K Aug 04, 2018

I just left your grand ledge location. Your problem is an employee named Warren W. There is a 70yr working a Uscan, at 2:30pm on a Saturday. He is helping a customer scan no less than 40 items through a 20 item or less lane. All of the help lights blink as he remains oblivious. He should have told them to go through a real lane, not breaking the rules for them to everyone else's demise.

When he finally gets to my coupon, after fixing the machine he rips the coupon from my hand as I'm trying to insert it, to do it himself as if l were going to pocket it! This is not my first beef with Warren. He hovers over you, starring into your bags, making sure you are being honest! Hello!! There's machines are calibrated to weigh items! Get off my back and stop treating me like a criminal for self-checking.

This is a failure of management in both quality and quantity of the staff.

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