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resin model parts

i ordered $73 worth of parts. that's been 8 weeks ago. no up dates on the order have ever been sent. i feel that the parts should have been sent to me by now. he took my money at the time of purchase but then makes me wait months for parts i feel i may never see. i'm requesting a refund thru paypal. i'll never do business with this "company" again and am warning others to stay away.This company sure doesn't live up to its name "reliable"

scale model parts

Ordered $75 worth of scale model resin parts from don... He said it could take up to 8-12 weeks to receive...

resin piracy

Reliable Resin just stole my M/T Big Block Chevy Valve Covers (that I created) and sell on my website "Speed City Resin" and he's now selling them on his Facebook page. I have emailed him several times and he is avoids all my emails. Although he promotes "Don't Support Resin Piracy" on his eBay listings, I guess he thinks it's okay to steal from others (I'm not the only one). Sadly, I hear from a lot of my customers who "Dirty Don" has ripped off. Too many tragic story's to list hear. This hobby is supposed to be fun, we shouldn't have to deal with this kind of deplorable behavior. Stay away from this guy !

resin model car parts

It's a shame, the man makes the best parts in the modeling industry, you just can't trust the man ! I ordered parts in October 2018, about 60.00 dollars worth, I emailed Don after few weeks he called and we spoke for about 2 hours seemed honest and assured me he was working on my parts as we spoke, I trusted him and ordered parts off eBay that said was in stock, spoke to him again and ordered another 65.00 on top of the other 2 orders, he claimed he had every part ready to ship and he was going to put it all in the same box and save me shipping, right never got it, don't answer phone or emails, the man is a crook, claims it was shipped try and track it it's nothing more than a label, I filed a complaint with pay pal same crap sends them a bogus tracking number, don't know how he gets away with it but he is a great liar!!!
Beware of reliable resin Don is a pathetic liar, don't buy or believe a word the man says, once he's got your money he's done with you!

resin parts non delivery

I placed an order through Reliable Resins on 2/24/18. I called to check on the order after waiting a month and was told it would ship in a week. It's been 9 weeks now. I called and spoke with Don the owner. When I asked that what I paid for be shipped or refunded he hung up on me and will not answer calls. I am now trying to get my money back through PayPal.

no product sent

I ordered several products and paid in full over $100 through Paypal in June of 2013. In the meantime I wa...

donald theune is a thief

This is the scam with Reliable Resin...they have great stuff on their site that nobody else makes! You make an order and then wait, and wait, and wait some more. All the while, Don Theune (the owner) provides one ridiculous excuse after another as to why he cannot fulfill his obligation. His goal is to get you to wait at least 45 days so the Paypal money-back deal expires, and then you never get a response from Reliable Resin again. I'm out $66 and after 2.5 years, can only hope karma catches up with old Don!

Actually, I did get a response from old Don after posting warnings on some modelling forums about Reliable Resin. He obviously didn't know who it was posting the warnings, but told me I was the problem in the situation and the problem with society today; we all want everything right now and cry when we don't get it (or something similar). What a gem old Don is...

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    Christopher Buck Jul 03, 2017

    My name is Christopher Buck and I am the former owner of Top End Miniatures and Holeshot Resins. I gave up the company in 2011/2012 when I encountered some serious physical and financial problems. To the matter at hand, Don Theune. I had some rather nasty dealings with Don back in 2004 and 2005. He had the audacity to accuse me of stealing engine designs from my late, great friend Ross Gibson (Ross Gibson Engines). Don accused me of taking several of Ross' engine kits to the 2004 NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals and showing them to vendors and race teams to drum up business for myself. He called Ross with this accusation and of course Ross called me mad as hell and threatened to sue me. I explained to Ross that I would never jeopardize our friendship, or business relationship, with such a stunt. I actually helped Ross with the design of his Sonny Leonard Hemi/Chevy engine kit (I mastered the blower intake manifold, the Kobelco Superman blower, and hat). Later, we (Wayne Stevens Jr.) and I released a photo of a Weld Dragstar front wheel we were going to put into production. Now Don accuses us of stealing his design. First off, if I ever wanted to steal a design from some other resin company (which I never did), I definitely would not steal anything from Don "Looney" Theune. Don actually threatened me once. I told him, anytime you POS. It is amazing this POS is still in business. BTW, I am planning a return to the resin casting business. Nuff said.

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  • Sh
    Shannon Giust Jul 10, 2018

    Don owes me about $7000 or a model. His excuses are one after another. He was to produce a model in Dec 2016 and we are still waiting and listening to his excuses. Scam Visions!!

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  • Do
    Don isa Fraud Jan 23, 2019

    So my wife contacted Don Theune through Scale Visions to build a model of my 2011 Subaru STi for my 40th birthday. The deal was agreed to in October 2017 to be done close to February 2018. Some communications were made around progress but basically no progress. Now its January 2019 and I've contacted him several times to get a refund but only ignored. Initially promised to refund by Paypal, then didn't know how to to email interact so was going to mail us a check. Still nothing and now not answering calls or emails. TOTAL SCAM AND POS for taking $1000!!! AND for taking advantage of my wife's kind nature of sending more money to help the build progress. Contacting Penn Police to report him as a SCAM and FRAUD.

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  • SajidHanef Jan 23, 2019

    Its my first day on Complaint Board, shocked 😨😨😨, oh my God, what is going in the world, especially in developed countries, Surprised 😮😮😮

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this horrible company didn't return money back

I had the deal with Reliable Resin, but I heard only fake promises and excuses from them. I was sick of, so I told to the rep to return my money back. It was horrible, ‘coz the rep again and again promised money back, but nothing happened. I was sick of their promises and wanted to get my money back ASAP. But the rep simply started to avoid me. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

  • Ch
    Christopher Buck Jul 03, 2017

    If you never got your order, you might as well kiss your money good-bye. Don has screwed a lot of people.

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  • Da
    Dave Janu Apr 20, 2018

    Pretty much the same story here. 9 weeks and still don't have what I paid for. When asking for what I paid for to be shipped or refunded, Don Theune then hung up on me and will not answer or return calls.

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non delivery

In june '09 I ordered several items... Paid thru pay pal... Received 3 items... Made several inquiries over the next 3 yrs... Was promised it would be shipped soon, then computer had been hacked, been sick, grandfather died, waiting on decals, doing physical therapy,... Etc, etc, etc... Don will not answer his phone or respond to e-mail, messages, etc. I'm tired of the promises with no delivery... Now it's time for bbb. He is now working under '[protected]'... To me it's a scam if you don't get the promised product.

  • Jo
    Joe Stemz May 28, 2017

    I wish I would have seen this before I placed my order. 4 years later after he scammed you he's still and it and now I've been burned.

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  • Ch
    Christopher Buck Jul 03, 2017

    @Joe Stemz It is shameful that Don has done this to so many people. The really bad part about this, is that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it expect spread the word about this creep. I have had serious dealings with this [censor] in the past. I never, ever, took money from my customers when I was in the aftermarket resin parts business. Hoping to return to the business later this year or next.

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maybe it is a scam

I ordered 2 resin model car kits from Reliable Resin. I sent money via PayPal. I waited a month till I...