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Complaints & Reviews

Garnishing my paycheck

They are garnishing my paycheck and won't say why! who they are? What is going on! I am highly pissed. i got a letter to appear in court and now another letter and money starts being garnished out of my employment check stubs and i dont know what to do. can someone help me or tell me who these crazy taking from hardworking people are. why wont they talk to you when you called them directly. why does it take for me to vent my anger out on the internet. have you been got before by this company? let me know!

illegal collection?

I was never personally served, I did call them and tell them about the illegal part, then proceeded to offer...

No validation

We have sent Mid-land Credit Management a letter of debt validation...over a month later we get a letter in the mail stating-

"The purpose of this letter is to request your assistance so that we may reach a quick resolution to your dispute.

As part of our investigation of your dispute, it would be helpful to have a copy of any documentation you may have that supports your dispute. In the interim, we have requested the three major consumer credit reporting agencies change the status of this account to "Disputed".

Please mail or fax canceled checks, paid letters, police reports, or any other documentation you may have to support your claim."

What? Yes, let me help you sue me. How would I go about in writting a rebuttal letter to this? Can they even do that. If they bought the debt shouldn't they have proper documentation? Please help.

  • Sr
    srodier Aug 26, 2010

    after thirty days of requesting validation, if they cannot or do not validate it they have to stop ALL collection activities until they can validate it. here is a great site, with sample letters, to assist you in fighting these crooks. http://www.creditinfocenter.com/rebuild/debt_validation.shtml

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  • Mr
    mrthburrell Mar 29, 2012

    I have received calls from Midland credit and letters.They have all my personal info.What do I do?I do not recall having credit cards from 2010.Any suggestions?

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unjust law suit

I have received notice they they have filed a law suit against me in Jackson County Missouri case number...

Bad customer service

Midland Credit is a collection agency, apparently. I got hooked up with them recently for an unpaid phone bill, which I honestly didn't know existed. Anyway, these people are very nice when they want to hook you but the pleasant attitude stops there. The website does not reflect payments made on a specific account and ALWAYS reflects the full balance due, even if you've made several payments. Surely you can see me concern on this matter. I called the company and admittedly I was a bit uptight but certainly was not rude or unreasonable. I spoke to a rep named Faune who was, prior to today, very nice to me. Basically she gave me a rather confusing excuse and hung up in my face. Nice, huh?

  • Ta
    tay2002 Jul 06, 2009

    They have ignored the Fla state statute of limitations on debts. They also restart the clock on old debts.

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  • Bo
    Bob From Massachusetts Feb 15, 2013

    MCM is a BIG SCAM, Be Very Careful when dealing with anything you get in the mail by this place, DO NOT Send this place any INFORMATION, No Checking or Bank Accounts, Do Not Hand This Place NO Social Security Numbers.
    THIS Is a SCAM and makes you believe you owe money when you DON'T.

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Law Suit

I have never heard of this company before today and then I receive as a registered letter that I have a judgement filed against me for $1946.58 that is in a married name that I have not used in almost 10 years. Puzzled and confused about what possible debt this could be, I see that the supposed court date was back on March 06, 2009. How is it possible that a court date was set and I was not notified? Isnt that against the law. Don't I have the right to face my accusers and defend myself? Even if it is only a debitor? I knew nothing of this until after the fact. I now feel that I need to go to the expense of hiring a lawyer (one not previously needed) and fight this!!!

wage garnish

I was served with a complaint from Midland Funding LLC. They are going to garnish my wages. Just like everyone else. I had a credit card from Aspire Visa Gold and I still had a balance. I was paying on time they closed my account and I a letter from Midland of what they are going to do. What can I do.

This Alledged Debt

I received a Letter from your company about an alleged debt that is now over seven years old which you can not legally collect. This alleged debt belongs to one Peter Torrelli Jr. The account number is as follows: [protected]

If you try to contact me again on this matter I will be turning it over to an attorney to sue you for trying to collect on an alleged debt of over seven years!

Scam artists

I just won a judgement against these scam artists. They claimed I owed them $1, 300 two months ago. The court gave them two months to come up with the proof that I owed the debt. On 9/24/09, their lawyer tells me that although there was no proof, the debt is now $2, 400! She offered me a plan to pay only $1, 200 in monthly installments. Mind you, this was never my debt to begin with. I gave her the nastiest look, told her if she thought it was fair to pay a debt that I did not owe and if I looked insane to her. To that she answered "maybe it is best that we discontinue this case."

My suggestion to anyone who Midland comes after, DENY, DENY, DENY and then insist that they provide proof. If they claim they are representing a debtor called First Consumers National Bank, this place no longer exists and if they ever had any records, they are no where to be found. Do not give in to their threats. That is what they are trained to do.

The one thing you should not do is ignore any court dates. You need to be present to fight your case and I guarantee you a lawyer is not needed.

Good Luck and please folks, post your experience with these scam artists.

  • Nj
    nj412 Oct 16, 2009

    I got a call from these guys and called them back. They kept asking me for my phone number and social security number. Finally I just gave them my name and they found me in their system but said they never called me. Supervisor is Adam Stevens who was very nasty, sounded like he was from the middle east. Midland Credit Management is scam artist who is trying to get you into thinking you owe them a debt so they can rip you off.

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My family is currently experiencing problems with Midland Credit. They are now able to get judgements without the person they are suing even being alerted that there is a court action against them. Everyone needs to start writing their congressmen and senators immediately and demand that Midland Credit be investigated. They also refuse to validate the debt when you follow the proper procedures. They also have attorneys working for them now that claim they found your info at your local courthouse and if you come into the attorneys office he will "help" you reach a settlement with Midland. This is happening alot in Columbus Ohio.

false levy

On June 10, 2009, my account was overdrawn and I did not know what happen, I thought someone stole all my...


I tried to fight a court ordered judgment against me from Midland (who represented my Aspire credit card which was originally a Providian card) with tons of documentation showing I already paid a large part of the debt. I had bank statements showing withdrawals, copies of the checks they produce with wireless transactions, etc) - LOST.

So after paying what I "owed", which was the correct amount with whopper interest, the turds are again trying to get a local legal firm to squeeze another $136.00 bucks outta me. Won't happen. I have final orders saying I'm done. Midland is scam.

  • Sj
    sjklima Oct 21, 2010

    My husband had a charge account that was paid in full two months before MCM supposedly bought his dept. When he recieved a letter asking for $900 more then what was owed I freaked out on this company. They continuously harrassed us and hung the phone up on me several times. I told them what the original company told me to tell them to do and the guy refused. Finally after four months of letters and phone calls we got a letter today saying that the account is settled in full. This is such a scam because they tried to get more money out of us that was not owed at all. My advise to anyone that needs it is to stay on top of bill collectors because they sell and resell your debts over and over. Keep tract of who you pay!

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Awful experience

Four years ago these people lost their house in a sheriffs sale. Someone bought it, fixed it up (they trashed...

Unowed Debt claimed by Comoany

I received a notice of an unpaid debt that Ocwen claims to have purchased from Midland Funding LLC. This is an obvious scam as I have never utilized either of these firms, not do I owe any debt relating to an unpaid mortgage balance. I have requested proof of debt from Ocwen in order to prevent them from obtaining a Judgement by which they are making demands to banks for withdrawing funds. I need to know my rights on this matter. Should I send this notice to the Arizona Attorney General? And there are numerous class action suits against both Midland and Ocwen; so should I see about joining one of them?

untrue harrassing and lawsuits

This company has been harassing me over a credit card bill that was charged off in 2003. They sent me a...

Summons & Judgment

My name is Guillermo Martino and I received a letter from the Civil Court of the City of New York where Midland Funding LLC D/B/A in New York as Midland Funding of Delaware is issuing a summons and complaint has been filed on a consumer credit transaction asking the court to render a judgment against me. I have no idea of what this is about and no other paperwork has been given to me.
My e-mail address is [protected]@yahoo.com, and my phone # is [protected], please advise on this matter.

  • Pu
    Puleo Jun 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have received a complaint and a court order to appear in court on October 15 at 1pm. Midland Funding is claiming that I owe them money for a purchase that was made under my name. I have no clue as to what this purchase is and I have no account number with beginning numbers 6044********7782. My identity was stolen and they would not listen to my fight for this to get this clear. Please advise me on this matter before July 30 to have this resolved and if I do not hear anything within this time I will contact the US Attorney on fraudulant claims against me. My email is [email protected], my phone number is 518-212-2237. Thank you Dottie Puleo

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sueing me

I received a letter from Daniels Law Office stating i owed midland funding $3500 which i have no idea why, now they are taking money from my checking account

  • My
    myst1cdr4g0n Oct 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Everyone Join me in the fight to shut down Midland Funding LLC a Junk Debt Collector and all of there locations! They are violating our rights and using illegal methods to harass us and using manipulating legal practices to packet your hard earn money!


    Thank You all for your support and dedication!

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Unauthorized Charge

I got a call a couple of months ago about a debt I had from 8 years ago. Having this be the first time it's ever happened to me I began to make payments on it through my bank account with authorized dates to make those payments. When those dates expired I got a bill in the mail to write a check because the payment plan expired and to called and set up another plan. So I wrote the check and sent it out then the next day I got another letter saying they had taken it out of my account which was "authorized by you (me)". Which is totally false.. I did not authorize that! So now I'm in the hole because I've made double the payments this month as if times weren't as hard as they are right now. I've tried calling numerous numbers, but for some reason I can't call the numbers it says "This number can't be reached from Guam (Where I am now located)". I don't know what to do. Any kind of advice would be helpful please.

  • Fi
    firemn3332 Mar 12, 2009

    I had a debt with MCM that was 8yrs old. I never had a loan with MCM, they bought a card that was wrote off 7yrs ago. You have no contract with MCM to repay them. Do not send them a check, do not enter a payment plan with them. Send a certified letter to them and tell them you need a itemized debt verification. You need to know when, where and what was charged and by who. And then also send them a letter stating not to contact you anymore. What ever damage could be done to your credit is allready done.
    I could not get them off my back and even got into it with there manager Mark something.
    I filed a complaint with the FCC and the Better Bussiness Burreua and the BBB is the one that actually got me results. Send you complaint contesting the validity of the debt and the harrassment to the BBB regarding MCM which is based in San Diego. They will send you something back you have to fax to them. And 2 days after that I got a letter from MCM'S lawyer stating that my debt is resolved and they were sorry about how they treated me.

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  • Su
    superduper Mar 15, 2010

    I believe somebody cheated you.MCM is a reputed company.haven't heard bout it before..get it investigated sir

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sueing and taking money right out of my checking account for no reason

Apeerantly ive been sued over a bill i know nothing about i just rreceived a letter thru the clerk of court...

Ignoring Validation of Debt Letter Requests

Company has ignored my request to Validate Debt they are attempting to collect on behalf of Midland Funding. They have also filed a lawsuit (May 9, 2008) that I only became aware of in January 2009. Company failed to serve me with a summons for said lawsuit (sent to an address I did not reside in 2008). Company filed in January 2009 an application for entry of default judgement which read that I have refused to pay on a debt. Midland Funding is a third party collections company that buys up old debt (specifically in my case credit card debt from a company that went out of business in 2003). Midland has reported delinquency of debt as 7/2007 which is inaccurate information. A pre-trail conference has been requested. The lawsuit information I have received reads that I entered into a contractual agreement with Midland Funding to secure a credit card. The credit card that is in question was issued by First Consumers National Bank who closed their doors in 5/2003.

  • Si
    sickofstupidity Oct 13, 2009

    My debt was a result of identy theft and fraud, was and still is under invesigation, this made absolutley no difference to these jerks even after giving them the case number proving that it was not my debt.Now that the crimminal has been caught and charged with 5 other felonies furthure proving that I WAS TELLING THE TRUTH, they ignore my calls for return of money they unjustly took from me, they are crimminals them selves.They may have the upper hand when it comes to using the court system to inable their cowardly acts, 5 minutes in the ring with me and all you will hear is their wimpers and THE SOUND OF THEIR BODIES BREACKING AS I TAKE THESE SPINLESS COWARDS DOWN!

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