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12:50 am EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Epernay Apartments wall scratching

Constant scratching in bedroom walls throughout the fall season of 2009, no response from management after repeated verbal complaints.

Present dripping in walls of upstairs pipes due to drippy faucets or as one manager had said, de-thawing of pipes. I had made one verbal complaint on this torturing sound in Nov/Dec timeframe with no response.

Finally made written complaints this month, January 2010. Repairman finally given word to come and listen for it. Walls will have to be ripped open, but i will receive no renumeration for this inconvenience. Do i get reimbursed for the earplugs?

Its the denial by managers that I have ever mentioned this problem, that irks me. Epernay has been a lovely place to live, with nice managers and neighbors, but at the end of the day, business is business isn't it? Moving out shortly.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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4:28 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Epernay Apartments Maintenance and Management

Absolutely do not rent here! We had our car broken into, we've had the tires slashed, we had animals crawling and scratching in the walls, we had ants in the kitchen (I clean my floors for all of you who think I must be dirty), I have a puppy and I vacuum almost every day, one day I woke up to go to work and the ants had swarmed the elevated dog bowl, we had complaint after complaint from neighbors saying we didn't pick up after our dog and I video taped the [censored] neighbors' dogs crapping in front of our apartment, we saw raccoons living in the walls of the office building and when the managers where told about it they thought it was cute... Do you know how many diseases those things carry? That's not exactly the environment you want your precious pet around. Oh and they don't have security in this place so when we called about our car being broken into and the tires being slashed, they said "well these sorts of things happen and there's nothing we can do about it" they had the clubhouse broken into as well... You'd think they would get security for that! Oh and they had the nerve to put a klaus' towing sticker on the car that had flat tires from being slashed! Saying it was parked there for too long and we needed to get it fixed asap. I'm sorry but we moved into this place to save money to buy a house... We didn't think we would be spending $1000-$2000 in repairs etc. Thank god we were able to buy our home and get the hell out of there... And the cherry on top is this... The day we were moving out and getting everything situated... The faucet valve for the tub broke and it dumped water (as if I had it turned on full blast) in the tub for a good 30-40 minutes while I waited and waited for maintenance to show up.

This place is great if you want the trail next to cottonwood park... But oh wait... That was under construction the whole time we lived there...
This place just plain sucks. You share the utilities between the number of tenants so your gas bill or what have you is about $100 a month... Our utility bill for a house is $100 a month and lower... Epernay apartments is the worst place I have ever been in my life. The only good thing I can say is my husband and I liked the layout of the one bedroom loft. There's not storage but I guess you can get used to it like we did... For an entire year...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Tenant at epernay
, US
Jun 14, 2018 5:54 am EDT
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Epernay does not take complaints seriously. I am handicapped and there are not enough parking spaces for anyone, much less for the amount of handicapped people in the area where i live. To complicate matters, they allow people who often have overnight guests to let thier guests take the few spaces there are. When i complained that i had an ambulatory problem and had to walk long distances because of it they did not seem to care at all and offered no solutions. I will be looking into what coding violations there are but this seems to be outrageous, how can you charge rent as much as this and provide no solutions for those with special needs and care more about peoples guests than those who pay thier rent every month

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