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Complaints & Reviews

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]death benefit

My mother died last April 2019. She left two modest policies for my sister and I. We sent in the claims and death certificates early May. By November they were telling me they needed death certificates. I sent more certificates. Now my sister and I are running out of death certificates - we've sent 4 total. Today I got another notice they're missing the claim forms for the policies. The previous time I spoke to them they had the claim forms and needed death certificates. Now they want new claim forms filled out and mailed. Why are they giving us the runaround? I have no idea. These aren't $1 million dollar double indemnity claims. They're a couple thousand dollars. I advise everyone never to get a policy from MetLife, and if you have one, cash it out NOW!

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]not being paid

During the whole month i was off did they ever call or tell me the problems they had with my claim. They make everything seem like its going fine yet i only got one check and im still waiting on one and its going to be another week before i get it. I would definitely have a back up if your off work cause of injuries cause they wont do it. It shouldnt take a month to get a check when i was off for the same problem the whole time. They dont care!!!

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]disability pay

I fell on August 31 and broke 3 ribs. I was not allowed to work for 6 weeks. I mailed all pertinent medical papers on or about
9-12-19. They were never received. I was denied disability pay due to the 20 day deadline. I also never received the papers in return mail. I was told they would accept my papers late. I faxed everything on 9- 25-19. I called on 10-2-19. I was told 2 papers were missing. I was given an e-mail address. Today after calling again I was told they were never received. The e-mail was incorrect. I have not been able to pay my October rent. This is so unprofessional on the part of met life. My claim number is [protected]. Please fix this

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]disability insurance claim denials

Hi. I became disabled back in Dec 2012. Fell down some stairs and hurt back. Unable to work afterward. I had disability coverage thru my last employer. They declined my claim, I then contested it and it was declined again. However, I also had my own personal disability insurance policy thru MassMutual. I submitted my paperwork to them the same time I did with Metlife. MassMutual approved me within 30 days. I also was approved thru Soc Sec Disability in record time (12 days complete approval). After some time passed, I sent a complaint letter to the president of MetLife. They looked at my claim again and decline it again. I contested it and they declined again. I've heard many horror stories from friends and family friends in the past about Metlife. Terrible company. I should have received those funds and they would be an asset to me since I'm living on fixed income.

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]life policy death claim

000837217M1 my Mother Grace L. Watts had an existing life policy. Her death was in December 2013. My sister and I have done the paperwork to proceed with benefits. MetLife has the documents since April 2019. I have made several phone attempts to complete this process. Advised July of this year was their time constraints. No check. Following up with the claims Dept involves being on hold for a minimum of 45 minutes each call. I've conversed with numerous supervisors recently. Each one has advised they have turned it over to be expedited. Still no check. Today's conversation was the same from a supervisor-not yet completed.

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — insurance claim

I submitted an insurance claim after the death of my sister, Francena Willingham over three months ago. The claim hasn't been paid and I have contacted Med Life on numerou...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]metlife long term disability

My name is vincent scott turner I have been 100% disabled due to blindness. I am now on social security. If you are reading this to form an opinion about purchasing metlife please do yourself and your family a favor don't do it! This company takes great pride in trying to uncover any excuess not to pay you! If you are found to be disabled by a privite doctor or in my case a privite doctor and the va these lovely people make it a point to harras you yearly! They even in my case sent a privite investigator to my home in it's efforts to not pay my claim! This company deserves a 0 raiting and should be investigated by the united states consumer protection agency. Take my advice do not put yourself through this. Being disabled is hard enough without having to put up with this type of harassment from a company you trusted to help you should the unthimksble happen. They suck! I signed this and my number is listed at the bottom should the ceo of metlife like to reach out to me.


Vincent scott turner

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — mis-sale of life insurance

576817 Dear Sir/Madam Policy holder's name: Youssef Serry Mohamed Youssef Serry Life Insurance Policy Number: [protected] (MetLife Egypt) Policy holder's address: 13 Ahmed Nour El Deen...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]metlife disability

MetLife has been running me around denying my claim saying it is due to lake if information from my doctor. My doctor has submitted paperwork multiple times, but they keep denying the paperwork. I had to file an appeal, which they decided to deny as well after giving my doctor 10 days to respond. He was on a month vacation. They seem to think someone should go to work with homicidal and suicidal thoughts. They think that person is good for making leadership and managerial decisions. I have depression and anxiety, that are disabling. They are causing me to have IBS, Virtigo, and nerve problems. This company is what is wrong with this country. I will forever drag there name through the mud, until MetLife Burns to the ground.

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]straight life annuity pension plan monthly payment

This company was recently sued in a class action lawsuit Edward Roycroft vs Metlife, Inc. because they did not take great care in finding people who were due pensions from them. Instead after two letters or so if the person did not contact them, they converted the funds to themselves and they are still doing this. The suit was dismissed. However per an article: "MetLife will pay a $19.75 million settlement following an investigation by the New York State Department of Financial Services connected to the insurer's revelation that it had not paid about 13, 500 participants in its group annuity population over the past 25 years due to insufficient administrative practices." Now I am helping a disabled man try to get his pension from them. They gave him only 90 days which isn't sufficient time to make such a important life decision in how you are going to receive your annuity. The form was sent in after the 90 days but here is the kicker, the amount now they are offering for a monthly pension is now less then half the original amount they offered to begin with. How does that happen with a straight life annuity? Really? Did they just convert more then half his pension to their pockets? This man is disabled and can barely afford rent and food and they are taking more then half his pension away from him in a matter of just three months!!! How does a big company like that expect to get away with outright theft? HOW?

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]dental insurance

I am on a group policy through my employer. My plan covers 4 cleanings a year. It is a PPO that I pay for in addition to my employer's contribution. The wording in the policy says "4 per 12 consecutive months". Apparently, this means that they can go back to a previous year to verify coverage, not the calendar year for which you are paying. In essence, even though I will have only 4 cleanings per calendar year, I will pay for one because of the word "consecutive". Obviously, the dental office does not understand this wording or they would not have scheduled me for a cleaning when they did. Now, I am responsible for a payment for which I thought was covered.

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]disability insurance

I worked for Ibm for 10 years and had a MetLife policy that made me feel secure that if I ever became disabled I would have a monthly income to assist in my living expenses. I have since learned that it is a common practice for Metlife to review your file and deny the first submission because they have further questions and on the second submission which is your final and last time you are allowed to fight for your claim which you deserve they only allow your doctor 10 days to respond and on the 11th day they denied my claim and told me if I still wanted to dispute I would have to take them to civil court. All of my doctors stated this is a common practice with Metlife. My advice to anyone that is unfortunate enough to have a policy with them would be to obtain an attorney at the beginning, trust me you'll be far better off if you do.

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — metlife homeowner insurance claim number jdi26529o9

To whom it may concern: Hello, I'm writing to let you know that on or about 4/17/2019, I called and spoke to Matt Zeis, senior claims manager, in regards to hail damage on my roof...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]horrible death claims administrative experience

Over a year after my father's death MetLife/Brighthouse is still requesting the completion of form after form and not paying out the contractual benefits. None of the policy/ claims numbers are used consistently which complicates matters to no end. It is a clear case of unscrupulous business tactics to delay payouts. During the grieving process, it is the last thing the family should have to deal with. And it is certainly not how the companies describe the claims process when they sell a policy.

Even the lawyers involved can't understand the process and forms. The lawyers have had to make multiple calls some of which they have spent over an hour on the phone trying to have issues clarified. (In any other circumstance, I would question the lawyer's representations, but we are receiving the forms directly and attempting to complete the forms initially. We have also had numerous lengthy calls to the company.)

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]payment not received

My wife had two life insurance policies with MetLife, [protected] and 603205054MS. Both were paid up years ago. I submitted for both in early January 2019. The [protected] was paid in early February. After waiting a week, I contacted your customer service number for status and was told it was in process. I followed up again and was told the check was cut on 5 Feb. So, I waited and then followed up again. I have been directed to several different phone numbers and people with no results. I feel I have been getting the run around and you have lost it. I would like to get paid for #603205054MS.

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — life insurance policy

My great grandmother purchased a life insurance policy on my father at his birth (3/21/1936). He unfortunately passed away in Sept 2018. When I called MetLife regarding the...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — long term disability

576817 Angela Penn Johnson Attachments Claim Number [protected] I have endured a lie after lie by your employees and supervisors. Now you people are lying on my doctors. I hope they...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]auto insurance / billing / misquote

In October 2018 I was quoted a premium of $95.38 every two weeks by payroll deduction, I work for World Travel Holdings we have several group polices through Met Life. My policy started October 10, 2018 and the payroll deduction also. On November 9, 2018 I received a payroll deduction of $131.80 with out notice. I called and was told my marital status changed from married to single, I have never been married a day in my life. I canceled my previous insurance with penalty to go with Met Life because of the faith my employer has in you and I have Dental Insurance through your company also have for 8 years. Met life refuses to knowledge fault or honor my quoted and contractual agreement of $ 95.38 per pay period. I was told " we can't take that kind of loss of over $800.00 for a year. I am supposed to as a consumer take the loss and now have to find new insurance and pay a down payment to a new carrier and pay a this premium also? I can not afford this in such a short amount of time let alone we are at the Holiday Season. I have to choose insurance over my Grandkids gifts? When I did nothing wrong. I want a resolution to this. I have filed a BBB complaint and will continue to file with every outlet available to me until someone within Met Life hears my voice and understands I did nothing wrong I am being penalized for someones else's misdoing.

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]adjuster liar

I have a problem with Metlife insurance because their people hit me and did not replace my car. They denied my claim because they said not enough prove. Please help me how pull out this problem. I told them all my pictures took that he hit me but he already liar that i got changing lane. In fact i already drive my lane 10 minutes if i changed lane my car never stay in between lane like pictures. I took pictures that he still sat down in the car. Please help me to abuse this case! Claim number SLK05785 happen 10-02-2018. My email [protected]

adjuster liar
adjuster liar
adjuster liar

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]my agent cheated us in order to sale life insurance

Li Zhang sold 2 policies to my husband in 2003, then sold 4 policies to me in 2009. For 15 years relationships I found she made a lot of mistook. She hide so many terms in her favors. The policies are not suitable for my financial situation. I fight with her through years, until I am an New York Life insurance agent. I totally understand what's wrong with her. I did file complain to MetLife, but the customer relations office did not resolve any problems.
I really need to contact to the Company Top Management to resolve the problems. If we can not resolve the issues, Li Zhang can continue to cheat clients

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — disability insurance

I have been unable to work for nearly 10 months now and have no income. I have paid MetLife Disability over $60, 000 to help me in a case such as this. I have valid diagnoses and...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]accident claims

Laura Nowick
Claim # SLJ73466
On August 29th while I sat on the beach reading a book my brand new car was totaled along with 2 others by your client who should not have been behind the wheel.

At 2:55 I left the beach and headed for the boardwalk on the other side of the wall at North Hampton beach, it was to be the end of what was a beautiful beach day. As I rounded the corner of the staircase all I could see was blue flashing lights & chaos. As I got closer I realized it was my brand new car in the middle of all the chaos, it was mangled & being taken away. Your client had passed out cold while driving, crossed the center line and drove thru 3 cars starting at my car. He plowed thru them and had they not been there to stop him then he would have killed people/children on the boardwalk or the beach. He later was telling people that he had flatlined 4x's the week before and the police are now in the process of getting his license revoked as he is a danger on the road.
Long story short - I had just made my 2nd car payment and now my car was totaled. I've lost everything my home, my family & now my car. I stood there in shock & disbelief and I knew this would be a nightmare. I now have no car nor do I have a down payment for a new one (lost my 5k down payment), So as a result of your clients reckless decision I am left without a car and no money to get another one. This whole ordeal has been horrible & not to mention the subtle bullying tactics by all involved have left me confused and angry. Now your pulling my rental.!!! You have left me with no means of transportation, I have had to talk to my employer about my possible resignation as a result of this whole ordeal. I'm a hard worker & work 2 physically demanding jobs and I try to always do the right thing. This was handled poorly and I am frantically looking for a lawyer to help me. All I wanted was for you to make this fair and do the right thing but that didn't happen and now I'm left with nothing and honestly I don't know what I am going to do

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]metlife disability insurance

MetLife is completely unresponsive to my emails. Will not respond in one way or another. I have tried to personal work email as well of so called ‘case specialists'. Again no response. In the mean time I am recovering after major surgery and my employer is completely unaware of the fact that I'm not showing up for work, because MetLife has not communicated anything with Sedgwick who is responsible for guaranteeing the FMLA associated with the procedure I had done.
Person responsible for my case is M. Harrison, case specialist at MetLife.

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]customer service / long term care policies

This is in regards to the claim filed for Catherine N LeBlanc (DOB 9/20/28). I would like to let you know how unimpressed I am with your company. A claim was filed for my mother in January of this year. I just found out yesterday that the release of information for my mom's medical records from her primary care office was never received. I was being told by your service rep, Carol Purvis, that she wasn't getting the records she had requested. I'm not sure where she was sending the release to, but it apparently was not to my mom's doctor which begs the question, are your reps instructed to not put any effort into doing what should be their job? She also sent a nurse to my mom's house for an assessment and afterward tells me that 'people have good days and bad days and she can't just rely on the assessment'. If that is the case, then why bother with home assessments at all and why not put a little effort into finding out WHY you are not receiving records? The onus should not be placed on my 89 year old mother, who's on oxygen, can't bathe, cook, or walk across the room by herself, to uncover why records aren't being sent. That's your job! My parents have paid met life thousands of dollars over the years and you people act like you are doing them the favor, when you've done nothing but sell them a bill of goods, and when it comes time for you to make good on the product you have sold them you throw up these ridiculous barriers.
I would also like you to know that I called met life a couple of weeks ago and ended up speaking to "Security". The lady I spoke with, because I did not have my mom's policy # or last 4 digits of her SS # handy, would not put me through to her rep, nor would she give me the # of a supervisor which I asked for, and in the end hung up on me. I tried to explain to her that I was not asking information to be released - I wanted to make a complaint. Your company is allowed to receive information, correct? I believe that call occurred on or around May 2nd.
I've taken it upon myself to secure the appropriate release and have my mom's primary care records sent to her reviewer.
As I said, my parent's have paid thousands of dollars to met life and now in the last years of their life, when they are requesting assistance with care at home, they are met with this. It should not be that hard to process a claim. It should really not be that hard to make a determination for an 89 year old with CHF and Pulmonary Fibrosis. Does MET Life think everyone is lying? My mom is entitled to the coverage whoever sold her this policy told her she would get!
C'mon met life, you can do better than this!

Tami LeBlanc

  • Em
    Emmaline88 Mar 12, 2019

    I would also like to complain about Carol Purvis doing the least amount of leg work possible and complaining about it endlessly. She is a lazy, passive jerk who should be fired. In fact, every person i dealt with there except for Monique was the epitome of incompetence. I tried three times to speak with Purvis's supervisor--she never called me back, of course. Every time I called customer service I got different answers, got disconnected, or got double-talk. Carol Purvis does not know her job. I checked something she said with my eldercare lawyer and he said flat out that she is just wrong. She led me on a fool's errand gathering innumerable documents, then never acknowledging receipt, then never calling me about them, and then finally resurfacing to tell me that the scans someone there made were unreadable! NOT MY PROBLEM!! And on and on with these kinds of stall tactics. My mother paid into this LTC policy for 30 years and came out with NOTHING because the claim rep had no experience dealing with HHAs who are independent contractors. AND ZERO OVERSIGHT BY COMPANY. If I heard one more complaint about how Purvis never dealt with this kind of agency, I would go mad. So now my 94 year-old mother, on the verge of death, cannot even get $50 a day back on home health aides. NEVER will I purchase LTC--MetLife is a scam operation and I am going to the NY Times! I have friends who are reporters...

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MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]hospital indem,

I have a policy with MetLife my certificate number is A0062453. I have called, my benefits department have called and all I keep getting is, we have escalated this issue and are working on fixing it. First they tried to say that I had a low plan so I called my benefits department at RR Donnelley where I work. They called MetLife and gave them the information that they requested. Now they are saying that my policy lapsed in January of 2015. My job sent them the file that they requested and now all I get is the run around.

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — disability claim

This company is so pitiful...first of all it took a week to get the paperwork from them because I could not get into the online account even after they reset the password 3...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]surrender of life insurance policies

I have submitted necessary documents to surrender two life insurance policies I have owned for forty one years. Policy numbers are [protected] and [protected]. This information was submitted approximately thirty days ago. I find it hard to believe a company such as yours can expect to survive in a competitive business society with such poor customer service. I will no longer invest in your company nor make recommendations to friends to invest.

  • Updated by clablac · Mar 25, 2018

    MetLife does not show concern for customer needs. They use a large number of overseas employees who have difficulty communicating clearly using the English language.

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]left off beneficiary

I'll make this brief. My dad passed away in August 2017. No words can even describe my grief. Dad left the three of us kids a life insurance policy through his employer. 2 of us are paid out. They left off my sister. She has the original signed form and was instructed to fax it and she did so to Met Life back on November 30th. Mind you, she is distraught thinking her father had left her out, "what did I do?" "I have been going over everything in my head and we never had a falling out", she is literally analyzing 55 year old relationship with her father. My sister calls to follow up on her inquiry and she was told they had not "looked into it because it was a closed case". Come again? She was then told 5-7 business days, that passed with nothing. She finally hears something from Metlife on December 30th. It had been a clerical error on their part!!! Jan 4th, Met Life calls myself and my other sibling. So we had an oversight and we over paid you. Ok. "you will need to pay us back with INTEREST". Let me get this straight, you [censor] screwed up and you want us to pay you back plus interest!?!?? We are talking about under $2800!!! Sad thing is we are still grieving the loss of our father. She was so beside herself trying to figure out what SHE had did the entire holiday season she could not even morn him. Literally makes me sick when I think about what they did to her and to our family. I would be embarrassed if I were a Board Member of Met Life and supported that type of unethical behavior. You should be paying her out and apologizing. Not dismissing her and coming after us because you screwed up. Can you imagine second guessing your father's love for you? My sister can and she did. Shame on MetLife.

  • Updated by Carol-Lyn Kollar · Jan 05, 2018

    Yeah, an update. I was under the impression that MetLife had contacted my sister to inform her of their findings of a clerical error on their side. NOPE, that would be giving MetLife way too much credit. She found out by us informing her MetLife had contacted US asking for the money and interest. They had NOT called her back to apologize and inform her of their findings. I cannot make this stuff up! Seriously, someone needs to make this right. #MetLifemakeitright

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]home insurance

they terminated my home insurance policy due to a hail storm claim back in 2016 and a little plumbing loss in 2017 they covered only half of my house and said no hail was found on the back side but my whole roof and gutters had damage and when my contractor found damage they refused to send a different claim adjuster I have auto with them and I am dropping them ASAP they are hard to communicate with very unhappy with them

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — business property claim

576817 there is an outstanding claim on this policy being considered to be reported for assistance with the Alabama Department of Insurance Alabama Department of Insurance P O Box...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — fraud committed by metlife denver h1 employee kanchan papneja

Dear Metlife HR Team Greetings of the day. Hope you are doing good. My name is Indeever Arora (Contact No. - +91 -[protected]). I am from India. I got Married to Kanchan Papneja...

Metlife Life Insuranceunethical behavior

To whom may concern,
In June 2016 my dad's wife (at that time) kicked I'm out of their home because she didn't want to deal with his Alzheimers any longer. She told me to get POA and to take over control of his medical and everything pertaining to him. He asked me to change the beneficiary on his life insurance policy he had through AT&T from where he retired and I called and asked them how to do from his wife to myself since I would be dealing with all of his finances and his funeral in the future. I did exactly as they said and changed it online and over the phone swell as sending in a letter written by my dad. He got divorced in October of 2016 and the divorce papers stated that she had no rights to his life insurance. My dad passed away 2 weeks after his divorce was final and his ex wife wrote a letter in stating that she wanted his life insurance and when they denied her claim due to the divorce papers she then wrote a letter in stating that I pressured him into changing the beneficiaries that had been listed back in 1995 when she had him put her daughter and myself as co beneficiaries. Her daughter did not send in a letter contesting the change, but Met Life took it upon them selves to use her letter and paid half of the $21, 000
claim to me and the other half was disputed to the point that I was basically forced to give her more than half of the $10500 that was left. My dad and I had both received a letter before he passed away stating that the beneficiary was changed to myself. I believe that this is totally wrong and cannot believe that I should have received the entire claim as I am the one that paid to take care of him for the last 4 months of his life and I paid for the funeral. I have been told that there is nothing I can do since I was pressured into signing papers to pay her because the attorneys said that it wasn't worth their time to fight this any longer. This just sickens me and I don't believe this is closure for me. I am not sure what if anything I can do. I have a teenage daughter fighting for her life and cannot afford to spend years fighting this when the attorneys believe that it is pointless. Please advise me as to if there is anything I can do.

My Dad's name: Wayne A Fenner
His DOB: 1/26/1942
My name is: Stacey L Lahr (I am the only child Wayne Fenner ever had)
MY DOB is 12/19/1968
The claim number through Fidelity is W404986-21Oct16
The claim through Met Life is : [protected]

Thank You
Stacey Lahr
1236 Tori Trail
Charlotte, MI 48813

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — short term disability

In April 2016, I filed a claim for STD which was approved. The claim was for Stress/Anxiety AND Kidney problems. I lost a kidney in 2014 due to it shutting down. I had 100s of...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]life insurance policy/long term care rider

I have been trying to get clarification on the Long Term Care Rider on my Life Insurance Policy for over a week. Met Life incorrectly sent letters to me last month concerning this policy and I have not been able to get clarification or talk to anyone who can assist me since. Repeated calls have been made to the customer service line with promises that someone will return call to assist me. I have not received a return call in a week. I have called on 7/17, 7/19, 7/20. The Rider on the policy expires on 7/25/17. I tried to call the CEO's office today to complain but apparently the corporate office does not take calls. I am a very disappointed customer of Met Life.

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — overpriced penalty charge

I booked a ticket(eTicket #: [protected], Vendor confirmation NC9C2R; May 24 from ICN to SIN, May 27 from SIN to ICN). But I changed the schedule to May 26 from SIN to...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — short term disability

In July of 2016, I went out on maternity leave after giving birth to identical twin girls. With the help of my human resource manager, all required paperwork was completed and...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] — dental insurance

My son got braces last May and MetLife accidentally paid as primary so the company refunded MetLife all of the money paid and they were supposed to go back and pay as secondary. I...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]auto insurance claims

I was in an accident with a Metlife auto insurance carrier on 5/27/16. I obtained an estimate, as advised to do by MetLife claims adjuster, Wanda Ahrens. After a week without receiving payment I contacted this agent and she had the wrong address because no one thought to verify the correct spelling of the address. She canceled the check and stated that a new one was issued and sent out. When a week went by without payment and I paid out of pocket for repairs, I contacted Wanda and she gave me a date that the check was sent out. After 2 weeks and still no check, I just called today and spoke with another agent who advised that "someone" dropped the ball and a check was never sent out. I am very annoyed with how incompetent these people are and how nonchalant this Wanda Ahrens is because of course it was not her car that was in an accident.

  • De
    dee0602 Jul 07, 2016

    I had an accident in which the person who was totally, 100% at fault, had MetLife. It was over a week before I got anyone to contact me. They have never offered me a rental car. Also, they claim that I am 10% liable because their client lied and said I was a little in the other lane. Even though the pictures show that my vehicle was hit almost squarely in the middle. Their client had a dent in her bumper. There isn't anything I can do unless I want to get a lawyer. I think that is the method to this tactic. They know many people don't have the money or time to invest in getting legal help for 10% of an older car. They didn't care at ll that I was inconvenienced for over a week and by not having a car it ruined one of the days I previously had scheduled for a vacation day. My insurance company said they don't use this tactic to try to cheat people out of a little bit of money. I asked them how they come to the conclusion I was at all liable. They said that the other driver said I was a little past the stop sign. I told them to look at the witness statement. They did and said oh yeah. Let me refer you to so and so. Then I call back to talk to so and so and she come up with the "you were a little over the line" crap. So that proves they are incompetent in making the judgement, which was based on the lie of the client anyway, or else they are making it up. So now it is basically my word against the lying client. It is now July 7th and they sent a check for the amount the assessed the value of my car minus the 10%. There was also some sort of salvage deduction they feel they are entitled to even though I am responsible for the disposing of my now totaled car. Of course they should get money for something that I now have to deal with myself. To top it off I have low back strain from the accident that I am still dealing with. And of course that is dealing with another one of the crackpot adjusters. Needless to say I am not a fan of MetLife and will take any opportunity to tell everyone what a low life, cheating company they are.

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MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]life insurance

MetLife Life Insurance Complaints Department,

My name is Jeffrey Hack and my father William Kenneth Hack, passed away on 11/1/15. He has 2 life insurance policies thru your company. Although claims have been filed on both by my mother-in-law and myself, neither has been processed yet. When we first filed, we were told by a rep over the phone that we could both use the same form, which I made a copy of after receiving it in the mail. Upon filing, I received a letter back saying that I was not listed as a beneficiary. What they did was put both our claims on the same policy which put a hold on it, which I understand. The policy they attached it to was a $60k policy where my mother-in-law is the beneficiary. The problem really was due to there not being a second policy listed for myself. MetLife said United Space Alliance/AON Hewitt only sent them info on 1 policy. I spoke with Hewitt and they resent the data 3 more times before it “appeared” in your system. This tells me there’s a problem with your system and how the information comes through. Now that my policy was finally visible, it was put under review as there are questions. First, I was told that the group and branch number didn’t match with what was on file when the policy was first opened. After Hewitt resent the information again, I was told now the hold was due to my father’s salary verification. I have called every week, some weeks twice to see if there has been an progress. I keep getting the same answer from MetLife reps, “it’s still under review” . I also get that its escalated and that an escalation specialist will call me back. I have yet to receive a call from anyone at MetLife. If it is truly just a question of salary verification, how hard is it to pick up the phone and ask that question directly? You would rather have an email sent and wait for an answer. And when I call again, I’m told you are still waiting to hear back from Hewitt. I just told that today when I called (2/16/16). I immediately called Hewitt and they said they have replied to your emails. They did say that every email asks for something different. One asks for salary, one for the group number, another asks how they calculated the amount, etc. The Hewitt rep even made a comment as to why MetLife doesn’t ask all these questions at once. Good question, don’t you think?
My issue with this whole situation is the total lack of truth, concern or compassion from your reps. I won’t say that your reps outright lie, but they have been deceptive about what the real issue is regarding this situation. And they make promises that they have no intention of honoring, i.e. returning phone calls. As I mentioned before, they say that my issue has been escalated but obviously there isn’t a true escalation process. If this were escalated and put on a rush, I’d really hate to see how long it would take a normal claim to be processed. I first filed on 11/19/15 and here its 2/16/16, 90 days later, a whole lot of headaches and frustration and we’re still at square one.
Another thing that seems totally wrong with your process it that once the second policy was “found”, the hold on my mother-in-law’s claim should have been released. It’s still on hold due to mine and its complications. Why? We only did what we were told and that was to use a copy of the same form to file. We had no knowledge mine was not in the system. My claim should have immediately been “moved” over and hers cleared.
I could go on and on regarding how frustrating this has become. But my probate attorney suggested filing a suit. I did run the whole situation by my father’s attorney form Morgan& Morgan that handled his mesothelioma case. He said if it doesn’t move forward after 120 days, he’ll refer me to their insurance fraud division. I was hoping to avoid that, but now that we are at the 90 days, time is short. Please assist me in getting this matter resolved before I escalate things on my own. Don’t take that as a threat as I’m just explaining what my next step will be if everything can’t be rectified soon.

Thank you,

Jeff Hack

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]auto insurance / roadside assistance

Included in our insurance policy is "MetLife Roadside Assistance". You would assume, this would mean when you're stranded on a road-side, and when you need assistance, MetLife would assist you until your safely off the road. Be aware that what you really get is a representative who places a call to the nearest garage for you, then passes you off to an automated system that calls you called every 20 minutes assuring you that help is on it's way. But it's not. I finally, after two hours sitting stranded, found the number and called the garage myself. Apparently, the garage has no trust in Metlife's Roadside program, and just wanted my credit card before they would come out. Their automated process didn't tell me that part!