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I signed a 3 year contract for Monitronics service through Secutiry One Alarm company on 7 July 2007. The system has worked sporadically over the years. I even discovered during a service call that was made in 2009 that my system was not being monitored because I had switched to a digital phone service with Comcast which was incompatible with the system. None-the-less, I continued to pay for service. I called Monitronics on 30 March 2011 to cancel my service. Per my phone call to the Monitronics customer service representative at 1:20PM on 30 March 2011, I cannot cancel over the phone, but must do so in writing AFTER they send my new password in the mail, and then only after 30 more days of service. I want my service canceled, and canceled now. I did not change my passcode and I am not waiting to incur yet even more charges for a service that is not working and that I do not want. If it changed subsequent to this, it did not do so with my knowledge or approval. The original reason for my request to cancel is that I have not used the system for over a year as it had been deactivated during remodeling and it never worked properly before or since. However, after speaking with the Monitronics customer service representative and going through all the hassles of getting my service disconnected, I am now canceling for poor customer service and despicable business practices. I have contacted Monitronics, the Better Business Bureau, and my local state Representative to let them know of Monitronics questionable and predatory business practices that prevents one from discontinuing service in an expedient manner without incurring additional costs. I surely will never even consider Monitronics service again nor will I ever recommend its service to anyone else. Monitronics should be embarrassed and ashamed of the way they treat its customers - or should I say its former customer. I have complied with all the requirements the customer service representative said I needed to do in order to cancel my account. I expect immediate cancellation and immediate confirmation from Monitronics of the same. This is clearly an abuse of policy in order to continue billing for a service that should be discontinued as easily as it is to set up. Tell everyone you know: DO NOT USE MONITRONICS FOR ANY REASON - EVER!! I notice that the Complaints Board and other forums are full of complaints about Monitronics poor service and predatory business practices so buyer beware!!!


  • Gl
    glen bulawka Aug 18, 2009

    I've attempted to cancel services due to the sale of my home and this company has indicated it must be in writing and that once they recieve it they will cancel services. They continue to develop new reasons as to why I can't cancel and they can't provide me with anyone that will tell me the same story. I continue to receive a monthly bill and I'm concerned this will go on my credit report if not paid. What advice other than beware this company, it is a complete ripoff and no company should want this sort of negative pr. I will spread this as long as it takes to get rid of companies such as these that prey on the public.

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  • Ri
    richc333 Oct 21, 2009

    Whoever it is that is in love with or employed by Monitronics and keeps making stupid comments about people whining and go pay your bills, etc. reflects the attitude of the entire company. This is basically how they treat and speak to customers. Are they hurting fo money so badly that they will not let people cancel and even those on month to month contracts(after being loyal customers for years). This whole company operates on fraud and deception. What a way to make a buck! Most everyone I have heard complain here are people who have decided to cancel for legitimate reasons and have already been with this company for a long time. Extortion, deliberately ruining credit and falsely charging for sevice not rendered is a demonstration of very poor business practice and should have been investigated and dealt with a long time ago by D.A. offices or the powers which regulate practice such as this. SHAME ON MONITRONICS! I am in the same boat as the rest of you. Fortunately I am filing bankruptcy and happily adding this company to those un secured creditors who will get nothing!

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  • Ik
    IKnowAlarmSystems Dec 28, 2009

    All alarm companies require that a cancellation be put in writing. Old school I know, but its not like shutting off cable. In the past when the process was much more informal it was easier to cancel. But now in this litigious society we live in its changed. If anyone were able to call in say they were you and cancel and deactivate you security, that would be a problem. Security companies are paid by you to keep up their guards with your info and service. So if any yahoo can shut off your service with a phone call say when you are on vacation and break in, then you would be very rich from the lawsuit. Alarm companies are trained to look at situations in a wost case scenario light, an plan counter measures around it.

    To Richc333
    When you had your alarm put in, I am pretty sure it was at a reduced rate. (99$ or "free") But its not unlike buying a cell phone. You get the phone for free by signing a contract. The company makes money on the equipment they fronted on the monthly service. They installed hundreds of dollars of equipment in your home, increasing the value on it. The company still needs to make a profit. All home alarm companies make money this way. (ADT, Broadview(Brinks, Protection One, etc) Otherwise the system would have cost 400+ dollars to install, minimum. But no one want to pay up front these days.
    As soon as you pas a statement like this "This whole company operates on fraud and deception." you lose credibility. Make your case not exaggerations.

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  • An
    Angry customer in Virginia Oct 18, 2012

    I have moved out of state and Monitronics refuses to cancel the service. They said to find a friend to turn the service over to. I said I don't know anyone that wants it. They stated that we have a 5 year agreement and are only in over a year at this point. They stated that we would have to pay all of the service up front for the remaining term to cancel. Wow. I don't understand how you can be obligated for 5 years to something. My cell phone doesn't even have a term that long. I did not sign up, my husband did. I cannot understand how a company that wants people to come back, refuses to allow people to cancel. I am in a rental and am not allowed to modify the house in any way. So, now I have to pay for service that I am not using. I don't understand the logic in this company. I do not recommend them to anyone and advise people against signing any agreement with them for any service whatsoever. I do not have a copy of the agreement and per the Supervisor he was not allowed to email me a copy of the agreement. Since when do companies not email? He said he will mail me a copy, but I am not holding my breath. I have seen so many complaints on the internet about this company, I wish I had researched before my husband signed up.

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  • Mi
    mi8h May 28, 2014

    Worst customer service I have experienced in my life. Customer for 12 years and paid bill on time, called to cancel 4 times due to move and was on hold for average of 22 minutes. Will NEVER use this company or recommend again. Reps say they will have someone right with you. Never answer. Want a retention person to try to talk you out of cancelling. Save them the trouble and do not ever sign up!!!

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  • Ma
    markago Sep 22, 2015

    I hate this company it is garbage cancellation is so ridiculous who still wants letter in writing via snail mail. I only have two more months out of my 4 years agreement and you still have to write them a letter give me a break. I will not recommend anyone to uses this company they just a big rip off. This company need to be investigated and the BBB need to give them a bad rating!

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  • La
    LadyPipera Aug 24, 2016

    Wow!! I'm getting ready to cancel my svc w/Monitronics since I no longer have phone svc, its not being monitored anyway. Reading all of these complaints I'm afraid to call. Thank you all for the warning..

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  • MONI Smart Security Aug 30, 2016

    We're very sorry to hear about your recent experience and we would like to investigate this further to address this matter. Please email us at [email protected] so that we may begin our investigation. We look forward to speaking with you and addressing this matter.
    Monitronics Executive Response Department

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  • Ki
    Kira Ko Jun 16, 2017

    @MONI Smart Security You are not sorry, I am going through the same thing. I am now filing complaints and will contact the media to help me if I have to. I fulfilled my 5 yr contract without every being late or missing a payment. I have called twice for the DocuSign form and not received. I sent certified letter but they sent me letter saying it was only an intent to cancel & must use their form. They are not sending it. Anyway, it never said one must have web service in my contract to cancel, on 30 day written notice. They could have sent me the form when they acknowledged my certified letter as an intent.

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  • Di
    diana l walker Jan 23, 2017

    My experience with this company is the same as those set forth above. The company reps I tried to talk to on the telephone talked over me, treated me as if I really didn't know my own mind, said the company was only insuring my safety, blah, blah, blah. Because I was having my kitchen renovated and the contractor wouldn't continue the work unless the service was discontinued I reluctantly agreed to a 30 day hold on the service just so he could finish. I never reinstalled the equipment so couldn't possibly have been monitored but received a bill anyway. I called the company and after another 20 plus minute very unpleasant conversation with their rep they agreed to cancel my service. This was in November. In January I received a form letter that stated my service would be discontinued on 01/17/17 and received another bill shortly thereafter. As for 30 days written notice, I had the password, customer number, my phone number coincided with their records and I had more than fulfilled the terms of the original contract, cancellation should be done immediately upon request. I've notified the Company that I will not pay this and that I've filed a complaint with the State Attorney General's consumer division. BBB and anyone else I can think of next.

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  • Ki
    Kira Ko Jun 16, 2017

    @diana l walker I am having the exact same issues. Fulfilled 5 yr contract. Gave 30 written noticed certified.

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  • Ki
    Kira Ko Jun 09, 2017

    I was in a 5 year contract. It is up next month. I sent them a memo with my Bank of America payment at the end of May. This comes directly from the bank and I stated I do not wish to renew my contract. I then emailed them and said I did not wish to renew my contract. They emailed me back and said they can not accept the memo or the email and I must call. I called, was put on hold forever, then transferred, then spoke to their agent who gave me a thought interrogation as to why I did not wish to renew. I explained that Tx Retirement had not given me a single raise since I retired 12 years ago, and I needed to cut and reduce expenses. They did offer me a slightly lower rate for a year but then I would have to go through it all over again. There is a local company with a excellent reputation who offers it at half the rate. This guy was not taking no for an answer. He lectured me on the need for the security even thought I am home 24/7 and rarely use it. I will still have it monitored, just at a lower rate. When I left my old company after 12 years, I followed procedures. I paid them 3 months in advance and they would not refund the excess payments. Alarm companies really need to be monitored by the government. It is past the 48 hours and they have yet to send me the form. I did send a certified letter 2 days ago
    to insure 30 days written notice. Any advice. I will be calling again tomorrow.

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  • Ki
    Kira Ko Jun 15, 2017

    I completed a 5 year contract. called 6-7-17. Interogated by Qunitin who is sending docuSign letter via email. If not rec. in 72 hrs call. I sent certified letter on 6/7/17, they recd on 6/9/17. Called 6/10/17 & Rofie at 12:42 pm said the got letter and account would be closed & don't need doculetter since they got certified letter. Today get letter stating my certified letter is only an intent and they need DocuSign which I asked for on the 7th & 10th and never received. Checked my email daily & spam. Why will a certified letter with my signature not be enough? They are just trying to prolong the contract. I have done everything humanly possible to give them the appropriate 30 day notice.

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