MetLife Dentalcoverage denied

N Feb 12, 2014 Review updated:

Ridiculous, incompetent, 3rd rate insurance. Paid for option 2 (Metlife put me in option 1) . Dentist submitted pre - approval for a crown 3 times. 2 times it was denied stating that my coverage did not cover crowns. Finally, metlife rep called dental office and said, "yes, the crown was covered". Apparently, metlife is well - known for denying coverage till coverage elapses. When dentist got verbal approval (Per their office records) we scheduled to have the crown installed. Since it was past the periods that it was being denied they now say i owe them $263. I did not pay another $135 for another month's coverage, would you? Every bit of this nightmare is documented with times, names, recordings, letters, anything you can think of.
If you want turmoil in your life then contact metlife.


  •   Feb 12, 2014

    Dental insurance is usually not worth it. Even if you need alot of dental work, there is usually a yearly cap on the payout, etc. making it likely you will pay more in monthly premiums than you would get out of it. Save your money and pay the dentist direct.

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