Resolved Midasworker scam

M Review updated:

Warning! If you ever go to the midas on highway 7 in markham:

- john louie
- he used to work at the midas at steeles/midland and has transferred to the location on highway 7

Avoid this worker! He has a history of scamming customers with ridiculous pricing quotes and pockets the money whenever it is paid in cash. I know a handful of individuals who have personally been screwed over, where he charged them jobs and parts that were never done or fixed. He sometimes will even do a follow-up call to convince you to come in again for a full car check up, where he'll charge you again in the thousands. Because he works somewhere up in the managerial position, it's easy for him to pull off these scams.

Do not be a victim and get screwed by this douche!
Midas is a great company, but there are workers like him who ruin the name of the automotive industry.


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    bubba21 Apr 15, 2010

    I know a few people who have taken their cars to that guy there and they told me that their cars didn't work well after. they were all pissed cause they had to pay a lot too and he's supposed to be a manager?!?. I will never take my car there after what I've heard.

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  • Re
    reallypoed Oct 27, 2010

    I took my van in 1 days ago for soft brakes for an estimate...I was told that the part needed was a valve(which they named incorectly) and it would cost 360 for just the valve and the labor to fix would be $1600.
    Of course I refused and then when I went to take my van home the brakes did not work at all

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    Keith Awan Oct 09, 2019
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    Verified customer

    What did Midas do for you after ?

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