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heider agx ultra power

I just want to follow-up on my purchase of Heider AGX Ultra Power last February 15, 2019 withTransaction number: C 9F04 XX1285382916XX (PL). I purchased it through the...

METEM international BV — ali 5 airbike

I did an order in Feb 2017 and received several messages delaying the shipment: We've check your order from our system. We would like to inform you that we have received your...

non receipt of my product since 1 year... heider pro zoom x 1

Your invoice #[protected] Order #zoomen-[protected] Item Sku Qty Subtotal Heider pro zoom x1 land telescope [protected] 1 $129.90 Heider ta01 universal metal land telescope camera...

Metem Internationalproduct not received

I contact you because of the bankruptcy of Metem International B.V. On August 18, 2017 I ordered a product Heider PRO Zoom X1 Land Telescope and Heider TA01 Universal Metal Land Telescope Camera Adapter at I paid a total amount of [$ 164.90 ] for this.

I am looking forward to your response within 14 days.


Hasan Shubeitah
Order # ZOOMEN-[protected]

product not received

  • Ma
    Machuca Edwin May 20, 2018

    If you have been [censored]/screw by METEM International, Please contact this USA Agency and report METEM INTL. The agency here below it is investigating METEM International, and they will get your product or your money back. 100% Guaratee.

    Alberico De Pierro, Esq.
    Assistant County Counsel
    Alberico De Pierro

    567 Pavonia Avenue, 4th Floor
    Jersey City, New Jersey 07306
    Phone: 201-795-6250 Ext. 6270

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  • Te
    tesjov Feb 27, 2019

    Hi Machuca Edwin,

    I am from the Philippines, I also purchased from Metem Store and have not received the item. Is the USA Agency you shared has e-mail address? Thank you.

    Best regards,


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Metem Internationalheider pro zoom x1

Hi, I had placed an order for Heider PRO Zoom X1 Land Telescope and Heider TA01 Universal Metal Land Telescope Camera Adapter on 14th October 2017 invoice no.[protected] and Order no. ZOOMEN-[protected] but have still not received till date. In spite of several reminders and phone calls there is no answer. Posting facebook comments have been blocked for me by them. PLZ HELP.

heider pro zoom x1
heider pro zoom x1

Metem Internationalheider walkie talkie sets

I ordered a pair of walkie talkie sets on their website costing $125, and now after atleast dozens of emails and repeated reminders and a lapse of 8 months, the product has yet not been delivered. The company has now stopped relying to emails also. Either give me a refund of my amount or ship the products. Failing so, criminal charges to be levelled against the company for embezzlement and theft.

heider walkie talkie sets

Metem International — quiero el producto

Thank you for your order from store. Metem. Eu. You can check the status of your order by logging into your account. Order questions? Email: [protected]@metem. Eu Your invoice...

Metem Internationalnew order # mtmeuen-[protected]

Last email received from Metem is as under... Since then so many mails sent to metem store no reply received for the shipment details... I was in Saudi Arabia now shifted to Pakistan... change the address location and send the items to new address +[protected] - razi. [protected]

On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 4:22 PM +0300, "METEM INTERNATIONAL" wrote:
Dear customer,

Thanks for your email. We are deeply sorry for the delay and
inconvenience. Due to high demand on unique Heider products, there was a delay on dispatch dates. Our team doing their best for our customers. I
would like to inform you that your product will be dispatched latest on
15th of October. Your tracking number will be shared with you
automatically via email.

Please let me know If I can assist you further.


Best regards,

Customer Service

Product Details


SKU: 9060000




SKU: [protected]





Metem International — cfx750

I ordered 2 cfx750 one on September 5 2017 and a second one on September 11 2017. You guys took the payment out of my bank but I have yet to receive any product or update from you...

Metem International — telescopio heider x5

In data 17/08/17 ho acquistato il telescopio heider x 5 con supporto per smartphone, a oggi non ho ricevuto niente e nonostante le mie ripetute email inviate non ho ricevuto...

Metem International — my product not being repaired and sent back to it's owner

I, curtis mclardie sent my air bike Ali5 after having it for 3 months. I Sent it back To: metem international, Amsterdam, Netherlands consignment number CP448655374ES on 2/07/2017...

Metem International — order #storchen-[protected]

591917 Hi, As I do not get any response from [protected] I thought that maybe you can inform/help me with the status of my order # STORCHEN-[protected]? That I placed and paid...

Metem International — shipment of order

591917 I ordered the Heider agx ultra power on November 15, 2017 and I still have not received my order. I have e-mailed the company in the US and in the Netherlands several times with...

Metem Internationalheider zoom telescope

Dear Sir / Madam,

I had ordered Heider PRO Zoom X1 Land Telescope on 04 October 2017. The order was placed online details of my order and invoice are provided below:
Invoice #[protected]
Order #ZOOMEN-[protected]
SKU [protected]

I am based in Mumbai, India and I still haven't received my order. I have sent email enquiries to [protected], [protected], [protected] and [protected]

I am surprised to receive no response to my emails sent on 13th, 23rd and 25th October 2017 from any of the above-mentioned email IDs.

I will appreciate if my email is acknowledged and I am apprised of my order status at the earliest. Failing which I will have no choice but to believe that I have been cheated by your company and I shall be forced to lodge a legal complaint about this Economic Offences Wing in India and with copies marked to the High Commission of the US in India.

Hoping to receive a favourable response.

Thanks and regards,

Kedar Gore
Mumbai, India
Mobile No. +91 [protected]
Email: gore.[protected]

heider zoom telescope

  • Jo
    Jordi Ortiz Dec 20, 2017

    Claim money from where the payment was made (credit card, transfer, etc.) and report to the police ... alleged fraudsters.

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Metem International — airbike ali5 v2

Dear METEM Team, it's sad that you do not respond to my emails. I withdraw from my purchase and ask you for a refund of the purchase amount. I give you time until...

Metem International — pedido #mtmeues-[protected], 6 walkies talkies buyed in 2017 august

Su pedido #MTMEUES-[protected] (realizado el 25 de agosto de 2017 21:24:52 BST) Artículo Sku (número de referencia) Cantidad Total Heider PRO5 PMR Radio Número de referencia...

Metem International — ordine inevaso da mesi dopo l'incasso del prezzo - mancata risposta a reclami via e-mail

L'ordine #MTMEUEN-[protected] del 21/09/2017 relativo alla merce in oggetto é stato regolarmente recepito e fatturato con [protected] contestualmente all'incasso del controvalore di €...

Metem International — airbike product, airbike ali5 v2 has not been delivered!

Here is my order, I have never got delivery! Please solve this asap! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER FROM METEM INTERNATIONAL BV. Order Questions? Call Us: +31 (0)20.303.34.66 Email...

[Resolved] Metem Teknoloji / Metem International — online sale of gadgets and equipments - airbike mx5 and other stuff

I have placed an order for an airbike mx5 since september 16 2017. Delivery which was supposed to be within 15 days, but it has been postponed eversince, and all replies keep on...

Metem International — heider pro zoom x1 land telescope

I have ordered a Heider Land Telescope on the 12nd of September which I have already paid by mastercard (amount of €119). After my purchased order I have received an invoice of my...

Metem International — my order #landen-[protected], heider pro zoom x1 land telescope

I have ordered my telescope three months ago and I'm still waiting on it. I have several times sent emails to [protected] and got no good answers to my question: When...

Metem Internationaltelescope

I have ordered my telescope three months ago and still waiting on it. Every time I contact customer service they claim that they have a huge sales volume and my order is in process.

At the end I asked to have a refund but I did not get their attention either.

Well if they have a huge sales volume stop advertising for your products as you cannot handle the load. Unless it is a scam from this company to rip people off and just stop responding.

Hasan Shubeitah


  • Jo
    Jordi Ortiz Dec 20, 2017

    Claim money from where the payment was made (credit card, transfer, etc.) and report to the police ... alleged fraudsters.

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Metem International — no assistance no reply to email cfx super power

Hello Metem International, My name is Edoardo Pavia, and I'm based in Italy. I have sent in September a CFX to your European distributer, for reparation, and unfortunately...

Metem International — metem international b. v.

On 17th Aug I placed an order for an Ali5: 597, 92€ were immediately taken from my account, but no delivery has happened 'til now (6th November!) and, even worse, no signs from...

Metem Internationalshipping/delivery

I have placed an order online on the 28. Sep 2017. for a CF1 Super Torch and it was supposed to be delivered in 3 days. On my account still stands processing. I still have not revieved anything and was forced to pay up front... BTW on your website stands that you have it in stock ... when will i recieve it?

Marko Damjanovic
Order #MTMEUDE-[protected]

  • Ed
    Edwin Mynelly Nov 02, 2017

    These [censor] take your money, then they forgot all about you. It will take months and sometimes a year plus to heard from them and if you are lucky you will get your money back.
    They did disconnect the New York number so no one in USA call them asking for their money back.
    You may keep trying and good luck to get an answer from them, and that's if you can get hold of some of those [censor] at Metem.

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Metem Internationalpro zoom x1 not received


I had placed an order for Heider PRO Zoom X1 Land Telescope and Heider TA01 Universal Metal Land Telescope Camera Adapter on 14th October 2017 invoice no.[protected] and Order no. ZOOMEN-[protected] but have still not received till date. There are no reply on any email addresses. And even phone numbers available online are not working. Iam not even able to track my shipment as my login is not linked to my order.

Kindly let me know what to do.
Awaiting your reply,
Email: [protected]

Metem Internationalproduct airbike ali5 v2 paid and not received

Please, I don't have any news about my product Airbike Ali5 v2 payed at 17/9/21. The last notice was be:
"Thanks for your email. We regret to inform you that there is delay on dispatch dates. Your product will be able to ship on 25th of October.
Our team is doing their best in order to ship the parcel earlier. We are deeply sorry for the delay once again."
Today is 17/09/27, please, when will receipt my product? thanks.
REFERENCE OPERATION: 74089127262737143100519

Metem International — an undelivered product

On August 1st, I bought one of your products (zoom telescope and an accessory for a mobile phone) and after some contacs I did not receive it yet. The customer service does not ge...

Metem Internationalagx heider flashlight

At 12.June 2017 i ordered and payed online
a Heider AGX Flashlight Price ca.170.-USD
by Metem International BV
Kabelweg 43
1014 BA Amsterdam
Tel: +31 20.303.34.66
Several Answers they did
to tell me it will soon arrive but the Product
did never show up.
Now they do not even answer my Emails anymore ?
Can i ask You to care about this ?


Heinrich Paul Biedermann

Metem International — heiden pro zoom x1 landen order has not been delivered yet

Hi, I have placed an order from Metem international including the following products: "Heiden pro zoom x1 LANDEN-[protected] and LANDEN-[protected] on 3rd of September 2017. Despite...

Metem International — airbike

591917 On 18th of august 2017 we ordered one airbike at Metem international (metem. eu) Kabelweg 43 1014 ba, Amsterdam / netherlands And paid 968 euro by mastercard. Until today no...

Metem Internationalheider agx ultra power. producto pagado el 17/08/217 y no recibido.

Order (already subscribed) # ESSTORCH-[protected] (performed on August 17, 2017 19:54:02 EST). SKU = [protected].
  To this day I have tried to contact you dozens of times, explaining the problem, through these 3 email addresses to [protected] - [protected] - Yusuf Kırtorun customerservice @ without getting any response on any of them. 64 days have passed since the purchase and request a response or refund of the amount paid.

Pedido (ya abonado) #ESSTORCH-[protected] (realizado el 17 de agosto de 2017 19:54:02 CEST). SKU= [protected].
A día de hoy he intentado ponerme en contacto con ustedes decenas de veces, explicando el problema, a través de estas 3 direcciones de correo a [protected] - [protected] - Yusuf Kırtorun [protected] sin obtener ninguna respuesta en ninguna de ellas. Han pasado ya 64 días desde la compra y solicito una respuesta o la devolución del importe abonado.

heider agx ultra power. producto pagado el 17/08/217 y no recibido.

Metem Internationalcustomer support and telephones do not answer I need warranty repair

The company sold me an electric scooter Ali5 v2 for £500.
After 3 months of use / and 600 km., I am 70kg. / my scooter ALI5 V2 has his back wheel broken and the control panel isn't work properly: often stops, /and I need to switch it on again/, do not show km and speed, etc.
The Customer Support and telephones do not answer and I need warranty repair.
Help me please,
Thank you,
Valentina Mircheva
Bournemouth, UK
Metem International Customer Care Service
Metem International B. V.

801 Penhorn Avenue Unit 5
New Jersey
United States - 07094
Customer Support Phone Numbers
+[protected] (USA) 12 7
+[protected] (Netherlands) 7 19
+[protected] (Turkey) 0 5
European Headquarter / Research & Development
Kabelweg 43 1014 BA Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel: +[protected]

Metem Teknoloji / US Headquarters
801 Penhorn Avenue Unit 5 Secaucus, NJ 07094
Tel: +[protected]

Metem Technology, MENA / Operation
Necatibey Cad. No: 61 Karakoy, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +[protected]

Metem International — binocular

Dear Sir/ madam On October 02, 2017; 20:36:53 hrs.)I have booked a binocular having cost of $129.90. Till today I did not get any acknowledgment from your side. As per your add...

Metem Internationalsales and shipping

Good day

I placed an order on 11th August 2017 and paid for it so your company has my money, I have sent more than 7 emails trying to get to the bottom of this issue, yet there has been no assistance from your company. The only response I received was an email stating that my order would be shipped before 30-09-2017 and that has not happened.

I need some advice, should the company be seen as criminal or is this a mix-up and then should it be sorted out post haste. This is extremely frustrating, I mean I have paid for the product, why do I now have to beg for it to be shipped.

order number:[protected]
Jason Harris

Metem International — airbike mx5

I ordered an Airbike MX5 through Internet web shop by the beginning of July 2017. Order no #EUAWHL-[protected]. The delivery was delayed several times. I run out of patience and...

Metem Internationalscooter ali5 v2

More than two months ago (18/07/2017) I made the purchase of the Ali5 scooter and neither I have received the product nor received my money. What was initially going to be a 2 week wait in delivery of the scooter is already going for almost two and a half months. Although I have tried to get in touch with the company, they do not attend to me.
If you do not want the same thing to happen to you DO NOT BUY at or
Hace más de dos meses (18/07/2017) que realicé la compra del scooter Ali5 y ni he recibido el producto ni me han devuelto el dinero. Lo que inicialmente iba a ser una espera de 2 semanas en la entrega ya va por casi dos meses y medio. Aunque he intentado ponerme en contacto con la empresa, ellos no me atienden.
Si no quieres que te ocurra lo mismo NO COMPRES en o

Metem International — aliv2 electri scooter/order never delivered

Order date: 20/07/2017 Order Invoice #[protected] Order #UKAIRB-[protected] Product: AliV2 Electric Scooter Product Cost + Shipping: £515 I have made several attempts to contact the...

Metem International — airbike ali5 v2

Ordered Airbike ali5 on July 11 2017, with Invoice #[protected] Order #UKAIRB-[protected], for 499 pounds + 15 pounds for delivery expenses. Since then, I didn't receive any notice...

Metem International — pro zoom x5 refund not received after i've returned the product

Dear Sir or Madan, I've been waiting 83 days for a full refund amount 459 €. Order number : FRHTLSC-[protected] Invoice : [protected] I returned the PRO ZOOM X5 on 15 May 2017...