All County Towing Complaints & Reviews

ACT Towing / chevrolet silverado damage

Jul 18, 2019

ACT TowingTruck was towed from my residence on Wednesday morning at 8:30. Went to get the truck at about 11am and the entire back was ripped off obviously by the truck driver or someone that works for the company. Company told us that the pictures taken before the truck was towed proved that the...

All County Towing / customer service

May 23, 2019

I was at your office to pick up my vehicle that was toll on may 23, 2019. I was there in the morning and back around 1245. The lady that attended to me was so rude and nasty. I left there so hurt. The site claim to video and audio record transaction. Please review and correct. It's not a...

All County Towing / illegal towing and damage vehicle

Nov 18, 2018

All County TowingParking lot scheme! Got my car towed while trying to celebrate a friends bday brunch. Not even 1 hr has gone by and my car was towed by All County Towing company address 2467 Pembroke Rd Hollywood FL 33020 which 15 min east of Cafe Iguana. They charged me $130.50 to get it out. I wa...

All County Towing / Towing

Apr 28, 2017

Refer to letter below for complaint, this company, 6 days after being fired and after their signs had been taken down and replaced by the new company towed 2 of our resident's vehicles in violation of statute as per the Pembroke Pines Police Department April 28, 2017 All County Towing 520 NW...

All County Tow / Illegal tow

Oct 15, 2013

Purchased a new car, which was towed by them, stating there was no decal in the window. When I asked for the photo, they sent, and there you could see the decal sticker right above my epass. After arguing with them for hours to check again, they finally admitted that the car was taken...

All County Towing / Unauthorized Tow


I was parked in a spot visiting my friend in Pine Crest Condos. The spot was reserved for management during M-F 8AM-6PM. I parked at 11 PM and left the apt after 7AM and found out I was towed by All County Towing just before 5AM. My sunglasses were missing and I found a scratch on the...

All County Towing / Illegal Tow


I intended to go to the Broward County courthouse to pick up a document and saw a huge empty parking lot with a Bail Bonds office on the compound. A few cars were also parked on the lot. I parked for a few seconds and literally walked across the street (next to the parking lot) then...

All County Towing / Unethical Practice


Driver dragged my car away from the curb to hook up while at was at the ATM in the bank parking lot. Curb sign stated "Bank Parking Only" I watched as they picked up cars from the side, dragging and bouncing them. Absolutely no consideration of other peoples property. There was a downtown...

All County Towing / wrongful tow


all county towing in ft lauderdale towed my car. they first aid i parked in an owners spot, when they realized thaT I had an owners decal on the car, they said that my tag was expired, they ripped the decal off of the tag and said that someone must have stole, we are in november my decal...

All County Towing / Towing without authorization


All County Towing towed my car. The building association suspended the contract with the towing company and specifically told them to avoid our building. I have a notorized letter from the board of directors stating that the tow company had no right to be on the property. All County Towing...