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death benefit

My mother died last April 2019. She left two modest policies for my sister and I. We sent in the claims and death certificates early May. By November they were telling me they needed death certificates. I sent more certificates. Now my sister and I are running out of death certificates - we've sent 4 total. Today I got another notice they're missing the claim forms for the policies. The previous time I spoke to them they had the claim forms and needed death certificates. Now they want new claim forms filled out and mailed. Why are they giving us the runaround? I have no idea. These aren't $1 million dollar double indemnity claims. They're a couple thousand dollars. I advise everyone never to get a policy from MetLife, and if you have one, cash it out NOW!

not being paid

During the whole month i was off did they ever call or tell me the problems they had with my claim. They make everything seem like its going fine yet i only got one check and im still waiting on one and its going to be another week before i get it. I would definitely have a back up if your off work cause of injuries cause they wont do it. It shouldnt take a month to get a check when i was off for the same problem the whole time. They dont care!!!

disability pay

I fell on August 31 and broke 3 ribs. I was not allowed to work for 6 weeks. I mailed all pertinent medical papers on or about
9-12-19. They were never received. I was denied disability pay due to the 20 day deadline. I also never received the papers in return mail. I was told they would accept my papers late. I faxed everything on 9- 25-19. I called on 10-2-19. I was told 2 papers were missing. I was given an e-mail address. Today after calling again I was told they were never received. The e-mail was incorrect. I have not been able to pay my October rent. This is so unprofessional on the part of met life. My claim number is [protected]. Please fix this

disability insurance claim denials

Hi. I became disabled back in Dec 2012. Fell down some stairs and hurt back. Unable to work afterward. I had disability coverage thru my last employer. They declined my claim, I then contested it and it was declined again. However, I also had my own personal disability insurance policy thru MassMutual. I submitted my paperwork to them the same time I did with Metlife. MassMutual approved me within 30 days. I also was approved thru Soc Sec Disability in record time (12 days complete approval). After some time passed, I sent a complaint letter to the president of MetLife. They looked at my claim again and decline it again. I contested it and they declined again. I've heard many horror stories from friends and family friends in the past about Metlife. Terrible company. I should have received those funds and they would be an asset to me since I'm living on fixed income.

life policy death claim

000837217M1 my Mother Grace L. Watts had an existing life policy. Her death was in December 2013. My sister and I have done the paperwork to proceed with benefits. MetLife has the documents since April 2019. I have made several phone attempts to complete this process. Advised July of this year was their time constraints. No check. Following up with the claims Dept involves being on hold for a minimum of 45 minutes each call. I've conversed with numerous supervisors recently. Each one has advised they have turned it over to be expedited. Still no check. Today's conversation was the same from a supervisor-not yet completed.

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insurance claim

I submitted an insurance claim after the death of my sister, Francena Willingham over three months ago. The...

metlife long term disability

My name is vincent scott turner I have been 100% disabled due to blindness. I am now on social security. If you are reading this to form an opinion about purchasing metlife please do yourself and your family a favor don't do it! This company takes great pride in trying to uncover any excuess not to pay you! If you are found to be disabled by a privite doctor or in my case a privite doctor and the va these lovely people make it a point to harras you yearly! They even in my case sent a privite investigator to my home in it's efforts to not pay my claim! This company deserves a 0 raiting and should be investigated by the united states consumer protection agency. Take my advice do not put yourself through this. Being disabled is hard enough without having to put up with this type of harassment from a company you trusted to help you should the unthimksble happen. They suck! I signed this and my number is listed at the bottom should the ceo of metlife like to reach out to me.


Vincent scott turner

mis-sale of life insurance

Dear Sir/Madam Policy holder's name: Youssef Serry Mohamed Youssef Serry Life Insurance Policy Number...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]

metlife disability

MetLife has been running me around denying my claim saying it is due to lake if information from my doctor. My doctor has submitted paperwork multiple times, but they keep denying the paperwork. I had to file an appeal, which they decided to deny as well after giving my doctor 10 days to respond. He was on a month vacation. They seem to think someone should go to work with homicidal and suicidal thoughts. They think that person is good for making leadership and managerial decisions. I have depression and anxiety, that are disabling. They are causing me to have IBS, Virtigo, and nerve problems. This company is what is wrong with this country. I will forever drag there name through the mud, until MetLife Burns to the ground.

straight life annuity pension plan monthly payment

This company was recently sued in a class action lawsuit Edward Roycroft vs Metlife, Inc. because they did not take great care in finding people who were due pensions from them. Instead after two letters or so if the person did not contact them, they converted the funds to themselves and they are still doing this. The suit was dismissed. However per an article: "MetLife will pay a $19.75 million settlement following an investigation by the New York State Department of Financial Services connected to the insurer's revelation that it had not paid about 13, 500 participants in its group annuity population over the past 25 years due to insufficient administrative practices." Now I am helping a disabled man try to get his pension from them. They gave him only 90 days which isn't sufficient time to make such a important life decision in how you are going to receive your annuity. The form was sent in after the 90 days but here is the kicker, the amount now they are offering for a monthly pension is now less then half the original amount they offered to begin with. How does that happen with a straight life annuity? Really? Did they just convert more then half his pension to their pockets? This man is disabled and can barely afford rent and food and they are taking more then half his pension away from him in a matter of just three months!!! How does a big company like that expect to get away with outright theft? HOW?

dental insurance

I am on a group policy through my employer. My plan covers 4 cleanings a year. It is a PPO that I pay for in addition to my employer's contribution. The wording in the policy says "4 per 12 consecutive months". Apparently, this means that they can go back to a previous year to verify coverage, not the calendar year for which you are paying. In essence, even though I will have only 4 cleanings per calendar year, I will pay for one because of the word "consecutive". Obviously, the dental office does not understand this wording or they would not have scheduled me for a cleaning when they did. Now, I am responsible for a payment for which I thought was covered.

disability insurance

I worked for Ibm for 10 years and had a MetLife policy that made me feel secure that if I ever became disabled I would have a monthly income to assist in my living expenses. I have since learned that it is a common practice for Metlife to review your file and deny the first submission because they have further questions and on the second submission which is your final and last time you are allowed to fight for your claim which you deserve they only allow your doctor 10 days to respond and on the 11th day they denied my claim and told me if I still wanted to dispute I would have to take them to civil court. All of my doctors stated this is a common practice with Metlife. My advice to anyone that is unfortunate enough to have a policy with them would be to obtain an attorney at the beginning, trust me you'll be far better off if you do.

metlife homeowner insurance claim number jdi26529o9

To whom it may concern: Hello, I'm writing to let you know that on or about 4/17/2019, I called and spoke to...

horrible death claims administrative experience

Over a year after my father's death MetLife/Brighthouse is still requesting the completion of form after form and not paying out the contractual benefits. None of the policy/ claims numbers are used consistently which complicates matters to no end. It is a clear case of unscrupulous business tactics to delay payouts. During the grieving process, it is the last thing the family should have to deal with. And it is certainly not how the companies describe the claims process when they sell a policy.

Even the lawyers involved can't understand the process and forms. The lawyers have had to make multiple calls some of which they have spent over an hour on the phone trying to have issues clarified. (In any other circumstance, I would question the lawyer's representations, but we are receiving the forms directly and attempting to complete the forms initially. We have also had numerous lengthy calls to the company.)

payment not received

My wife had two life insurance policies with MetLife, [protected] and 603205054MS. Both were paid up years ago. I submitted for both in early January 2019. The [protected] was paid in early February. After waiting a week, I contacted your customer service number for status and was told it was in process. I followed up again and was told the check was cut on 5 Feb. So, I waited and then followed up again. I have been directed to several different phone numbers and people with no results. I feel I have been getting the run around and you have lost it. I would like to get paid for #603205054MS.

life insurance policy

My great grandmother purchased a life insurance policy on my father at his birth (3/21/1936). He...

long term disability

Angela Penn Johnson Attachments Claim Number [protected] I have endured a lie after lie by your employee...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]

auto insurance / billing / misquote

In October 2018 I was quoted a premium of $95.38 every two weeks by payroll deduction, I work for World Travel Holdings we have several group polices through Met Life. My policy started October 10, 2018 and the payroll deduction also. On November 9, 2018 I received a payroll deduction of $131.80 with out notice. I called and was told my marital status changed from married to single, I have never been married a day in my life. I canceled my previous insurance with penalty to go with Met Life because of the faith my employer has in you and I have Dental Insurance through your company also have for 8 years. Met life refuses to knowledge fault or honor my quoted and contractual agreement of $ 95.38 per pay period. I was told " we can't take that kind of loss of over $800.00 for a year. I am supposed to as a consumer take the loss and now have to find new insurance and pay a down payment to a new carrier and pay a this premium also? I can not afford this in such a short amount of time let alone we are at the Holiday Season. I have to choose insurance over my Grandkids gifts? When I did nothing wrong. I want a resolution to this. I have filed a BBB complaint and will continue to file with every outlet available to me until someone within Met Life hears my voice and understands I did nothing wrong I am being penalized for someones else's misdoing.

adjuster liar

I have a problem with Metlife insurance because their people hit me and did not replace my car. They denied my claim because they said not enough prove. Please help me how pull out this problem. I told them all my pictures took that he hit me but he already liar that i got changing lane. In fact i already drive my lane 10 minutes if i changed lane my car never stay in between lane like pictures. I took pictures that he still sat down in the car. Please help me to abuse this case! Claim number SLK05785 happen 10-02-2018. My email [protected]@yahoo.com.

adjuster liar
adjuster liar
adjuster liar

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]

my agent cheated us in order to sale life insurance

Li Zhang sold 2 policies to my husband in 2003, then sold 4 policies to me in 2009. For 15 years relationships I found she made a lot of mistook. She hide so many terms in her favors. The policies are not suitable for my financial situation. I fight with her through years, until I am an New York Life insurance agent. I totally understand what's wrong with her. I did file complain to MetLife, but the customer relations office did not resolve any problems.
I really need to contact to the Company Top Management to resolve the problems. If we can not resolve the issues, Li Zhang can continue to cheat clients