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Complaints & Reviews

horrible customer service

I have been contacting Consumer Relations since 11/10/10 in reference to a television I purchased. I had the TV still in the original box and when I was able to remove it from the box, we discovered that the television was not working. I tried to troubleshoot the isue with the technical department and when they were unable to assist me over the phone they sent out Apex Electronics to see what was wrong with the television. First the sub contractor could not tell for sure how the TV was damaged but he would report his findings back to Mitsubishi. We did not hear anything and so I called on 11/10 and spoke with (J. Chew), as I question if anyone was being honest with me, at 10am EST. He indicated that the TV had physical damage and that it would not be covered and they placed me on hold and contacted Apex Electronics. Now the CSR advised that the contractor could not state for sure if the damage was caused by me or not. I explained to the representative that I purchased two televisions from them within 30 days and one we did hook up right away (and continue to use). The other remained stored in it's original box but I never did anyhing to damage the television. The television remained in the same box and place where it had been delivered. I WOULD NEVER DO THAT AFTER HAVING SPENT THAT TYPE OF MONEY ON A PRODUCT. I am a single woman with a modest income and I can't afford to spend that kind of hard earned money and just throw it away. I had expected Mitsubishi to honor the customer and replace the TV. I was advised that they would escalate the issue and provided me with a ticket number of 2618174.

I stated that I had wanted a manager to contact me back that day on 11/10 and that I would check back if I was not contacted. Well, I was not contacted and I called back again on 11/10 around 11:30am EST. This time I spoke with Lynn, who also said she would not let me speak with a manager and advised me that I HAD to give them 24 hours (this was in response to my request for a manager to call me). I was not happy with this but I did comply and when I called again this morning on 11/11 NO ONE still had an update for me. They only stated that they were still reviewing it and I called at 10:00am EST and this time I spoke with another representative who called himself Joey.

I once again held on the phone for a LONG TIME and asked for a supervisor and he stated that the manager, who he identified as Jan, was on the phone with another customer. I was advised that she would call back once she was finished with the customer she was assisting. I hung up and 3 hours later I STILL did nnot hear from Jan. I called back and spoke with another representative around 5:30pm EST who identified himself as Robert. I advised that I still hadn't heard from anyone in reference to my issue and he again advised that the issue was still under review. I once again asked WHY DID a supervisor not call me back and he said that I had to give them until the close of business. I said they have exhausted the close of business options and I am NOT HAPPY about getting the run around. He once again like your OTHER REPS refused to give me a manager.

Now I am not sure what type of operation they are running but this is HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVCE. I was a loyal customer who purchased TWO 60 inch High Definition TV's within 30 days. I DO NOT GET PLEASURE OUT OF CALLING THEM SEVERAL TIMES TO CONTINUOUSLY RECEIVE THE RUN AROUND. I have received rude treatment and have been painted as a liar, WHICH I DO NOT APPRECIATE!! I have no reason to SCAM you for a television. Right is right and wrong is wrong. If someone pays almost $1000 for a television with their hard earned money and HAVE NEVER USED THE TELEVISION AT ALL, I had an expectation that this television would be working in proper condition. It came to me in this condition and I had no reason to question that it was not sent to me in such improper working conditions. I expect someone to rectify this situation and rectify it immediately. Mitsubishi is a multi billion dollar corporation and I think that it is a shame as to how they are treating me a loyal customer, who has again purchased two of the same television. I am prepared to continue to escalate this matter as far as I possibly can.

sold me a wrecked car

I bought my 05 evo ssl from Quality Mitsubishi in littelton about 2 mounths ago. 2 weeks after i bought it i noticed a loud noise coming from the rear of the car when on a rougher road i pulled over opened the trunk there was nothing there then i crawled under the back of it and noticed that my black car had a red bumper that had bin painted to match the car at one time in its life and the bumper support is hanging from bailing wire just as loose as can be and looking closer i see that the unibody has bin crushed about 5 inches on both sides, so its obvoisly bin wrecked and the carfax that i was shown was clean so i pulled a autocheck and sure enough it was reported frame/unibody damage at auction as of 4/02/08 i call the general manager of quality mitsubishi and tell him what ive discovered he wanted a copy of the auto check so i sent it to him. He wanted proof so we put on the rack at mitsubishi here in the springs and they all agread it had bin wrecked. I told them that i did not want the car anymore being i paid top dollar for a wrecked evo and that i had no idea it was wrecked and its apparent to me they were awhare of the damge its to obvouse to miss with the car on a lift there is no way it was overlooked when getting inspected before the car was on the lot. They said they would (trade) me out of it i said ok, when i buged them enogh to were they will give me the time of day and find me another car they then tell me they are going to give me $6500 less then what i paid for the car so i will be upside down in another evo from paying to much for a wrecked one wich is not worth anything close to what i bought it for. They wouldnt give me the truck back that i traded in and do not seem to care that they completely bent me over on this car. Its against state law to sell a car that has bin reported with damage without telling the buyer before hand. They are not working with me at all. I am mad and shocked that a dealer of that size would treat a customer that way its just rediculous that they will not work with me being it is there fault. I am posting this to try to get the word out to BEWARE of getting treated horribly at Quality Mitsubishi. Even the salesmen and lot techs cant believe that they wont fix there mistake. This is a nightmare that its looking like im going to be stuck with.

  • Ge
    Gearshif Nov 01, 2010

    Friend never trust any car dealer, especially one of whom sells cars. A dealer's best selling area is near military bases. One personal acquaintance of mine, an officer in the army, sold used cars for over 38 years until he got a 45 slug between the eyes. Here are the gains in selling a used car to service men.

    He told me that could sell one used car per year for at nine times to interested service men. These tricks were explained to me.

    Take an old wreck with a loud radio as the drawing card. Install new hubcaps. And then add 90 wt oil to engine to cover up motor knocks. Put a real long loud set of mud flaps with bright colors.

    Soldiers live from pay check to pay check. And this is the angle used to swindle suckers. Sell an old beat up car for around $300. Give a thirty day warranty on tires and radio. Take a 50 % down payment, balance due in three weeks. Usually, the car goes to peaces in three weeks and the car is returned. And then the next sucker soldier will come along. In one year $600 bucks to made from selling the same auto.

    This former dealer said be sure to donate to any city or religious charity. These stickers on a show window makes the dealer look honest. Also have a Bible lying around. This giving the buying suckers that the dealer is honest.

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air bag

This letter is to inform you that I bought a 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer, Body no. 11201, and Motor no. 5845. Please be advised that, I preferred buying that car rather than any other types of cars, because of my trust in such a great Japanese Company (Mitsubishi CO., ) this trust was built for many reasons such as terms of quality of manufacturing, as well as availability of safety factors, which provide protection and security for the life of car's owner and his family, in additional to the customer service quality with reimbursing its customers for any damages or harmful that could be a result of any defect in your product.

Unfortunately; on August 5th, 2017 I was involved in a huge accident which the safety features are everything in that situation, but what really shocked me was the Air Bag, ! ! ! It did not work at all which resulted in injuries all over my body, so I would like to ask you; where is the Air Bag (which is the principle safety factor in such circumstances)? Where are the safety features? Where are the experience and the big history for Mitsubishi Co.? I think such a matter will negatively reflect on the good repetition & image of Mitsubishi Co., in Egypt & the whole Middle East.

According to the above mentioned facts, I am asking now for a reimbursement for all of the Psychological, and physical damages that happened to me, and all of the time that I was out of work. Please find attachments for the car pictures.
Please be aware that, if I will not receive a positive feed back from their side very soon, I will take the whole issue the legal way by filing a lawsuit against Mitsubishi Co.

air bag
air bag
air bag
air bag
air bag

  • De
    Deborah Ortega Sep 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I took my car in for an oil change, tune-up and anti-freeze replacement. All for about $150 estimated price. They ended up keeping my car for a week. Nobody knew what was going on. They ended up boring out the heads on the vehicle instead of replacing the thermometer. The total repair price was over $1, 400. They told me, "We're all here to make a profit." They have done this before on other items, but this was the last straw. If you go to the Better Business Bureaus website, you will see that they do this quite frequently. They are completely lacking in business ethics.

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  • To
    Todd Sep 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you're not getting any help or response from these guys, you should post them on this site, this is for anyone who has been screwed, ripped off or felt that they had been done wrong. The name of the site is, it gives you a voice to the people who will not listen. Not only does the person who you are complaining about receive an email letting them know that they have been put on the deadbeat list (as long as you provide email address) but, they will also receive a post card (as long as you provide a mailing address) notifying them too.

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horrible customer service

I bought a car about 2 months ago from Heritage Mitsubishi. It was used. The salesman were unusually pleasant to deal with. The whole experience was almost enjoyable. They worked with us to get the payments we wanted. There were a few issues with the car that they promised to fix (broken cd player, cracked spoiler) and the car only came with one key. We were told it had a 100, 000 mile warranty. Fast forward a month and I put the key in the ignition, and the remote breaks off of the key. So we try to start the car with just the metal key in the ignition. It wont come on. Apparently its a security feature of the car. So we jam the key back into the remote and carefully turn the car on. We drive to the dealership and tell them that we need a new key. They tell me that it will cost 80.00 for a new remote shell. I tell them that since I have only had the car for a month, I don't think that I should have to pay for it. They talk to my salesman, they talk to the manager, none of them will approve it, so I leave mad. I call and speak to my salesman to see why he wouldn't approve it. He asks me "If you had a flat tire would you want us to replace it?" Um no. Tires aren't made by Mitsubishi. My key and remote are. They need to stand behind the products they represent/sell. He actually hung up on me. So I waited a day to cool down ( I was MAD!) then I called to speak to the manager. I told her how happy I was with the car buying process but how disappointed I am in the customer service after the car purchase. She agrees with me and offers to sell me the key at cost and to work on getting the other things fixed. She tells me she will call me with the price for the key. I never hear back. Fast forward two weeks and the remote completely breaks into several pieces so I am forced to go buy another. I get there and my file has disappeared in their computer system. It takes over 30 minutes for them to find me in the computer. Finally, thanks to the one nice guy in the service department (the manager of service is rude), I get my key. I still haven't heard back about the other things getting fixed on my car. I really enjoyed this car when I first got it, now, with the way that I have been treated by the dealership, the car is no longer fun and stress-free.

  • Je
    JessicaMO620 Nov 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    UPDATE************** One month after this fiasco, I received a check in the mail reimbursing me for the cost of the key. They didn't try to contact me or anything. Just sent the check. I was very pleased and surprised. I guess there is someone at this dealership that is trying to do right by the customer. Good for them!

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I definitely wont be purchasing my car from them

In todays economic climate, one would assume that any motor vehicle dealership would put a huge emphasis on customer service. I am currently in the market for a 3 door Pajero. I recently visited the Strijdom Park Mitsubishi Dealership to inquire about purchasing the car. After walking in, I was not attended to at all, all the sales assistants just looked at me and continued looking at their computers, I decided then to look through the vehicle myself as they had one standing on the floor. After completely going throught the vehicle, I decided that they obviously don't need my business and I walked out. This kind of service really taints a dealerships image. I definitely wont be purchasing my car from them!

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obnoxious salesperson

I contacted this dealership for Internet pricing and encountered this pompous, ignorant, ### -- Howard Helm...

useless service center

I bought a brand new car and i am surprised to see the irrsponsible way the car serivse is handled .. i fear...

bad performence in beach


Respected sir, .two month ago we had purchased a MONTERO with your dealer.(MAYA MOTORS, ADYAR, CHENNAI.6OOO2O).on purchasing your vehicle MONTERO we are very sad to say that we are not satisfied with your car montero.because before the first service we had faced many problem with your make MONTERO.but now on 28.2.2010 we went to beach in montero and we tried to drive in beach and we were sad that your vehicle MONTERO which is worth of RS.4900000 does not moved in sand.hence we took our vehicle to authorised service center(MAYA MOTORS)were we purchased our MONTRO.1.3.2010 we leaved our montero in service and we said our problem.then they took our montero for service and the GM asked 2 days time and we were ready to give their asking timing to make our vehicle good.2 days ago we called to general manager and asked wether our vehicle is ready or not.and he requested us to give onemore day and we gave four days timing to make up our montero ready.on 5.3.2010 we called to GM and went to service center to take deliver our car MONTERO.we went test drive with your montero tecniciant in beach side and we found that the car was not moving in sand and it reach to the high temperature and a big smoke came from the banet.i have attached that picture for your reference were your machanic were confused what to do and we are sad to see that a new vehicle reaches high temperature and coming smoke(wether your make montero is a outdated jeep).we were very sad to say that we are ready to give CASE IN THE COURT.because we had PAJERO before purchasing MONTERO.PAJERO will go good on beach side.then why not montero we are ready to give case on your MITSUBISHI MOTOR and we are ready to give this to the press dont try to cheat the public.we were very sad on purchacing your vehicle MONTERO.(SO WE REQUEST YOU TO RETURN OUR MONEY OR GIVE THE MONTERO CAR WHICH GOES IN BEACH)

bad performence in beach
bad performence in beach
bad performence in beach

oil pan

I'd just like you to know that we own 4 mitsubishi's in our family. but i can assure you that there will be no more! i have a 2003 outlander, and through no mistake of my own, such as denting grinding or any other accidents, other than the fact that the oil pan corroded through. the car is only 7 years old! i owned a buick regal, that was 15 years old, and never had this problem. in fact, i have never heard of an oil pan rusting through in my life. im out 550 dollars because mitsubishi either installed a faulty part on my vehicle, or just plainly made an inferior product. either way, im going to have to come out of pocket for a part that is known to have to face the elements. i just wanted to share my dissatisfaction with mitsubishi with others and to warn them of inferior products. and hopefully save them a little money in the process. if i can help just one person who reads this, it was worth writing.

stealing to costumers

i went to this dealer to buy a car 3 or 4 weeks ago i had 1200 dollars with me, they show me all the cars and...

faulty product

i bought a mitsubishi dlp projector tv model wd-y65 in 2006. since then, i had gone through a busted lamp, heat sensor problem and again just now, a busted lamp anew. i had a warranty from circuit city but is worthless now due to the store shutdown. i wasn't told when i bought it that it would require maintenance cost for the lamp which lasts only for just over a year and thet heat sensor matter. i consulted the consumer relations for the problem to make sure that the lamp is the issue, but the answer was not quite definitive since based on the symptoms and the troubleshooting i made, the lamp is a main issue but there could be other problems. i ended up being advised to call a service center to have it checked by a technician which is additional cost on top of the expensive $235-lamp. it seems that this product and model is faulty from the start and i paid over $3000 including warranty for this lemon. i'll never buy mitsubishi products again.

  • Valerie Jul 25, 2008

    I purchased a 52" TV that apparently had a poor light engine. (At a cost of $105 for the technician to advise me of the problem). I have been in contact with Mitsubishi since May 18, 2008 to come to a fair resolution. The cost of replacement is $805.00. The orginial cost of the TV was $3, 499.00. I felt they could, at the very least, replace the part. I was willing to pick up the labor cost of $300.00. They were not willing to do that. Their "final" offer was 33% or $265.00. I just feel that with the cost of the TV I should not be having to replace "the guts" out of my own pocket. Lastly, the customer service I received was deplorable. I was told on several occasions I'd be called back w/in 24 call. Once I asked for a supervisor who said she'd call me back the same day- that was June 5th! Still no call from Vanessa. I have logged calls with them 5/18, 5/20, 5/27, 6/2, 6/4, 6/5, 6/6, 6/7, 6/9, 6/12. Most made from me to them. Good luck to anyone with a faulty product. Buyer Beware!

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terrible quality products

We purchased a Mitsubishi projection tv 11/23/04 less than a year I had to replace the lamp assembly. This Febr the tv failed again I purchase another lamp assembly after discussing the problem with their tech support 2 times. The first assembly fail to fix the problem. I called tech support again and was told that the lamp was probably bad I sent for another lamp assembly and that one did not fix the problem. Not I sent the first one back and I still have the 2nd assemble costing 229.00 each plus all the shipping costs.

Mitsubishi DLP are not very reliable if tyou have to replace the lamp every year. Now the TV has failed after 3 plus years. I would never recoment a DLP to anyone.

  • Mi
    mitsu tvs Sep 12, 2010

    hi i puchased a mitsubishi 57 diamond dlp tv in 2008
    it has a beautiful picture until a few months has gone by I noticed a white blob spot in the middel
    of screen made a servise call and tech replace dlp light engine about 800 dollas
    so I ve exended warranrty for one more year then after 1 year I noticed flickering on right side of
    screen call servise looks like they said that dlp engine is going out agian and warrenrtyis up
    these dlp screen tv are a piece of crap never buy a diamond agian

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  • Jm
    jmel Oct 27, 2011

    I purchased a 65 in dlp 3d ready Mitsubishi tv and paid over $3500.00 and I replaced the lamp after that I now have white spots all over my tv.WHATS UP MITSUBISHI you need to recall all of these tv's and give the consumers a replacement tv. This is not right

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  • Fe
    FEng7 Dec 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a 73 inch DLP purchased in 2008. The lamp was projected to burn out after approximately 1 1/2 years. I just replaced the lamp (now 5 years old) with one purchased on eBay for $35 versus $99 from Mitsubishi. The white dots started appearing last year and I initially thought the pixels were burnt out like on a laptop display which are not fixable but has to be replaced. After the few white dots became hundreds of dots - both black and white, I was willing to trash the TV which costs $2000 in 2008. But the web saved the day - it is a manufacturing defect with the DLP chip from Texas Instruments and not the screen. The chip is available on Amazon for a little over $200. Plus I found a 10 minute video on how to replace the chip. Then I decided to call Mitsubishi and they offered to provide a free replacement chip but I would have to pay a service repair person a $200 fee. Since my hands aren't very steady any more, I opted for the repair guy. It took about a week for Mitsubishi to ship the chip to the repair shop and they in turn called me to setup an appointment a couple of days later. 10 minutes after they arrived, the chip was replaced and the picture is brand, sparkling new. Hard to buy a new 73 inch TV for $230 so it was well worth it.

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ridiculous wait times

We purchased a vehicle for what we thought was a good price from this dealership that is over an hour and a...

Burlington Car Dealers

lazy service

I purchased a car from Mitsubishi Motors some time ago in Georgia, and later moved to Tennessee. Upon moving to Tennessee, I registered my tags. No problems.

However, later that year, I got a letter stating that my registration had been "rejected" as Tennessee had not received my title information from Mitsubishi Motors.

I called Mitsubishi Motors and was told that information would be sent asap.

Flash forward to this year. I try to register my car, and lo and behold... I can't. No title on file in the state of Tennessee, even though multiple requests were sent out by TN for the title.

I call up Mitsubishi Motors, and they gave me a fax number [protected] to give to the records office. I was told to have them fax a request to Mitsubishi Motors with my account number included.

I call up the TN records office, and they said that such a method was "unusual" but sometimes happens.

Mitsubishi received said request on Nov 5th. According to their records, the title was slated to be shipped out on the 13th.

It is now the 23rd of November, and still, the state of TN does not have my title information and I am driving with an expired tag.

Due to this, I have already received a ticket, which although it was thrown out (the judge laughed it off), it required me to take time off of work. As I'm a college teacher, that affected all my students for that day.

All I want to do is update the registration on my car. This isn't rocket science by any means. I am very unsatisfied with Mitsubishi Motors customer service.

While the car itself runs beautifully (I've put well over 100k miles on it), I seriously doubt I will buy another car from them due to the hoops they've put me through on something this simple.

mitsubishi motors dealers service in saint petersburg

With regret I have to inform You about very poor service of Mitsubishi dealer in Saint Petersburg "Gallant Auto Co Ltd." On the 23-rd of October, 2009 during our tel-con with sales manager we discussed and set the sale price for Mitsubishi L200 for me etc. Price was attractive and I refused the offers of other Dealers. On the 25-th of October, when I visited the Mitsubishi Dealer Office (Address: Kho Shi Min str.1, St.Petersburg, Russia) I was informed that actually price for the car was much higher and the car became even 200 USD more expensive then other dealers' offer. Notwithstanding in accordance with Mutual Purchasing Agreement No. [protected] of 25.10.2009 I paid in cash full price for Mitsubishi L200-IV DID 2, 5 VIN MMBJNKB407D176969, ENGINE No.4D56UCBK2987 ( see Bills of 25.10.2009 and of 26.10.2009). As per sales manager information everything was OK and I could take the car after payment on the 26th of October 2009. But at about 16.00 on the 26.10.2009 I was informed by sales manager that unfortunately there was no Car Technical Passport in the Sales Office and I should wait couple of hours until documents delivery . Then I was informed several times that delivery of Documents for my car was delayed and postponed and at last at about 19.00 I was told that all documents by mistake had been sent to Moscow and I could not take the car and should be waiting another one or two days more. In the result I spent almost whole day near the Mitsubishi sale office awaiting documents in vain and late in the evening should walk home. Until now there is no any information from the dealer and I do not know when I will be allowed to take my car home. In accordence with the Mutual Purchasing Agreement cl.4.1 " Dealer should deliver Automobile during two days after the signing of Agreement." What for I paid money? The situation is terrible: I had lost working days and money, Sales manager cheat me and it looks like he plays not honest game. He treat me like second rate person. I hope that I will not regret that I decided to buy a Mitsubishi car, but such a behavior of dealer is a very bad for Mitsubishi reputation and totally contrary to the Mitsubishi Motors Co Policy. Under the circumstances I hold Galant Auto Co Ltd responsible for all the losses and consequences which may arise therefrom. Your prompt reply will be much appreciated.

falsifing work orders then not performing the work

I had an oil changed performed on my truck at the Mitsubishi dealer. couple of weeks later i checked my air...

complain of mit 13 vd

Very poor followup of my complaint (Mr.Yasir Siddiqui Manager Corporate Sales & Projects Orient Electronics Pvt Limited) he don't even bother to attend the phone call or reply the emails)

Even after 2weeks of my complaint Local company have no resolution of the given below problem. they given me no choice but to buy a new AC of some other company. i am hopeless again.
Overall i am waiting for the service response for more than a month in summer with more than 40 degree celcius.

my original compalint is given below for reference.

i am using splint unit of Mr.slim advance model mu-a13vd. There is a problem in evapurator (inner) and unfortunately i havent found it in pakistan.
Mr.Slim is considered to be one of the best split unit but after facing such problem i.e. "unavailability of parts" for many days i am feeling hopeless. i dont know may be it is wrong place to put complaints but i am despirate and only found this website related to my problem solution.
looking forward the positive response

faulty paint/ poor customer service

2006 Lancer Ralliart
aprox. 42000 KM
Bought in Apr 2007
I have paint chips running up my hood, down the quarter panels, on the roof. I also have documentation stating this is a problem with the paint, not stone chips, from a qualified coatings (paint, etc.) inspector. I approached my Mitsubishi Dealer about this concern, and I was sent into the warranty process. The district manager says it is just stone chips, even though he has never officially seen the vehicle. I contacted their customer service and was told the District manager does not talk to customers at all. I cannot talk to any one but the customer service agent over the phone. The head office number is unlisted, and the dealers have been told not to give out any numbers. All I asked was to have the faulty paint fixed. I have heard of other car companies that have quickly dealt with this exact problem, no hassles, no run arounds.

Watch out if you have a warranty claim with them.

faulty paint/ poor customer service

rip off service men and women

Back in 2004 our son was in Hill Airforce base, One day he called and said he was at the above car dealership...

non receipt

I mailed rebate form and gas receipts for the mo of dec. I have not received rebate card or
Nec. Paperwork for ja, feb and march. Stanley lampack 7160 schirlls street, las vegas, nv [protected]

  • Li
    Libikane Oct 12, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a Mitsubishi 73" HDTV that has had the bulb replaced twice and NOW white spots are showing up on the screen... Was told it was a DLP chip and/or Lamp motor issue that will cost at least $400 to repair.

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