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bought a new power wash and I received an used one

On june 2018 I bought a new power wash and what I received was an old junk not even works. I have been contacting this company for several months to get my money back and...

sweater jacket

Order #Y1636627 Ten days ago I contacted Yugster about a problem with my recent purchase of this sweater jacket. Either the size of the item was incorrect as labeled or the item...


On November 23 I ordered 4 purses that were advertised as AUTHENTIC MICHAEL KORS. I ordered 4 of these purses thinking I got a great deal! When the first one arrived it was NOT a MK purse - not even close!! The 2nd arrived and I shipped it back unopened, "Return To Sender". The last 2 purses never arrived at all! After ordering I didn't receive so much as an order confirmation. So I paid for 4 purses and actually have one which I'm ready to return, but I want my money back!!! This retailer is committing fraud and theft!! PayPal tried unsuccessfully to contact the seller to no avail. Then they told me to return the purses for a refund! How can I return what I don't have? PayPal closed the claim without refunding my money! During the claim though, the retailer I bought from would not respond to them. I need help! That money was Christmas money and supposed to be gifts for my kids. I'm a widow and doing this on my own! I don't have the money to be taken advantage of! Yugster allows retailers to use their name so I feel you are responsible for your fraudulent dealers! I want an immediate refund or I'm calling my Attorney General and the BBB! This has been ridiculous and I will never use Yugster again if this isn't fixed.


mystery box

Stay Away. I trusted and got burned

I've purchased from Yuster for over a year. They have deals, but don't respond to emails.

I just purchased 2 mystery boxes. I knew the risk, but thought for sure there would be some value in the box. Of course they mention the possibility of a $100 bill or TV etc., but wasn't thinking they would really send those in this box.

What I go was pure garbage. They just scooped out the trash and dumped in in a box.

21 Non-name batters, Starwars vinal backpack, Ninja Turtle stuffed Doll, tooth brush, Music hat & touch gloves.

Beware... I'm done... Daily steals & woot are at least shoveling garbage

mystery box

Stay away

They are very unpredictable and that's the main reason why I don't want to deal with them anymore.
They work when they want, they do what they want, and only they decide when exactly they will ship your item even if it's always in stock. They are very unorganized and it causes a lot of inconveniences to customers. Customer service operates on the same principle. No way to contact, but maybe one day they will do you a favor and pick up the phone. Perhaps...
Stay away if you don't want to be ripped off.

stay away

Don't fall for their low prices. Don't think you will have a great deal. No.
What you get from them is a piece of junk.
I want to prevent you from spending your money on something that other people didn't want to buy, refused to have or shipped their items back.
Plus, if you get a defective item and decide to ship it back, you will have to pay a restocking fee, which I think is ridiculous to do, counting that initially, it wasn't your fault.
So be careful and find another way of buying things at low prices.

usb charger with built in spy camera

Today I got this gadget from you. The micro instruction book was written by a third grade Chinese student who had one English class, at best. The layout diagram was printed mirror-image so I had to use a mirror to read it. The instructions make no sense. Could you please email me a copy of instructions that work, written in plain English? Either that or refund my cost on this item. I have been happy with other items purchased from you but this one takes the cake. I assumed I was getting a camera/charger with intelligent instructions. If you have a techie, have him/her take a shot at one of these and see if your employee can make head or tails of the provided instructions. Thank you.
David Hill
8700 E. University Drive Lot 525
Mesa, AZ 85207

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    I ordered and just got your USB charger/spy camera. The instructions are not written in a useful manner. I could not make heads nor tails of the little booklet. The one diagram was printed in mirror-image. I had to use a mirror to read it. If you could email me clear instructions on this item, please do. Otherwise, refund my money. I cannot use this thing with the instructions provided. Thank you.

yugster customer service

Saturday I received an Apple laptop computer (order # 164395) from YUGSTER. It was defective right out of the box. The screen goes dark and/or kicks the user off the Safari...

Broken headphones

I purchased headphones from this website and when I received them they simply did not work. They were broken and there was no sound! I contacted Yugster and they said that there was nothing wrong with headphones, they claimed that I did something wrong. What exactly? They literally said that I was using them wrong. Are you kidding me?? We were talking about headphones and everyone knows how to use them. These guys from Yugster gave me nothing but headache, they could simply say that they don't want to refund me, but no, they decided to break my brain with all that nonsense. I have nothing else to say. Don't deal with this site!

Still waiting for my refund!

I've purchased a laptop from Yugster website and when it arrived it was ok. There were no visible damages. About two weeks later keyboard stopped working. I contacted Yugster customer care service and asked for a refund and they gave their permission. So I sent the laptop back and about a week later received a message from the post service stating that Yugster received the package.
But the strange thing was that no one from Yugster didn't contact me! I called but they did not pick up so I sent them a message asking about my refund. Several days later I received a reply saying that they never received anything so refund was not possible. I called the post service and they said that they did deliver the laptop.
Yugster is not to be trusted! They sent me a defective laptop and they still have my money! I'm so angry! Will never order anything from them again!

yugster.comAwful customer service

I bought some things from I am not satisfied with them at all, because I received damaged items, but one purchase was not delivered at all. Several times I tried to contact them, but no one answered me. I won’t advise you to buy from this seller, because they can send you broken or badly packaged items, which you won’t be able to change or return. Also they have awful customer services, and it is impossible to get in touch with them.

  • Te
    Terri Mertz Sep 12, 2018

    I purchased a refurbished Samsung Galaxy 7 . It took me 6 weeks to receive the item, and when it arrived it was dirty and scratched and I did not trust that it would work, so I asked to return it. The sent me an RMA barcode, but it was so small it was impossible to read--it was not even an inch square. When I tried to enlarge the label, it became too blurry to read. I asked for a replacement barcode. They keep saying they would provide it "tomorrow."

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Software piracy

I have purchased a few things from Yugster in the past. A couple of years ago, they sold downloadable Microsoft Professional Office Plus for $99.97. I bought a copy as back up. I didn’t install it on my laptop as I was planning to buy a new one sometime down the road. I decided to install it a couple of weeks ago and I could get the Key code to work. When I contacted Microsoft, I was told that my key code was pirated #. I called Yugster several times and left messages, none was returned. I emailed them and someone said they will look into it but never got back to me. My credit card company can not help – I have reported them to Microsoft and BSA for software piracy. — I can't return charger

I ordered nikon camera plus 2g memory card plus $49.99 battery charger from Then I understood that I don’t need a charger as I had old one. However, I was told...