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HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services reviews & complaints

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services complaints 54

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - Home Warranty Scam

I purchased the highest tier warranty available from Cinch Home Services, covering appliances and systems, over the phone. I was told my deductible would be $50. I was never sent a copy of the contract, despite calling to request it several times.
The first time I had to call for service, it took TWO MONTHS just to get them to enter a service request.
The next time, we went without heat for over a week in 30 degree weather when our central heater blower motor went out. They couldn't find anyone to do the job, because they treat contractors so poorly (i.e., don't pay them for months after they complete a job, refuse to cover all of what it takes to complete the repair, etc.).
This time, I had a leak under the kitchen sink and the faucet was broken after a super hard freeze. We went without water in the kitchen for THREE WEEKS because 1.) I was dismissed and rudely hung up on repeatedly by outsourced, chauvanistic, foreign men who had no grasp of typical English communication. I'm not talking about an accent. I'm talking about the abject inability to communicate using the English language. 2.) once a service request was actually entered, at 4:00 P.M., and I had paid a $150 (not $50) deductible, they called me 16 hours later at 8:30 A.M. to tell me they couldn't find a provider and I was on my own to find someone to do the repairs, pay that provider myself, and then PRAY that Cinch would reimburse me in two months. 3.) When I refused that "option" and asked to speak to someone about canceling, since they're incapable of servicing my warranty, I was finally transferred to someone who spoke English. I was then outsourced to yet another company, Plus One Solutions, that is somehow TIED to Cinch but also a separate entity, to actually find a service provider. 4.) Plus One Solutions didn't get the memo from Cinch that I had a leak under the sink. They were only authorized to cover the faucet, which was the least of the issues. Their solution was for ME to call Cinch AGAIN to get a work order for the leak. 5.) It took two weeks AFTER a plumber agreed to work "just this once" with Cinch before we had water in the kitchen.
6.) Cinch refused to cover a faucet comparable to the one I had. I have a ceramic sink, with no hole on the side for a sprayer. My sprayer was part of the faucet. The cheapest comparable faucet the plumber could find was way more than the $85 limit Cinch placed on him. The part needed to fix the leak in the plumbing was also more than the $25 limit Cinch placed on him.
I had to pay this plumber $170, on top of the $150 deductible I paid Cinch. There's no point in having a warranty unless they fix the problems, no matter what it costs. I could have just plopped down $320 to get a plumber three weeks before when the problem arose. At least we wouldn't have had to go without water in the kitchen for three weeks.
Don't waste your money.

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - Water heater replacement

Why would anyone ever buy a home warranty with this company? Sure you might save $500 on a new water heater (they don't tell you there is still tons of hidden fee's) but is it worth waiting 2 weeks for a water heater? It has been 7 days since the plumber came out saying I needed a new water heater, they still haven't even ordered it. They let me know they upgraded me to a medical emergency since I have a new born but apparently that means nothing... Meanwhile I still have no hot water, "the water heater is in research" but they can't tell me when it will be out, after its out it still will take 2 days to arrive or more, then the plumber has to get me on their schedule. How can places like this still operate. Someone should shut them down. I have to decide now do I go ahead and hire someone to come out and install a water heater or do I continue to wait to see if I can save the $500.

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - home warranty service

Summary: I put in a claim for furnace service. HMS sent a guy to my house who demanded $600 in repairs. The actual problem (wrong filter) cost $2 to fix. HMS then REFUSED to return my calls about...

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HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - everything, customer service, payment on warranty claims

The company gives you a run around when trying to speak with someone and have left us without heat for over 2 weeks in a WV winter. We purchased a home warranty and have made 2 seperate claims. The...

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HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - failure to notify the broker (me) of the enrollment

I worked for HMS and owned stock in the company in 1986, 87 and I think 1988.
Today I saw the public ratings of one star for HMS. Instead of five stars, perhaps the rating company should offer 10 stars so that the public can more closely define the service to be even closer to the bottom.
Well, I listed 908 Chelmsford Court Va Beach, Va. on September 24, 2019 and sent the paperwork in on the same day. I called today to see if the warranty was ever received.
Yes, it was received, but it didn't matter that the I failed to receive confirmation. I don't know who Cinch Home Services is, but I'm looking elsewhere from now on for a warranty company.

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - warranty claim

I've been paying into the service for over 4 years now and when I needed to file a claim, they don't really come through like you expect. Read the fine print! First, my dryer went out and they sent a company to repair it. After several days of not getting a response from the repair company after telling us parts needed ordered, I called HMS and they said they would just get me a new one. I thought that was great, but what they offered was a basic dryer with the same features, but it didn't match my washer or the brand I had. I was then offered a much lesser cash amount to buy my own and still needed to spend over $300 ($400 with deductible) to get a comparable unit.

Fast forward a few months and my furnace goes out. 2 days later, the service company comes out and says 2-3 days for parts. At 4 days, I call and was told the part is back ordered and it would be 2-3 more weeks. Meanwhile, I have no heat. When I asked for some other option, they told me that their supplier couldn't get the part and I would just have to wait. I asked for a replacement and they said, "under no circumstances". I found the part for next day delivery and then they wouldn't buy it from that supplier. They again offered me a very small amount of money to handle it myself. I could have covered it for that amount, but they wouldn't return the deductible that I already paid.

In the end, my options were to wait 2-3 weeks without heat to have them take care of this under warranty, or come out of pocket another $100+ to get it taken care of inside of a week.

They make you go through a huge menu of options over the phone and don't offer any email or chat options to get through sooner. I spoke to no less than 6 reps. Most spoke broken English and you could hear phones ringing in the background. Always a promise for a supervisor to call you back, but no one ever does...

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - home warranty

My hot water heater broke on a Saturday. Called monday morning, was told they could not find a service provider but would have service department locate one and contact me asap. THey escalated situation as I have a one-year old at home. 1pm, no call. I called again, was switched to membership services after a tech told me she could only locate service providers in state of texas ( I live in PA). Membership transferred me back to customer service, stating they dont handle claims. Customer service then escalated to emergency said I would receive a call within 24 hours. 24 hours later, no call. Called in am, asked to speak to supervisor. Was told one was not available until 9am. Called at 9am and asked to speak to supervisor, was told the customer service elevated and I would receive a call from service tech in 2 hours, that he had went through with his supervisor. 3 hours later no call. Called again asked to speak to supervisor, was placed on hold and when line picked up was back with my old friends membership services who again stated they had no part of claims process and transferred me back to customer service. Asked to speak to supervisor, placed me on hold again. Then line disconnected. I give up. I will just replace the hot water heater myself. This is a total scam. Money wasted. I will also be contacting my realtor and advise that their company break all ties with this company as it reflects poorly on them.

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - unsolicited calls from them under multiple caller ids from the same phone number

They call daily never leave a message, we do not pick up bozo phone calls.
calls started with the caller ID Cross Country, Changed to Cinch Home Services just came up under TotalProtect. [protected] to my knowledge we have no business with them. Have caller id, nomorobo and a call blocking device on the phone. They lead me to believe that they are not a legitimate company but are some sort of scammer or phisher for information trying to steal your money.

Update by Meren
Sep 09, 2019

I complained to them directly about the calls to stop calling and they keep calling under the same number just a different caller id.

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - gas water heater

Our issue with HMS Home Warranty began August 1, 2019 when our water heater leaked. After 13 days of boiling water on the stove for hygiene, we had enough and replaced it at our cost. I cancelled the agreement right away. Because they ordered a water heater for us under our claim, we are to be charged $559.90 for the remainder of our contract. If they ordered it, they can cancell it. HMS says no. Where is this water heater I'm paying for? I don't have it. Anyway, there are things we all can do to make their lives miserable as they made ours. I filed with BBB, state attorney general for consumer affairs, and will file with state insurance agency. I will be a loud, squeaky wheel until I receive some degree of satisfaction from them. Looking into other options as well.

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - terrible warranty provider

Go with another company. My hot water tank broke called to submit a claim told them I have 4 kids and that need it fixed asap. Was told I would be bumped to emergency dispatch and received no response from this company in 3 days. Finally had to break down and buy and install one myself. This is a fraud if you ask me. Happy to sell you a warranty for 500 dollars or money and laugh at you when you call to file a claim and you end up paying for it yourself. PUT THIS COMPANY OUT OF BUSINESS. Buy a warranty from a company with good reviews that will actually care about hour issue and handle their obligation to provide you with reasonable service

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - all service

Good Morning, I am reaching out to you hoping that you can help us with our situation. We called HMS warranty company to help fix our hot water heater on June 19th. They were very nice on the phone...

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HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - coverage

Do not get a contract with hms home warranty. I've had small issues with them in the past, but let it slide. They are now telling me that I have to coordinate and pay a plumber out of pocket to disconnect and move my water heater, schedule with the hvac repair (which is the only part they cover), then get back in touch with a plumber to have them put the water heater back in place and hooked up. This is because they don't cover access to the covered device. I would be more understanding if they had the current water heater installed in its current location. They won't even cover me spending an extra deductible for the plumber because the water heater is working properly.

They are telling me that I need to pay money to spend a week without hot water so they can repair a system they don't have access to - because they put the water heater in the way.

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - warranty services

I have a Home Warranty with HMS. A week ago Friday my heating system went down due to a malfunctioning Inducer Motor. I contacted HMS online and found out they would not be able to get their...

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HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - home warranty coverage - emergency customer service - no heat 18 degrees - would not send someone; I wasn't allowed to call someone; told "oh well."

On Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019, we had a power outage and our thermostat on our TRANE HVAC system went blank. We reset the breakers, but it would not turn on. The system was on, but would not provide heat...

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HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - service not provided by company hired by hms

On Friday, Nov. 30, I contacted HMS because my daughter's furnace quit working. They set me up with a company called Comfort Zone Heating and Air in Toledo. I was asked to call this company to...

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HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - warranty/customer service

In July of 2018, as a part of my home purchase, I obtained a home warranty agreement with HMS Home Warranty. During the first week of October I started have problems with my side-by-side...

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HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - failure to provide purchased services

My HVAC claim was initiated in May and is still not resolved. My home has been without air conditioning all summer and now without heat as temperatures dip below freezing. I have taken 3 days off work to wait for a HMS Home Warranty service provider that never showed up. I've spent a week attempting to resolve the issue on the phone but can never reach an individual authorized to make a decision. I have been promised a call from "authorizations" and have never gotten one (even though there is a need to verify my contact information even though I've called every day for a week). I don't know what HMS Home Warranty considers an appropriate response time but it appears they are attempting to wait out the clock until my warranty expires. It also appears the business model is to frustrate customers until they are fatigued and find another solution to the problem. I do not recommend this company.

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - claims

I have been with this company for 4 years. I rarely use the services and when I finally do for my range oven it has been useless. Normally when I buy any major appliance I get the store warranty thi...

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HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - poor service - little to no coverage

I am beyond frustrated with this company. I had submitted a claim more than 3 weeks ago and the end result was it being denied. The first service tech that they sent out assessed the issue and...

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HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services - air conditioner

I have been without air for almost 2 weeks, the hottest month of the year. I called hms, placed the claim, told them my thermostat is reading 87 degrees, the soonest they could get someone out wa...

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