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I have never had a problem with Megabus until recently. For years I have bought my bus ticket from Whitby to Montreal, it was cheap and easy. Always done online. Recently when I went on the Megabus website and selected Whitby to Montreal no tickets showed up, no matter which date I picked. So I checked if Toronto to Montreal was still working, yes it was & even showed that it stopped in Whitby along the way. I thought this must be an error on the website so I e-mailed Megabus as I needed the tickets asap but I had no way to book them. I hadn't gotten any response for days so I called the customer service phone number to ask them about what is going on. The girl who answered had no idea what was going on, she also thought the Whitby to Montreal ride should be going as usual as her computer showed that yes the bus was still going from Whitby to Montreal. After lots of long pauses and confusion she seemed to go talk to someone else who worked there who informed her that they have stopped selling tickets from Whitby to Montreal (EVEN THOUGH IT IS STILL RUNNING FROM WHITBY TO MONTREAL) She told me that now I would have to purchase two tickets instead, one from WHITBY to KINGSTON and then a second ticket from KINGSTON to MONTREAL. Ridiculous! So now I had to pay DOUBLE for no reason. Normally it cost $25 whby-mntrl and now I had to get TWO $25 tickets for one way... total $50. Even though from Toronto - Montreal was $30... so $20 cheaper.. even though it is FURTHER AWAY. I thought that maybe this was because they changed routes & I had to transfer buses in Kingston, but no it was the SAME BUS the WHOLE ride.. yet they made me buy TWO tickets. Even the bus drivers were confused and said that doesn't seem right. Then I finally got an e-mail back before I left for my trip telling me they stopped selling Whitby to Montreal tickets but did not explain why at all. I think there seems to be a major communication problem at Megabus, they do not properly inform their customer service about changes going on in the company. They really need to put an explanation on the website too, as to changes they make & should UPDATE. I'm still going to use Megabus since it is cheaper than greyhound even though I am paying double of last year. They really need to improve their customer service and communicate better or many more complaints will be coming from customers.


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    aso37 Jul 22, 2010

    I was on the MEGABUS which was scheduled to have left Buffalo, NY at 1pm on 7/21/10. My complaints with my trip are stated below:

    1) The driver was rude and outright HOSTILE to customers! He snapped at a woman who just asked him a simple question.
    2) The bus was 2 hours late and when we all tried to call customer service, we received no answers from ANYONE!
    3)The driver COULDN'T DRIVE! He hit two street signs in a less than 10 minute period. He drove erratically...frequently swerving, or driving uncomfortably close to vehicles in front of him. He also hit the guard rail a number of times.
    4) He got lost a number of times during the trip, and when people asked him why he wasn't using the GPS his bus was equipped with, he said he didn't know how to use it.

    And the grand finale of complaints...


    After all of this, I missed my connecting bus, and even missed the train I had planned to connect to as a back-up plan. When I called to complain (*since I couldn't get through to their customer service line, their phone reservation number heard my mouth probably more than they would have liked today*), I was told that Megabus was sorry, but that it wasn't their problem.

    I think that having a driver get pulled over by the police IS their problem! But maybe that's just me.

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  • Xe
    XENA SMITH Jul 29, 2012

    Today is 7/29/2012 and I was not able to get on the bus to go to Burlington on 7/28/2012
    that the bus was leaving from the main gate, which is where I was at 11:30.

    Thinking that maybe it was late, I waited untill about 12:10
    At 12:10, as I was on the phone trying to reach
    someone at Megabus, I looked up and about 500 yards in front of me, on another street,
    I saw the Megabus leaving.

    Being a marathan runner in my earlier days, I ran after it and was able to catch up with it,
    I banged on the door, but the driver would not open it,
    which I can understand.

    My predicament is that, in additions to being unable to spend my few precious days off in Burlington,
    and after having had to travel quite a distance, I am now stuck with a return ticket for Tuesday,
    which I am unable to use.

    Since I was WHERE I WAS TOLD I SHOULD BE, I believe that I am entitled to a full refund
    for both tickets. And your employees should be well-informed as to where your buses

    It is possible to verify this as all you have to do is ask the bus driver on this route if
    some crazy looking woman in her mid-forties ran up to the bus and was banging on his
    door at about 12:15 leaving Saratoga Springs. He did know I was there as he looked
    at me, but I do totally understand why he could not stop. I was frantic and I thought
    it was worth a try.

    Please reply,

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  • Ma
    Manjinder07 Dec 24, 2012

    Forgot my suitcase in the bus

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  • Re
    review4me Jul 08, 2016

    Was on my way to Church Function. Complaint: Was talked to very badly by attendant handle more poorly by security at the New Orleans, La MegaBus for no reason was treaten to not ride bus for no reason by un professional agent and security. Was on way to Orlando, Fl. Would like something done as pertaining to this matter from upper management next few days and response. Would get you 72 hours then I would proceed to post on all review website concerning treatment as Mega Bus Customer.

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  • An
    Antoinette Curry Nov 17, 2017

    As a result of damage to my luggage, I want to know what can be done about it. I started my trip in Houston TX. going to Dallas Grande Prairie. When I reached my destination, I noticed that the wheel was broken off of my suitcase. My reservation number is 22-5129-111617-M71RHOUDGP. My contact information is [email protected] or by phone is 2816854660.

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Baba Myers Sep 12, 2018

    I am not happy with Megabus these days. They will not give me a refund for my missed ride, and they will not even give me a credit for future travel. This is no way to treat a frequent rider.

    Reservation summary for order AHKJHAY
    Reservation Number
    Date: August 31, 2018
    From: Toronto, ON, Toronto Coach Terminal - 610 Bay Street (12:30 AM)
    To: Montreal, PQ, 997 St-Antoine Ouest (Métro Bonaventure) (6:40 AM)
    Seat(s): 1 x General Seating
    Passengers: 1
    Price: $69.99

    Cost and Payment Summary

    Ticket Price: $ 69.99
    Booking Fee: $ 2.00
    Tax HST: $ 9.36
    Total Paid: $ 81.35
    Worldpay's merchant reference: 90500166-1535585715177

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  • An
    Antoinette Curry Sep 16, 2018

    I am a frequent traveler on Meganbus. However the reimbursement for the fact that my luggage was damaged, in my opinion was not completely satisfactory. I would appreciate appreciate something to be done. The luggage was far more expensive than the ticket prices.

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