These complaints are absolutely ridiculous. I work for Monitronics International at the main office in Dallas, TX. I handle very large issues and am upper management, but I began as a regular customer service representative who received numerous compliments for my knowledge, patience, and all around kindness. These compliments came from the customers DIRECTLY. Here are some tips to help your confusion: READ ALL CONTRACTS BEFORE YOU SIGN THEM. I can't say that enough. Next, no one held a gun to your head or "tricked" you into signing that contract. Think of it this way: You have a company, and your customers are mad at you for providing the service you promised you would, and those same customers signed a piece of paper stating they understood said services without reading it, but tell you what it says and doesn't say. Believe me, you would have the same thought in your head, "Seriously? Can you not read?" Now, I obviously can't exclude the times Monitronics does make a huge, huge boo boo, because that's what I handle. I took the position I have because it gave me time to research and properly handle these situations. At the end of the day, I go home happy because I just helped people. I, in no way, am trying to make the company "look good" by this or at work. I love helping people, but I can't help people that make these preconceived notions about how a company "should" run, and think that even though they signed a legally binding contract that Monitronics should just bend over and let them out of it. Just because you want the cookie out of the cookie jar, doesn't mean your mom has to give it to you.


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      Jul 03, 2010

    dear own it,

    once one party voids a contract it is just that...VOID. Customer has no obligation to pay anything after your company failed to provide the services stated in said contract and if they took YOU to court you would lose.

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      Aug 25, 2010

    Mr. Monitronics,
    For being high up in the company, you write and speak like some college kid, not a corporate business man. And your snide attitude does not come across like a compasionate customer service rep. The complaints are NOT ridiculous. If the company is filled with "managers" such as yourself, no wonder there are so many dissatified customers! I do believe you just explained a lot.
    There is a common thread here. Poor customer service, sneaky salesman.
    Our complaints are as follows:
    Sold a system from a cold-call in our neighborhood. Young man promised a lot verbally that was not in the long, small type contract. It's the "overwhelm the customer w/ lots of info and bury the detail in the contract" ploy. He had to go because he needed to get to the next house, but our guys are here ready to install now, please sign. No, there wasn't a gun to our head, but we are nice people who were talked into something by a charasmatic salesman with an agenda.
    So we fell for it and rather than have a system that could EASILY go to the new owners when we moved or go with us to the new house. ( we were in process of selling) We are roped into a 5 year contract. We never would have signed if it was 5 years!
    The new owners attempted to purchase the contract/system but ran into multiple issues such as no return phone calls, one of the highest rates out there for only 2 contacts & smoke alarm, and rude Cust. Svc when she did get through. She tried to negotiate the terms to at least get a similar term/ cost to some competitors, but was told to to take it or leave it. She let us know that it was ours to keep and she wanted none of it. So we began the task of getting the system installed at our new place and that has been frustrating at Best!
    I have an entire notebook of phone calls/ convos with both monitronics and Irongate. 5 months later and it is still not resolved. I have to tell you that we MAY be close to getting the contract reduced to 3 years from 5 because of my CONSTANT phone calls. But the company cannot seem to get the same system installed in our new home. Seeing such incompetance from a major national company gives us no confidence with our system.
    We are stuck with it an are trying to make the best of it, but Monitronics has not made it easy.
    By the way, we are still waiting for our updated contract to show up...

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      Aug 25, 2010

    And referring to your customers as idiots on a website is poor form. If you do really work for Monitronics, how would you like it if the CEO heard about this post? How long do you think it would take them to do some research to find out what employee started out in Customer service and has moved up to upper management in the Dallas office?
    Not good customer service. NO Compliment from this customer for you.

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      Sep 10, 2010

    I also worked for Monitronics for over 8 years and worked under the CEO of he company. Overall, the company is wonderful. However, customers do not understand that Monitronics is an alarm monitoring company, and does not install nor sell alarm systems. I fully understand the upset customer's point of view, however, the alarm company is not responsible for people NOT reading their contracts. Come on people!!! Alot of confusion would be avoided if you would just take the time to read.

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      Sep 17, 2010

    idiot is a little harsh more like "ignorant" people, they not are only told they have to be in contract but its in the print as well. if you dont understand what it means to be in a contract then how are you a home owner?
    and to "we are idiots" guy, yah they are or have been college students yes. but education is a good thing the last time i remember, i don't know how you run a company.
    problem is you give some people an inch, they take a mile. giving you a free system then you suddenly think you are entitled to every perk like voiding contracts due to circumstances beyond our control. to those 1/10, 000 who have legit complaints? its obvious and from what i've seen, they cancel if your unhappy.
    and also - if financially you are unable to hold on to a home or business for 3 years or more... why the heck are you signing contracts. they aren't responsible for your actions.

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      Mar 23, 2011

    Monitronics will not stop billing me!!! Not only does it take an act of congress to cancel with these [censor]s... I canceled, had a zero balance and they still want $24 saying I owe for the tme I cancelled and they turned the stupid thing off. . This is after all of there fraudulent charges against my account. I smell a lawsuit!!! DO NOT USE MONITRONICS!!! I'M TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW!!!

    D Howard, Aurora Colorado

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      Jul 30, 2012

    The contract is complete - and I've been attempting to cancel their service for nine months. Several faxes and letters, and Monotronics still continues to bill me.

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      Jun 09, 2014

    Monitronics insists that my contract was "automatically" renewed as they claim to have mailed me a letter and I did not respond. I think something as important as contract renewal would have come certified mail or Fedex. I did not want to extend my contract and now they continue to bill me as past due and I am certain I will probably be turned over to collection. This is a terrible company to do busine with

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      Dec 21, 2015

    They are unprofessional and scammers. I'm trying to cancel now due to poor monitoring service. I originally signed with a company called Vision Security to whom they bought out. They are using runaround tactics and bullying. Now since I want to cancel they state I signed a 60 month contract. I even provided proof that they filled in the 60 month part after they left my residence and didn't even use the correct initials of my name. When compared to my carbon copy they filled in the 60 month part for its blank on my carbon copy which I provided to them for proof. Even still they are refusing to cancel my account and trying to charge me for the bogus remaining 14 supposed months. I have since contacted counsel and media due to their unethical proven behavior. There definitely should be a class action suit filed on this company!

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