Michaels Storescancelled order, no notification

E Sep 06, 2018

I purchased Bernat Blanket yarn in Shell Pink online to be shipped to my local store (which didn't have the yarn in stock). I put ALL my details on the order. I was told to go in to the store a week later to pick up my order.

I never received a confirmation email, even though I provided that information on my order. When I went in to pick up what I ordered, they had absolutely no record of me or my order in any capacity.

The day after I went in to the store, I received an EMAIL about how I should review my purchased items (meaning they had my email information that was tied to my order).

Upon calling customer service today, they told me they didn't have an email on file (which they obviously did), and that they cancelled my order a week ago due to not having it in stock at the corporate facility. I was never informed of this and the charge is still on my bank account.

I not only want a refund, but also what I ordered. I don't really care where you get the yarn from, I'm now behind on a paid project because Michaels failed to communicate effectively.

For years I have tried to be part of the rewards program, but every single time I give them my email and phone number, they mysteriously lose my record the next time I go in the store to purchase something.

Something is wrong with the system here, and I got screwed because of it.

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