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do not receive the detailed billing every month and billing for calls after the phone have been cut.

Lapace Construction (Pty) Ltd
Springs, Gauteng JHB [protected]

Account no: Z0002081, constant problem with this account at MTN and don't get any response or feedback as to the problem on this account every month they cut the phone between the 20th - 28th each month then this account is activated only on the 8th of the new month so during that time frame the company is being billed for calls that cant be made during such time, and note that this account is going of by debit order.

do not receive the detailed billing every month and billing for calls after the phone have been cut.
do not receive the detailed billing every month and billing for calls after the phone have been cut.

they stole my money

I just put money on my debt rush card on June 4th and i bought one thing i should have had 320.40 on my card i called my card and they told me of this mtn comunnications that took 49.99 off my card. im disabled and can't work ever. they took the little bit of money i had left for the month what am i suppose to do for bills I WANT MY MONEY BACK. i didn't order anything and they took it Give it back its not yours to take i need that money for my medication.

for anyone who reads this don't trust any magazine places they don
t care if they take your money or not.

Sincerely Heather Irwin

  • Di
    dirdeedeedz Jun 24, 2010

    To the business owner: ErinSandler is an individual who has set out to cause damage to businesses listed on here. Her (or his) sole purpose is to cause damage. I am in discussion with the law firm of Starrs Mihm, LLP to bring extortion and defamation charges against Complaints Board. In that process, we can subpoena records relating to the IP address of "ErinSandler" consequently, this sewer rat will be made public. If you would like to join me, please send an email to [email protected] (designated for this website), and I will have my attorney's contact you. I have the wherewithal and vigor to stop this.

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disturbing text messages

Mtn are fraudsters, they keep sending messages of their fake 2010 promo to innocent and unsuspecting Nigerian like my humble self thereby deducting our money with promises of "you are about to qualify for tonights winner" and the worst of all is that our corrupt and dishonest regulatory body (NCC) are in connivance with mtn to further defraud us Nigerians. Mtn, pls. stop sending me this kind of messages or else i will destroy my sim cand and swicth to another network. period. My No. is [protected].


I have been overcharge on my MTN SA accounts since i upgraded in Oct 2008 to a MTN 100 Subscription. I am suppose to receive R100 value of calls off peak each month but i only receive a few calls @ R0.00 value and the rest of the calls they bill me for. Every month i have to phone them to receive a credit. Now i decided not to pay the Call Charges until they credit me, but now my calls has been suspended. I am so fedup with MTN!! I am still waiting for a credit on my bill dated 11/3/2010 and 11/4/2010!

suspended account

Account no: a2759200 My internet service has been suspended from april 17th, 2010, without any notice. The...

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stealing my money

As you will see from the email pasted below all the times I have tried to contact mtnsp for a refund on my account. Even though I cancelled my contract I will still been changed more than 8 months later!


This is lee-ann werner again and I am very unhappy. I would like to know whom I can claim to about the service I have received from mtn sp (Please note not from your store which have been amazing). I have just been online to check my bank account whch I have not been able to do for months and noted that mtn sp is still taking r162 off my account each month even though I have given notice and only have one account which should be in the region of r70 per month. I have instead inctructed my bank to stop the payment and refused to make any further payments to mtn sp until I receive a refund.

Please consider this urgent!!! As now mtn sp has effectively stolen in the region of r800 from me and if this is not sorted I will be approaching the obudsmen to sort this out and will seek legal action.

From: [protected]
To: [protected]@willtell.Co. Za
Subject: re: contract cancellation
Date: wed, 21 oct 2009 23:47:44 +0000

Checking again... When can I expect the refund to reflect in my account?

From: [protected]
To: [protected]@willtell.Co. Za
Subject: re: contract cancellation
Date: mon, 19 oct 2009 00:44:51 +0000


Really sorry to be a nag but this refund has not come through yet. How long does it take before it is reflected in my account?

Lee-ann werner

From: [protected]@willtell.Co. Za
To: [protected]
Subject: contract cancellation
Date: tue, 6 oct 2009 12:05:44 +0200

Good mrs. L werner

As per our conversation many times before & hellip;

I have called our retentions department with regards to you contract, the reference number that you have given me ([protected]) was clearly a note to cancel your contract, however it was not done as they did not receive all the documents in time at that time, and when they did receive the paper work it was for some reason not updated on the system

It now has been updated and they have put an immediate cancelation on the contract, I spoke to lady by the name of shaleen and she put a note on the system, she also requested a re-imbursements for the last 3 months as the contract was to end on the 23-june - 2009 on cell number [protected] however the cell number [protected] is not due to terminate yet it only expires on the 08-may-2010 so you will have to e-mail them as you did the last time, but one month before the time you can also send to the e-mail so I can trace up on it for you

Your reff number for the cancelled line and re-imbursement is # [protected]

Many thanks


Mtn cascades

Shopg13, mccarthy drive


P o box 13952


Tel: [protected]

Fax [protected]

Cel: [protected]

Dealer code:102003

[protected]@willtell.Co. Za

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puk number request

My name is usman salihu I need my puk number. I lost my sim pack in the recent jos crisis, my number i...

my share n sell is disabled for over a week

Please I beg you in the mtn to please enable my share n sell and at same time give me details on how to share...

updgrades & dongle

On 19/2/2010 an SME Account Manager came to our offices to sort out 8 upgrades and also collect a dongle that had been sent previously to MTN for repair. Since then we have heard nothing from the lady concerned even though I have emailed her several times and left plenty of voice messages on her phone. This service is a disgrace.
Doesn't MTN want our business? Are they too big to be bothered?

sim swap

I have an old sim card with 32k, and I needed to upgrade through sim swap. I bought a simplus/backup sim pack...

stealing money

I have been an mtn customer since 2001 and always enjoyed there service till now... I have two contracts with them and my contract had come to an end in 2009 september. I didn't want to change over to another service provider so I asked them to make my no prepay. Any ways I was also at the same time panning my trip to the uk and I needed every thing sorted b4 I left. They kept me on a month to month contract while they sorted out my no (So I thought). I was paying r250 every month and still am? Its been 4months now. I come over to the uk for a holiday and every month r250 gets taken from me and I am not even using the phone in sa? I have asked joan to ensure a refund for me but now she to has not gotten back to me? When I get back to sa I am closing all accounts and will get my refund of r1000. I know its not much but stealing is still a crime.

bad service

After having the misfortune of dealing with the absolutely incompetent staff at MTN Observatory, I’m not convinced that MTN, as a service provider, would actually care about this complaint. For a company that spends so much money of building their brand, I find it impossible to believe that you would entertain such low quality, when it comes to the MTN SP’s! Never in my life have I experienced a more pathetic approach to customer service.
Naturally when I went there to secure my upgrade they were very friendly, soon afterwards I realised that I made a terrible mistake trusting these sharks to do anything other than make money off me!

The problem started when they did not have stock available of the phone I chose to upgrade to and could only secure stock four days later. At this point I specifically asked whether another outlet would have stock, but was told that since we’ve already started the paperwork, I now have to follow through with the Observatory outlet. This was obviously utter nonsense, but I let it slip and was told by the sales person that, “you will get better service from us than Canal Walk, anyway they don’t really know what they’re doing at Canal Walk”.

From the moment I received my new BlackBerry phone I experienced problems with dropping calls. I returned to MTN Observatory to query this and was told that there is a general network problem and that you are working on it. I questioned whether it could be hardware and was told that it’s not the phone or any component of it as she, Yura Davids, personally double checked everything and that all was in order. I was amazed by Yura’s sudden lack of enthusiasm and the obvious lack of product knowledge. I dealt with the call centre later that week and as the problem persisted, I was making no headway so went back to MTN Observatory and insisted that the phone be exchanged, this time she simply told me that we’ve missed the return date and that the only option would be to take the phone for repairs. She could not indicate how long this would take, she refused to escalate my complaint and they could not even offer me a loan device for the unknown repairs duration. As I use my phone for business this was not an option and I left, having yet again, not gotten anywhere and being stuck with a phone that would drop almost EVERY call I made or received!

Today I spoke with Timothy Clouts from the MTN Network Coverage department who very first resolve was to enquire whether my SIM was 3G enabled, according to him this was the obvious reason for the persistent problem. I returned to MTN Observatory to get a new SIM and to complain about the very apparent lack of product knowledge and the utterly despicable service that I had to suffer from them. No apology was made, no resolve was offered and one of Mrs. David’s colleagues screamed at me to leave her shop! THIS is NOT acceptable! As the front for the MTN brand, this barbaric attitude, is an extension of what YOU consider to be client service. I have decided to simply take my business elsewhere and will on Monday initiate the proceedings to rather go to Vodacom.

I can however guarantee you that I will lodge complaints with all available consumer forums and make damn sure that everybody I know, know of the pathetic service standard I received from MTN.

  • Mc
    MCB Venter Oct 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been trying for the past 8 months to transfer my son's contract from my name to his name. All the documents (bank statement, copy of ID's) were handed in at the Longbeach mall, Noordhoek store. To date NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!! and after various queries being lodged and a lot of my time it is still deducted from my account. I have already lodged a complaint on hellopeter website and MTN has not even made any effort to answer. I have to phone everytime, my costs, time and patience that has run out long time ago.
    I am seriously considering to change my SP to vodacom if I do not have any satisfactory reply within 7 working days from todday's date.
    Mr MCB Venter

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  • Re
    Renwick Mar 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to the Pavillion MTN branch on Thursday the 24th of March 2017 to apply for a 3 G CARD. I was later contacted on my mobile to say it had been passed. I have to collect it. We live in Scottburgh and I sent my son to fetch it for me. Again I received a phone call to tell me I would be advised when my card would be activated. It is now Tuesday 5pm. 29 March 2017 and after numerous calls and promises I am still waiting to be connected and for Imtaiz to give me a call. I have been a client of MTN for the past 12 years is this how loyal clients get treated or do we all have to stand in a que and wait for lightning to strike.

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  • Ak
    Akbarjudy Jul 17, 2011

    Mtn staff is pathetic, they are not customer friendly, they think they own mtn, i've got 2 contracts with mtn and both of my contracts I have had endless problems when upgrading, i'v got the contracts for over 15 years and from 2017 i'm having problems. The first upgrade was in 2017 when the stupid lady did'nt check the phone properly and when I got home to insert the sim I noticed the back cover not closing properly so I took the phone back within 45min. And she tells me that I dropped the phone and they have to follow procedure and do a obf, so I sat without a phone for 3weeks untill they sent it to nokia to see if I droped the phone, finally they had to give me a new phone. Today 17/07/2017 I went to do a upgrade on my second number (Now I know mtn, u can upgrade in the 20th month) i'm currently paying r299 on mtn anytime 200, so I went to upgrade to mtn 100 which is r149 the idiot tells me I have to pay r99 x 4 in order for me to upgrade because i'm in the 20th month my contract of r299 only ends in november, so I have to pay for the next 4 months in order for my mtn100 to be effective.

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sim barred

I bought a 200 naira recharge card and of which i mistakenly scratched off 2 digit.during trying process my sim was barred dis is my number [protected] and the card's serial number is ####

mtn stole ±r10000,00 from me

Last year june I upgraded my adsl line from 40mb to 500mb. Mtn didnt activate the 500mb package. I continued to use the adsl line under the impression that my 500mb was activated.
This continued from june to october. My bills were & plusmn;r1200, & plusmn;r1600, & plusmn;r3200, & plusmn;r2700, & plusmn;r2900 respectively. Prior to activating this 500mb my bill had had never reached r600.In october I logged my 1st complaint and was refunded & plusmn;r1400 for the month of september but the other months where not investigated.

Novembers bill was also incorrect and I was charged another & plusmn;r2400.

I continued to complain speaking to the call centre & supervisors on countless occasions.
This month they credited me with & plusmn;r800 which is way below the amount they actually owe me.
When I asked for an explaination they could give me one.

I have been charged a total of & plusmn;r14000 in 6 months and refunded r2200 with no explaination as to how they got to this amount.

Preveshini govender was suppose to call me im still waiting for over a week.
Nicholas lawler

I just want my money back and no dealing with mtn anymore.
My number is [protected]

  • Eg
    Egbade Sunday Mar 02, 2010

    I lost my mtn line and i want to do the mtn welcome back, what is the procedure? please help me.

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overcharging - appauling service

I have called 16202 to get a update on my billing for the month closing for jan 2010, to get the absolute shock of my life where I am being told my bill is over r3200.00, more specifically where I am being told I have spent in excess of r1600.00 on data) , this is ridiculous, I have never spent so much with mtn ever, and strange enough I have a bill limit on at r500.00 which I set with one of their supervisors to which I received no notification of this at any time this month.

Further, about two months ago I had a huge problem with mtn wherein they could not open my account as I had exceeded my credit limit which was in the region of r2250.00, so I was blocked from receiving or making calls, and was told under no circumstances they could increase this amount. How is it all of a sudden I am getting charged in excess of this which contradicts their initial statement that the limit was the maximum amount that I qualified for, and how is it that my bill has increase by over a 100%. Where my average spend is + - r700.00 a month. I have done no more than what I normally do and when I last queried with my data package and the remainder left on the same, my general usage was well under 200mb a month, and there was a remaining amount left over.

However what makes this matter even more frustrating is the when you call into their call centre, the incompetence of the staff is appauling, they all contradict each other, from:

One consultant responding & ldquo; that is how the system charges” the next saying they can only help on the closure of the bill, I have lost my cool with mtn, how can they expect someone to wait for a reply on closure of their billing, however when payment is required they expect the same immediately, to the same instance, how can they issue you with a balance and then not take query on the same, is it not logical to sort out a problem before the consumer becomes liable for the bill, but what infurates a person more is that when you want to speak to someone senior, you have to leave a message, I have now made 4 phone calls it is over 24 hours later and I am still waiting, this is absolute appauling service.

Mtn seems to convey an attitude with their clients that you are just a number, for a consumer with an average spend of r700.00, the number starts to add up considering I have been with them for 7 + years, lets do the math then if you treat all consumers with utter disrespect for valid queries.

  • Au
    Authenticity Mar 17, 2010

    MTN Call Center operators admitted that they have a major problem with billing “apparently” IBM and IS are working hard to resolve it. I use to work for the MTN and a few ex-collogues commented that MTN owe some companies credits worth millions. So our money sits in MTN’s account earning them nice interest and they are eating away our hardworking earnings.

    Why don't MTN make a public statement? The poor fools that don't pick up the erroneousness so that MTN can gladly profit out of there stupidity. You don't complain you don't get a credit, that is if you can get hold of somebody to assist you.

    Such integrity and honesty that MTN is exhibiting, well done to such market leaders.

    So in other words MTN can overcharge us, you can complain till blue in the face but don't pay your account and they suspend. It is financial Ripe. This fraudulent company needs to be taken to task!

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  • Le
    lebea Jun 03, 2016

    I have this modem contract with MTN a R49, 00 for a modem and 500mb a month. Last year when my son was using the modem I was billed for R1500 in November and when I enquired I was told that the sim was used for calls. I required an itemised billing for that and it was provided. My modem sim was suspended by the network provider between December and February this year and when reinstated in mid February the self service window was not reinstated so I did not see if the 500mb were granted or not. I only paid R49, 00 in February 2014 starting in March I was billed between R400 and R500 but in June 2014 when my sim was blocked again when I enquired I was told that my bill is standing at R1500, 00 and I asked for a break down just like that of itemising billing to can be able to see that how much of the data was spent on whatever they are billing. Nothing is being provided
    intsead I am continuing to be billed more. As they say now I am owing them about R1790, 00 and my sim has since been suspended in June and is not functioning till now.

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I want my sim to be unbarred

My sim card has been barred from the mtn network. Pls l want it unbarred. My number is [protected].

  • Og
    ogbebor funmi Feb 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my no is 07037544388

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  • Og
    ogbebor funmi Feb 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i cant make call or send text messages

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  • Si
    sirture1 Mar 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Am living in China and I bought a special sim card which I can use in Nigeria. Now my number have been barred and I cannot make or receive calls and its seriously affecting my business. I want this to be rectified and my China Number is +8618602086290
    It was working before and it suddenly stopped. am really not happy anymore.

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  • Ik
    Ikpa Christians nnanna Jun 07, 2015

    Please my line have just stop last week to making calls and even to check balance, and i have been using this line for past 15 years now and it was well registered in MTN office Enugu branch . Even do am In Dubai for past 2years now .but just last week it stop working .(writing to me sim card fail) please can u people unbarad me 08035817568

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  • Ba
    Babagana Abubakar Sep 04, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mtn Nigeria please my Sim has been barred from mtn please I want to unberred this is my number and name 08038595090

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my number barred (on emergency since jan. 19, 2010

My number [protected] has been on "emergency" since yesterday 19/01/2010. To contact mtn has failed up till now I cannot recieve or make calls or text messages on my phone. I would need this fixed immediately because all my contacts are in there please, as fast as you can do that for me, thanks.

  • Da
    Damasus Feb 03, 2010

    I thought MTN is an organisation that runs their business for the benefit of their customers and which their primary purpose is to make profit. But for me it seems is other way round, I wil credit my MTN line without may any call and for see account balance will be reading 0.01, 0.11or even 0.00. Have I commited any for MTN as my network? or is it a crime to used an MTNLINE? I am tired of this situation pls MTN tell what I have done, and my number is 08036228442. I am waiting for your reply.

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  • Gl
    gloucester Oct 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    MTN as far as I know as being a good network, I used MTN line, back when I was in Nigeria. I presently live in UK and I am writing a research on organisational design. making reference with MTN NIGERIAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED. I want MTN NIGERIA to please state their organisational purpose, the factors that affect their organisation design and their impact. please i need a responses as soon as possible

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  • Ki
    Kingsley ikenna obasi May 14, 2015

    Please I can't recharge my phone.
    The service keep tell me that am barred from this service that I should call 181.. Yet can't reach the service..
    Help resture it for me please
    08165056231 Kingsley ikenna obasi

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my sim had been barred from making, receiving calls, recharging and using share and sell

i want my sim [protected] unbarred, for the past one week plus it has be blocked, i cant call, receive anven...

poor delivery service

This letter serves to confirm the unprofessionalism, incompetency and poor service delivery conducted by mtn service provider, century city.

  • Ma
    Maureen D Jan 20, 2010



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payments not reflected and refusal to cancel

My problem started aprox march 2009, the day I went in to pay my bill at smartsurv house (Mtn customer centre century city cape town) their systems were off-line so the consultant did a manual transaction and I paid using my debit card. At the end of the month that payment did not reflect on my statement from mtn. I went in to enquire about this and was told to bring in my proof of payment (Manual receipt) , which I did the following day. However on this day the consultant that helped me was busy so the hostess at the door said she would hand the receipt to him. At the end of this month still nothing sorted on my account so back I went and this time I even took my bank statement to show that the payment was made. I have been back so many times since then with all the consultants promising to sort out this dilema, I also requested to see the manager and was told she would contact me, till today nothing. When the contract ran its term in june I requested it to be cancelled and a final bill to be sent, this has unfortunately has never been done and I am still being billed. I am at my wits end trying to rectify this problem with mtn but they just dont seem interested in resolving this issue.

The mobile number was [protected], r. Khan

What must I do...

R. Khan
Cell: [protected]
E-mail: [protected]