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MetLife - metlife dental claim denial

I was shocked to learn that MetLife dental denied a claim to provide coverage for the dentures my wife ordered from her dentist, who is a member of MetLife's Preferred Dentist Program. I enrolled in OPERS MetLife Dental High Option Plan, which is supposed to provide the most coverage to my spouse and I (I'm a State of Ohio retiree) and 50 percent of Preferred Dentist Program fee for dentures. When I was informed by the Dentist office that MetLife would not pay for the dentures my wife ordered, I called up MetLife and talked to one of their customer service representatives, who told me that MetLife had a "missing tooth exclusion/prior loss clause", which she said means that MetLife can deny my wife's claim. I am filing a complaint since I was provided with information that MetLife provided 50 percent of Preferred Dentist Program Fee for dentures. I am also very unhappy with the way that MetLife's representative talked to me. She told me that I should have "educated myself" more about the plan. I am going through the process to appeal MetLife's denial of my wife's denture claim. I am very dissatisfied with the dental plan coverage from MetLifeative, and I wish I had not done business with MetLife.

Instead of MetLife using Snoopy for advertising they should use this

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MetLife - terrible customer service

Bad customer service. The complaint department do not have an e-mail you can e-mail them. Everything is operated at turtle speed... Slowwwwwwwwwwwwww. Metlife does not seem to care about patient health. When I called the complaint department, all I get is an answer machine. I think the answer machine does all the work for customer service department. I cannot get a hold of anyone there when I used my cell phone to call this long distant number : [protected]. Does anybody have the same problem?

Espri dental are a bunch of thieves and Dr Marsha is a thieve they need to pay ...

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MetLife - claim denial

I was driving in center lane in 75 service road. My lane would go straight or turn left but the guy on my left hand side was in left lane only lane. After we both stopped at red light the guy on my...

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MetLife - employee on long term disability

I have been on MetLife Disability due to my inability to work for the past 5 years. MetLife has provided medical coverage for me and my spouse during that time, with my coverage cost. My payments from MetLife have been My Benefit Less My social security Benefit, less my health care costs and less taxes (both state and federal).

I received a letter in October letting me know that as of June 30, 2013 they will not provide health care support and will charge me 100% of their total cost plus a 2% administrative fee. This will require me to pay for a Medicare supplement plan and for my 60 year-old-spouse to obtain individual insurance. Don't ever believe anything this company says - they would rather pay for a stadium name than support disabled employees. They should have a slogan - MetLife - we REALLY DON'T care.

I have been disabled for five years. While I am on Medicare and will only have to purchase a Medicare supplement plan, I have been covering my husband under group coverage. He is 60 years old, and MetLife's decision to cancel insurance for disabled employees will require us to purchase individual insurance until he is Medicare eligible. Adding insult to injury, is MetLife is making the change mid-year. This means that unless we pick up the MetLife costs of our current insurance + the totally insulting 2% override, we will have to satisfy deductibles with two carriers, thus adding to our already high medical costs for this year. Had MetLife given us more than a month or so notice, we would have been able to at least have a single coverage for the full year.

These people are inhumane - insensitive - and just plain mean to its disabled workforce. When I first went on disability I spoke with a person related to the health care coverage once disabled. When I asked if the company will provide group coverage until both my husband and I reached Medicare age, she said (naively) "MetLife would never cancel coverage for its disabled, it is a responsible company and would not abandon them." HAH! how little she knew.

Most insurers follow this same protocol. It is really unfair to sick, disabled employees.

Same situation here in Rhode Island...wondering if there is any recourse to force Metlife from NOT doing this to sick employees! I have a college student dependant who needs my healthcare coverage along with the fact that since we are already sick, no insurance company wants us and say goodbye to the life insurance benefits because if we have to transfer to a "customer" policy rather than an employee policy then we will get denied due to our disabilities...gotta love Metlife after 18 years of service! Any lawyers on this board that can help us all over the country??

MetLife - non payment of benefits

About ten years ago I was working as a systems analyst for a company in Louisville, KY. I had opted for the short term disability insurance offered by Met Life. During that time, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and anorexia. I was out on short term disability for 3 months and was supposed to have been paid disability benefits accordingly, which at the time, was over $10, 000. I only received one check for the first 2 weeks. I kept my appointments with the psychiatrist which is what I was told to do. I informed the human resources director and she said that she would look into it. As luck would have it, the company I worked for dissolved within two weeks of my return. To be perfectly honest, I was not in the proper mind set at the time to deal with insurance issues. Do I have any leverage now to somehow recoup what I am owed by Met Life?

MetLife - I despise this company

I'm back Joseph Armstrong, yes I despise Met Life I was working for the Navy Exchange System for 29 yrs and unfortunately I enroll in into Met Life, LTD and I wish I never did, now I try to warn my...

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MetLife - customer disservice

I telephoned and e-mailed complaints to Customer Service and got nothing but run-arounds. Each rep would tell me to call or contact someone else. There were 3 phone calls and 7 e-letters. Does anyone have any leads to a real response from them?

Aug 13, 2012

It'd be nice to know WHAT your complaints actually were.

MetLife - bad faith, fraud

Metlife Disability...The Worst of The Worst When I opted to participate in the Metlife Long Term Disability benefit through my job, I really felt like it was the right thing to do. The...

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MetLife - short term disability

Metlife short term disability is scam I have been reading all kinds of similar complaints just like mine. Where there are constantly asking you to have doctor send in more information about your medical condition etc. Stating that insufficient information was sent by your doctor to support cause for your claim etc I could go on forever with this ###!! Biggest thing that pisses me off is that several people from my employer take time off work for plastic surgery (unecessary procedures purely cosmetic) (gastro by pass surgery sometimes necessary) yet their claims are approved paid by Metlife yet others like me keep getting the run around three months plus I have been going back and forth with them I am at the end of my rope here .. I have finally decided to go thru lawyer services friend of mine had same issue with metlife same ### she finally received payment from metlife. My doctor has been so patient and sending in whatever they have requested and even calls in to expedite process yet I get same crap. I read a post which said representatives and company get bonuses for not approving claims to me sounds like its true. Open enrollment I am cancelling metlife short term. life insurance, dental insurance .. loved snoopy in past now cant even stand stupid dog. i also get a feeling that some metlife representatives are sincere they are just doing a job I had few tell me to keep sending any and all information they are requesting and not to stop or give up pretty ironic if you ask me they must know something we dont.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MetLife - renters insurance

I filed a insurance claI'm after having a bridal my house n stole a lot of my property and they sent an investigator out at my house i provided all information they needed pictured receipts and all and they never paid me and said my claI'm was a fraud but never filed charges against me and later said they wouldn't pay me because they couldn't come to conclusion of what really happened to my items never use met life for anything they find every excuse not pay you and I'm waiting on court because i filed claI'm against them..

Please let me know what language that is written in so I can get it translated to English for the rest of the users of this site.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MetLife - incompetence, harassment, dishonesty

I cannot even begin to describe the hell that Metlife has put me through. Last week I yelled at 3 different Metlife reps on the phone. I am not a yelling person. But I got calls from 3 different reps regarding my LTD claim and account. They were either asking for paperwork that they already had or telling me that I've been overpaid and need to send them money. Not one of them knew that the other had called or that I had in the week previous received two separates letters (from two separate Metlife reps) asking for paperwork (already submitted and acknowledged) or overpayment info. The fellow I spoke with from their customer service center in India was by far the best. When he couldn't handle the particulars of my account/claim because it wasn't in his "script", he just started lying. I doubt he'll be calling again. I taught him a whole new vocabulary.
I figured out what they do. They just wear you down so you will go away. Eff that. I'm seeing a lawyer and if I have a case, I don't care if I don't get a cent from it. I just want Metlife to be hassled and inconvenienced. If I don't have a case, so be it. But I will be telling my story anywhere on the internet that will hear it.
People, we have to stand up to these bullies and crooks. This just isn't right.


MetLife - surrender value

Policy No: [protected]
Policy started in: December 2006
Policy surrendered in: June 2012
Policy yearly EMI: Rs.6400
Policy total money paid: Rs.38400
Policy surrender value: Rs.9600 (25%)
Money lost: Rs.28800 (75%)
Metlife email ref# [protected]


This is to inform or advise or warn people who are planning to invest in Metlife India. The surrender value that Metlife charges is 70% of the total premiums paid. I got this confirmed from Metlife email support but the same is not mentioned while you take up the policy, the terms and conditions does not mention the number 70% as a loss if we surrender before maturity.

Below is the email that I received from Metlife:

Dear Mr. Suman

Greetings from MetLife!

This is with reference to your e-mail, regarding above mentioned policy number. We would like to inform you that as per the product feature, policy acquires a surrender value only if the policy has been in force for at least 3 years - provided all premiums have been paid for 3 full policy years. If premiums are paid for at least three consecutive years the policy acquires a surrender value which is equal to 30% of the premiums paid excluding the first year premium and extra premiums.

We would like to inform you that we are in receipt of surrender request for the policy and the same has been processed. The surrender amount of Rs.9600 has been credited to your account on 26 June 2012. Please refer the below table for the surrender value calculation for your reference.

Please feel free to mail us for any further assistance.

Thanks and Regards, N Subbaramu Customer Service.


So please be carefull while taking up the policy from Metlife.

MetLife - over payment / harrassment

This complaint is concerning Met Life, just as I read the complaints of other, who issues concerning Met Life, I'm having the same problems, first things was working out ok, concerning my disability payments, but I miss a couple of doctor visits and they drop me, this put me and my family in a big jam, this happen a year ago, when they drop me I apply for social security Disabiltiy and I start receiving payments from them, then last on back in Novermber of 2011, a Met Life Rep call me informed that they was going to restate me back, which I told her in other words they didn't have to restate me by in, but she insist, anyway she told me to send her my reward letter from SSDA, which unfortunately I did, gave me $8700 about a few months ago, then yesterday I received a letter in the mail stating that they over paid me $9700., I read the complaint of others and same like they did the same thing to them or even worst, when they drop me the first time my wife wanted to get a lawyer, I wish I had listen to her, but that not all after I started back seeing the doctor and going to therapy the MET LIFE REP said, my payments would start coming back, but they never did until a few months ago, and then they drop it all the way down to $100, that was a joke, I wish I never sign up with this company on my job which was the Navy Exchange, now they send this letter that they w going to stop my payments of $100 until they received their money back, which I don't have because I paid off some bills, that had to be paid. O'. One more thing they even had a person a vocation therapy call and try to make you go back to work, when your doctor saids you can't, and also they lie and tell you on the reward letter you received from social security disability that they say that you have a ticket to work, which I check I didn't see such a thing in my letter from social security disability.
I hope I hear a response from someone who can help and if they have an ACTION SUIT against MET LIFE please let me know I will glad to filing a complaint against them

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MetLife - unethical behavior

MetLife Home Loans is a joke. My story is just like all the others. Lost a job, tried to work with MetLife, got 3 years worth of "lost" paperwork stories, file transfers, incompetent phone reps, and oh so much more! Anyone that has dealt with this unscrupulous company knows EXACTLY what I'm saying... It's time to file a class action lawsuit and STOP this. Thank god they are getting out of the mortgage business.

Don't go thinking Chase is going to be any different...

Got the same letter that they had been sold to Chase. I've been going through the same run around only I've been trying to get a payoff amount from Pierce and Assoc. in Chicago who is handling Metlife's foreclosure's. Friday I received what I thought was the payoff, and it turned out to be how much I need to pay to bring the account up to date. 3rd time that's happened. Now this is the legal firm that handles Metlife Home loan foreclosures that are based in Texas. From reading all these other complaints it's pretty clear that Metlife(now Chase) employee's have all been given instruction to delay, delay, they can charge more interest and late fee's. I tried a short sale and got the samething, haven;t received forms, not enough forms. not all of the forms received...and finally send the whole work package in again because after 90 days it has expired. So basically Melife, their lawyer's, and any other entity involve in the obviously corrupt banking system have by the u know what. If anyone know of class action lawsuits against these dirtbags, please post it. Of course if the Government get's involved we all know that those dirtbags will protect the other dirtbags. And the lawyer firms are in on it too. I can see why there are some that completely get tired of it and go in shooting.(Note; to big brother scanning the computer for threat's, this is not one. So don't waste tax payer money tracking me down. I don't even own a gun, nor never will :-)) But that's what you do to terrorist's which is exactly what they are. Dirtbag ###. They belong in jail breaking boulder's. And that include's the useless no mind Rep's, all the way to the top. It's all about derivative's which means if a house goes under, the rich get richer at your expense.

I agree! I was on a trial mod., 2 pmts from a final mod. and just got a letter that my loan has been sold to Chase bank. WHATEVER! This has been the most exhausting thing I've ever had to deal with in my entire life! I really look forward to see how Chase handles my situation. ya right! I sure wish I could just pay the damn thing off and have FREEDOM from this nightmare!!!

I am victim of MetLifes duplicitous behaviors when it comes to my home modification. I can write for days about what they have done to me and after visiting all the sites about MetLife complaints left me feeling hopeless and quite depressed. I have done everything they asked of me. Then I read in one of the on line complaints the reason why Metlife are being rat ### is because they don't want to be in loans anymore and they are waiting for someone to buy them out. So my process with them has been a year . I have sent packages after package to no avail.One lie after another Then they asked me again to send another packet and I did and wow! they cant find it!. Hmmmmm ...Rotten liars. So THEN I FIND OUT today that they indeed sold out to Chace Bank. I had recently gotten in contact with my congressman and someone there is trying to help. I told them its the principal of the matter! They told me I am not the only one that is being treated this way. i just cant take it anymore. Worked hard all my life as a nurse and now these rat ### ! have no conscious. How can these people sleep. I hope KArma comes and bites each one of these rotten liar ### in the ###. That's why there are so many huge rats in New York City because when they die they will be reincarnated as a huge rat rat that live in the sewers. YES IM ANGRY!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MetLife - poor service

The situation: My mom died in 2008 and we didn't find out until 2012 that she had a life insurance policy with Metlife and some stock with them as well. Thanks to the State of California for informing us about our "lost property". It's funny, but all the other companies seemed to be able to find us just fine, as well as the State of California tax people, Medical, even the sewer company, all found us because we owed them money. But Metlife owed us money and couldn't find us.
The problems:
1) When calling Metlife the first time to explain about the letter we received from the State of California saying there was lost property, and simply asking what forms did we need to fill out and documents did they need, the customer service rep. continually insisted the only thing she could do was send a letter to my mom at her address of record. I mentioned that we'd sold the house four years ago and that my mom had passed away, but this did not deter her from insisting that's all she could do.
One thing that concerned me, and still does, about their insistence on using my mom's old address in another state is that's a great way for someone to get a load of information to start an identity theft scheme.
2) I nicely hung up and called back, and got a customer service rep. who wasn't mentally defective. They understood, my mom had died. I was trying to file a death claim. I was told they'd send us a death claim form which we did not receive. Repeated calls and repeated promises they'd send us the form all resulted in nothing coming in the mail. We get the rest of our mail just fine. I finally had to print one out from their website (we don't have a printer so it was a problem).
3) So after a great deal of paperwork, certified copies of documents and notarized signatures I sent off all the forms, both to the Life Insurance side and for the stock that they gave her, two separate packets. Fair enough. But then they said "we never got it". I confirmed the address, and explained about the signature confirmation I had with them, and that didn't phase them at all. "You must resubmit" was the answer I got so I did it all over again.
4) Then I get the life insurance, $335. It was a child policy taken out in 1933. At least we finally found out what that part of the unclaimed property was, they wouldn't tell us what it was until I submitted all the paperwork, and even then they never explained. Just a check shows up. Other letters did come, a condolences letter, all kinds of stuff, like about 20 letters in all, but not one of them ever explained what kind of policy my mom had or anything about it at all, and this even after I documented to them I was the sole heir, the executor of the will, etc.
5) But then two checks come for $35, both issued two weeks apart. It took me 3 hours on the phone with them to figure out what they were for. The first operator said to me "well all we can do is send a letter to the address of record". Turns out, they still had my mom's address as an active account. They had created a 2nd and new account for me which of course had nothing in it. To identify my mom's account I still had to use the address that she had not had in four years even though I'd sent in all that paper work showing we didn't live there, the house had been sold and she'd passed away.
6) Finally, after hanging up with the first operator, and calling back to get a better person, I found that the two checks were for all the combined dividends that she'd failed to get. $8.88 a year for four years. But the operator said, "did you cash both checks?" and I said, "no". And he said that's really good because we issued you the 2nd check in error and it would have bounced. My bank has a hefty fee for that. I asked why didn't they explain what the checks were for when they sent them? He had no idea. On the letters with them was nothing explaining what they were. I said why on earth would you send me a bogus check? The explanation was mind blowing to me. They said "you submitted two requests". I said, "you told me I had to resubmit, you never got the first one" and "why would two requests cause you to send two checks for the same payment?" It was like they were trying to blame me for causing their error. And when I asked if they'd been sending any mails to my mom's address, they couldn't answer me.
Throughout all this, some of the Metlife people were nice and tried hard to help us. Some of them were not, and acted like we were criminals trying to steal something. Some of them were just plain rude to us.
I explained that this process brought back all the bad feelings I had when my mom died, and that it made me a bit upset. The operator I said that to had no response.
I got thinking about it, and I remembered all the cute ad's with Snoopy on the TV so I went to Metlife's website. It says, "At MetLife, taking care of beneficiaries—Delivering the Promise—is probably the single most important thing we do."
Metlife's website also says,
"A Delivering the Promise Specialist is ready to help.
If you feel overwhelmed during this difficult time, ask to speak to or see a Delivering the Promise Specialist. He or she can offer extra assistance in filing your claim — and much more. Just ask, and we can also help you:
Identify important issues to be addressed, such as retitling assets and changing records
Determine if you're entitled to government benefits
Locate quality grief counselors and resources in your area"

After dealing with Metlife I did feel upset and had trouble sleeping.
The next time I called, after calmly mentioning some of the problems I'd had with Metlife, I asked the operator for a "Delivering the Promise Specialist" as mentioned above. She said she'd have to place me on hold to check. After a while she came back and said there weren't any available. I said could you have someone call me please? She said she'd have to put me on hold again, and she did, and I got a dial tone.
Metlife is a giant corporate company with a cold heart of stone. If the Snoopy ad's on TV lead you to believe they care about you, their customer or the beneficiaries, you are sadly mistaken. Dealing with them, I got the small sums of money owed my mom, and nothing too terrible happened, but I just feel like it was an awful ordeal. It took dozens of phone calls and lots of paper work and several letters to get this mess all straightened out. My mom was 86 when she passed away after a stroke, and I'm sure she would have told us about this or keep better records if she could have. But Metlife was no help at all. In fact I had to fight them and struggle even to find out what forms to send in, etc. I got the feeling they were trying to wear me down and hope I'd give up. I never once got the feeling they wanted to give us my mom's assets that they were holding onto with both fists, and all in all it only came to less than $500.

I also have had a similar experience. My mother passed about 13 years ago and, as executor, filled out all the necessary paperwork. We received a check for her life insurance to cover her burial.
Last year I saw an article on "unclaimed funds" and was curious.
I logged on and lo and behold there were unclaimed funds for my mom.
One for Metlife.
How is this possible if I turned in all the paperwork? I sent information and filled out multiple forms for the State of Ohio and found out these funds are "stock."
I followed all the necessary steps and find out I have to have a lawyer fill out additional information which will cost me between $1500 and 2000.
I am furious that I did what was needed in the beginning and now have to pay to get the rest when Metlife obviously didn't complete their part.
As of now, I am at a standstill and am debating whether I want to pursue this or just ignore it and let the state keep it.
Metlife does not seem to know what they are doing when it comes to disbursing the funds when the paperwork is filled out.
Unfortunately, executors are not allows given the correct information from their family member or they simply forget it.
Try getting through to someone at Metlife. GOOD LUCK!!!

I dread, as possible beneficiary of my husband's insurance, having to deal with MetLife. I don't know if I'd even be able to reach them because today we got absolutely nowhere trying to find out the current value of his policy. We called the 800 number and another number that is on his statements. There was a convoluted voice mail recording with no option for what we wanted. It was spoken very rapidly and was about investment programs. Finally, with repeated trying, I got to what should have been a person but was another voice mail. In desperation, I went to the website, got the name of agents in our state. None of them answer the phone and two had voice mails and mailboxes that were full, so couldn't leave a message. The fourth agency answered but the life insurance person wasn't in. The agent answering was very nice (!) and gave me a direct number to call the life agent in that office on Monday. We'll see where this goes next. Our view is that MetLife, as most insurance companies, surround themselves with cozy images and words but, underneath the mask, they are money grubbing, evil monsters. A pox on all their houses.

Dear Jones444. I work for MetLife and I am truly sorry to read about your experience. I would like to speak with you about this directly. My name is Gabriel. I can be reached at [protected] or you may email me at [email protected]


This was a lot more complicated and stressful than it should have been. I don't blame you for being upset. It really sounds like MetLife dropped the ball a few times with this - but most liability here is with the executor of your Mom's estate. The executor is responsible for distributing your mother's assets (including insurance) and handling all her creditors. They (not you) are also supposed to submit the documentation of her death to the insurance company .

MetLife had no way of knowing your Mom had had no way of knowing your Mom had insurance...the executor was supposed to coordinate all of this. My thinking: she had insurance you didn't know about...are there other assets she had you still don't know about?

You need to follow up with the executor.

Apr 21, 2012
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MetLife - unfair buisiness practice and not complying the terms and conditions for surrender benefit

On 15/07/2011, Mr.Salesh.P.C, CSO, Metlife conducted medical tests in their panel M/s. Shankars Clinic, Alleppey in presence of Mr.Satheesh Krishnan. Further they took my signature in blank PF No. [protected] for a single time policy of Rs, 1 lakh, convinced me that since the PF requires some technical expertise to fill it up, they will complete the formality on my behalf.
On 17/07/2011 at Coimbatore, I drawn a DD No. 908814 dated 17/07/2011 for `1 lakh in favour of Metlife Kottayam and send it through courier along with the copy of my salary slip for the periode of Jun-July 2007 to Mr.Biju Joseph, Geogit Alleppey with a written request to hand it over to Mr.Jijo since the former was introduced me to Metlife.
During the month of September 2007, the policy document received at my native place address Alleppey, Kerala and the same was remained at my home since I was at my work place Coimbatore. Further that, somebody called from Metlife on my given mobile number and asked me whether I got the policy document or not and for that I confirmed the same that the document received at my home which was not opened. But the caller does not inform me anything about the contents of the policy document. Further in the month of October 2007, when I was at my home on leave, I checked the courier received from Metlife which contains the following documents (Xerox copies enclosed):
1. policy document vide policy No. [protected] date of issue 14/09/2007,
2. terms & conditions in 14 pages dated Karnataka stamp duty dated 19/09/2007
3. Xerox copy of PF No. [protected] dated 17/07/2007 with Metlife Inward seal dated 26/07/2007.
4. FPR No. FPR/2007/0138583 dated 19/09/2007 with Karnataka stamp duty.
5. Statement of account as on 14/09/2007 dated 19/09/2007
In pursuance to the policy document, some female caller from Metlife contacted me and asked about the receipt of all documents. Further she enquired me that, whether I was interested in life assurance or investment. I replied her that I have opted the same as a onetime investment. She paid regards as usual and end up the conversation.
On October 2007, I again received one cover from Metlife which contains the following documents:
1. covering letter named Medical report for application #KLK106940115 dated 16/10/2007
2. Xerox copy of receipt from Sankars Clinical Lab & ECG, Alappuzha dated 15/07/2007 for urine test
3. Three Xerox copies of receipt from Sankars Clinical Lab & ECG, Alappuzha dated 15/07/2007 for blood report.
4. Xerox copy of ECG graph
5. Tread mill test summary report of Sankars Clinical Lab & T.M.T, Alappuzha date which is illegible to read
On perusal of the whole correspondence received from Metlife, I noticed several contradictions which are as follows:
1. Blood test & urine test conducted on 15/07/2007, but the PF & DD dated is on 17/07/2007.
2. DD drawn at SBI, Coimbatore on 17/07/2007 and the filled up PF is also 17/07/2007 place Alleppey.
3. PF and DD accepted by Metlife, Kottayam on 26/07/2007 but policy commencement date was 14/09/2007 after a lapse of about 2 months.
4. The PF filled by some other person and does not bear any name or signature of the person who filled the PF.
5. Though the provision for remittance of money in the mode of crossed cheque, compelled me to deposit by the mode of DD.
When informed the matter to Mr.Salesh. P.C, CSO/Metlife over phone, he replied that these all are normal mistakes and did not affect me in any way, so not to worry about that. He added that, the other matter like the terms of the policy will be as such as I desired. Hence I was confident about the reply of the responsible official of Metlife, I seldom sit on my investment.
The whole things becomes a dispute when during the month of September 2008, I received several calls from call centre personnel’s and insisted me to remit the regular premium of about one lakh for the year 2008. I explained the entire above episode and the assurance given by Mr.Salesh.P.C, CSO/Metlife while applying the policy as a onetime investment. I felt that all my explanations fall in dumb ears, when I hear the version that the policy conditions are for a regular one and could not able to change it in to one time policy. The drama continued in the month of September 2009 also and they warned me that if the amount of `2 lakhs comes as dues not paid, my policy will lapse and the entire amount will forfeit. I requested the call centre personnel’s to connect me to some of the responsible persons of Metlife, but not done.
During the year 2011, again I received a call from the call centre and some offer has been given to me for renewal of the policy duly paying all the dues. When I hesitated, they informed me that operate the option of surrender and the surrender benefit will be as per the terms & conditions of the policy document. Further on my request they informed me that on surrender I may get approximately `30, 000/- after deducting all the charges as mentioned in the T&C.
In this connection, I send an email to [protected] on July 8th 2011, duly narrating all the facts and requested to return my whole amount since the policy was technically misselled to me. My mail was replied by one Mr. Vikram V, Senior Executive, Grievance Redressal Team from Metlife on July 20th, 2011. In which he replied that the free look periode was over and cannot cancel the policy, but I can surrender the policy as per the terms and conditions sent along with the policy. Unfortunately he never said anything about the queries raised by me.
The contradictions came in to my notice only on 16/10/2007 (date of receipt for Xerox copies of medical tests) after expiring about one month from 19/09/2007, when I received the policy documents. Either they may knowingly delayed to send the Xerox copies of medical tests to simply pass the free look periode of 15 days with a malafide intention or to conceal the facts from me. Though the copies of all documents with the company, knowing the above said improper practice, Sri.Vikram.V, Senior Executive, Grievance Redressal Team, Metlife replied on his e-mail interaction ID: [protected] dated 20/07/2011 that the matter should be intimated to the company within the free look periode and now the company is not in a position to accept my allegations about the mistakes noted by me. But I can opt for surrender benefit which will come around ` 16, 328.04 approximately for ` 1 Lakh.
When I gone through all the policy T&C send to me, I found that the clause 15 exclusively says about the conditions for Surrender benefit which reads as in page No.7 as- No surrender value is payable during the first three years of the policy. After the first three policy years, the Surrender Value payable on Surrender is equal to the Fund Value in the Unit Account less the surrender charge as mentioned in clause 11(D).

The clause 11 shown in page No.5, heading as Charges with sub clauses serially numbered as:
1. Premium allocation charge(page 5)
2. Fund management charge(page5)
3. Policy administration charge(page5)
4. Surrender charge(page6)
5. Switching charge(page6)
6. Mortality charge(page6)
7. Rider premium charge(page6)
8. Partial withdrawal charge(page6)
9. Miscellaneous charge(page7)
It is understood that, the charges if any related to surrender benefits to this policy is extensively be mentioned in Clause 11(D) as per the “Clause 15 Surrender Benefit” of policy T&C. But here in this policy document T&C, the Clause 11(D) is not incorporated and the reason best to known to the company only. When I queried the insurer under what provisions of T&C of the policy my premium amount is attracting surrender charges, they replied that the surrender charges are applicable as per clause 11-4 of the T&C. But the insurer who drafted the policy terms and conditions forgotten to give definitions or explanations for the clause 11(D) which incorporated in clause 15 for surrender benefit. As any layman can see that the Clause 15 is exclusively governing about the conditions for surrender and in which it is clearly stated that “…… the surrender charge as mentioned in clause 11(D)” not as clause 11-4.

When raised up this matter to the knowledge of the appropriate authorities of the concern they also have different opinions and contradictory explanations which are as follows:
-Sri.Vikram.V, Senior Executive, Grievance Redressal Team informed me that the policy owner has the option to surrender the policy after three years and for further clarification refer the surrender clause in the T&C.(from which is clear that the surrender benefit is governing by the surrender clause in the T&C). Further he accepted that is an “incorrect detail” in relation to the disputed clause 11(D).
In another reply, the same officer mentioned that surrender and other charges details are available in the policy document page 5 and 6 for further clarifications.
-Sri. Sathyappa.K, Senior Executive, Grievance Redressal Team stated in his e-mail that the surrender clause is available in page No.5 and 6 of the policy document in detail. (the surrender charges mentioned exclusively in page No.6 and the clause for surrender benefit is mentioned in page No.7)
-Sri.Kapil Sharma, Senior Manager, Grievance Redressal Team had different opinions and explanations for the clarification about the 11(D) in the T&C which are as follows:
o The referred clause pertaining to surrender in the policy document is to be read conversely i.e. 11-4 & 11-D (not 11-D it is 11(D). I think no value for the words and expressions in a contract agreement)
o The reference there is made to clause 11 and sub clause 4 which has details pertaining to surrender (surrender benefit or surrender charge?)
o There is no mistake in the policy terms & conditions and more specifically to the surrender clause (then why the clause 11(D), moreover there is no such clause termed surrender in the T&C?)
o The surrender charges are applicable as per clause 11-4 mentioned in the T&C (clause 11-4 is mentioned with some surrender charges but what about the surrender charges as per clause 11(D) mentioned in clause 15?)
o Clause 11 and subsection 4 are to be read conversely as 11(D) and the nomenclature used (if such what about the other clauses like 11(A), 11(E), 11(H) and 11(I) mentioned in the policy T&C?)
o There is no change in the policy document or the terms and conditions of the policy, what we are trying to explain is that we need to interpret the numbering conversely (if there is no change in the policy document or the terms and conditions, why to interpret conversely when 11-4 and 11(D) since the earlier one is numeric and the later is alphanumeric?. It can be accepted if mentioned 11.4 or 11(4) for eg.)
o The surrender clause is explicitly mentioned in clause 11 and subsection 4, hence there is no ambiguity in terms of the applicable charges. Now under clause 15, the reference given is to clause 11(D), which is to be read as 11(4) (here again mentioned clause 11(4) instead of 11-4. Moreover, if there is no change or mistake happened in the policy document T&C why one should read 11(D) as 11(4)?)
o There is no mistake and the clause is to be interpreted in conjunction and conversely (what is the reason or intention of putting 11(D) in clause 15?)
o We have already re-iterated that there is no mistake in the policy document but I do agree that to make it simpler to comprehend we could have mentioned 11(4) (still they are confusion about the clause 11-4 or 11(4). If there is no mistake then why to simplify and to comprehend?)
o We would like to reiterate the surrender charges are applicable as per clause 11-4 mentioned in the terms and conditions of the policy ( what about the surrender charges mentioned in clause 11(D) as spelt in clause 15)
From the above it is pertinent to say that, the uppermost authority of the company itself could not able to give transparent and crystal clear explanations/clarifications within the legal frame which governed the insurance industry. But they are very particular about to deduct the charges illegally from this policy, though what are all the surrender charges not mentioned in the policy document terms & conditions in reference to clause 11(D).
From the changing versions of Mr.Kapil Sharma, it is clear that the company had committed a blunder mistake of non incorporation of clauses 11(A), 11(D), 11(E), 11(H) & 11(I) and its contents in the terms and conditions. Now they are giving vague, irrelevant and unconstitutional explanations to claim their mistake as legal.
Above all, on 08/09/2011, the company sent one Ms. Anitha.M, Branch Service Manager, Metlife, Trichy and one Mr.Shiva, some executive of Metlife, Trichy along with one other person, visited my office at around 01.15hrs in the afternoon and verified all the policy documents duly took Xerox copy of page No.5 & 6 of the policy documents. They also thoroughly gone through all documents and orally accepted that as per the T&C, my policy does not attract any type of charges. Added that may be it is a mistake committed by the company and they will send a report to the company as such. But on 09/09/2011, Mr.Vikram.V, Senior Executive of the company reverted by email, stating that, they are not in a position to refund the fund value or waive the charges, since the surrender and other charges are available in the policy document in page No.5& 6. Later Sri. Manjunath.H.C, GRO, Metlife by his interaction on my mobile from 080-[protected] on 12/09/2011 at 14:51PM for a call duration of 00:02:57 hrs, also confirmed the version of former in the same line that the clause 11(D) should be read as clause 11.4 and it is a mere printing mistake. From the version of both the executives, it is clear that the company does not give any value or veracity of the words, expressions, clauses, sub clauses, legal validity of the policy document as they change it accordingly for the benefit of their concern not to the policy holder.
Apart from the unincorporated T&C in clause 11(D), there are several other clauses are mentioned in the T&C of the policy document which were not incorporated or explained. They are:
1. In page No.8, Clause 16. Partial withdrawal, 3rd para reads as – the partial withdrawal amount will be paid by encashing units from the surrender value of the withdrawable part as detailed in the surrender provisions after deducting the partial withdrawal charges as mentioned in clause 11(H).
2. In page No.9, Clause 17. Sub heading Premium (Re)direction, 2nd para reads as – you would have the option to change the premium allocation proportions once every policy year free of charge. Subsequent changes would be considered as an alteration and would attract a miscellaneous charge as detailed in clause 11(I).
3. In page No.9, Clause 17. Sub heading Unit Allocations, 1st para reads as – Net premiums (paid before the premium due date) after premium allocation charge as in clause 11(A) will be used to buy units in the Unit Linked Funds using the Net Asset Value as on the premium due date.
4. In page No.9, Clause 17. Sub heading Unit Allocations, 2nd para reads as - Net premiums (paid after the premium due date) after premium allocation charge as in clause 11(A)(Net Premiums) will be used to buy units in the Unit Linked Funds using the Net Asset Value as below:
5. In page No.11, Clause 23. Switches between Unit Linked Funds, 1st para reads as- Switching between Unit Linked Funds can be done at any time after the first six months by submitting a written request to the company. On request the Fund Value in the Unit Account can be switched to the new Unit Linked Fund after deducting the switching charge as mentioned in clause 11(E).
As such, it is evident that, either, there may be some conditions and terms as per the alphanumeric clauses 11(A) to 11(I) in clause 11 and that are exclusively governing some conditions on the related issues as mentioned above. Since the policy issued to me does not attracts any charges for Partial withdrawal vide Clause 11(H), Premium (Re) direction vide clause 11(I), Unit allocation vide Clause 11(A), Switches between unit linked funds vide Clause 11(E) and at last Surrender charge as mentioned in Clause 11(D), because the conditions governing to the above spheres are not incorporated in the policy document issued to me.
Or in other hand, the company intentionally left about the above clauses categorically to suppress or conceal the real facts regarding the clauses from the policy holder to engage them in the insurance to flourish their business.
If it is all printing mistakes, the company can amend or correct the mistakes as per Clause 10 - Other conditions governing unit linked funds-Changes to terms and conditions in page No.4 and that also has been not done.
After exhausting all the redressal mechanisms provided by the insurance company, my statutory right of surrendering the policy as per the terms and conditions is still unsolved and unheard by the company. Without any fear or guilty conscious the company clearly stated that they can’t surrender the policy without surrender charge and clarifying their status quo without any legal aspects added with an advice to me that if I am not satisfied with their stand raise up the issue with Insurance Ombudsman.
On the other hand, while settling a claim for a policy, if an irrelevant mistake or fault in the documents will be lead to the dismissal of the claim, but the above severe mistake committed by the company is not taking in to consideration. In both ways the customer will become scapegoat.
When the complaint does not find any satisfactory deliverance from the insurance company, I escalated the matter to IRDA vide token No. [protected] dated 26th Sep., 2011. In this regard the IRDA vide their letter dated 13th Oct., 2011, advised me to raise the issue with Ombudsman, since the nature of grievance falls within the scope of RPG Rules 1998. Even though the matter escalated to IRDA, the insurance company replied they are in the same status quo to not return my money as per Clause 15 of the terms and conditions of policy.

It is nothing but clear cut violation of policy T&C and core ethics of Insurance business. Hence it is requested that, taking in to consideration of all the above said evidences, treat the policy contract as void for the mistakes committed by the insurer to protect the interest of policy holder. Keeping in view of the above developments, it is sincerely upraised the following as legal rights to claim my invested amount of one lakh with benefits:
a) The policy terms and conditions clause 15 solely explaining about the terms for surrendering a policy after completion of three years.
b) Though the surrender charges mentioned in clause 11-4, the surrender charges attracted to this policy as per clause 15 in the event of providing surrender benefit to any policy holder is clearly mentioned that the surrender charges as per 11(D).
c) The unambiguous clause for charges in clause 11 running from page 5 to 7 of the policy terms and conditions explains about surrender charges as per clause 11-4 but not mentioned anything about what are all the surrender charges as per clause 11(D). Hence using clause 11-4 for deducting surrender charges from this policy is violation of policy terms and conditions and also violating the contract agreement.
d) The other charges like unit allocation charge is also clearly mentioned in clause 19 and in which it is explicitly mentioned that the premium allocation charge as per clause 11(A) will be deducted from the net premium paid before the premium due date. The company used the clause 11-1 of the policy terms and conditions to deduct the aforesaid charges from this policy are violation of policy terms and conditions and also violating the contract agreement.
e) The contents of this policy document and terms & conditions to be treated as a legal document by virtue of registering under stamp duty Act. However, any changes in the law, legislation or taxation, change in circumstances etc. can be done only with the prior approval of IRDA which is clearly mentioned in clause10. Without adopting all these legal frameworks, the company or its representatives or the authorized persons cannot interpret any words, phrases, numbers, letters, combinations of numbers/symbols/letters etc.
During the period of correspondence with the company in conflict with the clause on surrender charge mentioned in clause 15, the company adopted some other method to pacify me with a third party. The reply e-mail of Mr.Vikram.V dated 17th Aug 2011 is very much evident that the company is behind the episode. If they are in a safe corner why they adopted such mal practices to settle the issue?
Quoting all the above facts and with documentary evidence the issue has escalated to Insurance Ombudsman on 09/03/2012 and they also rejected my complaint vide reference I.O(HYD):L-[protected]/03 dated 14/03/12 delivered on 14/04/2012 with a reason that “The matter relating to the complaint is beyond the purview of the Office of the Insurance Ombudsman and hence it is not entertainable” but not mentioned what are all the reasons to reject my complaint.
If such is the situation how can a customer get justice for the mistake not committed by him.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MetLife - insurance coverage

MetLife is junk insurance--for patients and for the dental team. A sham... having served in the military, it's embarrassing to see the Federal Government, military services affiliated with this type of substandard product; MetLife dental insurance is what happens when Americans’ dental needs are forced to take a back seat to an insurance company’s financial interests.

Dec 23, 2014

I agree. I have been in the militarty for over 23 years and in Okinawa using OCONUS dental plan. I have been working with Metlife for 6 months trying to get reimbursed. First they wanted a copy of the dental record to go with the bill. No problem I got a copy from the Japanese dentist and sent it. After not hearing anything for awhile I called them. Said they would get more information and follow up. Never heard from them again. Called back a month later after not hearing anything. I called 800 number to follow up from last month where I was told I would receive information about my claim. I had not heard anything. I asked the customer service rep what had transpired since my last call. Initially he talked about not receiving a record of care. I then quoted him the exact day I sent the dental record along with when I received the email receipt saying they had received it. He said that the dental record was illegible and could not be translated. I questioned him as to whether the entire dental record was illegible and he said no. I verbalized I didn't understand why they could not reimburse for the parts that were legible. He could not answer that. Then I asked him why I had not received information about they specifically needed if they were missing information. Didn't have a real good answer but eventually said he would send me an explanation of benefits. I asked that it included an explanation about what they specifically needed. He provided me a snail mail address of the complaint department after I asked but did not have an electronic means to contact them. Seems like another obstacle / road block to reimburse people.

I have served in the military for 16 years and I am in firm agreement with this comment. Not only do they not cover ortho, but they charge an exorbitant rates. Why would tri-care not cover dental!!!

Lots of that going around..

Frustrated dental professional,
Alyssa Gillam, RDA

MetLife - metlife petition

There is a new petition started in an effect to get MetLife to own up to the responsibilities to their customers and stop canceling legitimate insurance claims! Many people insured by MetLife are denied their claims with no reason whatsoever except for the fact that MetLife can get away with it. With this petition, we hope to get enough attention to this issue and STOP MetLife from their frivolous business practices.

Please view the petition and sign at the link below.

Thanks you!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MetLife - never received my check

This company received payments every month for 10 years from my paycheck. When my back went out and I could no longer work, they were terrible and everything with them from day 1 was a very difficult. They are a rip off and it took me forever to get paid, then when they paid me they said they over paid me. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!Alert they R a RIP Off RUN!!!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MetLife - delay and failure to pay

My father worked for Georgia pacific and had a met life insurance policy through them... he passed away almost 6 months ago and tired of a stalling lawyer we fired him and routed the insurance paperwork through our funeral provider who offfers the service for extra fee, i spoke with a metlife rep to find out where the claim was at since it had been a week and 5 days since the paperwork was filled and sent, I was told that there was another item to be done that was the gp responsibility, of enrollment something.. . and that an email had been sent a week prior to my call without being heard back from... so i called gp hrsc main office to find out why as i had been told there was no reply.. and was asked to find out who the email was sent to, it was too late to do it this past monday (13th feb 2012) so i did it the 14th. i called metlife again and got this info.. (different rep this time) and also another nice bit of info.. the email was now said to be sent the same monday i called( supposedly right before i called) .. now... i just got off the phone with gp again this time with the email receiver.. and was told there is no record whatsoever of an email, no contact at all apparently.. i mean seriously it has been 6 months almost. waiting on this and just keep running around and around, , i am not keen on the idea of having to seek legal help as it would lengthen the time to get anything but at this rate i am wondering if that isnt becoming my only option.

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