Midas International Corporationoil change: desk agent contacted me to hit on me by using my personal phone number from my customer account

C Aug 06, 2018

I made an 11AM appointment on 8/4/18 at the Midas located at 603 US-31W, Bowling Green, KY 42101. I waited for my vehicle and made small talk with other customers, one couple in particular. After an hour and a half of waiting, I had spoken to the same desk agent a few times about a filter/cost, etc.

While I cashed out, I was speaking to the desk agent about having moved to the area from Canada and then got to talking about where I work. He had also worked in a similar field. We talked for a few minutes--small talk only.

2.5 hours after I left I recieved a text message from [protected] with the following content:

"Hello, this is Tony from Midas. I was talking with you at the counter. I am just reaching out to let you know that I really enjoyed talking with you. You have a great personality and I found you very pretty. I never do this. I am a married man, but in a strange place. I don't expect you to write back, but if you want, that's fine. Have a nice day. Regards, Tony.

I did reply--to say that 'As someone who is privy to many peoples' personal information, I find it really inappropriate that you used your customer service database to retrieve mine.'

This is creepy, disappointing and I will never return to a Midas location. How many daughters and wives and sisters give their personal information to the service desk trusting that it's collected and used for the purpose of servicing their vehicle??

I want may contact information removed from your systems, I want your people re-trained on the importance of privacy of information and I want a refund for everything that I paid at that location.

Midas International Corporation

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