Megabusbus never showed up (new york to new haven, ct) 4:45pm departure.

T Aug 18, 2018

I was schedule to board bus reservation [protected]-m20-1645-new-nhv. I was at the bus stop at exactly 4:45pm. I called customer service they said the bus departed at 4:51pm a time when I was out there waiting. According to attendees who were in line waiting for another bus, they said that the bus had just drove pass and didn't even stop to pick no body up. The bus going to new have conneticut. Like just drove past as if it was doing a fly by. I waited for nearly 2 hours with no arrival. And I would like my money back if thats okay with you all. I'm literally stranded in new york for 2 weeks. So if it's ok, I would like a full refund... Thanks.

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