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Complaints & Reviews

reneging on contract

On 28/7/08 my wife signed a sales contract with Dandenong Mitsubishi for the purchase of a Mitsubishi Lancer...

1 comment Endeavour Hills Car Dealers

you are approved!!!... not!

So I fill out an auto loan application online, as my family is now growing out of our vehicles. I get a call from none other than Mike Riddle Mitsubishi.

"You have been approved for $20, 000 please come on in, and lets get you in a car"

Seemed pretty good, my income is outstanding and just recently paid off my credit so that's now climbing out of the gutter.

I went in after work and they "Got me into" a 2006 Jeep Commander.

Well... today (the very next day) they say "hey come back in we want to go over the details of the loan with you".

I go in and they say "well it fell through do you have anyone who can co-sign?"

It shoudl be against the law to send you off the lot with a car you have signed papers for without an approval. If they had been upfront that it was contingent on the following day... I would have no problem.

They shook my head and told me it was a done deal and guaranteed. I actually specifically asked if there was anythign I had to worry about falling through.


  • Ri
    Riddle Victim Mar 06, 2009

    Currently compiling a file against Mike Riddle Dealerships. Please forward all information, complaints and resolution ( if applicable) to [email protected]


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  • Mr
    Mr Serrano Apr 10, 2009

    mor or less the same thing happened to our son that was assgn to Hill Airforce base

    This dealer ship Mke riddle should be shut down and out of business

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terrible tvs

Mitsubishi televisions wd-52527-purchased 5-28-06 took back on 7-8-06 1st one completly gone blank no pic nothing, received another new tv,6-19-07 replaced lamp free of charge from store purchased b&b appliance.
June 22 2007 problems arise again tv changing color to red then goes completely out warner electronics warranty company picks tv up and complains of smoke smell in tvat our home we are smokers tells us this is why it went out, very persistance, told them my son has a samsung tv for the same amount of time with no problems or issues, whats going on here. They kept tv from 6-22-07 and returned on 7-24-07 and did not operate warner electronics took it back to replace the lamp! Now didnt they check this out before it left the shop?? Kept another 10 days. Ok I turned it on and found a decent picture but the lcd screen was stretched or wiped throughout the whole screen then later seen a mark on the right side, I didnt call them back too stressed at this point between fighting for my home in cleveland courts and my wife going to the hospital and having problems for for the rest of the year till she healed we enjoyed our holidays everyone is healthy now, and we managed to save our home no thanks to home eq but that is another story, mitsubishi did give me an extended warranty. On 2-13-08 I did get a chance to call mitsubishi because now there were blue and purple blotches and a dimming picture on top of the stretched or whatever is going on with the screen itself. Warner electronics came and picked up the tv and as I am sitting here writing this I have not yet heard from them or mitsubishi feb.17-2008. Also when mitsubishi gave me the original factory warranty again they sent me a letter stating on july 31 2007. Apologizing and they agree to pay for repairs normally covered up to 07-08-2008 quote{in addition mitsubishi digital electronics will offer a credit toward the purchase of a new unit if there is a recurring problem within the above warranty period}in the meantime the original store I purchased this tv from b&b appliance droped mitsubishi from its line of tvs they sell, do I call mitsubishi and demand a full refund and I dont want this tv back, I do have all documentation on hand, I need an opinion here and thanks for hearing me out

  • An
    Andres Castro Mar 28, 2009

    Reference & reply to your complain about your experience with Mitsubishi.
    I agree 100%, I got my Flat panel 46 inches Mitsubishi in September 01/2008, from 6th Avenue Electronics=another nightmare especially the one on Carle Place Long Island New York, once they get your money, they do not care nor have any willingness to help or keep you happy, same school as Mitsubishi in California. It is March 28/09. and still having problems with the TV. The HD channels do not come up when they should and a box, similar to PIP on right hand corner appears with different colors and finally the picture. Have been on the phone and have had more people come over to look at the problem and still not resolved, the attitude of management is pathetic, so are the employees, who hang the phone or disconnect you so many times I have lost account of how many. The head of Consumer Relations seems to go out of her way to antagonize you, and does not take your side or even fake trying to and also hanged up the phone on me March 27/09.
    My LCD was replaced about a month or so ago, the problem persisted, I was promised by management a replacement of the TV only to find out the next days that the Technicians had to come back again and confirm that there was a problem, then I was told no replacement since the TV was fine as reported to them, this is a lie, since the box still shows. All I received was a lousy letter from the above mentioned head of Consumer Relations, stating that if anything would happen in the near future they will replace it (this is the same person with no customer service whatsoever that hanged up the phone on me).
    I will take this further until I get some results and will make sure that anyone I know will be aware and to keep away from Mitsubishi as well as 6th Avenue Electronics location in Carle Place Long Island New York. Since I have gotten some cooperation and customer service from the one in New Jersey with a completely different attitude.
    MITSUBISHI TV 46" MODEL LT. 46244 Keep away from it. I would not recommend any of them from the ignorance to their product showed by the Main Office in California and all involved and the headache it has been to me since September 01/2008.
    Looks like another AIG.
    If any solution to my problem is resolved I will update this comment.
    Andrew Castro [email protected]

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  • He
    Hell Fire Jul 02, 2009

    I agree it's a tendof problems of these TV.What can I say I'm so frustrated. I brought my Mitsubishi 1080P TV on 2/07 from Chucks Furniture City, on 01/08 one month shy of a year the Lamp went out it was replaced by a company called Tekno in Lake Worth.I found it strange that a new TV can have an issue verses other TV in my home are pulling 9 years and counting. On 6/17/08 5 months after the lamp was replaced the lamp went out again, I filed a report to BBB and I also contaced Chucks Furniture City to let them know they sold me a defective TV, at this time I had $ 1, 600.00 remaing to pay off the TV, I suggested they take the TV back replace it with another or give me back my money which they refused.I find it poor business that one month shy of a year the lamp went out, they refused to replace the T.V when I told them they sold me a defective T.V. I did what they said use the warranty to replace the lamp which I did. I was advised by the manufacture Best Brand Plus my warranty expires 3/2012. As of 6/29/09 this is the 3rd time the LAMP HAS GONE OUT AGAIN, it gets better the warranty refused to replace the lamp stating that a lamp was replaced already, I told them they replaced 2 lamps when did this take effect and my contract does not state to replace 1 lamp only, what's the point of having extend warranty if it doesn't cover the item. Bottom line is they are aware of the defect the TV has and I'm sure of it now after reading so many online complaints about the Mitsubushi 1080P TV my model WD-52631 and other models of the same nature. Now I'm stuck with an expensive TV that doesn't work and have to pay out of pocket to replace the lamp which isn't fair esp if ti seems to me the LAMP goes out every year. Per the TV manual gives directions to replace the lamp, in all the years I've had other televisions and I've never came across instructions to replace parts. I've had better service with Fingerhut when my Magnovox TV went out, they were unable to fix it so they replaced the TV, now that's service, took place 1990 up to 1 1/2 yr ago that TV went out. Now tell me what's wrong with that picture. If anyone plans to file a lawsuit please let me know, I plan to take action against Mitsubishi Electric Digital Televisions

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bad product, worse service!

Seeing as how we all have the same problems with the same Mitsubishi TVs and poor service I wanted to see if...

$249.00 lamp went out in 13 months!

I purchased a 65 inch Mitsubishi projection tv on 11/06/06. It was delivered to my home on 11/10/06. So...

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worst customer service ever!

2 months ago I sent out a check like I do every month, and they seemed to have lost my money. I called my...

terrible after sales service!

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. Mitsubishi Projection TV model # WD73927...

poor service!

I purchased this HD upgradeable rear projection tv about 5 years ago, and I was generally please with it's performance. In the owners guide that came with the stated in the form of a promise that "We will engineer and manufacture the upgrades necessary so the HD-Upgradeable television you purchased today can be made compatible with near-future advances in digital television and digital interconnectivity". Since when my 2003 model tv was not equipped with a HDMI input when it was manufactured, I tried to find out from Mitsubishi if there was a way for my tv to be upgraded to handle this new digital interconnectivity. AS Promised. I gave up trying to contact them through there e-mail contact after three attempts, and getting no response.

I then started writing to them. After the third writing, I received a response, saying that they tried to reach me by phone without any success, and I should contact their customer service department. After two days of being put on hold for long periods of time, I finally to talk to a real person. I think it was a real person since they seemed to have a bad cold. I was told that there was nothing available now or in the future that would solve my problem.
All I wanted was information about a simple connectivity problem with my $2000 tv, that I expected Mitshubishi might have the answer for. I have written to the company complaining that instead of getting straight answers, all I got from was a run around to a dead end. To this date I have received no response to that letter, and it's been a few months since then. I other have had a similar issue with this company I would appreciate hearing from you.
I think Mitsubishi should at least apologize for making promises it can't keep, and for waisting my time.

After this experience I don't think I'll buy another Mitsubishi product

  • Br
    brian morgan Apr 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We need help, lamp out 4 times on 1 year old tv!! Mitsu not helping!!!

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a bunch of liars!

I just bought a 2001 dodge 1500 pickup from your car dealership. This vehicle was bought 7 19 07. The salesman told me one thing then after getting contract at home and studying it I found out he lied. On 7 19 07 went and complained to a manager Mr. Ainsworth and he promised to get back to me in a couple of days, am still waiting to hear from him. The credit manager sold me an extended warranty contract which he told me covered the vehicle bumper to bumper for all repairs. This was another lie. After taking a little road trip this past weekend, found some things wrong. Some of which were wrong to begin with but as I bought the vehicle as is they told me to wait for warranty papers and then bring in to fix.

The salesman also told me this vehicle had so many hundred point inspection which if so these things should have been picked up and fixed before being sold. This was another lie. After taking vehicle to service dept. today and telling them what I found out wrong, they called the extended warranty co. and they said none of this was covered under the warranty. This included Check engine light, power door locks, and the A.C. Now as I am in there signing all these papers, you take the mans word for things without getting into detailed reading. If you are going to allow a dealership like this to use your name, I think you people are in deep trouble. In my years of doing business if I had a bunch of liars like this working for me and dragging my name down I am afraid I would have to do some thing about it. As a new dealership I understand they must start off with a good amount of sales but not this way. You can be sure that my message will get around as to this dealership and the Mitsibushi name.

do not honor promised warranty!

At Christmas of 2005 I bought a 52” DLP Mitsubishi television at Best Buy. I did not take out a Best Buy warranty, but was told that the TV came with a 1 year IN HOME warranty provided by Mitsubishi. When my TV needed service while in warranty (just before Christmas 2006) I called Mitsubishi for service. They told me that they did not currently have anyone to service my area and that I would have to take it in for service. I asked them about the in home part of the warranty and they said, “Well, that is something we try to do, but if you live away from a city sometimes we can’t.” I said, “But that is not what I was told when I bought the television.” “I know, but that is the reality of it. We can’t help you. If I were you I just wouldn’t buy any more of our products.”

Well, that is all fine, and I assure you that I will follow that advice, but that did not do anything for the repair that I needed on the TV I bought under the pretense of it having an in home warranty. I had to take off a day of work and drive eighty miles to their nearest service center, and 80 miles home. Then when it was ready, I had to make that same 160 mile trip. Pretty poor for a company that said they would service it in my home. I filed a complaint with the BBB but they basically said too bad, so sad.

  • We
    WebMonkey Mar 31, 2009

    Mits is being sued over their DLP's as they have numerous problems with them. Do a search for and mits as there is a whole forum regarding it.

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  • Al
    Al K Oct 04, 2009

    I guess its pretty bad when a company tells you not to buy its products haha. I know this post is two years old, i hope things worked out for you though.

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dirty, shameful and dishonest tactics

Let me tell you a little about my experience with McGinnis Cadillac in Houston, TX.

During an online search for a pre-owned vehicle, I came across what I thought to be a pretty good bargain from McGinnis Cadillac.

I called the number listed, and spoke to a sales person. He gave me some information about the car, and I went to look at it during my lunch break.

The first time I got there, the car was blocked in by about 5 other cars, so a test drive was out of the question. I had to come back a second time to test drive it. After driving the car, and deciding I liked it, we negotiated a price a day or two later, and I informed the sales person I intended to have the vehicle inspected, and, should the vehicle pass inspection, I intended to purchase it. I SPECIFICALLY asked him what the protocol would be for taking the car off the market, asking him if a deposit was required, and telling him I would have no problem leaving one. HIS WORDS: "Consider it held." I informed the sales person that if he needed a deposit, or needed to get a hold of me for any reason, to not hesitate to call me. I worked about 2 miles away, and could easily drop by. I contacted an inspection company on a Thursday (1 day after we agreed on a deal). They inspected the car the following day (Friday).

Saturday gets here. At this time, the report had been completed, but the results had not been made available by the inspection company. I receive a phone call from the sales person Saturday evening, informing me that someone is looking at the vehicle. I tell him I don't yet have the report, and ask him if he needs anything from me to ensure the car will be held. I tell him that I will contact him the second the report is in my hands. He tells me he'll let everyone know, and not to worry.

It's now Monday. The report is posted at around 8AM my time, and I call the dealership at around 10AM (I believe the earliest they open). There was nothing on the report that would have stopped me from buying the car. I had a question about a minor line item on the report, but that was basically it. The sales person tells me he will go retrieve the car.

I get a call from the sales person 30 minutes later, informing me that they sold the vehicle Saturday evening. He is apologetic, and keeps saying he "doesn't know what happened". When I press him as to what happened, he doesn't know what to say. I proceed to remind him that they promised to hold the car, and I had offered on multiple occasions to leave a deposit. All I get is "I know, I'm sorry". Furious, I ask to have the inspection fee refunded ($99). He says he will ask his supervisor. I get another call 30 minutes later, informing me they are unwilling to refund my inspection fee.

I leave a message to the owner of the dealership. He calls me back, sounding very concerned. He says he will investigate this "right now" and get back to me today. This was around 2PM this afternoon, and the dealership has long since closed. I'd be real surprised if I ever heard back from him.

I imagined such dirty tactics from a dealership who has a broken-down trailer as a storefront, but not a Cadillac dealership. NOT ONE THING about my experience with this classless organization has been positive. I will contact the Better Business Bureau and other outlets, so consumers can know about what happens at McGinnis Cadillac ahead of time, and not experience anger and frustration similar to what I have experienced.

  • Be
    Ben P Jun 17, 2011

    It is unreasonable for you to expect them to hold the car a whole week for you when the inspection took place on Friday. Your inspection company is the problem. Next time you should take the car to your mechanic, have them give you their feedback in less than an hour. I have never heard of an inspection report that takes 3 days. Just get the red light or the green light from the mechanic. Or were you planning to itemize a litany of little things in order to try to win big concessions?

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multiple mitsubishi electronics 62 diamond micro display dlp hdtv big screen problems

I have been a devoted Mitsubishi Electronics customer since 1998 when I purchased my first Mitsubishi...

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