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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW] Complaints & Reviews

Jan 04, 2021

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW] — Electrolux refrigerator, electrolux dishwasher

I purchased a Home Buyer's Warranty when I bought my home in July 2020. Since then the dishwasher...

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW]Customer service

I called yesterday to report that I did not have any heat. They assigned me a contractor whom I have yet to speak to. This person everytime I call goes into voice mail. I am freezing as the temperature in my home keeps going down. I called 2/10 home warranty and they were useless. They will not assign another contractor until end of day tomorrow, which means I will be out of heat until at least Monday because no one comes on the weekend. I pay monthly for this service and feel that I am not being treated fairly. I feel that if you do not have heat it should be considered an emergency but they say it is not. So far they have been of no help in this matter.

Anna Senecal
1503 Paramount Lane
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

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    Oct 29, 2020

    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW] — Home buyers warranty

    About two months ago, I submitted a service request on a failed induction oven/cooktop. We didn't hear...

    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW]Invisible and horrible company

    On August 14, 2020 I contacted 2-10 Home Warranty via email form. I requested service for my refrigerator. On August 17th I received an email confirming my name, address, etc. Nowhere did it say my request was being handled. I finally called them August 18th. I was told a contractor wasn't found and I would have to find my own! I hired Mr. Appliance and he came promptly and repaired the refrigerator problem. I have been calling 2-10 at the many phone numbers I have found and the recordings say there are 83 people ahead of me. This seems to be the standard response. I couldn't find an email address, a mailing address, nor anyone to speak with. I finally found an address in Colorado in a search engine. I am mailing my receipt to that address and hope someone responds. I will not be renewing my service agreement and I discourage anyone from contracting with this company.

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      Jun 26, 2020

      2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW] — Home warranty supreme coverage plan

      A few weeks ago summer temperatures reached mid 90s and our AC stopped cooling. We placed a service request...

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      Jun 23, 2020

      2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW] — Agreement contract

      I purchased the agreement on 4/19/2020 and they had a 30 day wait so the effective date was 5/19/2020...

      2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW]the whole company

      I have paid for this warranty system for years and have never filed a claim before this week. Filed a claim for furnace repair. 2-10 Home Buyers sent out a company that is a scam service and took my money and never fixed my furnace. 2-10 Home Buyers represents themselves as helping the consumer, that is a lie. This company was no help whatso ever and they also have taken money and not provided the service that they claim too.
      THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST LEGAL SCAMS OUT THERE!!! DONT FALL FOR IT AND WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!! They told me they would have a customer advocate call me and they never did, they just continue to put you in the phone tree and reconnect you to people who are no help or who have no authorization to help with claims and or problems.
      Cancelled this warranty. My furnace was fixed effectively by K&R Heating

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        2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW]service agreement

        Be very wary of this company. I needed a faucet replaced in my kitchen the bolt had broke off, and missing. When I called 2-10 and explained what the problem was about the bolt, the customer service agent was very understanding and would get a plumber out to the house as soon as possible which was the next day. Just a side note I have supreme coverage and on the first line of the first paragraph it states that it does indeed cover faucets.
        However when the plumber arrives and looks at the faucet and concurs that yes a bolt is missing, calls 2-10 and they denied the claim as they don't cover missing parts. But that however is stated in a totally different part of there agreement. Total bait and switch. On top of there an annual fee of 823.00 a year. They also want to charge you a 75.00 dollar service fee for a service they may or may not cover.
        Their just out to take your money.

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          2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW]home owners warranty

          I noticed my refrigerator was not cooling as expected, I went to the 2-10 website and submitted a claim. This was on a Saturday around Noon,

          On Sunday I called 2-10 and was informed the contractor they had selected had until Monday to call me. I instead called them at 8am Monday and was told someone could be out on Tuesday.

          Tuesday they did send a repair person who determined what the problem was. Mac however did not turn in his paperwork, and as of Wednesday afternoon that hasn't been done yet. So 2-10 can not authorize a repair, a small fan that circulates air from freezer to frig. Tomorrow is Thursday, the earliest they can order the part, no calls weekends.

          I did get a callback, It will be at least Monday before the part is received. WHich means Tuesday would be the earliest they can come out and replace the part. But I was told it could be Friday if the part is delayed in a shipping.
          No Refrigerator for all that time. That's not acceptable.

          So I am still waiting, I wish I had gotten some better coverage from someone else, Or that I would have just called for repair directly. But then I would know this is not good coverage for the money, this 2-10 process is too slow, Contractors just don't care and didn't provide me any quick service at any point. I have cancelled my coverage with them.

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            2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW] — microwave

            Alex in Denver asked me to measure where my microwave goes to ensure they replace with the correct product. I...


            2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW]hvac not working

            Stay clear on this company. They will do what ever it takes to not get your AC fixed in a timely manner. Called on 6/22/18 about ac not cooling, which was a Thursday and the heat was upper 90's. The first contractor couldn't come out for 2 weeks. Called and told the to find another. They came out the following Tuesday added freon. Thursday it was not cooling again. They couldn't come out again till the next Monday - again heat in the 90's to 100 degrees. Said they should be able to get the part and fix by next week. Well July 4th week came and went. I called and they were waiting to hear back from the contact on the dimensions - they waited a week and had no intentions of following up. Finally get what they need and still another week to get it in. Mean while we are in heat wave and can't sleep upstairs. We had to purchase a portable ac unit so we can crowd the family in one bed to survive. They have no respect for human life and the disruption they cause by trying to put bandaids on a 2002 AC unit.

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              2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW] — service calls

              Filed two claims with 2-10 home warranty company .Techs troubleshoot the problems and recommended follow up...

              2-10 Home Buyers Warranty [HBW]extremely poor customer service not to mention product

              I have 3 contracts with 2-10 and I am a referral partner! I will not renew any of my contracts with 2-10. My hvac burned up on 01/15/2018. I have had to call them multiple times. Today deanna told me she doesn't know how I fell through the cracks but she would get someone on it tomorrow because today all the management is in training! I has been 40 degrees in my home several time during the cold snap. Customer service stinks! Contractors complain about your inability to answer their calls as well as a business having to wait on hold for 2 plus hours to help one of your customers. Ridiculous! Thanks but no thanks 2-10! You have lost my business and I promise no more referrals to my customers either!

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                2-10 Home Warrantycustomer service

                I recently moved, so we got this home warranty for our home. The first time I used it I have had the worst experience of my life.

                My gas stove top was not working, so I submitted an order and they sent a man through a business. I was getting emails with updates on when the man was coming. He ended up coming and was one of the rudest people we have ever dealt with in our lives. My mom and I have never been insulted so bad before.

                First of all, the old guy who came David, knocked on our door extremely loudly when we did not answer it that second (First red flag) and came in. This company was called through my home warranty, I would never hire anyone like that. my gas stove was not working properly. He was there for half a second and he said it is done.

                My mom said no, the stove is not working. It is making a weird noise and it is not turning on. He loudly BANGED my cabinets. He said "stop asking me questions, you are asking me too much." SERIOUSLY? WHO SAYS THAT TO SOMEONE? He said pay me now. My mom said yeah I will pay you but fix my stove first. He said No it is working. My mom said no, it is making noises. He said "it must be in your head." And then he said pay me now. Then when my mom said but the stove is not working he said "Pay me now and never call me again" and WHILE my mom was talking to him he rudely stormed out of my house and said once again, never call me again and he BANGED my door. That is very insulting and rude. You do not talk to a customer like that. He had the audacity to "cancel" the appointment, as it says on my email WHEN HE ACTUALLY SHOWED UP and starting banging everything in my house! David did that so we could not file a complain against him. The receptionist is also a rude lady at his office. WATCH OUT. I swear the I TEAM needs to do an investigation on this shady company.

                The thing is that we were assigned this company through our home warranty. I would never in my life hire a man like that. We trusted our home warranty to send us someone smart, nice, and who can get the work done. This man had the audacity to cancel the appointment so there would be no proof that he came, when he came and damaged the items in my home.

                My mom was in tears because of this man. We called 2-10 customer service and told the representative what happened to us. We asked to talk to a supervisor to see what the next steps were, as we were assigned this company through 2-10 Home Warranty. She seemed understanding, but the supervisor did not seem understanding at all. It seemed like she was not paying attention to anything my mom and I were saying on the phone. All she was concerned was about the 75.00 dollar service fee. She kept saying you will get an invoice because of the service. But the thing is, we were not talking about the service fee. We were trying to complain on what we went through in our own home, because of the people that were sent to us through 2-10 Home Warrantee. The Customer service rep and the supervisor told us 2 different things. The rep said that she has scheduled someone else to come and we will give the service fee to them. I was a little surprised that we did not get any compensation. We should at-least get the fee waived because my mother literally was in tears because of the man that came to our house. I told her I do not want to pay if the man was going to be rude, I was scared to be insulted again. And the rep said well you did not pay before. Let me make myself clear. My mother told the man she will pay him if he fixed our stove top. He banged our door on the way up, screamed do not call me again, and did not take payment AND I got an email saying that my service with him was cancelled. So the supervisor kept on bringing up the service fee and said the original person who came to my home needed a second opinion and we do not have to pay a fee. I was told two conflicting things. I told the supervisor that the man who came literally "cancelled" the appointment YET still came to my home and starting insulting us in our own home. I am very upset that the supervisor was more concerned about the 75.00 service fee than the insult we endured. I asked the supervisor what the next steps are, and she said Claims handles all the complaints. We asked to be transferred through claims and she said she will tell them to call me. No one has called me back. The supervisor also said that she took my number for the next contractor to contact me. I asked her okay will claims call me back as well? She said "oh, yes they will too". She literally forgot that two minutes prior we talked about claims calling me back. She was not paying attention what so ever. All she cared about was the service fee. That was not why we called customer service. She needs to be trained on how to talk to customers.

                I am extremely upset as we got insulted so much, yet 2-10 did not offer ANY type of compensation and it seemed that all they cared about was the service fee. We were not happy with calling them. I have read many reviews that 2-10 sends rude contractors to peoples homes. This is unreal. We have paid 650.00 dollars for this service. I am so sad on how 2-10 treated this so lightly. All the supervisor cared about was the 75.00 service fee EVEN THOUGH the contractor who came to my home sent a cancellation email. I am appalled right now.

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                  2-10 Home Warrantyfailure to fulfill contractual obligations. failure to follow through on service requests. general poor customer service.

                  Had two service requests on furnace not heating/making terrible noises. Contractor was sent to repair. Noise never went away.
                  When my usual heating and Air guy came out for spring service he CONDEMNED the furnace. Said it wasn't safe to use. Shut it down and write up a report on it.
                  So- I sent a new request with all of the info to 2-10. They send a different contractor from before who decides furnace can be fixed. I said that I will have an independent safety inspection done after repair since I have conflicting info from these contractors. This was in May. It's now MID SEPTEMBER!!! I have spent COUNTLESS hours calling 2-10, fighting for updates, asking them to follow up on the contractor, requesting a new contractor who was NEVER assigned, filing complaints with the BBB... getting zero responses.
                  They finally agreed to replace the furnace...
                  Now- I've taken three days off work. Been without even AC for FIVE DAYS... the furnace replacement STILL isn't done. The guy they sent has been last two mornings and left before 4 one day. He ran out of welding stuff and had to run to Menards for stuff another day. And I get NOTHING from 2-10 in terms of checking on the project, accountability for their contractors, etc.
                  it's a nightmare.

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                    2-10 Home WarrantyWarranty coverage

                    If I were writing this a week ago. I would have given this company 5 stars. Today if I could give them negative stars, I would. My husband and I have been with 2-10 for 16 years, with top-of-the-line all-inclusive coverage, and have recommended many friends to them. Today we found out we have been dropped by them with no warning or explanation whatsoever. I can't imagine they have too many customers that stay with them as long as we have, but apparently either customer loyalty is not important to them, or they have no use for customers who dare to actually use the warranty from time to time. Save your money - I wish we had! There are many competitors who offer a similar service; in fact, 2-10 actually referred us to some when they rejected us. Smart business people, I tell ya! What kind of company refers a long-term customer, who pays for the top tier of coverage, to their competitors?!

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                      2-10 Buyers Home Warranty — Service contract

                      On sunday I opened two claims with this company. The first was plumbing which consisted of pipes that cracked...

                      2-10 Buyers Home Warranty — New home one year workmanship warranty - flooring

                      2-10 has not been able to resolve a workmanship complaint with a builder. Imagine this. Builder hands out...

                      2-10 Homebuyers Warranty — Fridge/AC Unit/Plumbing Issue

                      My warranty began April 2015 and I have had 3 fairly big issues arise in my new home. A/C unit went out 3...

                      2-10 Homebuyers Warranty — AC Unit

                      We bought our house February 27, 2015. Our AC starting having trouble in June. Now again in August. We 2-10...

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