Meijer - Bowling Green, OHcustomer service problems

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I feel the photo department at Meijer in Bowling Green, OH has some customer service problems and doesn't have understanding when it comes to making reprints. First of all, the girl working on January 22, 2007, was rude when I asked about how to write out the numbers for negatives. She just stood there and acted like I was supposed to know what to do and what finish I wanted for my pictures. When I got home I noticed I was missing 2 sets of prints (4 photos total) and was charged too much. There was a sale going on on reprints for $.29 and I was charged $.32. I have had problems there before and will not be returning to that department for photos any more.


  • Sa
    sandra Grooms Sep 17, 2008

    I don't have a complaint, but I am trying to find out about your synthetic oil. Who makes your oil for you? Thanks, I enjoy shopping at Meijers at least you're not trying to bust the unions in our great country.

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  • Ol
    Old Fred Nov 14, 2009

    Landed on this site trying to get an answer to the same question about the oil at Meijers. Also thumbs about them not being union busters.

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  • Ju
    Jump1025 Aug 20, 2018

    He is a complete jerk he messed up our cupcakes and he just stood there smiling like it was nothing and we bought the cupcakes and now they are all cruddy thanks to tevin he is on lane 27 so don't go to lane 27 he will mess up your stuff and not say oh I am sorry sir or madam let me help you no he will just be standing there smiling

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  • Ba
    Bannk Aug 21, 2018

    Store 232, cashier Jodie, 4/10/18
    Cashier rude to both me and my husband. I informed her I had a few coupons, she said, just wait. Then as my husband was taking bag from the turnstile, she told him to stop. She was opening some bags. Very tired yawns shouldn't be there. I will avoid her when ever possible. Just thought you'd like to know.

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  • Je
    JessicaAnne32 Aug 28, 2018

    A guy with Red hair and glasses was acting as if he was intoxicated or high when helping me locate the product I needed. He was acting very strange by talking about how hungry he was and even making rude comments while walking behind me. He called me names, and was often slurring his words while speaking to me.

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  • Fo
    FoxyFox0814 Sep 01, 2018

    Not trying to be rude, but your guys' claw machine is so freaking loose that you can barely touch anything. I like this store and all, but if this does not get fixed, then I probably won't be shopping here anymore. Sorry. Thanks.

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  • Tr
    Trisha Meyers Sep 01, 2018

    Recently, your Meijer Brand Cottage Cheese has changed. We are dissatisfied with the new cottage cheese. We prefer the old one much better. We also have friends that agree. We will no longer be purchasing the cottage cheese. Just wanted to pass this along.

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  • Ha
    Harte, l . Sep 01, 2018

    I was at Meijers store, crossover drive Dewitt, mi and stood
    In line for over 45 minutes to checkout. They had 2 lanes open and customers were backed ten deep waiting to check out. It was totally poor customer service. No consideration for the customer. It was pure havoc and out of control. No manager available!

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  • An
    AndeeG Sep 01, 2018

    The service manager/team leader Kim H.
    at #316 kept my boyfriend from using his inhaler when having an asthma attack and kept a minor car runner from having his break for almost 3 hours.

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  • Wi
    Willgold Chambers Sep 02, 2018

    I worked for store 236 for 8 months i just left in nov my grandma passed an had to take care of grandpa but i should of got my incentive in dec but i didnt get it i earned it an had to leave over a death my name is goldie mcnamara employee id 2225514

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  • Yv
    Yvonne Conley Sep 10, 2018

    I am still waiting on my credit card to come in the mail. I am trying to make sure it didn't get lost in the mail. How or who do I speak to about this.

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  • Da
    Dawn Fairchild Sep 10, 2018

    the lady next to me was there for a job interview. I heard the whole thing.
    Maybe the EEOC needs to hear about this.

    I live 3 blocks from Kroger's and that is where I will be shopping from now on.

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  • Ra
    Rama78 Sep 19, 2018

    i am shopping at Meijer from couple of years now, the plain yogurt which we are getting of meijer is really bad . i used to love Meijer plain yogurt but now the new one does not taste good at all .

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  • Ta
    Tamara Massie Sep 19, 2018

    On Saturday afternoon I was shopping for Sunday dinner and weekly, beef that was on sale was empty as well as most other roast, steaks ect.. This is common all over the store when items are on sale. There has been times when milk is down to almost nothing and have to choose a different size. The keeping shelves stocked is very poor. No rainchecks

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  • Jo
    JoeGood Oct 03, 2018

    Your stupid internet ads on the Detroit News are horrible and prevent me from reading the news. I will be doing all my shopping at Kroger from now on. Get those ads off if you ever want me to go back to Meijer.

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  • Ki
    Kim Riedel-Cook Oct 14, 2018

    I visited Fort Gratiot, MI Meijer on 9/28/18 and my Cashier was Carole. I have had her before and she is bossy and rude and needs to be doing something other than cashier. She feels the need to tell you how to do everything from unloading your cart, where to place your bottle return slip. She is not friendly by any means.

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  • Pa
    Patti Hahn Gasper Oct 15, 2018

    I will never buy Meijer brand vitamins again. The Women's multi vitamin and vitamin E is HUGE. I am so frustrated. I already have trouble swallowing pills without them being the size of a horse pill.

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  • As
    ashtrice89 Oct 15, 2018

    After completing my grocery trip in the Marion indiana store, I got into my car and opened my box of apple Goodness Knows bars and bugs flew into my face and into my car. I took the box in with my receipt and went to exchange the box. All of the apple flavored boxes were expired over a month. Had to drive home with windows open to get rid of bugs.

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  • Ra
    Rachel Williams Oct 16, 2018

    I have been eating the Meijer Corn Chips Original for a few years. This bag gave me a surprise, which was a ball shape of black stuff in my Meijer Corn Chip Original bag!!! HERE ARE MY PICTURES TO EXPLAIN WHAT I HAVE SEEN IN MY BAG:

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  • Ve
    Vernice Britt Oct 21, 2018

    Hello. While shopping at the Livonia, MI Meijer today, I purchased 2 red Belle Peppers and both had mold in them. I purchased yellow, green and orange Belle peppers as well. Those were perfect.

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  • Ch
    Charlotte Alb Oct 22, 2018

    There was a gross nest on the side of the banana! Although we didn't open it up, there appeared to be bug legs sticking out! If this doesn't get resolved I'm never shopping at Meijer again!

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  • Be
    Beverly Hill Polmann Oct 27, 2018

    As a former pharmacy technician I am outraged to hear of such poor treatment of a Meijers customer from Iona.
    I pray you make a good decision to terminate your relationship with such a disrespectful, egotistical, and rude pharmacist.
    Concerned Meijers Customers

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  • Ca
    Carolanne Richardson Oct 27, 2018

    Treated very rudely by an employee in the meat department at Sawmill location. Very unfriendly and took care of everyone else's needs but ours.

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  • Pa
    Pain In The Ass Oct 31, 2018

    Meijer store in Fort Wayne, IN while shopping today 05-01-2017. Been shopping at Meijers for years now. First time for every thing I guess.
    Completely out of coffee cake. Unbelievable!

    After a busy weekend nothing ever gets restocked! Everything is always
    looks picked over.

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  • Ed
    Edwin V. Fiumetto Nov 04, 2018

    Can only get 50.00 cash back at McHenry store had to go to Walmart to get a 100.00 witch was a really inconvenient!!!¡!!! And then to top it off have to have 350 characters to make a complaint!!!

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  • An
    Anna Decare Nov 11, 2018

    The yourgurt is spoiled the best buy date is april 4 2017 the stamped code is 55-530957. B02. I bought it yesterday march 16, 2017. When I took off the lid and film to seal the top it was hard and watery when I sturred it up it was like paste I tasted it anyways and it was so sour

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  • Ki
    Kimmajean Nov 12, 2018

    I'm not complaining.. I had a great experience in the drive threw at Southgate mi. Store..the girl was wonderful she helped and went and grabbed other meds I needed..and saved me money..she nice and smart.. It was on 2.24.17 at 11:48:31 I won't put her name on here..I couldn't get the survey site to I put it here..😀

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  • Da
    Daniel Kerr Nov 12, 2018

    In line for almost 30 minutes with only one person ahead of us. Cashier was moving really slow and no sense of urgency. Three families in line behind us went to another line and got done before us. Need to have management on floor at all times during peak business hours.

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  • Cr
    Crystal Sanford-Brown Nov 13, 2018

    I'm disappointed in the product quality of a container of pickled sliced beets purchased at the Meijer store off Adam's Rd. in Rochester Hills, MI. Several of the beets still had the skin on the product and not fit for consumption.

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  • Al
    Alicia Haase Nov 14, 2018

    Today at 9 am I bought a coffee from your gas station on Howell in Oak Creek. When I drank it it tasted like nothing, just hot water. I am upset because now not only am I without coffee but I have wasted money. I shop at your store all the time so this is a big dissapointment.

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  • Tr
    Tracy Tate Dec 12, 2018

    I am a member of mperks...i recently spent $100 and started a new reward but did not receive my $2 off. Is there a problem to where it does not pop up?

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  • Jc
    JCBassette Dec 13, 2018

    I shop at the Wixom, Michigan store on Grand river Ave. and Wixom Rd. I asked the bakery to slice the bread loaf I wanted to purchase. Well the bread slicer is broken, and has been for a while. Please Meijer repair the bread slicer so I may enjoy my crusty bread with home made recipes. Thank you Meijers, from a loyal customer. P.S. HELP US ASAP!!!

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  • Mo
    MonaL Feb 11, 2019

    I made a special trip to this store because on line the price of their eggs was .59 a dozen. When I got to the store all of the eggs were 1.99 and up for a dozen and no clerk could explain to me why it said $.59 online!!

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  • Ma
    Mary Koshko Apr 15, 2019

    I have a Meijer meter and the Mokena store has been out of test strips since January, 2019. How is a person who is diabetic and has one of their meters supposed to get supplies.

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  • Ms
    Ms Cull May 11, 2019

    Bought 2 of the Meijer Brand Name Camping Chairs and the 1st time we used them my 65 yr old friend fail out of the camping chair due to the arm of the chair gave way. I'm greatful my friend was not suriously injured. I do still have one of the two camping chairs still. I've attached photos of the camping chair.

    I think this product is very unsafe

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  • Ma
    Maryroyers May 18, 2019

    I called in a Rx refill several days ago and they said it would be ready after 3:00. So today, Thursday, I came to get it. Wasn't ready! They said it would be a half hour. So I shopped the store and came back an hour later. Still not ready. Took a total of 90 minutes. An hour an a half for a Rx that they promised the day before!

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  • Ki
    Kiara78 May 26, 2019

    I bought my boyfriend a pair of your hiking boots at the meijers in jenison michigan. And they are falling apart and he just starting wearing them. I would like them replaced but he has already wore them. Which i think is crap

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  • Ch
    Chessiemay Jun 04, 2019

    I made my frozen waffles in my toaster, started eating and about half way through I bit into something was a piece of cut plastic like a cut zip tie. The 10/$10 sale is when I got them. Meijer frozen buttermilk waffles

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  • De
    Destinee williamson Jul 13, 2019

    I came into Myers July 4, 2019 and one of your self checkout Coupon printer was down
    I did not receive my coupons which equal to $24. And when I asked the lady that was working that area all she said was. Aw that one don't work
    My e-mail is
    [email protected]

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  • Me
    Meijer Customer Jul 29, 2019

    Saturday Night around 7:30pm. Found store was out of stock on several items and products on shelfs were low in inventory. Waited in line 20 min. to be check out. Only had 2 cash registers open. Store was very dirty. Had to go to Kroger to finish shopping.

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