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MONI is an alarm monitoring company.
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Complaints & Reviews

Moni Smart Security / Monitronics Internationalsecurity system - being charged during hurricane maria and will not cancel as we were displaced to the usa

June 2017 our neighbors were told they saw two men in their carport at 2:30 AM. Being an elderly couple, they had a security system installed for their safety - Monitronics. I moved to PR Apr. 2017 to care for my mother who became blind and was living alone. When I heard about the incident, I said to myself if it comes down to living in fear and being a prisoner in our own place of residence, I would move back to the states. At least there, we have police patrolling neighborhoods and people around us unlike living in the tropical rainforest of Utuado, which is desolate and we live in a dead end in the hills and police do not patrol there. They only appear after an incident occurs. A few days after the incident a Monitronics salesman appeared at our door, and a very good one at that -- he did a GOOD JOB of scaring us into getting the system installed. Primary purpose was due to the fact that we are two women living alone with no contingency plan should something happen to us. Everything was fine and it was worth the investment for my piece of mind.

However, come Sept. 20, 2017 Hurrican Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico. We have since been displaced to the USA on Oct. 4, and I have been dealing with this company since then to cancel the contract due to extenuating cirmstances beyond our control. The first call I made, the rep on the phone kept me on the phone for about an hour trying to talk me into transferring the service to where I am living in the states. I was living with friends and they already have a system, but regardless he was hell bent on keeping me from canceling . I tried to be as civil as possible, but I finally asked him to escalate the call to someone who could cancel and be done with it. He finally said he would email me the form that I needed to submit, and where I needed to email it back to. I did what I was advised to do. I thought everything was taken care of then I started getting automated VM / text from Monitronics advising me of overdue payments. I had paid my last bill in Sept and was not going to pay for service when we did not have electricity nor service from them. I called several weeks ago to find out what is going on with cancellation cause of these incessant calls / texts / emails re: $. I was then told I need to call Electric power in PR to get proof that we had no power...seriously??? Everyone on the island knows every call that you make to a gov't agency or office is all automated and no one ever calls back. So I sent them a copy of my online invoice reflecting my last payment to electric power in Sept and no more bills as we did not have power. I emailed to them as instructed, so I thought that was it, What was I thinking? the emails / texts/ calls continued. I called their telno. [protected] to speak with a supervisor so they can finally do what they said they would, but all I got was a smart-[censor] snot nosed employee telling me that we are still under contract and they will continue to charge until we pay for the remainder of our contract for 1.5 years.

This is under my 87 y.o. mother's name and she is not concerned about having her credit history ruined at this juncture of her life; however, it is causing her angst as she is constantly worrying about this situation not being brought to closure. How money hungry is this company that they are not willing to exercise good business practice that would take care of our situation and they have no regard of the hardships we have gone through due to a natural disaster. This is not a situation we have caused and all they are concerned about is charging a 87 y.o. who has been displaced and will not be returning to her homeland. Once they lock you into an agreement, you are locked in until you die. They will have to write this one off eventually especially when my mother is no longer on this earth. I will never ever do business with them and will make it a point to share my experience with everyone I know and use social media to spread my story.
Greed is the root of all evil.

I have all the emails they sent with the documents they sent us for esignature and their email confirmation and they are totally ignoring what they claim they would do. If they continue with this. we will seek punitive damages for harrassment. Do they have no compassion for an 87 y.o. and all she has gone through since Maria?

Hope this reaches authorities that will make this right.

Monitronics — I am complaining about the unit. I can only unlock the door with the key, and it is not registering on my phone.

I have asked for assistance and would like to discontinue my service. The rate has increased with no warning and it is not protecting my home at all. I will stop my automatic bank...

Monitronics — security. refund. or 2 years free.

Question…..I am curious if anyone else had issues with Monitronics security? When your security system would beep and everything or had it go off and nobody reported or wa...

Monitronics — I called in oct. and requested to have my account disconnected! new withdraw in dec.!!

Home at 6065 S. Jefferson st. Burlington, Ky 41005 I called 6 to 8 Mo. ago at this time they refused to stop service, because of Contract was not exspired. But my alarm Battire...

Monitronicshome security

We have had nothing but grief from this system. While I was out of town my mothers system started alarming. She will be 96 next month, is very hard of hearing. She called the number and told them to turn it off and to discontinue her service. She was so upset she took the control panel from the wall and put it in a drawer. I would like to have this system removed and her billing to stop. Please contact me at [protected] If you have any questions you can reach me at [protected]. My mothers name is Leola Brewer 1202 W. Ash Carlsbad, NM 88220

Monitronics — installation of additional equipment

327 Sept 27, 2017 my house was burglarized while away. 9/28/17 I called requesting 2 security cameras, 2 additional sensors installed. To this date my equipment is not completely...

Monitronics — cancellation

I have called 4 times to cancel my services and they have said they i will receive an email within 24-48 hours to cancel after following the link on the email. I have not yet...

Montronics/MONIservice cancellation

I called to cancel my service in May 2017 because the house had sold. I continued to receive monitoring bills for a service that was no longer active and a house I did not own. In July I called back to inquire why I was continuing to be billed for a service I had canceled. I was told Moni sent me a document to sign, that I do not recall receiving and a search of my email including spam and trash did not turn up. They resent me this document which I signed and returned. Moni continued to be bill into August even after I had signed their required document. Now in September I have been turned over to a collection agency to pay a bill for a service that I had canceled and for a house that I no longer owned.

Monitronics — home security system

I don't think I have ever dealt with any company like Monitronics or now Moni. They're the most aggressive ignorant people ever don't do business with this company !! Everything...

Monitronics — my service. no way to communicate with monotronics. no communication in spanish and the machine doesn't understand my english.

Since july 12/17 I am trying to cancel my contract because Iam selling the property. I lollow the instructions in the contract and send the documents to the address provided. Week...

Monitronicssigns to post outdoors / telephone automated payment

I have been with Monitronics for 14-15 years...
I have had trouble with the automated payment for that
long.. I give my payments over the telephone, using an
electronic check. The system is set up to where the person
giving the payment has to have acct. Information memorized.
It does not give adequate time to input information.
I have made it a point to give a payment to cover the cost for
5-6 months at a time, to avoid getting frustrated every month.
Another issue is with the signs to be posted outside...
My husband requested a new one because the old one broke.
I noticed the new pastel colors were so light and barely noticeable!
I mentioned it to my husband, but we still posted them.
One month later I had an attempted break in... My patio furniture
was stolen an my front door was tampered with...
I called the police to make a report and they joked about the
signs to deter crooks from breaking in...
Bold colors make a stronger statement, it looks like
I'm advertising Easter eggs for sale!
Come on people at Monitronics stop slacking off and don't lose
track of the customer goals!!!

Monitronics — home security

I did a verbal agreement with Mon for security in my home in Portland Or. I started it in April 5 the of 2017. We decided to move and they said they would transfer service to our...

Monitronics Security — home security system

My home alarm system started beeping at regular intervals today and I couldn't get it to stop. I called the phone number given to me by Monitronics: [protected]. I received a...

Monitronicsmoni / monotonics security monitoring service

Monotonics is a security monitoring service who's business practices are at best scamming and shameful, and I cannot believe our courts or representatives continue to let them operate or conduct themselves as they do. MONI, formerly Monotonics will buy costumers like yours and my contacts from other security installation companies such as ADT, Devcon, Vivint at full price of the original contract regardless of how long you or I have left on that contract. When they have done so the contract is then under new contract terms, and limitations and terms of previous contract are no longer negotiable nor will MONI abide by the previous termsof said contract. I have had it with this company and have been trying to get out of my contract with this company for years. I have now been paying for service not wanted or needed for 7yrs now. Several... no many attempts to disconnect services have been met with rude, unbearable, relentless phone calls from MONI costumer service representatives. With no other option to discontinue service with this scamming relentless somewhat ridiculous business I decided to take a hit on my credit and just stop payment. Well, then the phone calls start.. 2 or 3 times daily wanting payment. Day after day. Transfer after transfer with billing with no luck. Now today I receive a letter from a collections attorney with threats of sueing me!!! Sueing me??? Yes taking me to court for $371.17 to resolve my account which I have been trying to resolve for years and with no other choice stopped payment. This I find hilarious and ridiculous since I am the one who should be sueing. Sueing for bad and shameful practices. NOT TO MENTION buying my contract third party without my Knowledge, Need, or Desire. I have no desire for kids running my families safety. If you ask me, MONI monitoring service is nothing more than a call service center monitoring the security of hardworking families homes, and have nothing better to do with their time at work but to call and harass their disatisfied and fed-up costumers.

American Citizen

Monitronics — nationwide/monitronics security system

I cannot believe that Nationwide/Monitronic's advertises that it's the best security system around. When I signed up for their service in May 2012, I was initially told that I...

Monitroniccontinue to bill

I called Monitronic first off to setup a service call because the system was not communicating wireless anymore. i could not get anyone to come out to check the thing out until 2 weeks out and then no one never shows up, when i called in you want me to wait again!! So i cancel service (so i thought) been with a new company since December 1, 2016 ..Monitronic still was charging for service up until now 5/11/2017..i sent that stupid ### letter in to them and today he tells me they never got it!!! Why the crap do i have to send a letter in anyway, when i have you on the phone telling you to cancel it!! stupid!!

Monitronic Never again!!

Monitronicscontract terms cancellation attempt

I had an agreement with Moni as I signed the original agreement with Capitol Connect. They installed several new monitoring devices and a new monitoring panel. My agreement with Capitol Connect was for 36 months. The paper copy that I signed had the 60 months scratched out by the sales person and we agreed on 36 months. I have talked to Capitol Connect and they have verified that the agreed upon term was for 36 months. The digital contract sent from Capitol Connect to Monitronics showed 60 month as the period of the contract (that was the standard for the digital contract) that was transmitted in error of what had been agreed to. There is a low end acceptable term of 36 months, but is has to be written in as a modification. I have verified with Capitol Connect that the contract term was for 36 months. (It is on the audio conversation of the contract verification). Monitronics will not accept this audio as a mater of record. I'm sure they would if it was in reverse.
Any way they insist that my contract was for 60 months and are requiring written documentation from Capitol Connect in order to adjust the term of my contract. I am at the mercy of someone elses' ethics. Capitol Connect is willing to work with me but Monitronics has the upper hand and are not willing to budge.

MonitronicsManagement (Emilio)

We have been customers of moni for over 4 years, management (Emilio) was rude, unempathetic, and unwilling to work with us, and unwilling to solve our problem. I asked for another supervisor, and he refused to transfer call, letting me know monitronics only had him as a supervisor on duty, and if we didn't like what he offered, he threatened to do nothing about it. Ridiculous customer service. He ended the call with that was his best, well I can't imagine what his worst is. Please contact as soon as possible. Maybe you should teach your supervisor the meaning of empathy.

Re Customer: Alexis Gonzalez
612 E. Kearney
Laredo, Texas 78040

MonitronicsRefuse to cancel/send supposed 5 year contract / stop billing

Monitronics was bought from a company called Guardian that I signed up with for home monitoring in October 2014. I called to cancel my service at the end of my two year contract. The attendant on the phone claims I signed a five year contract. I said I am looking at the contract I signed and it clearly reads Oct 2016, please send me what you have. I was told the email with the supposed five year contract I signed had to mailed from a different office and would take 72-96 hours. I waited and never received. I called back one week later and asked again, same thing. This has gone on for over four weeks. No email was sent to me with any contract information. I never signed anything with Monitronics. My contract with Guardian is over but Monotronics refuses to stop billing me unless I "buy out" the next 36 months of service at 70.00 a month which they can't prove I ever signed!
**** Stay away from this place at all costs!!! ******
*****Never set up automatic billing with them (if they buy out another company) or you will never be able to stop it! *****

  • Jo
    Josie Gonzalez Feb 21, 2017

    Same complaint! I agreed to 6months, and they're telling me I agreed to 5 years.

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  • Pa
    Paggi C. Lancon Jan 13, 2018

    I attempted to cancel our subscription with these people and I was completely appalled. These customer reps are brainwashed and only care about CONTRACTS, which the rep I spoke to mentioned over and over. It's as though these people have been dehumanized and do not care what an individual's circumstances might be, they continue to remind the customer of the contract. I know for a fact I did not sign a 5 year contract. However, we have been loyal customers for 4 1/2 years and I was certain our contract had ended. Due to extenuating circumstances, we have already disconnected the alarm and Monitronics has called us to alert us they had no contact with our system. First of all, the system was installed by my husband and a good friend who was an electrician when we bought our home. It was after a devastating accident which resulted in my husband suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury, causing the neurosurgeon to remove a large part of his right temporal lobe in order to stop the hemorrhaging in his brain. After this occurred, my husband decided we should have our alarm system monitored and began coverage with ADT. Somehow, Monitronics approached him one day while I was out for a short time and due to the brain injury, he lacked the ability to make sound judgements. Therefore, Monitronics took over and now our circumstances have changed and we no longer want to have out alarm system monitored. When I called Monitronics, I was so shocked. These people have no emotions, the inability to understand the reasoning of their fellow men and why circumstances sometimes occur which require others to make decisions in their best interests. The entity, which is how I will refer to the robot-like person I spoke to continuously negated every comment I made and repeatedly stated, the terms of the contract must be adhered to, no matter what! I presented to him what I thought was a quite heartbreaking story, not to get out of the contract, but to attempt to appeal to this entity's feelings and heartfelt emotions. However, after 5 minutes of speaking to this robot, I realized this company has trained their employees to make sure contracts (whether authentic or the result of forgery) are fulfilled! However, I had realized by this time I was speaking to an entity made of stone and he had not 1 ounce of compassion or kindness to bestow on anyone. His very being revolved around that CONTRACT! So, I informed this inhuman figure, I didn't give a hoot about the contract and I was going to stop any further payments at the bank to Monitronics. This resulted in him telling me they would make sure the contract was honored and intended to turn me over to a Collections Agency. So, after recently becoming 65, these [censor] robots are going to attempt to blemish my impeccable credit. Yet, that didn't shock me as much as his next statement which was, " You had better make certain we receive a letter upon the final date of your contract requesting that we terminate your contract! If not, your contract will not be terminated." This robotic [censor] has just informed me my contract was final in the middle of July (I can't recall the exact date because I had no plans to honor this contract which his life revolved around), yet I had to write a letter requested their permission to end my contract???? If this is not an example of dictatorships and tyrannical treatment, I don't know what else to call it! I can't fathom the BBB allowing this inhumane treatment of real people to continue, while they rate this company with an A+!!! I have always had faith in the BBB and turned to them first in determining if a business or charity was legitimate and treated their customers with dignity and respect. I honestly cannot believe Monitronics is being allowed to abuse and treat customers with total disrespect and no consideration is ever exercised as to the customers complaints! This situation and all the innocent victims involved have no recourse and I must say this scenario is one I never dreamed I'd see in the U.S., and has the approval of the BBB. Does the criteria necessary to become accredited by the BBB receive priority moreso, than the innocent victims of this quite obvious scam? My husband and I own our equipment, therefore Monitronics was like a security guard watching over our home and property. They will attempt to ruin my credit, however, I really believe that any collection agency will look at my credit scores and then look at the comments made by customers who have been scammed by Monitronics. That should speak for itself! I am so disappointed for the first time in my adult life in the judgment of the BBB, which I always believed would take the side of the consumer in a situation that is this apparent!

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MonitronicsThey tell me one date and when I call to find the exact date in 2017 I was told it was 2018.

When I moved I was told it was extended for twelve months and when I spoke with them I was told the contract ended in 2017. When I called today and spoke with and agent I was told that the person I talked with probably did not know how to read the chart or the paperwork. If this is the type of people they are going to hire it is not good business practice. I did agree for the extension to 2017 not 2018. I feel like with what being told to me I would like for my contract be voided and not like I was told today they would for $700.00. They are a rip-off company and I feel for anyone that uses them.

Monitronics — Security system for home

About a year ago, my elderly mother had a Monitronics employee show up at her home pretending to be an ADT representative to upgrade her system. Her ADT system contract had...

Monitronics — Cancelled over one year still continued to take money from elderly parents

Told my Elderly Parents they were update their ADT alarm systems. Removed my parents ADT systems and put theirs in. I called to cancel 5/11/15 and to remove their system never...

Monitronics Security — Company keeps taking monthly payments from our bank account

We called this security company last year (Summer 2015) and told them we got a new company and new system, and to stop the automatic withdrawals every month. About 3 weeks ago we...

Monitronics — Harassing phone calls over payments received

We have been excellent customers of Monitronics for 3 years, then all of the sudden they told us that our bank account information had changed and we missed our payment. We had...

Monitronicssecurity system cancellation

Having the system since 2008 with a few false alarms, decided to change. After a 1 hour sales pitch we were told to write a letter to discontinue service. Naturally this letter was not received. We then sent a signature required letter, which was received. After a phone call, it was acknowledged, with another sales pitch. We removed the equipment, and did not receive a phone call about no signal. We did receive a letter saying the service was discontinued in three weeks time. Naturally we are being charged for 8 weeks of service.

  • MONI Smart Security Apr 18, 2016

    We're very sorry to hear about your recent experience and we would like to investigate this further to address this matter. Please email us at [email protected] so that we may begin our investigation. We look forward to speaking with you and addressing this matter.
    Monitronics Executive Response Department

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Monitronics — Security Services

I installed their home monitoring system in my Florida home on March 15, 2012. Installation went great. I decided to have them install their system in my Ohio home in May/June...

Monitronics — Security alarm system

Following a home break-in by teenagers, we were approached by ADT representative to sign up for a home security system. My husband and I agreed. We were perfectly satisfied with...

Monitronics — Service technicians cancelling multiple appointments for transfer installation

I have a service agreement that originated from a home at another location. I continued to make payments on the agreement. A technician was scheduled for 11/23, but the day of the...

Monitronics — Crooks

Their door to door saleman caught me while I had been drinking, and sold me on their unit and a three year contract.I accepted that I was at fault as well, and didn't mind since I...

Monitronics SecurityI can't stop their services

I have subscribed for the services of Monitronics Security. I have used it within couple of years, but last 6 months there were only fault alarms. I was sick of them, because almost all were wrong and stopped my work too often. I have called and sent emails in order to stop these services, but the company has never replied to my emails. I simply have no idea how to get rid of them.

  • MONI Smart Security Nov 02, 2015

    We're very sorry to hear about your recent experience and we would like to investigate this further to address this matter. Please email us at [email protected] so that we may begin our investigation. We look forward to speaking with you and addressing this matter.
    Monitronics Executive Response Department

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  • 1m
    1Madtweety Nov 10, 2015

    I also tried to cancel my service today and was transferred 5 times without being able to cancel my service. I am not under contract and my husband is not going to be employed as of tomorrow and no longer have a phone line for the alarm so what is up with cancelling my service. I can't pay for it so I guess they will send me to collections. I am contacting the BBB, FCC and an attorney based on my consumer rights. Never agree to use Monitronics as your alarm monitoring company. You would have better luck the good old fashioned way then deal with this scam of a company who are just trying to make money off of people and violate our rights as a consumer.

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Monitronics — Home Alarm

In about 1 years time I've had multiple problems with my system and on top of that they failed to install sensors in the windows upon installation. I've had weeks at a time with...

Monitronics — Alarm System

I am NOT a customer, but getting daily calls from collections for a person I don't even know. I've explained I don't know person, but the calls continue daily (SERIOUSLY - EVERY...

Monitronics — Alarm system

The system worked pretty much as they promised, but it is very complicated and my wife and I are elderly and can't remember how to use it. This resulted in many false alarm...

Monitronics — Do not do business with them

I had the service installed and ended up doing a remodel right after and never used the system but since I signed up for 2 years I paid for those two years and then spent about a...

Monitronics — Scammed

Had ADT which turned into Monitronics for over 20 years. Once my old system was acting up, they came in and told us our old security system needs to be changed. While I was at...

Monitronics Security System — Poor customer service

I was planning to add outdoor security cameras to my existing Monitronics security system. They want to charge $710 for two cameras. Outrageous! Decided I might go with another...

MonotronicsAlarm monitoring

After 8 years as a loyal customer, I had a "communications error" on my system. They wanted to charge me to upgrade to a cell unit and a new panel. They blame it on Broighthouse, but that was the phone line I always had. This is beside that fact that they didn't tell me my alarm was not functioning. It's a RIPOFF !!! I called my original installer and he walked me thru changing codes. IT works fine now, NO THANKS to Monotronics. THIS COMPANY IS A NOT FRIENDLY OR LOYAL AT ALL. Find another company.

Monotronics / Alliance — Faulty installation, false alarm

On Feb. 7, 2015 at 11:15, just after we left the house, the alarm went off. Monotronics (a woman) called my husband on the cell phone (while he was driving) and said the alarm...

Monitronics — Misleading and deceptive sales tactics

This company uses extremely aggressive sales tactics and misleads and deceives consumers into entering into five-year contracts that the company refuses to cancel. Company...

Monitronics — Do not buy

I felt taken advantage by this company. I was pregnant and exhausted and the sales person advised I could extract myself out of this contract for a nominal fee should we install...