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Complaints & Reviews

awful experience

I purchased a mercedes cdi family saloon car 4 years ago which has just come out of warranty. It has only 24000 miles on the clock and is as good as new, so I thought. To my horror after just dropping off my two babies at my mothers was traveling down the road when the revs stuck fast as if it was going to blow the engine, the car was then engulfed in smoke outside and inside the car, so much so that the fire brigade turned up. I was just so glad my children were not in the car, but was absolutely terrified. I then tried to turn off the car, but even after taking the keys out the engine was still running and bellowing out smoke. A passer by said the only way the car was going to turn off was by stalling it, which I did but yet very reluctant to get back in the car. We then returned the car to Mercedes. We did take out extra cover with the AA which covered us for £3000 for parts. On mercedes doing a report the repairs were to total to £4600, surely this cannot be right for a car which has done such little millage. Getting any good will off Mercedes is none existent to pay £26000 for a car surely they should help with costs as we have been told by an AA member, and a member of Mercedes themselves this should never have happened and Mercedes should take some responsibility. I am gutted don't know were I'm going to find the money but on the other hand I am just so relieved that my children were not in the car, heaven forbid if the central locking also would have gone as I might not be here today to warn others of this problem.

  • Pt
    ptceli Jan 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish I read this board before buying one, they truck is the most expensive POS I ever purchased...spread the word to your friends and family DO NOT BUY A MERCEDES BENZ!!!

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poor car service done

My AC on my clk 320 went out so i took it to the dealer. They told me that it was the evaporator had to be fixed and it will cost around $4000. I went ahead and did it. Less then one year later My AC went out and not they are claiming it is not under the warrenty because other part has been leaking. so now i have to pay additional 1100 for that part. I wen to pick up my car and AC was not fixed.
I am wondering if this people even actually fix things.

  • Ha
    Harry Mar 09, 2009

    I've found that Mercedes Benz NA has never been very interested in providing a good customer satisfaction experience and their dealerships, which are independently operated, only see service as a way to make $$$$$.

    Find a good independent mechanic and you will be much happier and save lots of $$$$$.

    If you need help to find one in your area, post a note on one of the MB discussion forums.

    I do some of the work myself on my 2001 CLK320 cabrio and buying exactly the same parts online, vs dealer, saves at least 50%. All the rest is done by an independent repair shop the specializes in MB, BMW etc..

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no complaints - probelm solved

Just to set the record straight... Mercedes Benz of Tampa came through for me! - Bernie Freedman, The Client Relations manager arranged for a meeting with Dominic Ford, The General Sales Manager of Mercedes Benz of Tampa, myself and with Bernie present, they realized and agreed to fix my power window motor at no charge. In fact they were extremely polite and professional about the problem. The issue was solved in minutes and is already scheduled for repair.


I would do business with them again!

  • Ax
    axman May 02, 2009

    Watch out if you take your mercedes to San Diego Kearney Mesa, they will switch your lights and seats and replace with older one from other mercedes cars. They did it to my friend who left his car there. He drop off his car with clean clear head lights and when he pick up is car the head lights switch for old and dirty milky color light. And seat were switch too. So people beware.

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no warranty

I purchased a "Certified Used Vehicle" (a 2002 Porsche 911 targa) with a 60 day 2000 mile Warranty from Mercedes Benz of Tampa on 2/2/09 - After delivery I noticed the right passenger window was not working properly. Their service dept did not acknowledge the problem and no work was performed. I took the car to a Porsche Dealership where they told me it was a power window regulator that was not working properly. I asked them to further explain and Porsche told me I would need a new Power Window motor and that the regulator is attached to the motor. You can not buy it separately, so therefore I need a new Power Window Motor which is covered under the warranty. Mercedes Benz of Tampa is not willing to pay for the repair completely and offered to pay for half of the repair which I am unwilling to accept. They should replace the Power Window Motor. The Repair is $600. When I told them I would write to Action News and the Attorney General to complain, they withdrew the entire offer. Bernie Freedman is my contact and has tried to get Mercedes of Tampa to repair my window and has had no luck in his efforts. I would have expected this problem from a regular used car lot but not from a Mercedes Dealership!!!

  • Je
    Jerry Mar 04, 2009

    After meeting with Bernie Freedman And Dominic Ford of Mercedes Benz of Tampa, they realized and agreed to fix the power window motor at no charge. In fact they were extremely professional about the problem. It was solved in minutes!


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rude, dishonest

The service manager was very rude and dishonest and unsupportive. I took my mercedes in there and it had a...

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playing games

We have a 2005 C240 that worked fine until 8/11/08 when it stalled and gave up and we took it to this dealer...

no warranty

We are not going to respond to any of your emails or phone calls. Do not attempt to contact us again. I will call you when I have time. I hope this is clear to you. Do not call or write. I will not tolerate your abusive language directed at any of my employees. You have received copies of every item you requested below and we will not be providing any others.

Frank Cuteri

General Manager

Mercedes-Benz of Tampa


[protected] fax


Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 12:39 PM

Jeff Camara

Cc: Frank Cuteri; Janet Villella

Subject: RE: Fidelity problems #2 - reply

At this I am still awaiting the following items.

Please let me know when they can be sent out.

Please insure that I get the following items;

1. a copy of the contract/ warranty

2. copy of payment for the warranty, I paid for the entire warranty up front when we bought the car.

3. copy of the denial of the claims/ warranty.


It's not a questions of being upset Jeff, if the warranty says that it's covered and the dealership is saying that it needs to be repaired/replaced.. it's a safety issue and the car should not be driven.

I don't think the warranty company should be second guessing the dealership on work should be done.

At that point they are putting the safety of not only myself but more importantly my family behind their need to save money. period.

I purchased the vehicle from you all along with the warranty because you can recommend to me from a family friend, I think it's poor business that the warranty company that you all recommend conducts business the way that they do.

First it's covered then it's not, then it is, then it's not...

I don't conduct my business this way, do you think it's fair and accurate reflection of how Mercedes Benz of Tampa conducts their business?

Jeff Camara <jcamara AT> wrote:

As I stated in our phone conversation, I have sent your complaint to my manager, as soon as I have a answer for you, I will contact you direct. I know you are upset, but I am doing everything I can.


Sent: Friday, July 11, 2008 2:07 PM

To: Jeff Camara

Subject: Re: Fidelity problems #2


I did not get your email.

I have spent countless hours on phone calls on this, and I am really upset that I am being placed in this position. I would have expected that any warranty that I purchased through Mercedes of Tampa, would without question been a reputable upstanding company. It reflects poorly on the dealership when something like this happens.

After spending no less than 6 hours on this today, Fidelity decided that they would cover the valve gasket covers, please explain why would they cover them now and decided earlier that they were not covering, I would like an explanation on, in so much that nothing has changed. YET, it was necessary for me to point out that it was a covered item.

Secondly, I am being told that the issues with the thruster, etc.. are a safety issue and the car should not be driven and that any other warranty company would have covered these. It's clearly listed on my contract under every category that it's a covered item. Based on the recommendations of your dealership, I not only purchased the warranty, but, I went above and beyond and purchased the platinum plus, so that there would be no question that the items would be covered.

I we have gotten nothing but resistance and backward talking with this warranty company, whenever a claim has to be submitted.

As you stated, if the car was in Tampa this would not be an issue, simply because it is not is unacceptable, if I need to have the car transported back to Tampa, I will without hesitation.

If Mercedes is telling me that the car needs to be repaired and that under the terms of the contract it needs to be repaired it should. I do not believe that it is appropriate or safe for the warranty company to be second guessing the dealership in the repairs that need to be done. Certainly, when the dealership/Mercedes is recommending the warranty company.


terrible experience!

I purchased a new E320 in 2003. I am very disappointed with one aspect of this car. In approximately four and half years, its climate control system has failed five times. I do put about 20k miles per year. But this car has its climate control system failing about every 20K miles. For a fifty eight thousand dollar car, FIVE failures in a common comfort system are unacceptable. I suppose Luxury Car means luxury from these hassles of every day problems.

1. Apr 8, 2006 Leak Detection Drier Bottle O-Ring in A/C
2. Sept 8, 2006 Leak at Drier Bottle
3. Jan 8, 2007 A/C Sensor Replaced
4. Sept 29, 2007 Clear Fault Code in A/C System
5. Jan 30, 2008 Heating system failed

Every car I owned—Mazda, Honda, Acura or Saab, it is the only car where climate control system fails on an average every 20K miles. BYT, there were other service issues with this car which I don’t wish to expand. On the reliability rating, this vehicle did not meet our expectations at all. Now lets look at the service level, I wrote to the Mercedes two times and I got nasty replies. Read this an expensive sorry from Ms. Robyn L., Customer Relations Liaison:

“We regret you disappointment with the performance of your vehicle and any inconvenience you may have experienced while attending to repair. Lacking direct involvement in the operation and maintenance of your vehicle prevent us from commenting the specifics. Your dealer is in the best position to evaluate vehicle performance and, if necessary, request technical assistance for repairs from Mercedes-Benz USA. We value your patronage of our products and are sorry that your E320 did not meet your expectations. Please accept our best wishes for many years of safe and pleasant driving... Signed Robyn L., Customer Relations Liaison”.

Read this an ARROGANT response to my second complaint from General Manager, Customer Assistance Center, Mercedes-Benz USA (Assistance my foot) MR. PAUL G. JURON.:

“If your request is that we continue to cover repairs to your vehicle indefinitely, then we must decline.” After full explanation that problems have started well within the warranty period and still continuing a Customer Service General Manager can’t determine what a customer is saying.

This car and this company both sucks. I bought a new car this month and I am glad to report it is not Mercedes but Lexus.

  • Co
    cold day in hail Aug 31, 2011

    When I took my car to the Mercedes Benz dealership in Kearney Mesa, Ca for a Service B. I noticed when it was returned back to
    me, my seats, seatbealts, side door panels, ometer, front winshield, backwindshield, front hood, lights, lower grill, radio were switch out for older and used seats, Items & parts. Unable to prove to the BBB because I did not take photo before I took the car in. When the car was originally puchase everything was brand new. Now when I look at what the did I get very angry, but there is nothing I could do. One day I hope they get caught. I wouldn't be suprised it they stole my motor and switch it for an older one as well. These guys are low down common criminals.

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complete rip off with sale of a used mercedes-benz car

Used Mercedes Benz E240 purchased from MB Wakefield in March 2005, within 3 days the battery died (replaced under warranty) within 6 weeks the steering rack failed (replaced under warranty).

Car was supposed to have been prepared for sale to the highest standards as per MB UK, no way. The passenger door trim flapped in the wind, there were numerous paint marks that had not been touched, the car was supposed to have been valeted, far from it I found a drinks carton under the seat, and small amount of loose change, plus the car was generally dirty inside.

After some 5 months the head lining in the roof dropped, I was then informed by my local MB dealership that the reason for this was that the car had been fitted with a generic sunroof (unknown to me and not advised by the seller, I would how MB UK would view this), not a Mercedes product. Therefore, the local dealership could do nothing about it, they sent to me to an expert who also said he could not do anything with it.

MB Wakefield offered to part exchange the car back again but at 4,000 loss to me, however, the supposed swap/exchange never happened, they came up with various excuses.

I could write 10 pages and more about the lies and misrepresentations the staff MB Wakefield have made. But in the end I am lumbered with an inferior vehicle that I paid good hard earned money for, so that some large company car continue to rip off the small guy. I am totally and utterly disgusted with MB Wakefield and would like to pursue them further.

frustrated and dejected customer service

I bought a mercedes c 200 k from sanghi motors , nagpur on feb 2006.

Within 15 days, I observed that the rear seats of the car is a misfit and gives an backache if I travell more than 25 kms at a streach. I addressed my complaints to the the local service agents only to get some funny answers like this can never happen or you check the air preasure of your wheels. They never came and checked the vehicle.

I tried and contacted their corporate office in Pune, where I presented my problem to another service representative who seem to be more funny with his answers than the local agent. At least he was able to get the suspensions checked and arranged two service engineers to come and have ride on the rear seats, only to tell us that everything is perfect with the vehicle.

Frustrated and dejected I thought of replacing the rear seat on my own cost and I was shocked to get an answer from the Pune office that they cannot do anything for that either as seats do not come as a spare part so I should upgrade my car to an s class if at all I want better seat comfort.

Anybody buying mercedes in India should be ready for this kind of customer service before he decides in favour of it.

  • Sa
    SandyMcKeen Oct 26, 2011

    had an altercation with a storm water drain in my car. The Dealer Principal from Bryanston was very kind and sent out a wheel and a rim and took the car back to the dealership.

    Initially they wanted to replace 4 rims – I only needed one

    Then it took forever to get a written quote which I assumed was the result of a thoroughly examined vehicle

    I said when the rim comes in, call me and I will have the tyre fitted – which I did – saved myself R1000

    I fetched the car on Friday and took it straight for wheel alignment – they picked up a small problem – I then read the invoice

    This is what has transpired since – I really don’t think that this is the kind of service expected from Mercedes Benz – The Best or nothing.

    In terms of the National Consumer Act this kind of service is not acceptable. As a consumer I was correct in assuming that they had done a through inspection. The story with the roof is malicious damage to property in my book and I refuse to just live with it. To access the roof control motor you have to take the cover off with a screwdriver – they had no business at that end of my car

    I want the answers to my questions

    1. Why was the roof fiddled with?

    2. Why did they not thoroughly check the car?

    3. Why did they not run a diagnostic?

    4.Why do I not get answers to my questions?

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  • Ty
    Tyagi74 Dec 15, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Seems like it comes in habit of Mercedes Benz India to sale faulty cars within the country. Recently, I have also faced an issue related to manufacturing defect in my brand new Mercedes-Benz GL 350, which I have purchased from T & T Motors Delhi on August 9, 2015. Mercedes India and luxury car dealer T and T motors have not shown any courtesy to address the issues, even after repeated mails and complaints. This shows that Mercedes Benz India takes customers for granted.

    There was a problem of constant rattling and crackling noise in front/back, left/right doors i.e. in all four doors while the car was on. I have spent months waiting that T & T Motors and Mercedes Benz India will take my complaints seriously, but they did just nothing apart from taking repeated test drives and fake replies of emails. After suffering a lot of humiliation and pain, there was no other way, but to send a legal notice against the luxury car dealer T & T motors and Mercedes Benz India. I hope that through this complaint I will get proper justice and compensation of money.

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