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ADVERTISIMENT / RentPath reviews & complaints / RentPath complaints 15 / RentPath - scam allowed someone to post my rental for $950 in Battle Ground and telling people they are the owners and no longer working with the Property Management which is false, the home rented by me...

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I moved into The fountains in December 2014. I kept getting the same story every month that they were waiting to hear back from my landlord. My landlord said no one has ever contacted her. I sent...

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Jul 26, 2015 / RentPath - No Support Provided is a total rip-off. I paid for an ad to list my rental property. The ad listing posted on did not have a photograph and the contact phone number was not correct. I sent five emails to their support and never received a reply. I tried to call their number which is supposed to be in service from 9 AM to 6 PM EST. It was 3 PM EST and the message stated to call back when they are open 9AM to 6 PM. I tried to send a message thru their online email message service and received an undeliverable message. I paid for an ad that is totally useless and cannot get to correct it and cannot even get them to respond to me. I am notifying my credit card company to stop payment as they did not provide the service I paid for. Stay away from this company. I had much better success with the free websites that list rental properties.

ADVERTISIMENT / RentPath - scam

I moved into my apartment complex in December 2014 and immediately reported my lease to After a month of not receiving a response via email I decided to call in, the rep said it takes 8-10 weeks until the process is complete and the $100 Reward card is shipped out. Well...its almost June now, so that's 16 weeks so far, called in again today and was given the same run around, its not worth it but I hate being lied to. Just a heads up, don't be fooled

The $100 reward is a scam, dont go there. You can do just as good in fact you can find the same apartments as they do. Go on the internet and find your new home, dont give the time of day. / RentPath - Did not disclose which is eligible promotes that if you find your apartment and signed a lease with that apartment on their website, they will give you $100 Reward Card. The term and condition never said you must look for a special symbol to be eligible, and confirm with a representative today that there is no indication on the website to tell which are eligible. The apartment I leased has falling off of their promotion since 2003! Why on earth would not disclosed that this is eligible, this is not. How hard is it to inform customers. We are relying on you for information, and you've given us incorrect/false information! It's a great place to find apartments, but their common sense or moral is in the sewer! ***DO NOT RECCOMMEND THIS WEBSITE***

D / RentPath - 100.00 visa gift card

Submitted all my infor in February for the 100.00 visa card and still have not recieved it. And now when i go to see the status of of where my gift card is i get a "whoops this page cannot be found"...

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I used to find my apartment. Shortly after I requested the 100 dollar rewards card they so loudly advertise. On April 23rd I received an email saying they've mailed it and it will take 10...

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May 08, 2015 / RentPath - False Advertising

I have carefully read a number of postings, every single one is true. I have tried to encourage the company to honor their advertising claim (reward card) for 3 months with no success. Today (5/7/15), I spoke with another representative who stated that the program or advertising claim will end this month. She went on to say that she understands the array of complaints and that she is glad the advertisement is finally being pulled.

My advise to new subscribers is to heed the warnings of fellow posters. You will be much happier with the results--do business with trustworthy companies like or

Dee2015 / RentPath - Rewards card never received

Lease [protected]
I had moved to apartment in july after using i initiated the reward process.. My apartment office already send reply to I am being following up for the reward card.. each time I raise a complaint i receive a email from

Good news your reward card will be reissued to your updated address next week. We suggest that you allow 10 to 12 business days for the delivery of your card, it is a third party that mails the cards so we don't have direct control of when the cards go out.

3511 Kilburn Circle # 2016, Henrico, VA 23233

But nothing comes.. its almost 7-8 months now

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. / RentPath - $100 REWARD

These people are a bunch of C*R*O*O*K*S. I moved into my apartment on 21 January. I immediately notified them. I got an email to say that they would take 8-10 weeks to send my $100 reward. They...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. / RentPath - reward card

Make sure if you do get your reward that you use it right away. I activated my card in October and did not realize it had an expiration date of less than 3 months later and set it aside. I...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. / RentPath - FRADU


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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. / RentPath - $100 reward &missing&

After being promised $100 from for signing a lease with my apartment community, Archstone, it's been 4 months and I haven't seen it. They claim they mailed it but strangely enough, it never...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. / RentPath - Stole deopsit

I sent $850 as a deposit on an apartment in Fenway. They told me once payment was received I would be able to look at the apartment and then the contract would be sent and I could finalize the details. After sending the $850 they told me I needed to send the next 5 months rent upfront or the contract was void! Ironically I had yet to see the contract nor the property so I had no intention to send more money upfront. I asked for my money back and have never heard from them again! What a scam! Never use them!

You got scammed. It was not but someone pretending to be from

We are very sorry to hear that this happened to you! Was the property one that you had already seen online at and visited in-person?

In the future, if you have any suspicions about a property or if something does not "feel" right to you, check our online "Security Center" page first ( - for a list of known scams) or contact our renter support team for assistance [protected] or via email at [email protected]).

Please feel free to drop us a line!

Oct 25, 2008 / RentPath - $100 Check From a GIMMICK

Hello All, promises people with $100 reward when they report a lease for a property they saw on They claim that they will send out the check to you within 8-10 weeks of lease reported to them, But this is not the case! Infact on their website, they claim that the 8-10 weeks is the time they take to confirm the lease with rental office and to send out a check to you.

I reported the lease and it is now close to 12 weeks and after repeated complaints with their customer service, they claim that my rental office did not confirm the least yet with them, and they cannot send me the check. The funniest part is, this guy gave me the responsibility to urge my property manager to confirm the least with as soon as possible, to enable to send me the check! So that means, if my rental office does not confirm the lease for a year with, I wouldn't still get a check!

I am thinking that this is just a gimmick to attract people and make use of their system, so they can make big business through advertisements etc. Note: One of the rental office told me that they pay $400 to, for every lease referred through So we get only a portion of what they get and they are really not paying anything out of their pocket!

So I would recommend everyone to NOT use because they would at end of the day wait in anticipation of the check and be disappointed!

I am going to wait for another 2 weeks (3 1/2 months) and then if I still don't get the check, I will report them to BBB, to avoid other people to not fall in to such traps!


Receipt of money taken out of my account. But my rent wasnt paid. March and April of 2019. I would like my money refunded back to my card for these months.

The $100 reward card is a total scam. We signed a lease over 4 months ago, citing as our referral source. After being in the apartment for nearly two months, I called customer service to check the status of our card.

I called several times over the next month and was told they were "confirming our lease with management". I was standing right next to our property manager when she signed and sent them a confirmation fax that we used as a referral source.

I called and I was told that the property manager did not confirm I used as my source. I was standing right there. I had the property manager call them, this still did not resolve the issue. I asked who they spoke with, since I was standing right there during the call and fax, and they would not give me a clear answer.

I believe this is nothing more than a marketing scam and would discourage anyone from using this company in the future. Horrible experience.

Aug 23, 2009

I just wanted to say that in 2003 I rented an apt in Federal Way Washington, and I looked at the apt on, but since they were around the corner from my previous apts I really didn't need to decide on whether I would rent or not.
I moved into the townhome and I would say a check came weeks after I moved in. I truly wasn't expecting it at all. I am assuming the complex knew I checked them out on and informed them that I had in fact rented there.
It really works but I guess it really is the apts responsibility to let know.

I'm in the same boat. I reported my lease in March and still have heard nothing back. It just keeps saying that it is in-process. I wont be using again. I will tell landlords that I refuse to use it because of the service and delays

Mar 05, 2009

I work in the apartment industry, and I know how and other similar referral sites work. pays based on the response from the rental office. not IF they respond, but HOW they respond...and their response is DIRECTLY related to what you put on your application where it asks you "How did you hear about this property?"
if you did not answer that question, or put something OTHER THAN on it, the property won't pay, and therefore YOU don't get paid. I have had new residents come up to me and ask about our response to your request, and I have had to tell them they will not be getting paid because they put another website on their application.

The properties that advertise on do NOT pay listing fees to place their ads, they only pay for leases referred by In turn, only pays the renter for move-ins that they get paid for. If you look at ads on, you will notice that most, if not all, have some kind of coupon that you are encouraged to print out; or at the very least it strongly urges you to be sure to tell the apartment complex that you 'saw it on'. They know they won't get paid, and rely on the renter to remember the right website when they are filling out their paperwork or talking to the leasing person at the apartment complex.

Nov 06, 2008

I used a few years ago and received a $100 gift card in the mail. I remember distinctly because I was so broke that $100 went towards electricity the month I received it!

I think some people may not receive itbecause of the verification your leasing office has to provide to the company. If they are not responsive or you do not send in a copy of your lease, then you won't receive it. I'm not sure if things have changed since then--but maybe that's the case.

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