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Em Oct 03, 2019

I have sent this email to Swindon Mitsubishi 7 times and they have not responded!

I purchased a nearly new car from your Swindon dealership in June of this year and I have to say that rather than a pleasant experience this has been stressful and upsetting.

There was a wide choice of cars for me to purchase and I chose to buy a Mitsubishi because up until this experience I associated Mitsubishi with quality and excellent customer service - this is certainly not the case at Swindon Mitsubishi.

I purchased the car over the telephone and arranged to collect the car. I live in Swansea which is approximately a 230 mile round trip so the day before I called to check everything was ok and confirm what was required. I had to phone 4 times as the salesman could not be bothered to return my call and when I eventually spoke to him it seems I knew more about the documentation required to purchase a car than him - very poor! I was also misinformed about transferring my private registration to my new car which caused me hassle.

When I arrived at Swindon there were a number of problems with the car - it had not been valeted, there was no spare key and the car had been advertised as having 7, 500 miles on the clock when it had 11, 800.

Furthermore, ten minutes after leaving the dealership I received a call to return and to my horror I was driving without insurance! This was despite me making it clear to the salesman on several occasions that I wanted Mitsubishi insurance. This incompetence could've cost me my licence, my reputation and my career!!!

Today, almost 7 weeks after collecting the car I have finally got what I paid for almost! I have transferred my number plate onto my car, I have valeted my car and after phoning the Swindon dealership numerous times and them sending me the wrong key then a brand new key that needed coding and taking half a days leave to visit my local dealership I have a spare key!!! Unfortunately the car still has 4, 000 more miles than advertised.

I have saved my money to purchase a car and it was an experience that I was looking forward to but sadly I was hugely disappointed and the whole miserable affair has caused me great inconvenience and taken up a lot of my precious time.

I look forward to hearing your comments on my horrific experience!

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