ModLily Complaints & Reviews

Modlily / ordered something three months ago which was never received

Apr 28, 2019

I ordered three swimsuits at the end of January 2019 - two of them arrived and as of 3 days ago, the third one had never arrived and I was always fobbed off every time I followed up. So after complaining yet again to them I received one response saying how they were very sorry but the...

Modlily / women's clothing

Jan 30, 2019

I ordered four shirts from this company, on line. I don't remember the date, I received no e-mail confirming my order. On 12/28/18 I received the order, there was no information in the package: receipts, return instructions etc. The fabric is poor quality, the sizes are too small or too...

Modlily / clothing

Jan 09, 2019

Modlily was doing a lot of advertising on my facebook account and thus ordered from them 4 articles of clothing on November 20, 2018. These articles of clothing were Holiday clothing with Santas, and Christmas themed. I received the 1 package with 2 articles after Christmas and the 2nd in...

Modlily / item ordered

Aug 09, 2018

I have been trying for several days to get shipment info on my order that was placed several days ago..all I am getting is the run around???when will my order be shipped? You have already charged my credit card..PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS ISSUE.. Betty Donaldson 5075 S.Escondido St. SLC, Utah...

Modlily / t66570651525 ticket number, return information not provided to me

Jul 26, 2018

I wrote you and told you that I had an order that I wanted to send back except for one blue blouse I would keep. I would like a refund of the articles that I return, please. You sent me a ticket number (above) but I have not heard from you since. I have no idea where to send these article...

Modlily / never received refund for cancelled order

Jul 12, 2018

On April 3, 2018 I cancelled an order immediately after I placed it because I was worried that I ordered the wrong size. I received a message that that I would receive a refund, but it did not come in a reasonable time period. I contacted them many times and they insisted that a refund had...

Modlily / swimsuit

May 22, 2018

I order a swimsuit but it is way too small. I tried contacting them about a refund and they refuse to respond. they say they have excellent service? well I wasted 20 dolllars, and they will not honor there refunds policy. I tried email, live chat and they say I should contact customer...

Modlily / swimsuit

Apr 12, 2018

Purchased item for wife. It did not fit and she didn't like it. Item is also cheaply made. Modlily won't accept a return or exchange. They offered to "let me keep it" and they'd refund 50% of my money. Why would we keep it if it doesn't fit AND my wife doesn't like it, I asked? Wished I...

Modlily / merchandise not delivered.

Apr 02, 2018

I ordered 2 tops on March 17. Paid through Pay Pal. It is April 2 and nothing has arrived. Invoice from PayPal site M1803180747043331. $62.22. Transaction ID: 7R803308A39042000. These tops were for a trip to Ireland this month. If they do not arrive by April 13, I want my order cancelled and a refund. Kathleen Yack 2991 Mashie Way Southport, NC 28461 / ordered an item online, payment taken, product never delivered!

Mar 26, 2018

Ordered 3 bathing suits Feb. 18. one week later feb. 26 finally got an email saying the product was coming. Received it a week after that and only received 2 bathing suits. Contacted them a couple days after that on the phone and was told to give it 3'4 days and they would ship it out. 2...

Modlily / defective blouse

Feb 26, 2018

I placed an order on line when the company kept popping up on my Facebook account. On Dec 3rd I placed an order for a cute red blouse I planned to wear during the Xmas holiday season. Order # MM1712041114206983. The package didn't arrive until January and their was no invoices or any other...

Modlily / failure to issue promised refund

Dec 27, 2017

On 10/7/17, I placed an order for some women's blouses and jackets, Order Number: MM1710070115174012. This was my first purchase from this company. They confirmed my payment on 10/10/17. On 10/18/17 and 10/23/17, they did a partial shipment of my order. Some was not received and sent back...

Modlily / clothing

Dec 14, 2017

As there is absolutley no paper work in the two bags of things i have received, going to me, i will not have that much information to give to you. All i do know for sure is i ordered a few items from modlily. Received two packages with the identicle items in them. The same two exact...

Modlily / where is my item!!

Dec 04, 2017

Where the heck is my shirt! I ordered this in early October. Today is December 4, 2017. Give me a break! This is ridiculous having to wait this long. I have already paid for it so why haven't I received it!??? I am a business owner and I would never do business like this. ModLily keep...

Modlily / my 2 shirts that I ordered and paid to you in the amount of $56.23

Nov 23, 2017

My order number is mm171112073110 My name is Shelley Hollick, my address for my 2 shirts is. 703 N.E. Hostmark Street. Apt. 107 Poulsbo, Washington. 98370...U.S.D. I want my merchandise, I didn't open a pay pal acct. I paid with my visa..last 4 digits 9722. I expect a response back with...

Modlily / non-existent cs

Nov 10, 2017

What's so hard about providing your contact to your customers? How are they supposed to reach you if people have problems? By filling a stupid form on your website? Are you sure it's working? Are you sure that a person who will get this form is going to read it? Are you sure that all of the...

Modlily /

Nov 05, 2017

MM1709260411312536 Hooded Collar Zipper Up Wine Red Curved Coat Ordered on 25.09.2017 never received confirmation e-mail. Money has been taken from my account but no contact info has been given and I have as of yet 05.11.2017 I have still to receive the item ordered. This is a disgrace of a...

Modlily / I have not had a response to where I should return my item which doesn't fit.

Oct 16, 2017

Today I went to the trouble of going a distance to a Post Office. I should them the bag the dress came in with no return label, no address, no packing slip and found it was from China. The post office people couldn't help me either. We went on line and it is such a scam. Obviously they...

Modlily / order placed incorrect and charged

Oct 09, 2017

Hi I ordered two blouses one purple and one black you have charged me £50.35 twice which is for four blouses I have contacted you by putting tickets in and am not getting any response my name is May Benton email address [email protected] when I log on to my account it shows no order...

Modlily / bathing suits ordered

Oct 05, 2017

DO NOT ORDER FROM MODLILY! I ordered bathing suits and all 4 of them were too small! Their sizing is not American sizes. There was NO packing slip, return address, or paperwork stating where it came from. I have been trying to return these now for over 30 days and no reply to my online...

Modlily / my order is not there

Sep 30, 2017

Hi, my user name is: [email protected] I Did an order of 2 swimming wear on the 25/09/2017, I never get an email with the confirmation, and when I check, my order list is empty, but my credit card is been deducted as showing. 24 Sep 2017 PAYPAL *MODLILY.COM 4029357733 $85.89 26 Sep...

Modlily / do not buy anything from them

Sep 21, 2017

If you don't want to get bad quality items don't order from them at all. The advertisement is very bright and promises good deals, but in real life they suck. They use very cheap materials for their clothes, that's why it's not expensive. Cheap price almost always means cheap quality...

Modlily / layered t-shirt. order number m1707300428323239

Sep 16, 2017

I ordered a t-shirt from Modlily but when it arrived it was far too small. I got a ticket for refund & return but then had an email from them offering me 50% off the item & I could then keep it. I agreed to that instead of return but never received my part refund. I have been writing about...

Modlily / refund

Aug 30, 2017

Operation M1707051011107933 07/05/2017 10:11:10 AM T4534001665 USD 52.31 Shipped View Details Submit Ticket Track Write Reviews This is the order I am still waiting for a refund on. I have supplied all the information requested 3 times now. They said my money was refunded but it does not...

Modlily / women top

Aug 29, 2017

I had ordered a top on 23rd Aug when the money was paid from my account . I have still not received the order confirmation. My name is Veena Raj Goel and the zip code is 95138. I would like to know what I can do about it. My phone no. is 6465719872. My email id i...

Modlily / swimsuit

Aug 14, 2017

Ordered and received. Wrong size. No packing list or any mention of how to return. Went to website and logged on. Shows that I have no orders so no way to return. Can only contact regarding preorder questions and then only from 5:30 PM EST to 2:00 AM EST. I have disputed the charge with my...

Modlily / bathing suit

Aug 02, 2017

I am trying to login to return my item but I keep getting the message that I am already logged in and then there is no option to do anything else, therefore I cannot log in. You say we have 30 days to return a product but you make it impossible to do so. I have an order number and a Ticket...

Modlily / order

Jul 26, 2017

I placed an order on July 14 2017, #M17150834578124, for $84.48. The money was taken out of my July 17 2017. I can not log in, can not reach you, do not have any confirmation. This is now approaching 10 days. Please respond to help me straighten this matter out. This was paid through Pay...

Modlily / swimsuits

Jul 24, 2017

I ordered 3 swimsuits from this company. There was no packing slip when the swimsuits were sent to me. They do not fit and I want to return them. I have no way of submitting a return back since I don't have an order form. I have tried to contact them for over a month and can not find any...

Modlily / order never received

Jul 17, 2017

Ordered a bathing suite on 4/11/17 for $27.00 they TOOK my money and i have YET to receive ANYTHING! I've submitted a claim from the website, and it comes back as "undelivered" The phone number I found for their customer service does not work. So apparently I've been ripped off. I do have a...

Modlily / swimsuits

Jul 11, 2017

When I finally received the swimsuits they were much smaller than the size indicates. The website does not except my user ID or password, which means it doesn't show my order, but yet it does show my name so I am not only in the system, but logged in which does not make any sense. There...

Modlily / return rejected

Jul 07, 2017

I ordered two dresses from mod literally. They ran very tight in the arms so I wanted to send them back. Going through that process was ridiculous there was no one helping me I had to submit tickets which I did finally I got a response and how to send it back I followed that. I paid $20 to...

Modlily / delivery of order

Jun 23, 2017

I ordered two swimsuits on May 30, 2017. Have not received my order but my credit card was charged!!!I have tried several times to contact these people through email!!! They keep asking for an order number which I don't have because I wasn't provided one!!! All I would like for them to do...

Modlily / clothing product

Jun 03, 2017

I ordered a bathing suit 2 months ago, for which I never recieved. I have been round and round with answering the same questions I have answered several times now and it has gotten me no where except back to the same automated response. If you try to call, no one answers and they won't...

Modlily / ordered a bathing suit

May 24, 2017

I never received item, tho Modlily says it was delivered to my business address and left at the door. The problem is, this was a Tuesday afternoon, April 25 and our mail person ALWAYS brings the mail into the office right to my desk, as I sit right inside the glass door. I was charged...

Modlily / bathing suit

May 23, 2017

My mother Sheryl Swan placed an order over a month ago - we are demanding to talk to someone about the order she placed. She ordered a 2 piece swimsuit. If we are not contacted about this order soon we will reach out to any and all necessary companies to settle this including and not...

Modlily / my order status

May 16, 2017

Placed an order on April 21, 2017 Check track number only says order paid, pending shipment, been trying to get a hold of someone to no avail!! I've created a ticket number, it says someone will get back with you with ina day!! You took my money, that I work very hard for, stuff better ship or my Attorney will be contacting you in China very soon!

Modlily / I cannot reach anyone to return a swimsuit that is way smaller than the size guidelines say.

May 11, 2017

I have been trying to reach someone to return a swim suit I bought. I have tried submitting a ticket twice and calling numerous times. No one answers the phone and no one has responded to my support tickets. The swim suit is much smaller than their sizing guidelines said and I want to...

Modlilly / three orders for clothing

May 10, 2017

Received clothing I ordered. It does not fit. The size chart they publish bears no resemblance to the size of the clothes I received. Sent a ticket for all three and received a reply saying I could get 40% off ( Of what I don't know). I want an address to return these clothes for a refund...

Modlily / never received merchandise

May 07, 2017

Ticket Details Ticket: T7042903038 Topic: Order Inquiry Secondary Topic: Adjust Order Question: Please leave us a message if you can't find your question. State: Waiting for your reply Full Name: [email protected] Reply Adminstrator At :01/23/2017 13:51:27 PM hello, I have put the money in...