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Claim not received

I had made an life insurance (Indexa) no. [protected], and during the clarification form the guy he told me that...

metlife= hassle central

MetLife Auto Insurance is great if you never put in a claim... they do a fantastic job of taking your money. But if you ever have an accident, it is nearly impossible to get them to respond appropriately to a claim.

I had been driving a friend's car and totaled it. Not at fault accident. No other vehicles damaged.

But I was behind the wheel. My friend's car was totaled and it didn't have collision insurance. It took over a month for MetLife to acknowledge the claim... then it took another 60 days for them to pay my friend.

When the car was totaled, Met Life sold it to salvage without returning the contents of the trunk (which they had promised). They also didn't report the car totaled to the MVA, so my friend began receiving notices a year later for overdue registration charges on a car that didn't exist. That, of course, caused him many hours of grief with the MVA to get it straightened out.

Needless to say, I had to invest dozens of hours over 90 days to get me friend paid-out... and even after all of that the results were still unsatisfactory.

Fast-forward a couple of years, Met Life had a number of billing issues with me... their invoices would arrive in my mailbox one or two days prior to their due date (if at all)... and then they would financially penalize me for paying late.

That was the last straw. I switched to Progressive, where we saved $600/year.

Keep away.

fails to honor cd maturity

I sent money to MetLife last year for a one year CD. Its maturity date was December 24, 2009. The money was sent by me, from my bank account via ACH. It was a VERY large amount of money.

I called MetLife, as requested by them, on December 22, 2009, to ensure that my maturing CD funds would, indeed, be sent to my bank account upon maturity. I was told I would get the funds December 28.

Come December 30, still no money. I called to find out what was going on. I was told that they had "not processed my request" and that I MAY get my money January 4. I said that was not acceptable and I wanted my money the next day, December 30. The service rep said she would call me back to the next day to let me know what was being done. No call.

I called again today, December 31. Guess what...still not processed! Do you think this is ethical or moral? Would Metlife allow you not to pay your mortgage or Credit Card on time without penalty, interest, or both? This is disgraceful and dishonest. Please do use this bank. We need to teach bank such as these a lesson.

  • Cm
    cmaII Oct 21, 2009

    Metlife Bank never funded my $125, 000.00 jumbo CD account, costing me a great deal in lost interest, time, and stop payment fees.

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  • To
    Todd K Dec 31, 2009

    I sent money to MetLife last year for a one year CD. Its maturity date was December 24, 2009. The money was sent by me, from my bank account via ACH. It was a VERY large amount of money.

    I called MetLife, as requested by them, on December 22, 2009, to ensure that my maturing CD funds would, indeed, be sent to my bank account upon maturity. I was told I would get the funds December 28.

    Come December 30, still no money. I called to find out what was going on. I was told that they had "not processed my request" and that I MAY get my money January 4. I said that was not acceptable and I wanted my money the next day, December 30. The service rep said she would call me back to the next day to let me know what was being done. No call.

    I called again today, December 31. Guess what...still not processed! I was also told the will not be paying me any penalty or interest, even if takes until January 4 or later to "process." Do you think this is ethical or moral? Would Metlife allow you not to pay your mortgage or Credit Card on time without penalty, interest, or both? This is disgraceful and dishonest.

    By the way, these are all conversations recorded by MetLife. And, they admitted, twice, it was their "failure to process." Maybe by failing to process they get to use my money for free?

    Please do use this bank. We need to teach bank such as this a lesson.

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  • An
    AngusJ May 26, 2011

    Man, do I regret opening a CD with these "people." First they did a transfer then sent me a letter telling them to send a check. They didn't check to see (or notify me) that they'd already made the transfer, so I ended up with an overdraft from my other bank. (Fortunately, the other bank was understanding and refunded the overdraft fee). But EVERY "person" I've spoken to from Met Life has had a could care less attitude. Really nasty attitudes and not customer friendly at all. Now, my money is stuck there for a year. Can't wait to get it out of there. I don't trust these people at all!

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long term disabilty

Dont be fooled by your employer suggesting to you to enroll in MetLife Disability Insurance. I made that...

metlife india issued fraud certificate

Metlife India issued apolicy Policy No.[protected] for my child, after 6 years i paid the premium & i found out that the proposal & the certificate of maturity committment was totally mis interpreted & the certificate was fraudelently signed by the agency manager of Metlife India, since then i have been chasing the authorities, but their staff has tottally turned mute on my grievances. I wanted to surrender the policy after noticing this fraud but i was surprised to see that Metlife was offering me a payment of about 10% of what i paid in 6 years, Whereas similar policy with LIC grew to more than double the paid amount of value in 4 years. I realized Metlife or most of the other private insurance companies in India are bogus in returning the hard earned monies of investors. Now i will move to press & court to fight for my hard earned money that has been taken by Metlife India by fraud.

  • Ri
    Ritesh shetty Feb 26, 2010

    Even I am planning to move court. They are the biggest thieves possible

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non paymement of benifits

My story is no different then many in which books are written and stories in the Bible portray. This is David...

insurance claim

Do not use met life for home insurance>
They send bully appraisers who intimate and deny any claims without evaluating properly.
Anyone I know who has met life will agree to this statement.
I will be switching companies.

  • So
    Sophea Lim Nov 06, 2009

    Yes, I recently had a fire in my kitchen and they only wanted to pay for the damaged cabinets, so it meant that I would get non matching cabinets per Tim Berglund.

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  • Ph
    PHXkathy Jun 21, 2011

    I totally agree, they brought in the CAT team with Mike Tori - there standard line is - your damage is from a prior storm or event. They will only agree to the least costly thing damaged and say the rest is from a prior event outside your coverage period. They will even bring in experts (paid engineers etc) to agree with them. Watch for this guy & this company.

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dis-honest practices

I bought Metlife dental COBRA coverage for my daughter after losing job. MetLife keep on rejecting orthodontics claims saying employee not eligible for ortho. Of course, I am not eligible for ortho but my daughter is eligle under this plan. When I call customer service and explain this, they kept on resubmitting claims. These claim processors kept on rejecting it! This kept on going for seven months.

The whole purpose of COBRA coverage is to help out during no job. Here i was stuck with double payments - (1) payments to doctor and (2) COBRA payments. Not to mention frustrations and stress in dealing with MetLife.

Finally, they paid some but started doing the same thing for new claims. They decided to reject claims rather than fix their system. It is amazing they can get by doing dis-honest practices!

  • That is part of the outsourcing they have done. Most of Metlife Dental is outsourced, they are clueless. They are paid about $1.80 per hr and most don't even understand basic English. Stay away from anything Metlife.

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  • Un
    Unhappy metlife member. Sep 12, 2011

    Yep they are a bunch of incompetent idiots. I have problems like that. I get out of network services preapproved. The dentist submits the pretreatment estimate and gets it denied. I call them and they say oh that should have been approved. This goes on and on for months. What a bunch of babbling fools.

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customer service

I am so fed up with the customer service for Metlife. I called to get a copy of an ID card for my vehicle. I also wanted to ask some questions about my coverage. The first person I spoke to I could not understand. I am sure it was in a another country. I asked three times for the id card before the person finally understood me. Asked to place me on hold and then the next thing I knew I was transferred to another person who had no idea who I was or what I wanted. This person was an American. I could clearly tell this csr was stressed. She was rushed and kept apologizing for everything the other rep did not do. I was able to get my questions answered by the American and promised my id cards would be faxed within the hour. I waited and 2 hours later no id card. I called back and got another person from the foreign country. I then asked where I was calling. They were very reluctant to tell me the truth. I told them I knew they were not american and to quit saying there name was Steve. The person offered me their supervisor even though I did not ask. The next thing I knew I was being transferred again!!! This time to someone in the states. I was informed my ids had been faxed but they would fax again just to make sure. I asked the american who or what country keeps answering the phone. This american was terrified to tell me the truth. They finally told me that they are all afraid for their jobs since Metlife has folks in other countries that even though obviously incompetent would be more than happy to take their jobs. I could tell these csr's were under severe stress!! Shame on you Metlife, how can you treat your customers this way and your employees. I plan to find other coverage now!! I am so fed up with American companies doing this to Americans!!!

scam and cheating

We have had Metlife home owners insurance for over 15 years . Never have we filed a claim. Insurance paid out of escrow faithfully. Then sends us a letter, that due to overwelming cost from storms, they must cancel Florida's homeowners. I understand the costs, however, what is insurance for!? How can they in all fairness do this to people, who one have never used any money they've paid and two purchased the insurance for the reason they are saying they can no longer cover for! I am furious. We have struggled now to find another insurance, which now we found, but had to pay intire premium for the year. I feel that when Met dropped those of us that had never filed a claim they should be made by the law to give back at least what a new premium would be for all they've cheated! I will not stop here. I will go the next step. This type of business in our country must stop!!

  • We
    webfellows Jul 31, 2010

    I too have been a faithful MetLife Homeowners policy holder for approx. 15 years. Their premium is paid through my escrow account and never has been a day late to my knowledge. My mortgage is through Wells Fargo which was recently purchased by JP Morgan/Chase. At the end of June 2010 I called MetLife to tell them I had water damage in my finished basement. Over the phone, the agent asked if I had a sump pump. I said no and she said the water was from rain seepage. I explained I had a $5000 flood control system installed on the property when I purchased the house and the flood control was still under warranty. I live in a suburb of Chicago. The phone claims adjuster would not budge and after 30 minutes I knew I was talking to a deaf ear. The water damage became worse. I called MetLife and told them I have water damage and I want an adjuster to come out and tell me what will be replaced. MetLife said everyone in your neighborhood has rain seepage and that is what you have. After 3 weeks of increasingly worse damage I hired a contractor who opened the wall and found the main water line to the house was leaking. I had him break through my foundation floor and 7 feet down he found the leak. I called MetLife and told them I have a pacemaker and defibulator and they had just put me through 3 weeks of extreme abuse and MetLife was not responsive in any way to my requests for an adjuster to come and look at the problem. MetLife insisted it was rain seepage, which I never had in 15 years. When they realized that they had caused thousands of dollars of damage because of their shoddy claim service and their practice of diagnosing the problem over the phone. When I told MetLife about my health problems and the huge amount of black mold growing up my walls they decided they could have an adjuster come out the next day. I had a contractor here when the independant adjuster, not a MetLife adjuster, showed up. For some reason they exchanged cards and I asked the adjuster to send me the claim quote. I wait a week and after not hearing from MetLife I called the independant claims adjuster MetLife sent and he said he was waiting for my contractors figures!!!. Why? It will cost what it costs. I want nothing other than my home to be made whole again. That is the purpose and legal obligation of all property insurance companies. This started on June 26. Yesterday MetLife called my home phone after I asked them to call my cell phone because I would get the call 24/7, MetLife left a message saying they would send a check. Since the independant claims adjuster was here another wall was opened and mold has traveled the whole length of the wall. MetLife does not care about me or my property and did everything they could not to accept responsibility for the damage. If you are considering buying homeowners insurance I strongly recommend you do not buy MetLife. MetLife wants to change the original claim number and close the claim with a check they say they are mailing me. This claim stays open until all mold, carpet damage, drywall damage, furniture damage, health damage is paid in full. MetLife provided the worst service I have ever seen from an insurer. By the way, I sold insurance for 20 years. I have moved all my customers from MetLife to what I consider insurance companies that are responsive to their policyholder's needs. MetLife also has some unusual practices when it comes to paying veteran death claims according to the news.

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  • We
    webfellows Jul 31, 2010

    typical MetLife

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  • Gr
    Greekbenzboy Feb 10, 2012

    I agree with you with the flooding of your home. We too have Metlife and we have the premium taken from escrow. Unfortuantely we have only been in our home 15 months. We recently came home with our four children, walked in the house and the kids smelled something funny. I told them to go brush their teeth and I would open some windows, upon doing this I turned on the ceiling fan. Next thing we know the house was filling up with black smoke and we evacuated... Like 3 minutes later the house litterally blew up. Windows blew off doors ect... Metlife is refusing to give us any answers because we had a home fire 7 years ago that was electrical...And a closed case from Cause & origin Firm... They said we need to be questioned further... We lost everything we own, 4 toddlers and we have nothing... In my opinion I think Metlife is useless... and I will tell everyone we know not to use this company!!!

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  • Id
    Idiot_Hater Aug 27, 2012

    None of you get it. You WERE covered while paying premium and were given ample notice of cancellation. You DID get what you paid for, you were covered for six figures for the duration of your policy. I think you need a basic economic class. You just don't get it, therefore fall under the "ignorant consumer" label that most fall under. Go as far as you want, you have absolutely no case, and I have Progressive insurance.. READ what you sign, dumbass, you signed that you can be cancelled at any time with ample notice. You, in essence, are a complete ### and shoudn't be allowed to have children for fear these children will grow up like you and be ignorant ###s. Keep crying, though, it might help. In 150 years.

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  • Ju
    Judith Pinkham Apr 30, 2017

    @Idiot_Hater Easy for you to say, you too don't get it., The corrupt Court system, crooked lawyers are our main problems. They are in control.

    They never lent you any money, they simply perpetrated fake loan on you and me, by moving people 8-types of retirements and Wall Street investments to ourselves. We have crooked lawyers and authorities helping them go free. Go to Youtube, learn "The Truth about the Bank", you don't need to trace your loan to Wall Street, you need to have the court force them to prove they lend you money in real cancel check. All Banks committed crimes together against the people. They created the illusion that they lent money. Otherwise they would not be able to make 119%/year when Interest is low 3%. Before 1993, they earned 4-5%/year. Go figure out. Sue the Banks and crooked lawyers, including the bad decision makers. The created $0.01/sh stock and exchange with your Retirement at $25-$30/hr, plus our tax$$ TARP. That is why we lost our moneys in 2000's, and more ahead.

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denied services

Daughter needed braces. Called Metlife to see if it was covered under our dental policy. The employee said...

dental insurance

MetLife Dental is the worst dental insurance imaginable. I have worked for 25 years and have had several...


the worse dental insurance on the planet.Pray your company does not hire this scam insurance.It does not...

short term disability

i was put out of work in jan 2009 and have had a ongoing problem with this company. it is always they...


Met Life has routinely, consistently violated ERISA and the terms of my contract with them regarding my disability insurance. I am on the precipice of losing my home and everything else because Met Life is nothing short of a high-end scam artist. I'm seeking attorneys, filing a complaint with my state, my congressman and US Senators. They have denied, then opened, closed, then re-opened my disability case and payments every month in the 4 months I've had it, each time on bogus grounds. Most recently two doctors they paid reached the conclusion I'm not disabled. Their reasoning had nothing at all to do with the basis of my disability. They had medical tests/records that scientifically, irrefutably contradict these Met Life quack's opinions, yet they have once again closed my case. I can only hope/pray that karma comes around and this doesn't ruin my life, but bites these immoral people at Met Life in there karmic ###. For my part, I my life's mission is now to make Met Life and their minions pay and regret their sick behaviors.

  • De
    Dennis P Sep 14, 2009

    After personaly paying the disability paymenta for 9 + years and phsycological verification of condition, I have been denied the compensaation that Metlife
    guaranteed me! No one from Metlife has even contacted me personaly to evaluate and discuss my situation, just DENY all of my requests! Below is a current
    marketing piece that attracts you to purchase their product:

    MetLife - Disability Income Insurance

    Your lifestyle: Something to think about.
    When you’re healthy and working, it’s hard to imagine being disabled by illness or injury. But it can happen. In fact:
    • One in 3 working Americans will become disabled for 90 days or more before age 65.*
    • The average disability absence is 2 and a half years.*
    • More than 80% of working Americans don’t have disability income insurance or aren’t covered adequately. **
    The chart below illustrates that an individual’s chances of disability are 2 to 3 times greater than death during their working years.
    What would happen if your paychecks suddenly stopped because you were too sick or injured to work? What if you couldn’t work for months — or years?
    You’d still have to pay all your monthly bills, including food, utilities, house and car payments. Add in things like tuition and retirement funding, and it’s easy to see how savings could quickly disappear.
    Unfortunately, you can’t rely on other income sources like Social Security to protect you. In many cases, they don’t apply — or aren’t enough. For more information on other income sources, see below Think you're already protected?
    Plan ahead to help protect your lifestyle. Then relax.
    MetLife has flexible Disability Income Insurance policies that:
    • Provide monthly income to help maintain your standard of living
    • Can be customized to fit your particular situation
    • Help you retain independence and dignity without burdening others
    • Help keep your financial dreams and goals for the future intact.

    It seems that their product/service is an answer to all of your needs - NOT SO!

    09 -13-09 Dennis P

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  • De
    Dennis P Sep 14, 2009

    I will be competely devistated financialy and emotionally if Met Life defaults on their guarantee.

    Dennis P

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  • V3
    v38 Nov 19, 2010

    Send a request to your Federal Representative to amend ERISA to state: Whereas MetLife has lost 100% of cases regarding long term disability if the US Social Security Administration has awarded and continues said benefits;
    1) Make all LTD policies continue LTD benefit payments as long as the US Social Security Administration continues said benefits.
    2) All days not paid to claimant require an additional 110/day fine as defined in ERISA.
    3) Insurance Carrier must pay out entire claim in full in a non decremented lump sum as has been established in Federal Court cases
    4) Insurance Company in violation must pay, under Sarbannes Oxley, the US Dept. of Labor 110, 000/day of denial of legitimate benefits to claimant.
    5) Disability Representative and Manager as well as Executive and CEO of said Company in non compliance after 4 violations in a 12 month period face mandatory Federal Jail Sentences of not less than 1 year and not more than 5 for each violation, as spelled out in Sarbannes-Oxley Act of 2002Then post the face of Pam Wolber the #1 violator at MetLife on YouTube a Crimanl and violator of human rights against the disabled. (She is noted as having denied a mans disability 1 month after he had a heart transplant causing his death by stress.

    Saves Taxpayers money (The Insurance Companies are always taking time in Federal Court at cost to US Taxpayer.
    More profit for Stockholders/Less Corporate CEO Fraud. (MetLife CEO profits from IME reports from MES (5% kickback to him) and MetLife has LOST every case in Federal Court on LTD Claims) (MES hires OFF SHORE IME Reports from non-US accrededated "Alleged MD's ... that are not AMA Certified) (MES Executive has an offshore "alleged MD and holds a non-US passport and is not allowed to be a Federal Contractor yet has one which is a State Department Violation.)
    Lets the disabled concentrate on recovery verses benefits allowing potential return to work.

    again ... send this request for legislation to your SENATOR, REPRESENTATIVE and to teh PRESIDENT.

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  • Bi
    bing1034 Mar 12, 2011

    metlife is a corrupt company they should all be put in jail.they will do anything they can including out right fraud to get out of paying a claim.people need to be informed and stop buying insurance from them.you only have a 20% chance of winning any claim with this company.dont by their insurance and spread the word with luck and over a period of time they will be brought down and hopefully prosecuted.

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I have been going to this dentist for the last two years. I have had 3 root canals. Last year I had got...

policy submitted with error

I submitted my application in May 2008, Got the policy in November 2008. When I checked the policy, I found that my name is wrong and not according to passport nor complying with my name signed.

I informed them to cancel my policy, they did not agree, later informed will correct the name and address. But the supporting document submitted mentioned as driving license which I took before my marriage. They charged me by deducting the number of units. Advise me how I can cancel this policy

  • Tr
    truthseeker Mar 10, 2009

    As a consumer, you have a free look period that is disclosed to you on the first page fo the policy. The policyowner has a right to cancel the policy for any reason usually within 10 days of policy delivery.

    If you in fact cancelled the policy within that period of time, you are entitled to a full premium refund. Otherwise, I woud suggest filing a formal complaint with the State Department of Insurance and stop paying the policy.

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appeal denial

Everyone that I have talked to at my place of business who has had dealings with Metlife has had problems.

I was off work with what they thought were heart problems but turned out to be my gallbladder. I had surgery and my Dr. did send Metlife the information. After my surgery I came down with pancreatitis and was back in the hospital. While I was in the hospital Metlife called me and told me I had to have all my info in by 5:00 that day. Mind you, I am in the hospital with IV's and pain meds in my system. I explained this to them but they did not care and would not grant me an extension. It was like too bad we need it and I don't care if you are in the hospital.

I had to appeal and they denied my appeal because I have a job where I sit all day and they say I can perform my duties. Even though I have recurring pancreatitis and letters from my Doctor saying it would be detrimental to my health to be working during those times, Metlife just does not care. They say I can be on the phone with a customer for 20 min to an hour and take care of them even though I am throwing up and have diahrrea.

I lost my job because of the denied appeal from Metlife. My place of employment says that because of Metlife's denial that I have over 400 hours of unaccounted time off. They do not care that I have Doctor letters. All they care about is what Metlife says. You can never get the same answer from anyone you talk to at Metlife. Why do we have STD insurance when you cannot use it when you are really ill????

  • Dr
    drebjacs Jun 15, 2011

    I am in a similar situation with Metlife right now. I got hurt at work and the doctor had me stay home until I started physical therapy. I sprained and may have broken my ankle. Metlife won't pay me because "All I do is sit at a desk" at work. Well, the DOCTOR put me out of work. It is my belief that he went to school for MANY years to be a doctor. He has since returned me back to work with restrictions, i.e. leg raised to at least waist level and ice on my ankle for 15 minutes of every hour. My job will not accomodate me raising my leg and it takes about 20 minutes to get the ice as I am crutches and wearing a boot. I can not drive as it is my right ankle, so i am forced to take the bus. With no money because of no paycheck while I was off. To make it worse, I have 2 kids and a storage unit. I am going to lose everything we own in this world because I can not pay the storage. My dad has been helping me pay the hotel so we are not completely homeless, and I have been forced to get on food stamps. I feel like the worst parent in the world, because I got hurt and my kids have to go through this.
    I call Metlife on a daily basis and they can not seem to get it through their heads. Who does Metlife think they are questioning a DOCTOR? Are you really that presumptuos to think you know more than he does? If that's the case, the next time I am hurt I will just go to the local Metlife office and skip the doctor.

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  • Pe
    Pebbles67 Sep 26, 2011

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU...Metlife is only good for collecting your Premiums, then you get hurt or sick and they treat you like $hit...I had a Head Trauma that has affected me in MANY ways, both physically and mentally. Instead of them looking at the "Whole Picture" of my medical problems, they just focused on the ones that were "Limited Disabilty" under my plan and STOPPED my payments. I am in an Appeal Process as we speak, and will involve my Attorney if needed. I feel like they do NOTHING but Harrass me all the time, wanting updated information. ALL my doctor's have provided them with info. stating that I am considered "Permanent Disabled" but they continue to ask for updated info. as to when my Doctor's can expect me to go back to work...What Employer will possibly hire me, considering I can only work a Max of 2 hours?? I advise EVERYONE to DECLINE their Coverage...Invest in a Comapny you can "Trust" to take care of you when you are in need of them.

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  • Su
    Susie H. Oct 28, 2011

    My Mother is 90 years old To date I have made over 17 calls last month, ( and 9 calls to date this month) to Met Life and ARRP combined and my Mother still does not have any assistance, claims, adjusters, managers, R.N's.
    I am truly beginning to think this is all a scam, and will cancel my own long term policy. Nothing is worth this much trouble, but I feel so bad that my Mother is in terrible health, she can barely get out of bed and these people have been terrible to work with. She has paid on this policy since 1991 and "trusted the system."
    If I treated my clients like I have been treated at Met Life i would not have a job.
    It is disgraceful to treat people in this manner.
    I have a full time job and family and this has become a full time job for me as well. I have now turned this information over to the Insurance Commissioner and my next step is an attorney. I hope you all have better luck.

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  • Di
    DisenchantedOne May 14, 2013

    I have been given the runaround regarding a request involving a life insurance policy I have had with MetLife for over 20 years. Despite my persistent phone calls and inquiries, all I get from the Sandy, Utah MetLife office are lies and also abrasive rudeness from a little weasel claiming to be their office manager. Had I known 20 years ago what I now know about MetLife, I would have never purchased life insurance from them! In the meantime, I will cancel the LongTerm Policy I have had for years with them - you know, the one they claimed they would never raise the rates on without my permission - yet now are raising the rates without my permission. Their behavior is abysmal!!

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short term disability denial

I've had the unfortunate luck of finding out about MetLife's ridiculousness first-hand.

I had surgery in mid-November 2008 - and according to my doctor (who is a SURGEON) - I needed to be out of work for four weeks. All seemed well with MetLife until about mid-way through the recovery period.
All of a sudden - they were calling me saying my doctor didn't provide this or that...mind you - I'm supposed to be HEALING/GETTING BETTER - not stressing out about what the surgeon's office needed to submit.

Long story short - it's the week before Christmas - I'm back to work and found out that I won't be getting paid on Friday. Yeah - thanks MetLife!
They denied my claim because my doctor didn't send them what they wanted (and somehow - I'm also supposed to be well-versed in medical terminology and lingo to know what the h*ll they're talking about)! Though, they never sent a form or request to the surgeon's office.

I have talked to five reps (at minimum) - and for each time I call - I get told something different. Oh - and the best part is that according to them - they are not even supposed to communicate with me until I receive the official denial letter (which incidentally was sent last week - that I mysteriously haven't received - though I've received every other letter they've sent). Clearly, the criteria for working there is only if you are a cold-hearted, dim-witted ### who simply speaks without thinking.

Oh yeah - and now I have to wait 45 days for a decision...

denied short-term disability

Last year, I had a cervical fusion and was disabled for over 10 months. Even though I had my doctor'...