Moe's Southwest Grillunsanitary/ dirty-will contact health inspector

D Jul 28, 2019

We went to your facility around noon 7/28/19 when the first of 3 guys assembling the food (heavy set with beard, white) wet coughed into his left hand the index and thumb of his hand and continued preparing the food of the girl in front of me dragging the tortilla across the part of his glove hand he just coughed into. I asked him to change gloves and explained to him what I witnessed. He lied and said he coughed into the bend of his arm. I told him I work in health care and was sure of what I saw and he reluctantly changed gloves. We had two tacos and a chicken rice bowel which was horrible. It tasted like it was packaged and warmed food, not fresh tasting at all. The chips were stale and cold. Looking behind the counter it looked dirty. I will be contacting the health inspector on my experience. You can call me at [protected] if you would like to discuss this.

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