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I would like to complain about my recent experience with Microsoft. I contacted Microsoft months ago once I realised that for some reason I had actioned a trial period for office software under a different email to the one I have access too. Originally there was no sign of the software I was automatically charged for when I logged onto my Microsoft account, so I was unaware that the software was still allocated to my account. Once I was contacted by PayPal in regards to an automatic charge added to my account I then contacted Microsoft directly and explained the situation... along with the fact that I never activated the initial trial software and had not intent of doing so. I was told by the customer service assistant that my subscription was cancelled. Months later and now I log onto my Microsoft account and have noticed the subscription is active and not intact cancelled as I requested months earlier.

Now after contacting Microsoft by phone I have been told that because I am over the initial 30day period for a refund then I must still pay for the software even though I never activated the original subscription (due to the fact that it was not even showing up on my subscriptions list!).

I would like to take my complaint further because I have been treated unfairly considering the mix up with my accounts and emails associated with the initial subscription, and I was given the impression that the subscription was in fact cancelled with my original contact with Microsoft customer service.

Oct 07, 2019

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