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The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Mercedes Benz USA — fraud

Filed by :John Pickering ON L1X 1W3 Canada Filed against : Valley Motors Inc Mercedes, Audi, Subaru...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Mercedes of Ft Lauderdaleservice

My 2008 & 1987 mercedes are serviced at Mercedes of Ft Lauderdale. I took my 87 sl in because the a/c quit blowing cold air. I dropped it off on a Thursday evening and on Tuesday I received a call stating it would cost $2400 to replace the compressor and a hose. I said that at this time I can't pay $2400 so I'll pick up the car. My service advisor said he would put in freon so the air would be cold since I only drive this car one day a week. I paid $201 and picked up the car. While waiting for my car the car line was full of dropped off cars and valets standing around talking. At the end of the line an older man drove up and stopped his mercedes blocking the entrance. Another car pulled up behind him and then the valet pulled up my car. I stood there waiting for someone to tell the man to move in. The cars remained just sitting. I showed a valet that this man's car was blocking the entrance and he said he sure is. My service advisor was walking through so I showed him. I said I would go out to the parking lot and get my car myself. The man was still blocking the entrance and no one was helping. I said I had been up since 5:30 am and wanted to go home since it was nearly 5pm. I walked down to get my car and told the older man to move his car in, so he did. (Poor poor customer service) but I'm not finished... The car had been left in the rain which I understand so it was not clean and the back window was so dirty I couldn't see through it on my drive home. Do you think someone could have at least wiped off the back window. When I got home to clean the window I noticed the hood and trunk was covered with bird droppings. It was all over the car. Could someone at least wipe off the bird droppings...I've never experienced this type of service so I'm going to do some research and find someone nearby that services older mercedes. It's a clear message to me they do not want to service my 87.

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    mercedes benz financialnon authorized charge

    I been treated not Fairley by the Mercedes Benz Financial services. I am a loyal customer of them for the past 6 years, I all the time paid on time with no late fee.
    After months trying to transfer my lease to a different customer I been told by the staff member that due to the outgoing issue with the system they are not able to process the payment.
    I told them that I am not going to take the new car that I ordered since I will have to pay 3 months after the other 3 months covered by Mercedes Benz financial, total of 6 months.
    The super visor named Philip told me to go ahead and to turn in the car and they will cover the all 6 months. He told me that he noted the account.
    When I requested for a conformation he told me “we are not using emails and nothing to worried about”.
    A week later I took from them 2011 Mercedes, I returned my other car to them. I got a bill for 1093.00 bottom line they covered only 3 months. When I called in with this issue suddenly they are not remembering none of the above told me.
    After asking to speak with a super visor they made it to sound like I am creating this entire story just not to pay them. When I am paying all my bills on time with no issues.
    I wanted to return the car back to dealer at this point, then they called me and offered me %20 discount.
    Very unprofessional for a bank to work this way, the fact that they discounted the amount just prove me that I was right and I did been promised the above.

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Mercedes-Benz Service - Beverly Hills, CA — rude over weight help

      DO NOT GOTO Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills Server Center I when in for server, Paul Hayley was my Server...

      Mercedes-Benzmercedes benz taking advantage of woman

      I purchased a merc from NMI last DecOn 5 Sep I encountered a flat to which I then struggled with trying to fit on the spare tyre. Upon taking the car to NMI to check on the problem the service advisor told me that the pump that accompanies the spare tyre was not there. Being a female I had never found the need to open the spare tyre part of the car. This therefore came as a shock and the service advisor asked that I speak to Mark Maduray who sold me the car. In doing this and after calls and emails I got no response from him. I then spoke to H Singh who was the manager and who also refused to assist me. Upon esc further on, MercSA comes back that I signed for all of this. I was appalled as I was never taken through the car at all. They confirmed that it was not there. M Maduray is aware that I was never taken through this car and this was once again confirmed with him telephonically, yet they refuse to take accountability. When signing the documents I was told that I was confirming that I took delivery and nothing in ref to confirm any checks As a woman I am terribly inconvenienced and Merc refuses to acknowledgethat this was not put in. Merc just simply take woman for a ride!!!

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        Napleton Auto Werks/Mercedes Benztransfer case failure

        Purchased a new 07 C280 4-matic in May 2007. Decided to pay more for a vehicle because of their known longevity. Have always maintained vehicle to Recommended Standards. At 63000 miles (which is out of warranty) in 2010, I took the vehicle in because I noticed a noise from the Passenger Rear Wheel when making turns. The Service Manager asured me it was something simple, i.e. a rock in the brakes. After 3 hours waiting, I was told that my transfer case was coming apart internally and would cost over $4000.00 to repair. I LOST MY MIND!!! Went directly to the General Manager. He assured me that he would contact Corporate and take care of this immediately. I assumed life was grand. 4 days later, still no return call. Finally got in touch with the elusive GM, he stated that Mercedes would pay 25%, leaving me with a balance of over $3000.00. I asked where his assurances went that this would be taken care of? He had nothing to say. Filed a complaint with Mercedes Customer Service department and went to work researching the situation. Found out on 01.28.2009, there was a Service Memo issued to Dealers about the Transfer Case problem and that there was a service that could be performed. If the transfer case service did not work, then it needed replaced. OF COURSE in 2009, I was still in warranty. the dealership denied knowing about the Service Memo and is refusing to take care if this. I even had to fax the Service Memo to them for review!!! BEWARE!!! Mercedes is no longer the vehicle it used to be!!!

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          • Bi
            biggrinch Jan 23, 2014

            I received a call from finance s manager on 23jan14 6:49 which I was high disappointed because I bought a car from this dealership before with no problem.He spoke to me as though I wasn't a customer and wasn't professional at all Im going to file a complaint against him.

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          Mercedes Benz — fraud

          I bought a preowned mb compressor from mercedes benz of fort lauderdale, milage just under 60, 000. I asked...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Mercedes Benzsold a car without promised options

          In a nutshell this is the saga of being sold a car without the promised options by mercedes-benz of tampa bay and their subsequent denial and refusal to deal with the problem.

          I warn anyone who is thinking of dealing with this company to be very careful what you buy and make sure what you are sold is what you asked for, do not believe your salesman. There are in fact other reputable dealerships in the area that in my opinion you should consider before mercedes-benz of tampa bay.

          February 11, 2010

          I was coming up to the end of my lease of a mercedes c230. I had an appointment with a salesman at mercedes-benz of tampa bay to discuss my options. Upon meeting the salesmen andrew I informed him that I was interested in purchasing a mercedes. I told him how much I loved their cars, and how I just needed to find the right one. I informed him that my biggest must have with the car was satellite radio and a navigation system, a point which I reiterated several times, the car I purchase must have these items. I did a test drive on a new c300 which was very nice, but the salesmen showed me a certified pre-owned 2008 e350 that he suggest I try. Upon getting in the car the salesmen tells me how it is equipped with both satellite and a navigation system. He tells me he understands thats what I want, and this car has both.

          February 16, 2010

          I decided I would purchase the e350. At that point I assumed it had everything I said it must have, andrew points out the satellite radio just needs activating and the navigation system needs the dvd inserting for it to work, I naively believed him. After four hours of signing papers the car was mine. I was told at this point someone would go over all of the details of the car with me, unfortunately she had to go home. Andrew then just went through really quickly the basics of the car. At this point I notice the vanity mirror on the driver's side is broken. The salesmen tells me he will see how much they cost and let me know if he can get me a deal on one. I thought this was very odd, considering I had not driven the car off the lot, I felt they should be responsible for fixing that. I asked him at that point what I had to do to get the satellite radio working and the navigation system. He says he will talk to the service guys and give me a call. When I got home I called sirius to see if I could get my subscription transferred, and after a while of trying they told me to contact the dealership, because they did not know what the problem was.

          February 17, 2010

          I called andrew and for the first time he says he is not actually sure if my car is equipped for satellite radio or a navigation system. He tells me he will talk with his manager and get back with me. I do not hear from him the rest of the day. Also later that day we discover that the zxylon (paint protection) had been applied incorrectly, so now there where swirls all over the car.

          February 18, 2010

          I try and call andrew again and cannot get in touch with him. I decide to call adam (the finance guy) who I must say was the only one helpful person through this entire experience, even though there was very little he could do. He says he will try and get in touch with someone who can help me.

          February 19, 2010

          I called andrew again with no luck. Spoke with adam who again tries to find the right person to help me.

          February 22, 2010

          Call andrew again and leave another message. Spoke with adam who tells me he will try and get me in touch with the director of preowned sales, ed. He gives me ed's number and I call and leave a message.

          February 23, 2010

          Call ed again and leave another message.

          February 24, 2010

          I spoke with the director of preowned sales, ed. He reconfirms that the car is not equipped with satellite radio or a navigation system. He says that I can bring the car back in and they would get me into something else. This would be fine but he admitted they did not have any preowned 2008 e350's on their lot so I didn't have the option to replace the vehicle and they weren't going to buy the vehicle back.

          He also tells me that he knows people put after market satellite radios in their cars and I could just do that (trouble is with this $100 option it does not integrate with the factory fitted radio and would have to be stuck on the dash and also be tuned into the car's sound system using an fm channel, this is not a great solution). This statement proves to be very important later. He did not make me an offer to do this free of charge, he just made that statement.

          February 25, 2010

          Finally spoke with andrew who asks me to come in to the dealership. I make an appointment to see him the next morning at 9:00. I show up and andrew is nowhere to be seen. He finally calls and says he forgot he had to take his son to the pediatrician so he will not be able to make it. I speak with bernard, client relations manager, and he just takes down the info. Later that day bernard calls and tells me that there is no way they can get satellite radio or a navigation system in this car. I let him know that I would not have purchased this car had I been aware of that, and I was lead to believe it did have those things.

          In fact the car can be fitted with both systems as the wiring kit and equipment for the satellite radio can be purchased for $1100, and the navigation equipment for around $500. It seems they just don't want to spend the money righting their mistake.

          February 26, 2010

          I decide to contact mercedes benz usa. I tell them my story, and they say they normally would have someone get back to me within 24 hours, but due to a snow storm it might take longer.

          March 1, 2010

          Called mercedes benz usa and they informed me how terribly sorry they are, but they can't get in touch with anyone to help me.

          March 2, 2010

          Called mercedes benz usa and again told how sorry they are, but they have been unable to speak with someone from the dealership.

          March 3, 2010

          Called mercedes benz usa and leave message. Speak with adam who says he will try to get ed to give me a call to see what he can do.

          March 5, 2010

          Called mercedes benz usa and speak to mariano. He says he will contact the dealership regarding the mirror, xziolin, and the satellite radio issue to see what they will do to make things right. Also spoke with adam again and he tells me he will try and get bernard to call me and see if we can resolve the situation.

          March 8, 2010

          Called mercedes benz usa and spoke with jenna. She says she will work with mariano to try and get my situation resolved.

          March 9, 2010

          Received a call from mariano of mercedes benz usa to let me know that mercedes benz of tampa bay will fix my mirror. Still nothing on the the xziolin, navigation system or satellite radio.

          March 10, 2010

          Mariano called from mercedes benz usa. He lets me know that he has spoken with the dealership and they said I never said that satellite radio was a requirement for the car I wanted to purchase. They also told him that they had offered to install an aftermarket satellite radio free of charge, and I had never gotten back to them so the offer was no longer available. I informed mariano that ed mentioned I could put the aftermarket radio in the car, but they never mentioned this as an offer or that it would be done free of charge by any case a $100 radio from best buy will not compensate. Mariano concludes that this was possibly just a misunderstanding and there is very little I can do about it at this point. They are sorry about this. He also says that he will speak with them about fixing the zxylon application. I informed him that this seemed incredibly unfair on so many levels. First to basically call me a liar and say I never said I must have satellite radio and the navigation, and second to retract an offer I was not even fully aware I had been given. I told him I felt as if they were completely disregarding me. Up to the point of purchasing the car everyone at the dealership treated me as if I was a very important client and they would do anything to make sure I was happy. After I purchased the car I could barely get a phone call returned, and could hardly speak to the same person (besides adam) more than once. They have left me with zero recourse other than to make as many people as possible aware of their appalling customer service which the longer this goes on makes me think is not coincidental, do they treat all their customers this way once they have driven off the lot?

          March 12, 2010

          Called ed again to ask for an explanation on his "i'm a liar" comment. Of course I couldn't get in touch with him, left another voicemail.

          March 18, 2010

          Still no call from ed or anyone else.

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            Mercedes Benz Of Tampa Baysold a car without promised options

            In February 2010 I bought a black 2008 E350 with 25, 000 miles, it was the color I wanted, it had low mileage and it also had satellite radio and a navigation system, I knew this to be true because I stated several times to my salesman Andrew that this is what I must have and he told me this black E350 was definitely equipped with both. These last two things are very important to me. The problems began when I returned home with the car to find out it did not include either satellite radio or a navigation system. You might wonder how I didn’t know it wasn’t equipped while I was still at the dealership, this is because I was told the satellite radio just needed to be activated and the DVD needed to be inserted into the nav system. In my naivety I took Andrew’s word on this, also the walk-through explaining the features of the car didn’t happen as the person involved had to leave. If I’d had this walk-through with someone knowledgeable this whole episode could have been avoided as I would not have left with the car.
            If you are considering having any relationship with this company I suggest you read my buying experience here

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Mercedes Benz Of Tampahorrible service department

              Service Dept Quote of the Day: Squeaky brakes on a Mercedes Benz is normal. All of them squeak in Florida because it's so humid.

              ...I should have listened to my neighbor about MB of Tampa Service Dept. I gave them the benefit of the doubt because I had two Mercedes in the past (up north) and was very happy. After two attempts to have my brakes repaired/replaced, a discussion with the service manager and being spoken to like a child... I decided to hand over the key and purchase another BMW!

              Horrible experience!

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                • Dr
                  Dr. Walter R. Ivey Feb 03, 2013
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  Dr. Walter R. Ivey
                  2454 Grinstead Dr
                  Building D suite 1
                  Louisville, KY 40202

                  Scott Keogh
                  Mercedes Benz Corporate Office & Headquarters.
                  One Mercedes Dr. P.O. Box 350
                  Montvale, NJ [protected]

                  Dear Mr. Keogh:

                  First of all I want to say I am a loyal Mercedes Benz enthusiast. My motto is “if it is not a Mercedes Benz I’d rather walk.” So that should give you a general idea on my feelings about my Mercedes Benz. On Thursday January 24th 2013 I took my Mercedes Benz s500 (VIN number WDBGA51E9SA223992) to Tafel Motors, Inc Mercedes Benz 4156 Shelbyville Road, P.O Box 7096 Louisville, KY [protected] for preventive maintenance. I had the: wiper control united replaced, wiper control module replaced, tie rods replaced and idler arm replaced. Now keep in mind this car was in excellent condition, I had just drove it to Indianapolis, Indiana five days prior to me taking it to Tafel for service. “Mrs. Stacy Parks my service person at Tafel called me on Monday January 28th 2013 and informed me that the oil pressure switch needed to be replaced”. I authorized her by phone to replace the oil pressure switch. Then I asked Mrs. Parks for the bill total. “Mrs. Parks responded the total is $1, 711.33 dollars”. “I said can I pay the bill now”. “Mrs. Parks responded Dr. Ivey this is just an estimate at this point the bill may be more or the bill may be less I will let you know when we finish all of the work”. Then Mrs. Parks said “Your Mercedes should be finished Wednesday January 30th 2013. On Thursday I returned Mrs. Parks called Mrs. Parks said “Dr. Ivey the service manager wants to speak with you.” I responded, “What does the service manager want to speak to me about?” I responded, “Mrs. Parks you are my service person why can’t you tell me what the service manager wants to talk to me about?” I then ask Mrs. Parks “Is this matter about my car? Mrs. Park responded, ” Yes” I then asked Mrs. Parks, ”Is it serious?” Mrs. Parks said, ”I guess, I really do not know.” On Friday February 1, 2013 I arrive at Tafel motors Mrs. Parks escorted me to the service manager office. Mrs. Parks Knocked on the service manager’s door and the service manager said come in. Mrs. Parks said, ”This is Dr. Ivey.” Mr. Doug Shipp responded, “It is good to meet you please have a seat while I get the tech that worked on the car and his supervisor.” So it was five of us in Mr. Shipp office: Mr. Stacy Park, Mr. Doug ship, the tech, tech supervisor and me. Mr. Shipp said, “Dr. Ivey we have done all of the work on your car everything is fixed. As we do all cars after we complete the work we take them on a test drive. The tech took your Mercedes on a test drive and it ran fine no problems. As we do all cars after we complete the work we wash them but, when the tech tried to restart your car it went dead and it would not start. We are not sure but we think that one of the towers in the engine broke off and got caught in the timing chain and destroyed all of the valves”. Mr. Shipp then said, ” That is the bad news, things just happen.” Then everyone in the room looked at me waiting for a response.
                  I began to think to myself bailment of damage and Mercedes V Marco Marquez USA, llc. I asked, “Mr. Shipp so you are saying I will be without a car in the middle of winter because of Tafels negligence?” Mr. Shipp said nothing. I responded that Mercedes Benz only had two owners me and Mr. Ned Bass. Mr. Bass gave me all of the service records in fact the only companies that serviced the car was Tafel and C&O Body shop. The timing chain was replace by Tafel once and C&O replaced the timing chain the second time. I responded that car was in excellent condition. I had a problem with Tafel once before they replaced the ignition switch in that Mercedes. Tafel put a new ignition switch in that Mercedes and it was defective. The car was not running smooth as normal so I took it back to Tafel their first line of defense was to cover up and deny the problem but I had two witnesses at C&O body shop that verified the problem. So Tafel begrudgingly replaced the ignition switch a second time. I can forward you the repair order. What is Ironic is that Tafel is making that same statement now that they made with the ignition “switch thing just happen”.
                  I said, “Mr. Shipp that I am really angry so I am leaving.” I left Tafel and went straight to my attorney’s office I explained the history and everything that occurred in detail. My attorney and I both agreed to let Tafel or Mercedes be responsible for this situation before we begin any kind of litigation regarding the matter. Because we both feel that Mercedes Benz is an outstanding company that sales and excellent product. What I want from Mercedes Benz is to be made whole. I want my Mercedes Benz in the same drivable condition that it was when I drove it to Tafel. I am trying to be reasonable as possibly if Mercedes can find an engine that works it can be the same year and have the mileage as long as my car is operational I will be satisfied. I want Tafel to authorize me a rental car while my car is being repaired
                  . PS.I hope we can resolve this situation before it escalates. I have informed Geico my insurance about the matter. Thank you for your time.

                  Walter R. Ivey

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Mercedes Benz Canadatouted as &star-certified&

                We purchased a "star-certified pre-owned Mercedes that
                didn't meet MB Canada standards. Details below.

                The authorized Mercedes selling dealer even changed our warranty start date on our purchase agreement 3 months after the purchase...without our signature!

                Our so called "Star Certified" B200Turbo undisclosed vehicle history:
                - another dealer indicated it was in an accident when hatch wouldn't open; car was out of alignment (toe and camber) resulting in zero outside tread in less than 3, 000 km

                - evidence of repainting back end and front end was identified; 2 side mouldings loose, corrosion on shock towers, wheel well cover loose & fastener bolt

                - no record of a number of issues recorded in MB database (transmission, front suspension, back window being replaced, AC not working, etc) provided

                - selling Barrie dealer would not provide Star Inspection - apparently against corporate policy (not true)

                - car had to be re-certified, this second dealer stated they would never have sold this car

                - Barrie dealer told us the warranty start date was 07, our purchase agreement & star warranty stated 07 but the MB Canada database says 06

       has made a horrible grinding noise when we turn left and it is cold since day 1... just informed that it needs a new differential.

                My "pre-owned" car we should have confidence in has been in for service 8 days over the past 2 months. It pulled to left, made noise ever day, hatch wouldn't open and the warning system beeped at us for almost 3 weeks ..hatch is open...very annoying in stop & go traffic. It still isn't fixed & makes that noise.

                Mercedes Benz Canada has responded and agreed to fix car (with much discussion) but promised reimbursements have not materialized and requests for these promises in writing have not been responded to.

                Our request for extended warranty b/c of issues & history of vehicle is unknown has been ignored.

                Mercedes Benz Canada President did not respond to request for assistance to rebuld our trust.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Mercedes 250i Drepair

                  I have a problem, which I think may be time to seek your advise about (once again as it contnues).

                  On August 19th 2009 I had the misfortune of my mercedes breaking down. Since the car has been
                  paid off, it was out of warranty. (this was my second car) I called home start AA who informed me that
                  this car problem was 'comprehension'. The car would start but not turnover. I am not mechanically minded.

                  Breakdown service took the car to Motozone 59 Moore Road / 20 Sydney Road Durban. They told me
                  that the problem could only be solved by them reconditioning the engine. I am not a car fiend (but this
                  seemed wholly inappropriate). Tel [protected] Vernon or Brendon

                  They stripped the engine requested I pay R28, 500 as the job was big, they stated. My car is still with them, they now say it has an injection problem and the car still will not start. I reported them to RMI, once already
                  but have not yet recieved response, now almost seven months later they are asking me for a further R7600 +/- and my car is still not moving. (If the problem was injection why overhaul the engine?)

                  This garage obviously have no idea what their doing with my car. In this time I have been paying
                  my road insurance for a car which is off the road. Every time I call them I am told a '### & bull' story
                  (sorry for the language) and informed the car will be ready in a few days.

                  I would like your assistance to get my car out, and my money back months and they can't fix
                  the car.

                  Car details Reg. ND 567 594
                  Engine Vin: ADB2021256F288419


                  Duncan Dlomo


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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Mercedes-Benz — failed heated seat causing fire

                    This past Tuesday (12/15/2009), 5 minutes after I start up the car (GL 450), it burned through the seat and...


                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Mercedes Benz of Calabasas — horrible service

                    The service at Mercedes Benz Calabasas is absolutely horrid. I had a problem with a gas smell coming from the...


                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Mercedes Benz Of Tampa Bay — discrimination based on race and sex!

                    I must first start this complaint by stating that I have NEVER been treated so poorly by a company as I have...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Mercedes Benz c200-09ac not cooling

                    Mercedes Benz co,
                    Complain: AC is not cooling forever.

                    Recently I bought Mercedes C200 and still I drove with 3300km .Since dated 18-09-2009 I was coming to my office suddenly AC left the cooling and only blower is working. I stop the Car and after some time restart the engine but Ac was fail to work. I was very surprised and still in very low millage I found problem in Mercedes car which is known as a premium car. I have been informed to our local dealer Mercedes ShahNawaz Lahore by Cell phone and emails. But still I could not receive any feedback from them and even they could not contact to me for any alternate car. I am not satisfied with their poor service.
                    My vehicle details are as under,
                    Chassis # WDD204041-2A-280081
                    Engine # [protected]
                    I need a prompt action and urgency feedback.
                    Mian Ghulam Sarwar
                    Address: KASUR (PUNJAB) PAKISTAN
                    CELL# [protected]

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Mercedes Benz Dealer — the worst pre owned sales manager in usa

                      I went to the dealer on sunday, aug 16 2009... Everything was alright... The sale person was nice and polite...

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Mercedes Benz Rocklin /Eldorado Hills CAextended warranty

                      Purchased warranty extended from dealership for used vehicle cl 55 2001 in first part of june, placed vehicle for a service with a complaint that arrised from gear shifting from a tahoe trip in the end of july, the application was not submitted as it was lost!

                      Two weeks later the the warranty company had all of the parts needed an the apllication was submitted and was forwarded to under underwriting, we waited for approval for another week, finally they came back and said they do not cover amg cars, so I was sold a contract or warranty that does not even cover my car, and now I am not able to get warranty as my car has a pre existing condition, due to the fact the sales person at rocklin dealership mercedes, did not sell me the correct contract for my vehicle, and there response is, "that they feel they do, nor do they want any responsibility due to fact they were negligent in processing my contract for my cl55 amg 2001 and that are willing to tow my car back to my house!

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                        • Pa
                          paulxk Aug 16, 2009

                          I bought from new by end 2005 a c-class (in UK); had a whole list of issues (including the automatic transmission, steering rack, electrical surges.

                          I regret I was biased and chose Merc for the logical natural option of BMW (or Lexus); the plastic badge (changed from silver and later stainless steel) says it all

                          I am as well contemplating legal action for cr*p service from A-Z (the only good thing at the dealerships are the pretty receptionists...).

                          Good luck with your complain and legal action; your lawyers are better than ours anyway...

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                        • zoloftn151 Aug 08, 2009

                          Does the fact that you posted the whole complaint in ALL CAPS mean that your screaming?

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                        • zoloftn151 Aug 08, 2009

                          Get a lawyer. How much is a 2001 CL55 AMG worth these days around $15, 000?

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Mercedes Benzservice and handling

                        If you can put up with waiting endlessly and poor finance service and accuracy, you can go to ewing autohaus. I purchased my new car 2 days ago, the experience has been nothing but chaotic. Service stopped the moment the contract was signed. I regretted my decision to switch from lexus to mb. My money is not worth the headache and the stressful experience I have with this dealer!

                        Double check their math!! Their math is always in their favor, and if you don't check their math, you're at a loss. The contract included poor math, and a lot of hidden terms. They even messed up with the base sales price by $2, 500.

                        I vented my bad experience with the dealer's management, the attitude I received back was defensive and nothing but arrogant. They show no sympathy for what a customer has gone through, as far as they're concerned, they met their sales quota, everything else is your problem.

                        P.S. You have to be in line for just about everything. For someone who's spending $50k on a car, you think it's worth your money and time?

                        Don't go to that place, period.

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                          • Ge
                            GE_MARIN Feb 12, 2013
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            My dad took his Mercedes in for a scheduled maintenance and got it back making a noise in the front end. My dad took it back immediately and they said they would check it out. They came back and said it was the drive train so they charged my dad and fixed it. Guess what? it wasn't the drive train. The car still made the same noise! My dad took it back and they said they would take care of it. They came back and said it was the engine and that it had some cut cables. The only people under the hood were these people and had the nerve to charge my dad to repair it. So my dad paid the charge. Now the total bill is up to $5000.00 and guess what? it wasn't the engine, the car is still making the same noise. So my dad didn't even drive it off the lot and my brother finally got a mechanic and drove with him to replicate the sound, so finally they are making headway but guess what? They want to charge my dad $2000.00 dollars more to fix it. They made repairs to my Dad's car that wasn't necessary because according to the scheduled maintenance that was done, the car was fine. These people are dishonest and would never recommend them to anyone.

                            0 Votes
                          • Ge
                            gert fourie Jun 24, 2012

                            I lodge this complaint on behave of my brother Tienie(M C) Fourie ID [protected], thee owner of a C200 compressor registration number XSK 934 GP. His car keys was stolen when theey broke into his house and he had to get new keys and a remote. This happened in March 2012 and up till today 24th of June he still has not received thee key's.For Mercedes Benz which was always known for excellent service theis is totally unacceptable.This one would expect from the cheap and nasty manufacturers. The Garage in this case is situated in Springs Gauteng.There is also an issue regarding the replacement of wiper blades that were brand new. Unfortunately he has not got access to the internet and that is why I am lodging thee complaint. He is furious because of thee ABSOLUTE POOR SERVICE HE EXPERIENCE FROM THE SPRINGS MERC BENCE GARAGE. His contact details is as follows cel nr [protected].He stays in nr 24 Malva avenue in Nigel.PLEASE ASSIST AS A MATTER OF URGENCY!!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! 16BWEEKS SHAME ON YOU M/BENZ.

                            0 Votes
                          • Sa
                            samitsharma Feb 04, 2011
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            i found a message regarding winning a sweepstake promo, is it a true or fake, let us know

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                          • Fl
                            Flace Jan 20, 2011
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            Went to Mercedes Sandton to replace a headlight globe. Phoned them 2 times this morning to enquire whether the item is covered as part of service contract but no-one could help. Went in, had to pay for the globe, asked to speak to a service consultant to get clarity on what is excluded from service contract and was informed that globes are covered under the service plan.

                            No-one had explained to me that I had to book the car in to ensure that it is covered under the service plan as no one knew. It seems as if there is a lack of knowledge and no one really cares. Even though the item was cheapish (R156.00) I am upset about the principle.

                            0 Votes
                          • My
                            my forth my last Jan 20, 2010

                            leased my forth MB in last 8 years from freehold n.j. MB...Got it first week in nov.09 crashed it Nov.12 2009 as of today Jan 18 2010 car still in repair shop (JOST WALL N.J.)Reason MB can not supply shop with parts to repair car.Calls to mb customer service...yea what customer service...on deaf ears nothing but lame excuses...and no satisfaction...BEWARE BEFORE BUYING A MB...My forth and my last!

                            0 Votes
                          • Mb
                            MB Ate My Baby Jan 06, 2010

                            I bought my C240 in 2005 from Ewing. Everything said in the post is true. I had the same experience. If it looks and smells rotten, it's probably rotten. Stay away. Better off buying anything other than a MB anyway. Mine is sitting on the driveway dead, lights wont work, doors wont lock, and the display states oil is overfilled yet the dealer looked at it and said that it is fine. BEWARE!

                            0 Votes

                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          mercedes benz stockport UK — breach of contract

                          i purchased two cars from the dealership signed a contract which clearly stated that the contract was legally...

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