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HMS Home Warranty — home warranty service

36532 Summary: I put in a claim for furnace service. HMS sent a guy to my house who demanded $600 in repairs. The actual problem (wrong filter) cost $2 to fix. HMS then REFUSED to...

everything, customer service, payment on warranty claims

The company gives you a run around when trying to speak with someone and have left us without heat for over 2 weeks in a WV winter. We purchased a home warranty and have made 2 seperate claims. The first they refused and would not send a technician out. On 12/17/2019, we woke to a smoke filled home and fire alarms. Luckily, the home was not on fire, but our heating unit had burned out/over heated/something. My husband, Charles Thornton, contacted Cinch to make a claim. They were supposed to find a technician and have them contact us. They did not. When we were finally able to speak with someone, we were informed that we needed to locate a repairman. We did so and on 12/20/2019 a technician came out. The repairman condemned the unit and informed us it was unsafe to use due to carbon monoxide danger and a potential fire hazard. He then contacted Cinch and gave his estimate, but they told him his estimate was too high and that they would contact us with further instructions. The did contact us that day, but indicated that they would find a company to send to us and someone would call us back with that information within 48 hours. They did not call us back. On 12/23/2019, I contacted them and they gave me a number for a company. At this time, we had been without heat for 1 week in December in West Virginia. It was cold. I contacted the company that they identified and the company could not come out until today, 12/30/2019. This would put us without heat for 2 weeks. I called Cinch back and complained that the company they identified could not come out until the following Monday and we were without heat. The gentleman, Ronald, apologized for any "inconvenience". I expressed that in my opinion having heat in the winter was a necessity and not just a convenience. At that point, I requested to speak to a supervisor and was told he could not do that and one would call me with 24 hours. He also stated that he would try to find another company and have them contact us. After 24 hours, which would now make it Christmas Eve, no one had contacted us again. We called back and was given the run around and hung up on multiple times. We finally was able to speak to a supervisor, Kiana, and she provided us with the name of yet another company to contact. We contacted that company and was told that the would not be able to have someone come out until after the New Year. We again contacted Cinch. At that point, we requested that they provide an alternative to us staying in a cold home for another week and were told that it wasn't in our policy. We asked for a copy of our policy, as we never received one and they indicated that they would email one. Today, 2 weeks after our initial claim a company came out and evaluated the heating unit. When he turned the heating unit back on, our house filled with smoke again. The technician insisted that he could safely repair the heat, but could not make any guarantees about air conditioning and our unit is a two in one unit. He then went out to call his report in and he came in and told us our claim had been denied and he shouldn't have even been sent out. He went on to say that he had witnessed Cinch "screwing people over" multiple times and that the company was awful. So, two weeks after our initial claim, we still have no heat and have found out that our claim was denied so it would be our responsibility. We have contacted the company multiple times today and asked for a number to the corporate office and that we wanted our premiums refunded, since this has been an ongoing issue since we purchased the warranty. We have again been hung up on and still have not gotten a number to try to address this issue.

failure to notify the broker (me) of the enrollment

I worked for HMS and owned stock in the company in 1986, 87 and I think 1988.
Today I saw the public ratings of one star for HMS. Instead of five stars, perhaps the rating company should offer 10 stars so that the public can more closely define the service to be even closer to the bottom.
Well, I listed 908 Chelmsford Court Va Beach, Va. on September 24, 2019 and sent the paperwork in on the same day. I called today to see if the warranty was ever received.
Yes, it was received, but it didn't matter that the I failed to receive confirmation. I don't know who Cinch Home Services is, but I'm looking elsewhere from now on for a warranty company.

warranty claim

I've been paying into the service for over 4 years now and when I needed to file a claim, they don't really come through like you expect. Read the fine print! First, my dryer went out and they sent a company to repair it. After several days of not getting a response from the repair company after telling us parts needed ordered, I called HMS and they said they would just get me a new one. I thought that was great, but what they offered was a basic dryer with the same features, but it didn't match my washer or the brand I had. I was then offered a much lesser cash amount to buy my own and still needed to spend over $300 ($400 with deductible) to get a comparable unit.

Fast forward a few months and my furnace goes out. 2 days later, the service company comes out and says 2-3 days for parts. At 4 days, I call and was told the part is back ordered and it would be 2-3 more weeks. Meanwhile, I have no heat. When I asked for some other option, they told me that their supplier couldn't get the part and I would just have to wait. I asked for a replacement and they said, "under no circumstances". I found the part for next day delivery and then they wouldn't buy it from that supplier. They again offered me a very small amount of money to handle it myself. I could have covered it for that amount, but they wouldn't return the deductible that I already paid.

In the end, my options were to wait 2-3 weeks without heat to have them take care of this under warranty, or come out of pocket another $100+ to get it taken care of inside of a week.

They make you go through a huge menu of options over the phone and don't offer any email or chat options to get through sooner. I spoke to no less than 6 reps. Most spoke broken English and you could hear phones ringing in the background. Always a promise for a supervisor to call you back, but no one ever does...

home warranty

My hot water heater broke on a Saturday. Called monday morning, was told they could not find a service provider but would have service department locate one and contact me asap. THey escalated situation as I have a one-year old at home. 1pm, no call. I called again, was switched to membership services after a tech told me she could only locate service providers in state of texas ( I live in PA). Membership transferred me back to customer service, stating they dont handle claims. Customer service then escalated to emergency said I would receive a call within 24 hours. 24 hours later, no call. Called in am, asked to speak to supervisor. Was told one was not available until 9am. Called at 9am and asked to speak to supervisor, was told the customer service elevated and I would receive a call from service tech in 2 hours, that he had went through with his supervisor. 3 hours later no call. Called again asked to speak to supervisor, was placed on hold and when line picked up was back with my old friends membership services who again stated they had no part of claims process and transferred me back to customer service. Asked to speak to supervisor, placed me on hold again. Then line disconnected. I give up. I will just replace the hot water heater myself. This is a total scam. Money wasted. I will also be contacting my realtor and advise that their company break all ties with this company as it reflects poorly on them.

unsolicited calls from them under multiple caller ids from the same phone number

They call daily never leave a message, we do not pick up bozo phone calls.
calls started with the caller ID Cross Country, Changed to Cinch Home Services just came up under TotalProtect. [protected] to my knowledge we have no business with them. Have caller id, nomorobo and a call blocking device on the phone. They lead me to believe that they are not a legitimate company but are some sort of scammer or phisher for information trying to steal your money.

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    I complained to them directly about the calls to stop calling and they keep calling under the same number just a different caller id.

gas water heater

Our issue with HMS Home Warranty began August 1, 2019 when our water heater leaked. After 13 days of boiling water on the stove for hygiene, we had enough and replaced it at our cost. I cancelled the agreement right away. Because they ordered a water heater for us under our claim, we are to be charged $559.90 for the remainder of our contract. If they ordered it, they can cancell it. HMS says no. Where is this water heater I'm paying for? I don't have it. Anyway, there are things we all can do to make their lives miserable as they made ours. I filed with BBB, state attorney general for consumer affairs, and will file with state insurance agency. I will be a loud, squeaky wheel until I receive some degree of satisfaction from them. Looking into other options as well.

terrible warranty provider

Go with another company. My hot water tank broke called to submit a claim told them I have 4 kids and that need it fixed asap. Was told I would be bumped to emergency dispatch and received no response from this company in 3 days. Finally had to break down and buy and install one myself. This is a fraud if you ask me. Happy to sell you a warranty for 500 dollars or money and laugh at you when you call to file a claim and you end up paying for it yourself. PUT THIS COMPANY OUT OF BUSINESS. Buy a warranty from a company with good reviews that will actually care about hour issue and handle their obligation to provide you with reasonable service

all service

Good Morning, I am reaching out to you hoping that you can help us with our situation. We called HMS warranty company to help fix our hot water heater on June 19th. They were...


Do not get a contract with hms home warranty. I've had small issues with them in the past, but let it slide. They are now telling me that I have to coordinate and pay a plumber out of pocket to disconnect and move my water heater, schedule with the hvac repair (which is the only part they cover), then get back in touch with a plumber to have them put the water heater back in place and hooked up. This is because they don't cover access to the covered device. I would be more understanding if they had the current water heater installed in its current location. They won't even cover me spending an extra deductible for the plumber because the water heater is working properly.

They are telling me that I need to pay money to spend a week without hot water so they can repair a system they don't have access to - because they put the water heater in the way.

warranty services

I have a Home Warranty with HMS. A week ago Friday my heating system went down due to a malfunctioning Inducer Motor. I contacted HMS online and found out they would not be able to get their contractor out here until the following Monday. A whole weekend without heat in the middle of winter with temps in the 20s and 30s. I contacted a local HVAC contractor who was able to come out on Saturday and locate the problem. The inducer motor was malfunctioning and blew a fuse on the circuit board. He replaced the fuse they system started up and blew the fuse again. He turned off all the power to the furnace and waited several minutes before restarting the system. The Inducer motor restarted and ran for several minutes before shutting down again. After several more tries the system came back up but continues to malfunction and shut down. In Inducer Motor is a component that vents toxic gases up the flue so your home doesn't fill with Carbon Monoxide. The furnace WILL NOT run if this motor is not working. I filed a claim with HMS who sent their contractor out on Monday and he verified that the Inducer Motor was malfunctioning. However HMS denied the claim. HMS says that until this component fails completely they will not repair or replace it. This doesn't make much sense when it is the middle of winter to have a heating system completely fail before doing something to prevent it. In addition they advised me that when it does fail I will need to file another claim so they can send out another contractor to verify this and I will be charged another $125 deductible fee. Not much common sense here.

home warranty coverage - emergency customer service - no heat 18 degrees - would not send someone; I wasn't allowed to call someone; told "oh well."

On Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019, we had a power outage and our thermostat on our TRANE HVAC system went blank. We reset the breakers, but it would not turn on. The system was on, but...

service not provided by company hired by hms

On Friday, Nov. 30, I contacted HMS because my daughter's furnace quit working. They set me up with a company called Comfort Zone Heating and Air in Toledo. I was asked to call this company to confirm the service date. It was late Friday, so I got the company's answering service. I was told someone would call me back Saturday morning, and that they opened at 7:30. I waited until almost 8:30 am and called again. I still got the answering service and was told again that she would ask someone to call. I called two more times on Saturday and no one called back. HMS showed on my info that Comfort Zone was scheduled to come on Sunday between 9 and 5. No one showed up. I called HMS Sunday evening to complain. He called Comfort Zone and was told they didn't work on Sundays! My daughter and family had at that point been without heat for two nights, and they were now going to have to wait another night. I told the rep to cancel with Comfort Zone, which probably wasn't necessary since they obviously weren't going to show anyway! I said we would find someone reputable ourselves to do the work. This was really upsetting, not only for the lack of service but because we paid HMS $443.88 to make sure we would only have to pay the $125 deductible if we needed service. We called a local company this morning (Monday) who has done work on our home before. They were there within an hour to do the work. What good is it to have HMS when the company they hire won't do the work? You should remove Comfort Zone from your list of qualified repair services!

warranty/customer service

In July of 2018, as a part of my home purchase, I obtained a home
warranty agreement with HMS Home Warranty. During the first week
of October I started have problems with my side-by-side refrigerator.
The temperature in the freezer started fluctuating by several degrees.
It got to the point that after 60 degrees I threw out the food.

After contacting HMS, they dispatched A&E (Sears) to make the repair.
On October 5th the tech diagnosed the problem was with the front door
control panel. He also ordered and replacement motor for the ice maker.
After a couple of weeks, the parts arrived. The tech that installed the
parts said that the real problem was the master control board.
Fortunately, he had a control board on the truck. In addition to replacing
the board, he ordered another board and a solenoid for the icemaker.
After restocking my freezer, it went out again. On October 26th, A&E came
out and replaced the board again. Now, as of November 1st, the freezer
is dead again.

Now comes the fun part. I called HMS and was told the soonest I could
get service was the 6th. They then assigned the call to Expert Appliance
Repair and asked that I call them to schedule an appointment. When I
called Expert Appliance [protected], it was answered by an unmonitored
voice mail box. I then called HMS again. After they couldn't reach
the service provider they assigned the call to National Home Alliance
and said they would be here today (November 5) and would contact me to
confirm. Never got a call from them or HMS. I did get a call from
Universal Appliance Service who proceeds to tell me that the soonest
they could get someone here would be November 12th. Not going to work!

I called HMS this evening and after being transferred 3 times over the
course of 45 minutes, I asked to speak to a supervisor. Of course, none
was available. So, I asked for a department manager. I was then hung-up

Needless to say, HMS has no clue on how to do customer service. Their
warranty is worthless. They can't even track who is going to perform
the service. I will do everything in my power to make sure as many
people know about HMS and pitiful service. Don't buy a warranty from

failure to provide purchased services

My HVAC claim was initiated in May and is still not resolved. My home has been without air conditioning all summer and now without heat as temperatures dip below freezing. I have taken 3 days off work to wait for a HMS Home Warranty service provider that never showed up. I've spent a week attempting to resolve the issue on the phone but can never reach an individual authorized to make a decision. I have been promised a call from "authorizations" and have never gotten one (even though there is a need to verify my contact information even though I've called every day for a week). I don't know what HMS Home Warranty considers an appropriate response time but it appears they are attempting to wait out the clock until my warranty expires. It also appears the business model is to frustrate customers until they are fatigued and find another solution to the problem. I do not recommend this company.


I have been with this company for 4 years. I rarely use the services and when I finally do for my range oven it has been useless. Normally when I buy any major appliance I get the...

poor service - little to no coverage

I am beyond frustrated with this company. I had submitted a claim more than 3 weeks ago and the end result was it being denied. The first service tech that they sent out assessed the issue and submitted their paperwork. After we paid the deductible, HMS deemed them unable to properly assess, so they scheduled another tech to come out, which was a no show/no call. The third tech they scheduled did not cover repairs on the model of washing machine that we have, in which HMS was notified of. I constantly got the loop around. I basically called everyday to get an update, each time waiting for more than 25 minutes until reaching customer service. They never noted a single thing on my account even though they said they were doing so because I was constantly told the wrong thing. It wasn't noted until I said that they were not doing their job. The fourth service tech that was sent out submitted an assessment. The claim was denied due to "structural component" requiring replacement, even though the tech said it wasn't a structural component. Authorizations department did not contact me. Every answer I received was from me calling them, not them returning a call. The last call, they told me I could get a second opinion but it wouldn't be covered; however, doing so would be unnecessary since they have people "assessing" the problem on their end that never actually come out. All techs were of THEIR choice, but for some reason they always found some reason to invalidate the assessment. I was even asked to renew my contract with them so that they could better assist me despite the fact that the claim was placed far in advance.

HMS Home Warranty — air conditioner

I have been without air for almost 2 weeks, the hottest month of the year. I called hms, placed the claim, told them my thermostat is reading 87 degrees, the soonest they could...

lack of customer service, unethical behavior, delays, charging me to cancel, no follow through or callbacks

Dealing with HMS was hands down the worst customer service experience I've had in my life!!! My family was without AC for 28 days in the month of June (we were in a heatwave) due...

fixing the a/c unit

Buyer Beware!!! We filed a claim because our 4 yr old A/C unit didn't work when we turned it on for the first time this year since we just moved into this house in Feb 2018. We waited a week for HMS to send out one of their contractors (he has been amazing and gone above and beyond) however HMS has been dragging their feet. After they approved the compressor replacement they have lied to my husband and myself saying that they shipped the part and it was on our contractor to pick up (it wasn't even ordered!). They have tried to blame him multiple times then they tell him they are waiting on us to approve the disposal fee that we were never contacted about. Once that was done they shipped the part to Georgia (we live in Ohio) and then returned the part because it was never picked up!

They refuse to refund our money or waive any fees due the inconvenience of as of last count 3 weeks of no A/C in 90 degree heat. They told us the part was shipped and would arrive by 6/9/18 and as of today it still is not ordered. We have talked to multiple supervisors (Samantha and Jasmine) who hang up on us "to work on the issue". They promise call us back then when we call back to follow up we are told that it is another dept's job to make outgoing calls and they "can't" call us back. No one will take responsibility for finishing our claim. Meanwhile we are still without air in hot and humid conditions. This company is unethical and immoral. Do NOT buy or renew their product!

replacement of air conditioner

The worst company I have ever dealt with. I have a 42 year old air conditioning unit that they are trying to find an [censored] contractor to replace the compressor. Are you kidding??? I have been with no air for 2 weeks while these [censored]S go back and forth with contractors telling them they will not replace a compressor in such an old unit. I have a medical condition that requires me to have air conditioning. Have they made any effort to get this done??? No!!! This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and I will make sure I tell EVERYONE I know-or just happen to come in contact with.

home warranty

This company is a joke !!! a few weeks ago we had an issue with our plumbing. There was a clog that just needed to be snaked. I called thursday evening. The automated system wa...

HMS Home Warranty — a/c replacement

I have a home warranty with HMS (contract [protected]) and I called them on Weds 8/30 because my A/C quit working. An HVAC tech came on Fri morning 9/1 and determined compressor wa...

HMS Home Warranty — very poor service

Filed a claim on 8/12 for washer repair and got the contractor details and scheduled the appointment on 8/16 for 5-8 PM the technician showed up on 9.20 PM and checked and told...

HMS Home Warranty — warranty service

36532 I filed a claim a little over a month after moving into my first home. They were kind & courteous @ first, however I noticed my address was incorrect & asked it be corrected & a...

HMS National Home Warranty, Inc. — avoid at all costs

595401 Run! Don't walk from this company! Avoid at all costs!!! My heating boiler died on november 1. I called hms the same day. They said they could get someone out november 11...

HMS Home Warrantyrefrigerator repair

On October sixteenth 2015 HMS sent a Sears repairman out to fix a tube on the back of my refrigerator that connects to the filter. He cut off an end and reconnected it assuring me the tube was fine and would not break again. On October twenty eighth (12 days later) while I was in Italy I received a call that there was water coming out of my garage. I sent a neighbor in and he shut off the water supply and found my house under three feet of water. Little did I know this was just the beginning of my nightmare! My house had fifty eight thousand dollars damage (mold) and had to be been torn up for three months! When the refrigerator was returned to the kitchen on Friday it no longer turns on. I called HMS and John The Appliance Man came out this morning. He was the only good thing HMS has done so far! He checked my refrigerator and said the mother board was rusty and really could not be sure of what other damage was done because it had been sitting in water. He called HMS and reported it...they said they will not cover the repair or a new refrigerator because they did not approve the initial repair. HMS sent Sears out and it is not my fault that Sears did not get the proper approval to begin with, that is between them and HMS when they come out to the home. They report the repair to be done the home owner is not involved. Now because they sent Sears and Sears did not get approval I do not have a working refrigerator...I have to buy a new one and I have had to try to get through this nightmare. Thank you HMS for sending out the people who destroyed my house...I guess that is what I pay you seventy dollars a month for!

HMS Home Warrantycentral ac unit

HMS policy was purchased by sellers when we purchased our house our broker recommended a home warranty plan.Moved last part of April filed claim on central ac in May had work order after service person came out took two weeks to get approval and parts.Had to call again first part of August compressor not working blowing hot air, no return call after getting confirmation work order number, called again August 18 did not get return call because no service avalible, asked if same company could service ac came out August 19th, no return call when I called they said repairs denied due to coils needed cleaned had to be done before any further steps taken to fix ac.After coils cleaned HMS consider it to be pre existing or lack of prevenative matinence problem refusing to repair or replace after ac being serviced twice without it being claimed as the problem don't understand how it is preexisting BillieHansell 870-540=6261

HMS National/Homegardterrible service - don't use!!

Shortly after moving into our new house the first week of June 2015, our ice maker stopped working. I called HMS to place a claim and a few days later Sears came out to inspect it. They determined a faulty valve caused it to malfunction and would submit the information to HMS. Late July I haven't heard one word from HMS so I decide to call to get an update. The customer service representative told me that HMS had decided that since the valve was no longer available that they have given us the option to replace the refrigerator. They gave me Monogram 42" Stainless Steel (model # ZISS420DHSS) and told me to review it on to see if it suited our needs. I reviewed it and called HMS back to say that it was acceptable and to proceed with replacement. 2 days passed and I called to get an update. To my surprise I was then told that my claim was reviewed further and the decision to replace it was an error and that it was being denied due to being a "pre-existing condition." The brochure we were given at closing shows that unknown pre-existing conditions are covered so go figure. The supervisor I spoke to was not helpful and refused to investigate my claim and honor their promise to replace my refrigerator. I have filed complaints with the BBB, the Ohio Attorney General's office and am about to contact local media. If you are thinking about buying an HMS warranty think again. You will get the run around and will never get any large appliance repaired or replaced. Stay away from this company!!

HMS Home Warranty — misleading warranty coverage

I recently had to file a claim for my home warranty on my heater. The service tech came out and had to order a part. The part took 4 days to come in. Then I was called back by the...

HMS National Home Warranty — service is horrible

This home warranty was useless. In June of 2014 I requested service. First they sent a company that didn't service my type of AC unit. Next they sent a company rep. that...

HMS Home Warrantydoes not honor warranty

My Maytag dishwasher needed to be replaced and HMS offered us a Hotspot brand dishwasher with "comparable features.” This brand is GE's not for retail line of appliances.

Home Depot and Lowes won't sell them in the stores because of poor quality. When I complained I was offered $321 replacement value for my Maytag dishwasher with multiple nice features. I couldn't find one with comparable features for under $650 not to mention delivery and instillation another $150..

HMS’s rational was they were offering a comparable product… BS.

This is my first year with HMS and would NOT recommend it to anyone.

My other home had AHS for 15 years and they never replaced our appliances with off market brands. I will not be staying with HMS!

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    hvactech73 Mar 15, 2014

    i know that to be any outright lie madam, ahs is the biggest crooks out there, they offer sub par and generic units

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HMS Home Warrantystay away

My house AC is not working so I called HMS two weeks ago. After 5 days, they gave me an estimate on how much it will cost to fix and my options. I choose to go with HMS to fix the problem:. They promised me to deliver the parts to the contractor's house in 5 days;. 5 days passed, I contact them again and they said that they are going to investigate where the parts are and after I contacted them (they did not reach out to me) again, they told me that it is delayed and the new estimated time would be another 5 days|.

They refuse to give me the reason why it was delayed and gave any assurance the new date will be honored". I am living in the 90s degree for two weeks/. I tried to reach out to the manager who promised to get back to me two days ago:. I have been trying for the last two days and left several messages, still without any call back".

I strongly recommend anyone to find another company for their home warranty.

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    hvactech73 Mar 15, 2014

    get a window unit, are you going to wait for everyone to give you everything in life, pay out of pocket like the rest of us

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HMS Home Warrantyscam

So I purchased a home in early February. Along with the home purchase purchase process, I went with HMS as a home warranty company. What a huge mistake!! The week of May 15th, my AC stopped blowing cool air. I submitted an online claim and was directed to call their designated AC service provider, set up a service call. AC technician arrived at my house and found the problem causing my AC not to function. Apparently a nail had rubbed a hole in our return line somewhere in the wall. No fault of our own, just poorly installed prior to me owning the house. HMS denied our claim aying that the return line is not apart of the AC System. What a crock. You have to have a return line for an AC system to function properly. I went round and round with these scam artists for hours. They would still not honor our warranty. Do not under any circumstances give your money to HMS. If I would have known that I would have saved the money and had money to put towards the out-of-pocket repairs I need to have made to my AC system. When I told them I would send litigation, they female CSR actually laughed and said good luck. Seriously, why are these people still in buisness???

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    hvactech73 Mar 15, 2014

    i love how you think the warranty company should just fix everything under the sun for you "homeowners", get a clue and pay out of pocket like everyone else, i bet you wouldn't ### then

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HMS Home Warrantyheating unit that doesn't heat above 55 degrees

HMW HOme warranty - called when my heating unit is not warming up my house. They said all parts are "working". When below freezing temperatures the unit ran nonstop and the warmest inside is 55 degrees. Theyre guarantee says if item is "unable to perform its designated function" it is repaired/replace. Im quite certain a heating unit that doesn't warm a 1000sf home above 55 degrees and an electric bill is $338 there's a problem. Clearly a scam. I've called the company, emailed, and even sent a picture of 3 different units (condo development) side by side and when all 3 units are running mine is the only one without steam coming out the top and still has ice/snow covering the unit.

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    hvactech73 Mar 15, 2014

    so you want them to replace it all for free, im sure

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HMS Home Warrantybad service

As a single woman with 2 small children in my home, I purchased the HMS warranty when recently purchasing my first home. Their literature is very misleading, I thought I was buying peace of mind, but instead have had nothing but TROUBLE with this company. Heat pump has gone out, paid the $100.00 deductible and finally someone came to look at the unit and said it needed to be replaced. Of course, the claim was denied and after several phone calls from myself and my realtor, I was told I could dispute their denial in writing and would hopefully hear something within 60 days. They GOT me- I can not go without heat for the next 2 months in this 20 degree weather so I will have no choice but to repair this myself, out of my pocket, and then if a miracle should happen and they reverse their denial, the unit has been repaired and they do NOT reimburse for repairs!!! What a SCAM. Very sad and disappointed that a company is allowed to continue to do business like this and take such terrible advantage of people like me. I bought such a warranty just in case something goes wrong, I did not choose the when or why something would go wrong. Now I am out $100.00, am very angry, and know I have been taken advantage of... like thousands of others.. Wish I had read all these bad reviews before purchasing...

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    hvactech73 Mar 15, 2014

    in actuality, if your home inspector would know his head from his you know what, he would have listed that as an item that needed to be replaced, your realtor "should" have the experience to spot these things, so the blame starts way before the warranty company. as a home buyer it is your duty to inspect and make concerns voiced before the sale of the house. sounds like you got dupped way before the warranty company got involved.

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HMS Home Warrantyvery slow process and reimbursement (still pending)

Had a $4, 000 GE Monogram fridge, which came with my just purchased home. After 3 service companies and 5 visits (taking all together 5 weeks), finally HMS offered a replacement (some Maytag) or $2, 000 cash. I took the cash and purchases as requested a new fridge and submitted my invoice incl. claim number. Now we have 4 weeks later and no reimbursement so far. I call in twice a day to find out where my check is. The first line support tells me it was cut 4 weeks ago (Wed) and goes out Friday basically saying the check is in the mail for the last 3 weeks. Lie 1. When I ask for the office of the president they tell me the check was never cut. Now I am at a supervisor and I make her type an email promising to mail that check coming Friday. Guess what - no email arrives. They are always calm, courteous, put you on hold to research the case for 10 min at a time, promise you to take care of you but guess what...nothing happens. You have to call them all the time. I guess they are sitting on your money as long as they can as a SOP. My advice: 1. Don't get home warranty if you have high end items as the company will only replace builder grade. 2. Do get it when your appliances turn 5-7 years old - that is when most appliances first break. 3. Make sure you have a low deductible (ideally less than $100). 4. Go with some other firm than HMS. Judging by what I have seen online, they are one of the worst

  • Hv
    hvactech73 Mar 15, 2014

    they are by far not even close to the worst, try the big dog in the us and you will find the worst. why do you expect everyone to pay your way, pay your own, like the rest of us

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HMS Warrantyclaim denied on a 37 yr old air conditioning unti!

I have a 37 yr old air conditioning unit that has borke down each summer. I have tried not to file a complaint but see if I could get it fixed. This year, I finally filed a complaint. Becasue of a dirty air filter, they are saying it is a lack of maintainence and not due to the unit being 37 years old. The whole reson I bought the warranty 2 or 3 yrs ago was becasue the unit is so old. I cannot control what happened before I bought the house and if they were not going to cover it, they shouldn't have sold me the warranty. They are a joke and I am telling anyone and everyone who asks that they are ridiculous!
I am getting a second opinion today that is independant and contacting a lawyer!

HMS National Home Warrantydo not use this company

This company never calls the repair company. They leave it for you to deal with. They could care less how long you sit without service. They won't cover what you believe is covered under your policy. They'll offer you different options of coverage such as paying disposal fees for hot water heaters or covering only the cost of the hot water heater and sending you a reimbursement check within 2 weeks - you pay for installation. So what did I pay for home warranty coverage for? I've now sat for almost 2 weeks without a hot water heater. No one cares and no one wants to call you back. Even the service repair contractor plumber! Do not use this company! They stink!

  • Te
    Tedly Jan 26, 2013

    Terrible - do not use. We are a property management company and KNOW what service is. We have an owner who bought this service...a nice lady - too bad for her. The renants have a 10 month old baby; we finally just sent out our own repair man and ate the extra charges above what the owner was to pay. Not again though!
    Safe your $450.00
    Imprint Properties, LLC
    google use and see the difference!

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HMS Home Warranty — cover nothing

We bought a foreclosed home in '08. Our title company, Key Title of Reston, Va., added HMS home insurance into our closing paper the last minute when we closed the house. The...