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / Towing procedures and policies

Mar 05, 2019

Morgan PropertiesKendra C. Smith 8075 Green Orchard Rd #23 Glen Burnie, MD 210601 [protected] cell # [protected] home # [protected] March 05, 2019 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to file a formal complaint against morgan properties and rpm towing. I live in chesapeake glen apartments and my...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / maintenance left my door wide open

Jan 25, 2019

Morgan PropertiesOn 1/24/19 at 6:30pm I came home to my door wide open! I put my deadbolt on when I left as I usually do however, since I put in a maintenance request on 1/23, I assumed maintenance may still have been in my house even though it was dark inside. I had a police officer check the premises to...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / unfair billing, false damage charges

Jan 22, 2019

We moved out from this property (550-209)on 12/22/2018, before moved out one of the supervisor visited and said everything Ok, While handover the keys, I have asked about the final utility bill, but that day concern person not available and the lady who got my keys promised a call back...

Morgan Properties / poor service and work orders not fixed since 3 months

Nov 13, 2018

3 work orders are not fixed with reasons of less staff, not heard from the vendor etc. I have all the documents and evidence and I can easily post it on your Facebook page but I do not want to do it. I want to mention that except these 3 things, the management has been awesome. I am a...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / poor management at briarwood apartments laurel md

Nov 05, 2018

Morgan PropertiesDo not move into these apartments, parking is horrible the staff sucks, i have mold growning on all my stuff in my house due to this company's neglect!!! My kids are sick from the mold and also they promised to move me and gave the apartment away that i wanted to move into!!! Section 8...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / maintenance person out of line complaint/ leasing office manager bias/unfair practices at the glens at diamond ridge

Oct 24, 2018

Corporate Office of Morgan Properties; Recently I had very bad encounter with one of your maintenance people who lives onsite at Craven Court who says he works as maintenance and also a very bad experience with your leasing office manager at the Glens at Diamond Ridge. I have lived at thi...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / charges in excess of security deposit

Oct 24, 2018

When we moved in we were charged and paid a security deposit that the company was allowed to keep upon our exiting to cover any small damages or cleaning that had to be done to the apt. They kept the deposit which I have no problem with and then charged us an additional $500 fee. The...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / my hot water

Oct 24, 2018

I have called the office everyday for the past three days because my hot water does not get hot. I work 8 hours a day and my significant other work 10 hours a day. We will like to be able to come home from a long day of work and take a hot shower. How can we when we don't have hot water at...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties - The Glens at Diamond Ridge / payment made late because online account was locked by management for no reason

Oct 17, 2018

On October 5, 2018 at 9:00pm I attempted to pay my rent online and noticed my account was locked and online payments were restricted. I know there wasn't a past due balance on my account so there's no reason my account should have been restricted. I emailed the assistant property manager...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / leasing office staff and rent

Oct 03, 2018

I paid my rent on the 5th of september, and the system never took it out of my account. I called the rental office and asked them why it was never taken out. They stated that it came back nsf, which is untrue because the money was still in my account. So i resubmiited the rent on the 14th...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / ac

Sep 16, 2018

I am a tenant at Westminster Towers in Elizabeth New Jersey. I was told by management (Ryan) that as per the city of Elizabeth all AC units would be turned off as of September 15th 2018. I asked to be provided with the letter from the city and was provided an email with a letter from...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / damage to property

Aug 22, 2018

Early June I received a notice that MP was installing a back splash in the kitchen. The previous management, Harbor Group, had already installed one in my unit so I went to the office and spoke to Mr. T . Wilkins and asked if my apartment could be skipped and that I would store the tile so...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / condition of my townhouse

Aug 16, 2018

1st email on Aungust 13, 2018. I moved in my townhouse on Thursday, August 9, 2018. The AC was not working that day and it is still not working today. I've been going to the rental office everyday and the maintenance supervisor is aware but I'm getting nowhere. I see them around the community...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / my closet ceiling

Aug 13, 2018

Morgan PropertiesThis all started july 4th 2018 at about 12 pm my wife called the rental office for emergency assistant. One guy came to look an said be will have to stop the leak from unstairs an he did so an said they will send someone back the next day. Well that never happen my wife has been calling an...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / morgan properties in windsor mill md.

Jul 31, 2018

Morgan PropertiesMy son came to visit me for a couple of weeks when a tow Truck came around to tow his car which he was in the wrong His tags had expired the tow truck driver said that the property manager told him to tow this car it happened twice he finally got the tags straight but but this happened in...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / the apts at diamond ridge

Jul 30, 2018

Morgan PropertiesThere is Water seeping through wall now creating a mold issues. On move in date when I did walk through there was water damage in same area. I was advised that there would be a new wall out in that day and finished before I moved in that evening. I now realize that all they did was paint...

[Resolved] Morgan Properties / the townhomes at diamond ridge 21244

Jul 22, 2018

I have lived on this property for about 14 months it the worst place ever. I have had 3 floods in my house a water heater from the storage house next door then today because of flood. Morgan properties sucks I would never tell anyone to move here or any of they properties for that matter...