Megabusdelayed bus resulting in additional expenses


I booked a trip from Washington D.C. to New York City on October 19th, 2017, scheduled for departure at 1:00 PM for $13. The bus was supposed to get to New York City at 5:15 PM, but did not reach until 7:15 PM. We made a stop in New Jersey to switch drivers, but the bus driver that was supposed to meet us didn't show, so our driver continued on route to NYC. However, before reaching the city, we pulled over on the highway to meet the driver who was supposed to meet us in New Jersey, but ended up waiting for an hour for him to show up. The driver finally arrived and got on the bus without even apologizing for the delay. Once we finally arrived in New York City, passengers began helping each other unload the luggage because the bus driver was still sitting on the bus.

I am not a person who normally files complaints, as I understand life happens. However, due to this delay I missed my bus from New York City to Binghamton which I paid $42 for, and then had to buy a new bus ticket upon reaching Port Authority. The next bus ticket cost me $39 to depart from NYC at 8:30 PM, arriving in Binghamton at 12:15 AM, which also meant I had to find a new ride to pick me up at the buss station because of how late it was. Though I am originally from Upstate New York, I now live and work in Uganda, and make only $500 a month. Therefore, paying for the original tickets was a challenge enough, let alone having to buy a new ticket because we spent an hour on the side of the highway waiting for the drivers to switch.

I have been a loyal MegaBus customer for year now and though small delays and overbooked buses have interfered with my plans in the past (to the point where my brother had to drive me to NYC so that I did not miss a flight after an overbooked bus) I have never complained. I would hope that after my years of loyalty MegaBus will take responsibility and refund my tickets, which is the least good customer service could do.

Alexandra Schmidt

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