Metlife Disability Insurancedefrauded by disability metlife insurer!

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Absolutely do not buy Met Life disability. I bought it thru Kindred health care. In 2000 I became disabled. I was not worried because I had purchased Met Life who promised me 30% of my income as long as I was disabled They missed payments claiming lack of paperwork I finally started Fedexing them because then I could prove they Had received it.

They paid me although hassling me the entire time until Hurricane Katrina. Then suddenly they claimed They no longer had to pay me because I got social security and they wanted to be paid back. I went from $40,000/year while working to $24,000 a year and now because of them I am trying to make it on $13,000/yr. I had to spend my 401K, I have no money for hot water, I run out of food by the 3rd week of the month. They have ruined My life, AND I Urge you DO NOT BECOME THEIR CLIENT OR THEY WILL CHEAT YOU AS WELL!!!


  • Em
    Emily Zeid Feb 23, 2007

    The same thing happened to us. My dad went on disability for Parkinsinism. The cancelled our disability because we were getting pinching and social security. They wanted the money back and took the money we were going to get for selling our house. We got nothing from our house. Because of them we have been screwed and in bad problems ever since. For 5 years we have struggled terribly.

    I know exactly how you feel.

    Wo should protest! Or castrate them...

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  • 18
    183F7 Sep 13, 2007






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  • Ds
    D Seri Nov 20, 2007

    Met took over the administration of my Connecticut General DI policy. They found a way to decline my payments after two years of payment, had the nerve to ask for repayment, and led me to hire an attorney to fight the case. As of 2/2/07, I have lost $2400+ a month and now they asked if I am interested in a settlement! Nothing like getting screwed when your down!

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  • Ja
    Jacob Callahan Dec 11, 2007

    MetLife denied my claim this past summer and caused me to go 12 weeks without pay while on medical leave from my job at CitiBank. When they finally exhausted all possible excuses to pay, they settled with a lump sum payment that was taxed at such a high rate that my compensation was reduced by over a third. During that time I had to borrow from friends, spend all my savings, and run up my credit cards just to keep my mortgage and utilities paid. I am still trying to recover from the loss of income. In November I fell from a ladder and sprained my shoulder and neck. The doctor put me on leave for 12 days to recover. Naturally, MetLife denied my claim and refused to even explain the denial except to say they had "received an invoice from my doctor's office". It took two weeks to work out that they were refusing to pay the $10.33 fee for the transfer of my medical records. My doctor's office said this was the first time they had ever heard of MetLife NOT paying this fee. So, in order to deny my claim, they changed their policy requiring me to drive all the way across town to drop of a check at my HMO's billing office. After a month, I have yet to be paid for my covered medical leave. Is there no one who can listen to complaints about such awful service? My own HR department simply tells me I must "manage my own case" whenever on medical leave. Who "manages the case" for people who live alone and are too sick to constantly call MetLife for denial of their claim? If someone wants to start a class action law suit, I'll be happy to participate.

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  • Mi
    Mike Ortiz Dec 24, 2007

    Not only Met life will do this, so will Aetna Disability, I did everything that was asked after my amputations, and they paid for 6 months and out of the sky blue they wanted my military retirement, because it was a an entitlement. They deducted it from their money and then they retro active the who thing until the date I stared recieving disabibilty, Now I owe them money and I being forced to pay the taxes on this entitlement, until I am 65, I am only 61. So now, if I get requalified ,they might consider about giving me my entitlement back. but, it sounds like I will never get it back.
    Please pay attention to your policies, I had considered on not taking disability but this company insisted on me to apply, Now I know why.

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  • Me
    mettao Jan 17, 2008

    I have dreams now of "Snoopy," standing in front of the MetLife building grabbing his stomach and laughing his fool head off while standing over the bodies of a disabled people that jumped from the top of their trillion dollar empire to their death because MetLife had utterly destroyed them in every way possible.

    It's ruined Snoopy forever, he might as well be the Devil himself.
    I wish I would have known that the "if''s" in their commericials meant "if," we decide to pay you or "if," we want to or "if," we can
    get away with it! Shame on you MetLife and all of those who support your many dirty deeds, there is a very special place for you.
    Anyone would be foolish to spend their hard earned money on anything from MetLife...sock it away and get interest cause MetLife will never be there when you need them and if they are it is to cause you more grief and pain.

    Make sure your Company knows of these websites, tell benefits admin people, write to CEO's , write politicians and let them know how these bad companies are hiding behind the Erisa Act of 1974 which allows them to use an IME/IPC over your own treating doctors!

    What they do should be a Federal Crime but it's supported by the Secretary of Labor and we need to complain as often as we can in writing to anyone who will listen, please take the time to do something when you can.

    Also, be aware if they ask for an appeal from you, and it ends up going to court, Pleasee make sure you include EVERYTHING you have because they will stop at nothing to make sure they only give what they want to a hearing judge, if you didn't include it.

    Also, make sure and request all documentation they have regarding your claim before you send in your appeal, the reps lie and put whatever they feel like in their "Dairy/Administrative file," so you need to address those issues in your appeal.

    Large corporation's need to hear what's going on and how their employee's are being treated, follow up with them in writing and tell them.

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  • De
    Deb Arvesen Feb 05, 2008

    MetLife is everything all of you have said and worse. I paid for long and short term disability insurance through my employer. MetLife got their payroll deducted bi-monthly payments for 18 years.

    I have been on a medical leave for two years. MetLife continually uses every diry trick in the book to avoid and delay my monthly payments. MetLife has withheld my checks numerous times (once for over 7 months), for the same bogus reasons others of you have stated (non receipt of FAXED paperwork, case workers out of the office without backup personnel, case worker turn over, lump sum reimbursement they want from Social Security has not been received by me and not reported to them by a specified date (which was a lie documented by email), and on and on.

    I complained to my HR department. They weren't much help. I filed complaints with the Texas BBB, my state and national political representatives, and the state insurance board of Texas. The insurance companies are in bed with all these entities (with the exception of the BBB)...The only responses I got were form letters. These politician WILL NOT get my vote when they run for re-election!

    The majority of MetLife employees I have been in contact with are rude, billigerent, heartless and could care less about those of us who are trying to get by on a percentage of our normal income as gas, heating fuel, housing and food prices increase.

    Because of the mental anguish and stress MetLife puts me through on a monthly basis, my doctors as well as the doctors from Social Security say not only am I not physically able to return to work, I'm not mentally able to handle the stress either.

    I would like to go on with more specifics but I have a 14 page document to be filled out and returned to MetLife explaining how my quality of life has been affected by my disability. If I don't get it to them within the next several days, they are threatening to cut my payments off for the 3rd time in 3 months.

    Thank our politicians and lobbyists in Washington for giving insurance companies this power. We pay all their salaries however, it's not US they represent... I would be glad to join a class action suit against MetLife as well... you know their executives don't wait months for their millions of dollars in bonus checks each year..

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  • Bo
    Bonnie Mar 26, 2008

    INCLUDE ME IN THAT CLASS ACTION SUIT and give me any address or person I can complain to so we can stop the harrassment by Metlife. We are disabled, ill and unable to work so how can we be expected to keep up with everything they want? Doctor reports every 2 weeks, paper work every 1-3 weeks, threats to cut our benefits constantly, YOU SAID IT STRESS!!! I had to have my friends and family help me write letters and do paper work and everything for me, I had to hire a lawyer because I can't do this Im too sick.BEWARE OF METLIFE They will suck the life out of you and LEAVE YOU HOMELESS, STARVING, FREZZING AND WITHOUT HEALTH CARE SO NOW YOUR SICK AND YOU CAN"T GO TO THE DOCTORS ANYMORE, I lost over $40, 000.00+

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  • De
    Dennis Apr 03, 2008

    I worked for the same Company for 27 years. I paid for a LTD policy through metlife out of my own pocket after tax for 27 years! Its ironic, that after paying almost $40.00 per month and 27 years later, metlife is now telling me Im not alowed to bring in any other income without sending right to them! Thats right, if I hit the lottery for $200.00 they want it! MetLife is a business, out to make money! They do not take anything under concideration tha concerns your well being. A metlife rep. told me that even thoug Im only getting 50% of my income from them, that all Im allowed to make. Anything else belongs to them! This should be a crime!

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  • De
    Debbie, Bryan May 04, 2008

    I would gladly join a class action lawsuit. All of these comments are like reading my past. When my leave changed to long term at 6 months, the MetLife rep casually told me, "Don't be surprised when we deny your claim." What? I couldn't believe my ears. I got the same excuses for 1 FULL YEAR before they finally paid the benefits. They tried to stop benefits several times over the next years while I fought them constantly. I was in the hospital for a month having my entire colon removed when my daughter brought me a letter saying that their doctor said I was just fine to return to work now. I notified them and it still took them 6 weeks to pay me again. Now, I have been in court with them for 3 years. They drag it out as long as they can and we got a bad judge the first time. We are on appeal. MetLife's doctor said that he didn't believe that I had the disabling disease that I was diagnosed with by 50 examining physicians and professors at grand rounds. That's right. Fifty doctors examined me, discussed it, and said I had a disabling disease with no effective treatment and no cure. MetLife hired a doctor who said that he didn't think so, even though he had never examined me. Sorry to say, but the judge bought it. Unbelievable. The Supreme Court is hearing a case right now to decide whether insurance companies can truly be independent in deciding if someone is disabled when they will have to pay the claims. It will be an important decision and my case has been delayed while it is decided.
    I used to like Snoopy. There are no 'Ifs' with MetLife. Eventually, they cut everyone off and say "Take us to court, " like they did to me. I am not trying to upset anyone, just please be as prepared as possible. I had to sell my home and declare bankruptcy. Now, I am quite poor and live on my disability pay with help from my children. Good luck and God bless.

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  • Sh
    Shannon May 13, 2008

    I can not begin to express my anger, dismay and sheer shock of Metlife. I have NEVER seen so many incompetent, ignorant, lazy, thieving people in one company in my life!! I can not begin to go into what they have done to me. I am trying to find out who governs them or who i can (other than them) file an official complaint. I would LOVE to sue the pants of them but no lawyer wants to touch you unless it has to do with your social security benefits...i am 34 years old! I have no social security. In any case if anyone has any suggestions or information please let me know. Someone has to stop this company from what they are doing to people!
    I work for a MAJOR communications company and several, several o my co-workers are having the same problem with Metlife. Some have even lost there job, I almost did twice. I am sure there are thousands upon thousands of people who would love to see Metlife pay for the pain and anguish they have caused.

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  • Th
    Theresa Naticchia May 24, 2008

    I totally agree with all the above, their right hand has no idea what their left hand is doing! They sell loans under the guise of insurance. This should be against the law. You pay your hard earned money to protect yourself or so you think. After almost 7 years of receiving my LTD payments, I finally was awarded retro SSDI for 5 years. My ex spouse rec'd 45, 000.00+ and even though I paid all my child support, SSD said she does not have to repay. Metlife does not care they want the money. She refuses to repay anything to me. I have 7 notices from them for repayment in less than a year. Not one amount is the same! From 81, 000.00 to 69, 000.00, The last being dated 5/3 & 5/13 of 2008 & they are different too! I was on a first name basis w/ both the case manger & the overpayment manager. Now both are gone and have to deal w/ new people. For one thing they cannot give me any info on my policy, but they can tell me there is no COLA provision or childcare either. He never rec'd either. Luckily in like 2003 I requested a copy of the policy, I still have it w/ their fax# and date. I even sent it to the case mgr. to prove the provisions. The answer was always I have to speak w/ my boss. Then no communication until a month or two later, when I would get another payment notice. It was and still is vicious circle. Now I will only communicate by fax, so I have proof of trying to resolve this matter. I have a plan, but can't give it away, until I win, then I will share! I think they are defrauding all their clients. If this is not bad faith insurance...What is? Do not give up and do not give in. Get everything in black & white, the rest is just here say. You can also win against your attorney who wants to overcharge you. He appealed to SSD for money & I had signed the contract 25%...Read the fine print, that means 25% of the ex spouse's 45, 000.00. I followed the procedure stating my problems with the fess, stated some codes and case summaries. (the laws are on the net you just have to find them.) In short I won & he did not get the extra 15, 000.00. It is sad to say, especially if you think someone (paying or not) is looking out for your best interest...Get everything in writing. Our country is concerned with others rights and well being when our own taxpaying citizens are left to the bureaucracy and mercy of unscrupulous companies. I wonder if they have like "watchdog" groups? Have to check that out! One last word(s) Write you politicians!!! Senator Bill Nelson was a tremendous go between, I only wished I had written earlier. I have 7 letters from him in less than a year, he succeeded what it took 7, yes 7 years to do...Bull!!!
    He also commended me on my persistence in the matter. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Sorry to ramble but this is 7 years in short, now another battle has just begun and another opponent to defeat...MetLife should have to answer to someone.

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  • Ma
    mary May 27, 2008

    i been harassed by met life for at least 9 months now.i lost everythin i have my home etc., cause of non-payment now i am permanetly disabled and they are still harrassin me for my blood pressure is very high cause of them aggravatin me. something needs to be done with these people, they are ruinin alot of peoples lives.

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  • De
    Dennis Jun 05, 2008

    MetLife LTD is one of the biggest rackets going today. Most people who have paid into there LTD policies for many years, dont realize the true negative value of there policy. First off, once you become totally disabled, MetLife sends you a form to sign, stating that you if you dont sign it, you will not recieve any LTD payments from them! This form simply says that you will pay MetLife back if you recieve Workmans Comp. or SSI! Now why didnt they ask me to sign this form when I first started paying into this policy 27 years ago? There are LTD policies out there today, that does not require you to pay them back. Know onw wants to become perminantly disabled early in life. But companies like MetLife should be held responsible for there actions.

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  • Te
    Terry Jun 18, 2008

    I have Metlife long term disabiltiy.
    they want Doctors office notes every single time you go no matter what. Even if it's a three second appointment were the doctor says there's nothing more I can do for you. The problem is MetLife doesn't pay for anything they request. My feeling is if your going to threaten to terminate my policy then you can pay for the notes. They try to drop you every chance you get even if they have to play dirty. I've had to appeal thhem twice already.

    I also won Soc Security after a long battle, and I had to give them A huge chunk back. Metlife doesn't care that people depend on the tiny amount they get each month.

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  • Ed
    Edward Ford Jul 24, 2008

    They are crooks and therefore all actions against them should be criminal not civil. They lie, cheat and manipulate information for the express purpose of disqualifying/denying legitimate claims.

    Anybody who works for these theives is morally bankrupt and should be asham.ed of themselves ... stealing from disabled people who beleived that they would be treated fair by this insurance company. Where are the morals of the Companies who chose MetLife for their disability insurance carrier. They know they are getting a better deal using MetLife and screwing their innocent employees.

    They stop payments whenever they want using convoluted technicalities ... with no notice ... unless 'bouncing checks' counts as notice.

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  • Jo
    Joan Davis Aug 04, 2008

    I too paid LTD for over twenty years I promoted these policys to new employees and truely believed I would be covered in the
    event I became ill. Wrong I have gone from an income of
    40k+ and know recieved a little over 13k a year I have had
    my credit ruined lost my home and cant even afford the health insurance my company offers so I just pay for my medication
    or dont take it. I rent and even though I probably qualify for
    assistance I just cant do it Iam just to proud I grew my children
    up with no assistance and little to no child suppport my children both graduated and my one daughter is a RN and my other runs a daycare. If I could do it all over I would have saved the payments to Met Life for a rainy day. I use to believe in the company also having their car insurance also my advise to any young people is to not believe in insurance policys whether
    it be life ltd or even home owners they never pay or they
    make you fight. When I recieved my Social Security after
    about 5-6 months Met Life took it all back so what did they pay?
    My advise is to save your own money for a rainy day I only
    wish I had not trusted Met life

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  • Jo
    Joanne Aug 08, 2008

    I, too, lost my disability because of MetLife doctors. I survived an attempted murder where I was able to convict my attacker to SingSing Prison. Because of all the lies, I am still in PRISON with MetLife and they will not believe the "real truth". I am a CRIME VICTIM in New York State and can't find any attorney to handle this. These are criminal actions against handicapped victims and insurance companies are getting away with MURDER to the public!

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  • Jo
    Johnathan Sep 04, 2008

    Oh HELL NO! I don't play with these fools! People, we are the bread and butter that keeps their greasy little hands in the money. Let us not forget that. We should never settle for less. We will never settle for less. I get it done, I will get it done, and when they say no to me? My company is going to get it done to them for choosing MetLife!

    Should we look into ADA violations here? throw that one around and see what it gets you folks. Hey MetLife! My ### is coming for you and I aint stopping for nobody! BTW don't let my slang fool you. I am a Harvard educated fool! Run now!

    Johnathan Gunnacomandgetyou

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  • Jo
    john Nov 02, 2008


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  • In
    insignificant Nov 06, 2008

    This is a very sleazy and lazy company. They basically make the customer do all the work. They have no desire to pay so they simply drag things out as long as possible, forcing the customer to nag and push them to get things done(one requirement at a time over and over again). They also are not reasonable(won't respond to English or logic, chooses to insist on their rules as they define the words). For example, my statement was given to them by phone at the time of the accident(recorded audio) and was also included in the police report(written and signed) but months later they still claim I have not given them a statement according to their definition of “statement” and they refuse to give you the specifics of what they require making you guess instead. They(the specifically assigned person to your claim) avoid direct communication as much as they can. When you call during their very short office hours you will never get to speak to an actual person it is always the machine, or at least I haven’t been able to after a ridiculous number of calls. The only person I’ve spoken to is the person I originally filed the claim with(different person from the one they assign me). This company is dishonest and irresponsible.

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  • Do
    Donna A Dec 02, 2008

    what about Aetna LTD? I have been on ltd for 10 months. They wanted me to apply for SSD. I did, and recieved it. Aetna has stopped my payments and now they want my notice of award letter so they can determine what they will pay or what I owe them? I'm really mixed up.

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  • Va
    Valentine319 Dec 05, 2008

    I've lost everything. I've waited months and months to finally get a decision my appeal was declined. I have been unable to work, gone through 2 surgeries and constantly badgered for more information. I lost my house, my car, most of my stuff. I had to move states and have my parents support me as a grown adult. I have 2 psychologists who have diagnosed me with 6 disorders. I have graves disease, hypoadrenalism, addison's disease, anxiety/panic attacks and a few more. And they have the nerve to tell me you've been declined but I can't tell you why, wait for the letter.

    I would love to join a class action lawsuit. I have disease that are worsened by stress so the idea of no medical, no income, no food all the stress and such.

    Anyone who has info on a class action suit please contact me.

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  • Ja
    jane holt Feb 14, 2009

    it is a very sorry compamy and ever one is rude they need to be shut down because they will not help you so please dont take it out

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  • Bo
    Bob "Totally Pissed" Feb 19, 2009

    I absolutely agree with everything these people are complaining about. Where is the voice for the everyday person? I became sick in February of 2007. After several doctors visits, exams and specialist appointments, I was informed that I have Mineare's disease. This can be minor or like in my case "life crippling." I went on my long term disability that I had enrolled in thru my employer. It was a nightmare from day one. They lost everything that we sent them...they had rediculous expectations of my physicians, they delayed my claim approvals continually, I ended up standing in line at the food shelters trying to get help for my family. They finally got the approval thru. By this time my bills are way behind and there is no way that I can catch them up. Everything that I sent them, I sent by registered mail so I could prove that these clowns received it. After all of this nightmare, I finally got approved for my Social Security Disability. Then the real bombshell dropped. I was expecting a check from Metlife, because they had told me that when I was paid my Social Security disability, that they would make up the difference between what I was getting from them verses what social security was sending me. It didn't come!!! I contacted them to find out that they claim that I have been overpaid!!! They want me to pay them back what they have paid me for the last two years out of my disability backpay. This is not Insurance...this is "loan-sharking." Insurance is an educated risk that the insurance company takes spread out over a large number of premium payers. They take a gamble that they take in more premiums than they pay out in claims. I know...I had my own insurance agency for several years. This is outright robbery!!! If I die and my Life Insurance Claim is they come dig me up and ask for their money back. They are hedging their bets. I would like to have a "NO-LOOSE" business like this...wouldn't you!?!? HOGWASH!!! Somebody needs to stop this kind of garbage before they hurt anyone else.

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  • Li
    Linda Mar 28, 2009

    Has anyone filed a class action suit against MetLife? I would be interested. My situation was four years ago and they tried to give me every excuse in the book as to why I am not eligible for their payments. They denied me twice and told me the second time that I had no more appeals. I think state consumer fraud agencies and insurance regulators should shut these people down. All they are doing is taking money that we could have invested in something else for more security.

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  • Cl
    ClassAction Against MetLife Apr 29, 2009

    So is there a class action that I or everyone can join against MetLife? Does anyone know or care to begin the process? It is a long process and a difficult one, but worth the fight! Also a victim and have lost everything as well.

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  • To
    Toni C. May 26, 2009

    I have the same problem with MetLife, they cut me off my Long Term Disability Benefits because, they said my doctor could not change the opinion of their doctor not based upon my test results. My Primary Care Doctor and my Specialist, confirmed my medical condition by conducting an MRI and both confirm the same results. However, they still stopped my benefits over a year ago. I am forced to work in sever pain, can not get out of bed or/and move some days. MetLife got me one of their attorney's to file for me Social Security Benefits and still stopped my benefits. I advised anybody not to get involved with this company, they only want your money and mean you no good. I had to get an attorney for myself and would advised everyone to get an attorney to fight for them.

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  • Ju
    Justice League May 27, 2009

    Broken record time. I'm convinced the only reason I've recieved any LTD from Metlife is because I worked for a giant company sponsered plan. One of their favorite tactics to deny benefits is to constantly harass my doctor's office for information, then claim the time limit for doctor's reply has passed. Here's the kicker, they request the info days before I even go for my appointment, how's that for world-class fraud! My doctor has totally permantly disabled me, Metlife knows there is nothing that can be done to improve my condition and the only reason I even go to the doctor anymore is because the narcotic I take can't be called into the pharmacy. I'm awaiting a return call from someone in my company's HR ( Human Reject ) department in the desperate hope they may call on my behalf and say something to the effect of "We value our employees welfare and we have an agreement with Metlife, pay a huge amount in premiums and expect you, Metlife to abide by our agreement and pay the poor disabled sob"
    No I don't believe in Santa Clause, but thought I'd give HR a try. I'll post when more happens, everybody dig in, fight and be thankful for the good things we have in our lives.

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  • To
    Toni C. May 28, 2009

    Get an attorney!!! MetLife, is simply not going to do right!!! No matter how hard you try!!! I am in the same condition and worked for Government and MetLife still do not care!!! They have no respect for anyone and refuse to comply with their own policies!!!

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  • Ow
    owens May 29, 2009

    I am totally confused. What do I do? I have been with metlife since 2007. I applied for SSDI in 2007, was denied twice and now in 2009 they approved me. The attorneys I had mails me and tells me don't spend it. I may have to pay all of it to metlife. Why would I have to do that?

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  • Ma
    mary Jun 02, 2009

    i was under the impression that once ltd began, ssdi and ltd co-ordinates efforts in paying benefits. isn't that so? that is if one is approved for ssdi. i really can't get a straight answer from anyone. it appears that once ssdi is awarded, ltd stops. i hope this isn't so. who can live on this?
    fortunately, my employer, has a dedicated department within metlife so i really don't experience any of the frustrations described above.

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  • Bo
    Boston Burned Jul 16, 2009

    Unfortunately, Social Security works at a snail's pace in awarding benefits. When I eventually was awarded back pay, going back over a year, I already knew via my former employer's LTD plan that I was responsible to pay MetLife all amounts they considered overpayments.

    They had paid me about 4K per month, starting six months after my disability started, but the government recently awarded back pay for most of this time. Although MetLife's portion was reduced to about 1K per month, I was on the hook for about 30K. Bottom line is not to spend ANY back pay Social Security award if you have a company ERISA LTD plan.

    I resent MetLife's inconsistency in formally asking me for the back pay. They sent a clear letter requesting back pay for my award, so I complied and rightly received their check the following month with the reduced benefit. In the case of my dependent's award, however, they didn't send me a check one month. I had to contact my Social Security attorney (a must! always hire a S.S. attorney and definitely hire one who specializes in ERISA law if MetLife pulls anything) to find out why I wasn't payed. Thanks to them, MetLife eventually sent me a detailed letter so I finally knew what amount I had to send in order to restart their monthly payments. MetLife will stop all payments until they receive all overpayed amounts.

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  • Pe
    peeeeeed off Jul 18, 2009

    met life insurance (not capitalized on purpose) Are snake oil salesman. They are the worst of the worst. They are complete ###. They are vultures of the injured and sick. They steal all they can. I wish thier mother knew what they had become. I recently was injured at work. My claim was initialy declined. I worked through my union which was able to get me approved for benifits. This process took four, 4 weeks. I have recieved two checks since then. These were mailed on a tuesday and recieved at my home two days later on Thursday. Now they say they sent the third one on a Tuesday and I have recieved nothing 6 days later. Something tells me to hold on cause these ###'s are going to take me on a ride to no check land. You know by the time I had recieved the first check from these crooks I was already behind on all my bills. Now it is going to get worse than it was. These people are scamming ###. They advertise that they help people during times when they can't work due to injury or sickness by helping to make sure that all the bills and grocerys are taken care of so that you can peace of mind and concentrate on your recovery. BULL they hope you croak before they have to pay anything to you. DON'T DO BUSSINESS WITH THESE ###!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Check out other comapanies, even if you dont find a good one do not use the [email protected]%#$ F&^$$*('s

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  • Le
    leenda Jul 18, 2009

    My company put me on long term disability in 1995, and MetLife has been paying me disability payments ever since then. The only time they stopped them was when they didn't get my yearly doctor's report that was mailed to me, which I had my dr. fill out and mail back. Also,
    one time I was late on premium payment and it took me a month to convince them that I am disabled due to mental health issues and lack of concentration, but I finally was able to convince them to restart my coverage after a few months. It was a mess, and they did finally pay most of the dr. bills that had accrued. Good luck.

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  • Ro
    roseda Jul 31, 2009

    Metlife needs a class action lawsuit against them. I have been struggling since they just stopped paying my long term disability benefits.

    Seriously, if anyone knows how to do it, let's start a class action lawsuit!!

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  • Ju
    Judith Whitney Aug 12, 2009

    Mu husband was hurt on the job at Home Depot and needed cervical fusion, he needs two more cervical operations. We have been fighting Met Life for 5 years. When SS was awarded they made a mistake and didn't calculate his work comp - they corrected it and we paid SS back. Work comp made a mistake and we paid them back. Now MetLife won't calculate the adjustments to reduce the amount they say we owe them back from the SS award and the errors. They have a collection agency sending us notices for over $9000. When in fact if you corrected all MetLife errors they would owe us $13, 000. We barely make enough to live on so I'm sure the court judgement order will come soon. They just don't listen to reason, answer your phone calls or faxes or questions. My husband has lost $98, 000. in wages since his injury, paid $7000. in premiums and received $13, 000. in benefits - now they want $9800. back - it doesn't even make sense.
    They are criminals...

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  • Ka
    kathyvb Aug 16, 2009

    There should be a class action lawsuit for all the people who have been cheated out of the disability payments they PAID for to receive from this company. And the worst of it is they continue to get away with this. We spoke to two lawyers who told us it would only cost us in the end, they would win and we would lose. My husband paid for LTD for 18 years, then was injured, designated as permanently disabled by his own doctor, and the physician from SSI, and approved on the 1st try with them. Even though two doctors, and SSI declared him permanently disabled, according to a NURSE who reviewed his claim decided he was not. We appealed, and of course lost. I should add that his previous employer managed their own LTD claims through a subsidiary of their company and sold it to met life. His company PROMISED him this payment, and now met life has reneged. The letter he received with the denial actually told him he could get a job in telemarketing in our area for $21 and hour. Tell us where, and I'd be thrilled to work there. I plan to cash in a life insurance policy that I've had for 50 years that was bought for me when I was born, because if they can find a way to cheat my survivors out of that payment, I'm sure they will try. Why in the hell would anyone with any sense CHOOSE to be disabled and try to live on the minimal amount the government pays you?

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  • Dr
    Drow Oct 04, 2009

    I am a severe asthmatic. Recently had a bad attack and had to take off from work to be healed. From July 27- Aug 12 while off I applied for my company STD (short term disability) Metlife is the company.

    I submitted all the correct paper work on time from my doctor who has been my doctor for the last 5 years and knows my condition.

    They sent me paperwork stating my claim denied due to doctor not signing in proper place he signed where the name where his business name is instead of under signature and he didn't put follow up appointment date on the paper. The is not the first time i submitted a claim from the same doctor the same reason.

    I had to appeal the decision they told me it would take 45 days which to them means it is still NO approval. Due to this my bills are behind and cant be paid.

    If you are sick you might as well die if you have insurance they try to kill you with stress and deny your claims that you desire!!!

    Better to not have the insurance than to almost die!!!

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  • Ca
    CAROL ROCKER Nov 04, 2009


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