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Complaints & Reviews

Nabiscopremium saltine crackers

Recently used an old family recipe and coated pork chops with crumbled saltines. Upon eating the pork chops we noticed a powerful, chemical taste like paint thinner. Upon inspecting the box of crackers, found two unopened sleeves as well as the one I used, that reeked of chemicals. We had to throw out our dinner as well as the crackers. Searching on line I've found a number of places where there are similar complaints, yet I'm unable to find any notice from Nabisco/Mondelez. How wide spread is/was this?

nabisco saltines premium crackers

I regularly have nausea due to Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections. Saltines & Canada Dry Ginger Ale helped relieve nauseousness in my childhood and for the past 10+years . I always buy the same brand names & keep a rotating supply on hand for whenever my nausea strikes.

This past week on Monday I fell ill with a cold. Mucus drainage was upsetting my stomach. I got out some trusty Nabisco Saltines & Canada Dry Ginger Ale to relieve my nausea. Within 15minutes I was throwing up. No more nausea, just vomiting. That was unusual since my trusty remedy always seems to work quickly and effectively. Fast forward to today, Thursday. I have been nonstop vomiting violently ill with no relief to be found from my Saltines & Ginger Ale remedy. I have no other gastrointestinal symptoms except nausea followed by extreme vomiting. Every few hours after the last wave of vomiting ended, I kept alternating with consumption of Saltines (new unopened sleeves of crackers) & Ginger Ale (new small bottles) since that has worked for me for over 30years.

My nose stuffiness from my cold is improving & to my horror the Saltines I have been eating smell horribly nasty rancid spoiled and unhealthy! This has never happened before. The crackers were making me violently ill causing me to vomit! I threw the crackers I was eating (the whole box of them) in the trash & and opened a brand new box and checked the date. These new crackers are fine. No terrible smell. Ate about 7 crackers and the nausea is abating & no vomiting yet. The last box of crackers were bad & made me horribly ill with bad gastrointestinal effects.

When I searched the internet, I found put this happens quite frequently. What the heck is in Saltines crackers now or are there problems with manufacturing? The 1 thing that used to make my nausea go away instead turned it into full on vomiting. That is unacceptable. Saltines crackers used to last forever before going a little stale and now they don't even make it to their expiration date and cause food poisoning or illness ?? I may never buy them again if the 1 thing I turned to that used to make me feel better now makes me ill and vomit uncontrollably. Wow. I am shocked. Clearly something has gone very wrong with quality control, sanitary/hygienic packaging, or food ingredient safety. I'm very disappointed.

Nabiscoritz crackers

Purchased on December 6, 2019 at Kroger in Perrysburg, Ohio 43551 on Carrondale Drive. Open them on December 20th at a family Christmas party. The crackers literally crumbled in the wax paper sleeve. Could not even put a cheese or meat slice on one without the cracker falling apart. Impossible a use to dip. Resolution: Make the Ritz Crackers like they used to be made. Will no longer be purchasing them in their present condition. Thank you.

  • Updated by lousycracker · Dec 21, 2019

    Needed to throw the whole box of crackers away before Christmas. Not worth putting on the table.

nabisco ginger snaps

I needed ginger snaps for a dessert that I was making, bought them instead of making them (BIG mistake). I bought Nabisco as I trusted the name and when I opened the box, I found nothing that looked like a ginger snap. They were hard flat disks that were so hard they almost broke my teeth!! I paid more money for this box than I was thinking that I should (almost $5 for the 1 lb box) but thought the short cut was worth the time. So Wrong! I ended up making my own batch because I would in no way, take these cookies to a function with friends and neighbors. What were you thinking, Nabisco? So sorry ... I threw them out.

nabisco ginger snaps
nabisco ginger snaps

nabisco saltines

We opened a new box of saltines and added them to our chicken soup. The flavor and smell was off. I checked the soup. It was fine. So I checked the Nabisco Saltines. The box looked normal but when opened it had a strange smell to it. The crackers themselves smelled bad. The smell reminded me of fuel injector cleaner that burned on an engine. A smell that didn't dissipate with the box left open. The crackers felt almost oily or waxy oily. We had already put crackers in the soup. It was ruined. The flavor of the soup was overpowered by the smell and taste of the saltines. I immediately got sick.

Mondelez InternationalRitz toasted chips

I purchased a bag of Rits tosted chips and some of the chips had a bad flavor. I started looking at the chips and a lot of the chips have a black color in the chip. I am not sure if something was in the batter of the cracker but it definatly is not burnt. The bar code is
0 [protected] 3 and the date says 19jun20BD388 if that helps. I love the snack but this is not right.

Ritz toasted chips
Ritz toasted chips

nabisco premier saltine crackers

My wife and I just went to put some crackers in our soup, and we both notice varnish like odour and couldn't figure it out for a second until she said it was the cracker. It was a package we had already opened, so we throw them out and grab another sleeve of unopened crackers, which had the same odour, so I grabbed the last package and the same thing. I kept the other two packages to get checked out. I ended up taking them out of my soup right away and ate the soup, however I'm not feeling the best right now, hoping it passes. I think I'll take them to a chemist and get them checked out.

  • An
    AnnieKost Oct 25, 2019

    I had the same problem. Just called and complained. I hope I don't get sick from them.

    Tastes like bad black licorice and I got the smell in my nose that reminded me of turpentine.

    Call the company! 800-622-4726

    The wanted to send me coupons for products. I asked for a check!

    Made in Canada. UPC 044000026813.

    Info on side of the box 06FEB2020KE3305.

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ritz crisp & thin

I brought of the cheddar and they were burnt they don't taste good at all. I brought them from walmart and I love the chips any other time my favorite ones is cream cheese and onion. I am not happy with this bag it taste bad, just like burnt cheese. I never complain like this but it is bad burnt taste. Sorry for all this but some coupons would be nice or a free bad thanks in advance.

ritz crisp & thin

tuc bacon flavour biscuits.

I have purchased your TUC Bacon flavour biscuits at Lidle, they are tasty but they are covered in way too much Salt, so much in fact I struggled to eat them, I thought companies were supposed to be cutting down Salt and Sugar but you could have fooled me.
You need to contact the company who made these Biscuits and ask them to change their recipe to cut down on the Salt.
7 High Street.
South Wales.
United Kingdom.

Toblerone Chocolate (Mondelez International)toblerone 100g

Good day,

I would like to bring the following incident under your attention. I am not satisfied with the quality of the product (Toblerone 100g bar). I assume it is as a result of chocolate bloom. As it is currently winter, the storage of the product was not altered by me. Please see photos attached. Bought at Checkers Mountain Mill Mall, Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mondelez Global LLC — ritz cracker sandwiches

Could not find recycling information for 1.35 oz wrappers. UPC Code is [protected]. Upper code: [protected]. I called Customer Service, and they could not provide recycle...

Nabiscoteddy grahams

I opened a 1 oz bag of teddy grahams (Best by date of 12/17/2019. As soon as I opened the bag I noticed a strong glue or paint smell. At first I thought maybe it was just the sealant on the bag so I proceeded to eat one. It was so horrible and it burned my tongue and throat. I had to brush my teeth and by tongue then rinse my mouth out to get the taste out of my mouth. Something is terribly wrong with these products!!

teddy grahams

Nabiscosaltine crackers

I just had one of these toxic crackers and instantly became sick. My head is pounding, my throat is sore and my tongue is numb. I still have the wrapped cracker sleeve here in my office and plan on taking it to the state lab to have tested. I have 3 other sleeves still in the box at home. I can't believe nothing has been done about this after reading the years of complaints. I will never buy a nabisco product again in my life. I am about to post my story as well as others from this site onto my social other words... I am about to make a big deal out of this.

  • Da
    Danielle Elizabeth Gray Apr 04, 2019

    We just had an issue with these crackers 2 days after you posted this. Me, my mom and sister ate them in tomato soup and got food poisoning! We knew it wasn’t the milk since we used the same milk in other things and were fine. We debated between the tomato soup and the crackers and just couldn’t see the canned tomato soup causing that.

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Nabisco — premium saltine crackers

10/27/18 I opened a box at 2am. Woke up a little hungry. I smelled a strong order but didn't relate it to the crackers until I bit down on 2 they were soft (like very stall...

Nabisco — ginger snaps cookies

183297 My complaint with Nabisco gingersnap cookies. I have in the past purchase many boxes of cookies before and they were very good. Unfortunately apparently the recipe has change the...

Nabisco — honey wheat ritz crackers

183297 I opened a brand new box of honey wheat ritz and one of the sleeves of crackers is in crumbles. Not just a few broken crackers but basically like dust. I took a picture of thi...

ritz crackers cheese sandwiches recall

I purchased the crackers on 7/13/2018. The whole package was eaten. Then I found out on the news in Memphis, Tn and on my niece timeline, (Facebook) that the crackers may be...

Mondelez Internationalritz crackers

My boyfriend bought the Ritz Cracker 10 Pack on Friday, May 25 at a Bi-Mart in Creswell, Oregon. Upon opening a package, we found peanut butter smeared all along the inside of the wrapper and on the sides of the crackers. We opened a few more packages (took pics and video if it helps) and they also had a stripe of peanut butter along the side of the crackers. My biggest concern is that peanut butter can be deadly to people with a severe peanut allergy, and the box does not say anything, anywhere about the fact that the crackers could come into contact with peanut butter. I believe it would be a responsible move, on the part of the Nabisco company, to include a warning on the box that they are processed in a facility that also handles peanuts or peanut butter, and that cross contamination such as my experience is possible.

ritz crackers

nabisco original premium saltine crackers

Purchased box of Nabisco Original Premium Saltine crackers on 2/6/2018. Product Code [protected] We have eaten Nabisco Saltines for decades. We opened this box and the cracker...

Dairyleakraft cheddar cheese product

What the hell has happened to kraft cheese since dairylea has taken over???
It is soft spongy, not the same taste, even when grilled,
I can tell you, it is not the same kraft cheese I have eaten and enjoyed for the past 40 plus years..
It seems the original recipe has been changed for what ever reason to change the company name also, I have noticed it as soon as the new product came into stores,
Bottom line, the new product is absoulute crap!!!

  • Ha
    hally1 Aug 21, 2018

    Could not agree more its terrible you cannot cut it, it just crumbles.
    the recipe has certainly changed and now its Crap.

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  • Lo
    Louby Oct 03, 2019

    @hally1 absolutely agreed, completely a different taste, it doesn't even cut properly it kind of sticks to the knife & breaks apart

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Nabiscoritz crackers and ritz toasted chips

I grew up eating Ritz. Yum! Delicious taste. They are currently in my pantry at my house. Sorry to say that I will not be purchasing any Ritz products from here on out. we love them. WE eat them in our soup, with cheese, as a snack. They are tasty. They also contain High Fructose Corn Syrup. Why? Do you really need to add that to make this cracker. Well, I am grown and educated now and realize the harmful effects of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Stop adding this ingredient and we will once again purchase your product. Until then, so long my Ritz!

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Feb 03, 2017

    High fructose corn syrup is pretty common in snacks. It is a cheap additive that easily sweetens a product. It appears that this has been part of the ingredients for a long time. Your departure will not impact them.

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  • Ke
    kenneth robert hall Jun 21, 2018

    i also grw up on these crakerr but ihave purshed 10 boxes the are cracker an full of pieces what are you doing about this on going problem thank you reading my note i surley hope it can be fixoterwise my family wil start buying different ones thank for reading my note hopely you will make attempt in fixing thi thank you judith hal 21 julia ave flornce kentucky my number is 859-2820853

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  • Ke
    kenneth robert hall Jun 21, 2018

    i grew upon these cracersbut i have purchased10 boxes of these cracker were all in piece i read that needed to do correcton my note or you would not read where say do correction you havve been a where and you still dont fix this is a sensless leter so iwill need no futer omment i will just tell people how bad they and get them to do it also i want no uther dealings with

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  • Ja
    Jan Major Sep 30, 2018

    Your Ritz Toasted Chip crackers are so salty I can no longer eat them. I have had several of my family and friends try them and they also say the same! There must be 3 times more salt than they used to be. This was my favorite Snack.
    My family usually ate several bags a week. Notice the sales going down????? They sure will. Please fix this. I am already looking for another Cracker for my snacks.

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[Resolved] Nabisco Crackers Original Saltinetoxic tasting original premium crackers

I'm having the same complaint only my crackers are dated 17MAR 16 AH1 02 with the same bar code number of [protected] 8. I feel like these are the cause of my diarrhea and cramps. Waiting to contact the company when they open.

My husband tried eating some a few days before Christmas and said they were bad, thought we had bought expired crackers and tossed them in the trash. I opened a bag on 12/27/16 and thought it was maybe the tuna until I took a bite of the cracker. I spit it out IMMEDIATELY and tossed the rest to my chickens.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

toxic tasting original premium crackers
toxic tasting original premium crackers
toxic tasting original premium crackers

  • Resolution Statement

    I called and talked with a representative and they are compensating me to my satisfaction.

Nabisco — zesta saltine crackers

The Crackers had a strong smell through the box, so we through them away. Don't have the exact date when we got them But it's been within the last two months. it's like we got...

Nabiscochips ahoy - burnt products being sold

I am so disappointed in this company. They used to make the best cookies & we have been buying them for as long as I can remember & I'm now in my 40's. I have a child that is a very picky eater with a documented disability & these are the only cookies that she will eat. We used to buy at least 2 to 3 packages of these a week at $3 per pack. Now when we buy them, it's like throwing money in the trash, because that's where most of the cookies have went lately. They were always fresh & light in color, but now they are hard, stale tasting & over cooked. The package we just got today at the store was the last straw for me. I can not believe they would even package this cookie. These cookies are burnt to a crisp & I mean burnt to the color of almost black. I'm so let down by the poor quality & numerous recent issues with these that I don't even want to exchange them, I want my money back & will have to find another brand to start buying.

Gayle Klein
714 Heywood Avenue
Louisville, KY. 40208

  • Mi
    MikeMikeMikeMikeMike Jan 25, 2017

    I just opened a pack of Chips Ahoy Original, and they seemed darker (burnt) and thinner. Not sure if this is just a bad batch, or if they changed their recipe. If this is how they are supposed to be. I'm done.

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  • Pa
    Pamela Claire Jun 04, 2018

    I just had the same type of experience--I pay more for Nabisco Graham crackers over the generic brand because they are usually better quality. This latest box seems burnt.

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  • Dt
    DT Ramirez Jul 18, 2018

    Chips Ahoy cookies are the only chocolate chips cookies I would ever eat even over homemade. But lately the cookies are thinner and darker. Not liking this new recipe. These are not the quality of cookies that we've experienced over the years. Very disappointed. Please go back to making them with the original recipe.

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Nabisco — ginger snaps

183297 I have been purchasing ginger snaps for many years, today(9/22/15) and the packaging had changed. I compared the new cookies to my older package which I still had a few left in...

Mondelez India Foods Private Limited (Formerly Cadbury India Ltd.) — selling worsening & stale chocolate in new packing & with new mfg & exp date

Yesterday I Buy 1 Pack Of Cadbury Celebrations -153 Grams, Pack No [protected] from local stores & today when I will Opened Then I found all Chocolate Was Worsening & Stale...

Nabisco Foodslow and unprofessional company

My sister bought Oreo cookies from the company Nabisco Food. She placed huge order, but the company sent 4 boxes of the cookies and provided the email after 2 weeks that the other type of cookies were sold out. My sister was furious, because they kept silence within all these weeks. She contacted them and asked to return money on time, but they again didn’t react fast.

Nabisco Biscuit Cowe ordered different type of cookies, but got only one

We bought 20 boxes of cookies from Nabisco Biscuit Co. We told the seller that we needed different types of cookies, but this guy everything mixed and sent use only one type of the cookies. We called him and asked if he could change the boxes, but he replied that it would take 2 weeks approximately. We don’t have a lot of time and refused. We weren’t happy with such service at all.

Nabisco Crackers Original Saltine — original saltines are not original

Your Nibisco Crackers Original saltine, have been my favorite cracker, until you decided to change the original saltine from salt to seasalt and they are NOT original anymore, so...

oreo — missing oreos

my pack of oreo has missing oreo out of packs been bying for a few years wood lick them back if i can i paid for them how can it be fixed i thanke if the pack shud be full send me...

Nabisco — diesel fuel smell

Like so many others, I have had issues with an extremely strong diesel fuel smell on both saltines and graham crackers by Nabisco. Yesterday, made a graham crust. Had to throw the...

Oreo Cookies — packaging

I haven't purchased this product in a long time (diabetic) but recently bought these cookies for company. The package was easy to open & reseal - too easy as I discovered...

Nabisco Saltine Crackers — chemical taste

Today I gave my kids some saltine crackers, and my son immediately said they taste bad. I took one sniff and WHEW! They smelled like a refinery! I grabbed the entire box and took...

Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers — crackers have paint fume smell

Opened a fresh sleeve of Nabisco "original" Premium Saltine Crackers, the "fresh stacks" sleeves, and the smell of chemical fumes was overwhelming. It smells like paint fumes or...

Nabisco Saltinessaltines taste like a toxic chemical

I opened a package of Saltines and ate one and noticed a very bad taste and smell. I wasn't sure where it was coming from and started to eat another one and smelled the Saltine cracker and it reeked of a horrible chemical smell??? Didn't smell like anything that could come from a food item. It has left a strong chemical taste in my throat and has left me feeling queazy. I have two small boys who eat Saltines a lot, I'd like to know the source and cause of this and determine whether it is a danger. Has anyone heard from Nabisco on this matter? It is very serious.

Oreo Cookies — no filling n tasted bad

I recently (03/25/12) purchased a package of Oreo Original sandwich cookies at local Walmart. The package had the 100th birthday loga. Every cookie had only half the filling, and...

Nabisco Premier Saltinesbad, oil taste

Opened a new sleeve of saltine crackers to use in soup. Crushed about 5-6 in my hand, noticing they felt stale. I decided it didn't matter since they were going in a non-cream soup and would be soggy anyway. I tasted one and immediately noticed a really disgusting taste. My first thought was that it tasted like motor oil. I picked them out of the soup, but the damage was done. I could still taste it, and threw the rest of the soup (and crackers, obviously). Thee crackers were past the expiration date by quite a bit, but since they were sealed I really didn't think it mattered. Guess I was wrong. The good news is maybe we've found a way to turn crackers into crude oil. Energy crisis solved.

  • De
    Derek Massey Mar 03, 2012

    When you crushed them in your hand and they felt stale...why would you put them in your soup? Just cant throw away the outdated stuff?

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Nabisco Original Premium Saltine Crackers — foul odor

Product purchased 2010 Box Serial No. [protected] and 2 packages were consumed with no odor. Recently, the product was opened after a long period of no use, and a profound...

nabisco chicken and biscuits — all sold out at 4 locations

i am writing this within the last 3 days i have went to four different locations in columbus trying to buy these and they are never in stock and when i ask someone they just tell...

Nabisco — premium saltine crackers

I have purchased two boxes of Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers and they both have been contaminated with a toxic smell and taste. I have seen other complaints on this subject and...