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HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services Complaints & Reviews

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services / service not provided by company hired by hms

Soose on Dec 3, 2018

On Friday, Nov. 30, I contacted HMS because my daughter's furnace quit working. They set me up with a company called Comfort Zone Heating and Air in Toledo. I was asked to call this company to confirm the service date. It was late Friday, so I got the company's answering service. I wa...

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services / warranty/customer service

Harold Coyle on Nov 5, 2018

In July of 2018, as a part of my home purchase, I obtained a home warranty agreement with HMS Home Warranty. During the first week of October I started have problems with my side-by-side refrigerator. The temperature in the freezer started fluctuating by several degrees. It got to the point...

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services / failure to provide purchased services

RobertLG on Oct 24, 2018

My HVAC claim was initiated in May and is still not resolved. My home has been without air conditioning all summer and now without heat as temperatures dip below freezing. I have taken 3 days off work to wait for a HMS Home Warranty service provider that never showed up. I've spent a week...

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services / claims

CieraR on Oct 17, 2018

I have been with this company for 4 years. I rarely use the services and when I finally do for my range oven it has been useless. Normally when I buy any major appliance I get the store warranty this time I didn't because I read it would be covered under my home warranty. Of course 7...

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services / poor service - little to no coverage

Kathy P. on Oct 6, 2018

I am beyond frustrated with this company. I had submitted a claim more than 3 weeks ago and the end result was it being denied. The first service tech that they sent out assessed the issue and submitted their paperwork. After we paid the deductible, HMS deemed them unable to properly...

HMS Home Warranty / air conditioner

Golden116 on Aug 13, 2018

I have been without air for almost 2 weeks, the hottest month of the year. I called hms, placed the claim, told them my thermostat is reading 87 degrees, the soonest they could get someone out was tuesday (4 days later)!! Since I didn't have a choice, I suffered. The contractor came out...

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services / lack of customer service, unethical behavior, delays, charging me to cancel, no follow through or callbacks

Leslie Umami on Jul 26, 2018

Dealing with HMS was hands down the worst customer service experience I've had in my life!!! My family was without AC for 28 days in the month of June (we were in a heatwave) due to their delays, negligence, bold face lies and horrible customer service. (but of course they continued to...

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services / fixing the a/c unit

Melissa & Brian on Jun 13, 2018

Buyer Beware!!! We filed a claim because our 4 yr old A/C unit didn't work when we turned it on for the first time this year since we just moved into this house in Feb 2018. We waited a week for HMS to send out one of their contractors (he has been amazing and gone above and beyond...

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services / replacement of air conditioner

Amy Bever on Jun 10, 2018

The worst company I have ever dealt with. I have a 42 year old air conditioning unit that they are trying to find an [censored] contractor to replace the compressor. Are you kidding??? I have been with no air for 2 weeks while these [censored]S go back and forth with contractors telling...

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services / home warranty

PamMatson on Feb 12, 2018

This company is a joke !!! a few weeks ago we had an issue with our plumbing. There was a clog that just needed to be snaked. I called thursday evening. The automated system was so bad that i could not understand what the order # was which you need for the company that they assign you. We...

HMS Home Warranty / a/c replacement

Robert Kreiling on Sep 5, 2017

I have a home warranty with HMS (contract 93131081) and I called them on Weds 8/30 because my A/C quit working. An HVAC tech came on Fri morning 9/1 and determined compressor was shot. I called HMS at 12:30 in the afternoon on Friday and gave them my authorization to have the unit...

HMS Home Warranty / very poor service

Samy17 on Aug 26, 2017

Filed a claim on 8/12 for washer repair and got the contractor details and scheduled the appointment on 8/16 for 5-8 PM the technician showed up on 9.20 PM and checked and told there is a problem with drainage and they have to order the parts and will call you to schedule an appointment...

HMS Home Warranty / Warranty service

Sharon Haupt on Dec 29, 2016

I filed a claim a little over a month after moving into my first home. They were kind & courteous @ first, however I noticed my address was incorrect & asked it be corrected & a claim was filed & I was assured the zip code & city & state had been updated prior to my claim being entered...

HMS National Home Warranty, Inc. / Avoid at all costs

Kevin Ott on Dec 18, 2016

Run! Don't walk from this company! Avoid at all costs!!! My heating boiler died on november 1. I called hms the same day. They said they could get someone out november 11. The weather turned cold on the 5th so I called the 6th and they did get someone out on tuesday the 8th (I had to...

HMS Home Warranty / Refrigerator Repair

Anne-Marie9556 on Jan 19, 2016

On October sixteenth 2015 HMS sent a Sears repairman out to fix a tube on the back of my refrigerator that connects to the filter. He cut off an end and reconnected it assuring me the tube was fine and would not break again. On October twenty eighth (12 days later) while I was in Italy I...

HMS Home Warranty / Central AC Unit

Reviewer80795 on Sep 1, 2015

HMS policy was purchased by sellers when we purchased our house our broker recommended a home warranty plan.Moved last part of April filed claim on central ac in May had work order after service person came out took two weeks to get approval and parts.Had to call again first part of August...

HMS National/Homegard / Terrible service - don't use!!

Jeremy A on Jul 31, 2015

Shortly after moving into our new house the first week of June 2015, our ice maker stopped working. I called HMS to place a claim and a few days later Sears came out to inspect it. They determined a faulty valve caused it to malfunction and would submit the information to HMS. Late July I...

HMS Home Warranty / Misleading warranty coverage

jeannem18 on Jan 28, 2015

I recently had to file a claim for my home warranty on my heater. The service tech came out and had to order a part. The part took 4 days to come in. Then I was called back by the heating company and told my warranty (which I pay almost 500 a year for) will not cover the digital...

HMS National Home Warranty / Service is Horrible

Stephanie R. Robinson on Oct 3, 2014

This home warranty was useless. In June of 2014 I requested service. First they sent a company that didn't service my type of AC unit. Next they sent a company rep. that didn't know how to get the filter off the unit, even though the technician said they worked on these type of...

HMS Home Warranty / does not honor warranty

Pissed off Customer too on Jun 30, 2013

My Maytag dishwasher needed to be replaced and HMS offered us a Hotspot brand dishwasher with "comparable features.” This brand is GE's not for retail line of appliances. Home Depot and Lowes won't sell them in the stores because of poor quality. When I complained I wa...