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Complaints & Reviews

Bank Fraud

I bought a computer from MDG. They were to take payments from my bank account. However, after one NSF they...

Rip off

My mom took here desktop in for service because the DVD burner stopped working. They charged her %50 to 'blow out the dust', $150 to reload Windows and $85 for a new DVD burner. It turns out, after I opened it up, the thing is still full of dust bunnies, the new burner is actually 5 years old and they didn't reload Windows. What kind of store could rip off a 79 year old widow on a fixed income?

Laptop Hinges

I own a 17 inch dual core laptop, purchased through MDG online. I am paying on it monthy. My address is 297...

Mislead on purchase

I purchased a computer in January 2006 as advertised on TV for just a dollar a day. When I phoned to enquire...

MDG is a fraud company

I purchased a MDG Vision Pro 3700S notebook on payments 02/28/2007 and bought the 3 yr parts & labour...

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Sales person was extremely rude

They guarantee you get approved. The problem is, if you have decent to bad credit, They will tell you have to have to make insane payments over 4 months before receiving the product that you are purchasing. So, instead of payments of $30-monthly, they want $34 weekly for 4 months before I ever see the product. I do not beleive it that and I do believe that is against the consumer act of canada. The sales person was extremely rude to me as well.

Computer problems since day one

I bought my computer 3 years ago and have had nothing but trouble with it. First of all I was told I'd...

Bad service

In October of 2008, My laptop which I had purchased through a MDG computers Television ad, had broken. It seems the hinges had siezed. (things that had never worked on the computer was the F3 key which turned the mouse pad on or off, the CD rom stopped working within a month of purchase as well.)When i tried to get service for this computer, they told me i would have to ship it back to them and they would work on it. My business centers around my laptop and could not send it back to them, so i worked with it the way it was, not needing the CD rom and using a piece of cardboard to cover the onboard mousepad. BUT I decided I would give them another shot, I ordered another Laptop computer. the end of November 2008. After going through their paperwork hoops the deal was finally made and apparently the computer had been shipped. and would be in within 7 to 10 days. The package was lost, for weeks. They couldn't find it and refused to resend another one. my husband also purchased a desk top computer from them around the same time as I did. they also lost one of those packages as well. the laptop from november was shipped with a bad AC adapter cord, it makes hissing sounds, when i called them to have it replaced. They told me i would have to ship back the system and they would fix it. Again my business continues to be ran by my laptop. after spend over $5000.00 there in the last 2 years you think they would just send out another adapter and what if the next one they send out also makes the sound? On top of having to speak to them 30 to 50 times since november for many issues concerning both products. the windows activation on the Desktop keeps expiring and I have to keep calling. The salesman for my laptop had such poor language skills that I had to keep getting another agent to help me understand.

When 1 computer is faulty after owning it, then it's a dud, and move on... BUT when you order 3 from the same company and you have problems with all 3 then there is an issue with the company!

I have contacted the company and told them I want to return all the products, they told me it is my choice but they would still go to collections and affect my credit rating.

So as a consumer I can not return the product and get my money back, like a normal business. So I continue to pay for faulty computers with even less Knowledgeable computer support staff.

In the future, I will not buy an MDG computer ever again. But this will in the end cost me thousands of dollars, because I am unable to get my money back or return the items.

(at the same time as I bought these 2 computers from MDG, I bought my children each a DELL laptop and yet to have problems with ANY aspect of those purchases.)

Sold me a lemon computer

Buying a computer from MDG in 2007 was the biggest mistake of my life.I asked them if it was in home support before I bought it & they said it was.Well it broke down before Christmas of 2007 & I sent it back to be fixed plus I had to Pay $20 dollars for insurance with them in case they lost or broke my computer.Every time you would have to send it back to them the charge was $20.It was the power supply as I expected plus I told them that the dvd burner wasn't working properly.Well got it back a month later & it was the power supply & they also told me the fan wasn't working.So I thought great depending on how long the fan wasn't working for the hard drive will likely be the next to go.Then I go to try & burn & it still isn't working properly so I call them & find out that they never even looked at the dvd burner so they expect me to send it back again to be fixed & then I will have to wait a month again to get it fixed.Also they have a seal on this piece of crap computer & you can't even clean the dust out of it.If you break the seal the warranty is void.This computer has been nothing but a head ache. I called them & told them I didn't want it because it was a piece of garbage & that I wasn't going to pay for it but they wouldn't take the computer back. Now about 2 months ago the screen went & then just last 3 weeks ago the hard drive went. So now the whole thing is sitting in my basement closet. So the whole computer didn't last not even 2 years & I am typing right now on my dell that is like 4 years old. I am so mad at myself that I got a computer form them & they ripped me off & I refuse to pay for a lemon. If you goggle them you will see other people got ripped off by them as well & I so wish I had of goggled them before I got a computer from them. Now my name is in the collection agency & it will stay there for life before I pay for that MDG lemon computer, Please do not get ripped off by MDG like I did.

I want MDG to know I am going to spread the word about their company to every person, friend, stranger I see or come in contact with.

Want my extended warranty money returned

Last year we bought a computer from MDG in Vancouver. The fan is acting up now and I tried calling the number...

Horrible place to purcahse a compuer form.

I too have been taken by this company. We purchased a computer in January of this year(2008) at MDG in London. I ordered my computer to have a card slot at the front of the computer for my camera card and they did not install it. I also had upgraded my keyboard and mouse and they sent me the basis one. Because the card slot and the speakers they threw into the deal for being a first time MDG customer were not in stock I said I would come back in 2 days once it would be in. They still did not have my speakers and forgot all about the card slot. To top it all off when we got everything home they didn't inlude a power cord. I called them and they were ever so sorry but thier techs are very busy servicing people and it was an over site on their part. I called them and said I was getting a bad feeling from them about all the missing components and would prefer my money back. It was then I was told no refunds or money back. They had no idea what I did to the computer. I had to remeind them I did nothing as I didn't have a power cord to use it.

I would never buy one from them again and now it is Oct 2008 and I have to look at getting a new computer because the one I purchased form MDG doesn't work at all. I have had to put more ram on it and a new video card in it because what they installed would not support Vista.

Make this a lesson to all. Stay away from them. I have heard good stories but more bad. Anyone I talk to about computers either has experienced or knows someone who has experienced the horror I have gon through.

It is especially disheartening cause I don't know that much about computers nor do I ever want to. I can buy a car and not get ripped off. Why can't I buy a computer and not have the same trust in the sales person?

  • Cw
    cwquinby Sep 29, 2014

    Anyone can put a stop payment on this company, let them take you to court and demand from the company specific performance of their own contract THAT will shut them up as they will have defaulted the original contract with you

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Warranty fraud

I bought a new laptop from mdg computers.It had a standard warranty of one year and I was told by the...


I received a coupon in the mail for "Free Premium Anti-Virus Protection Suite", "Free Installation and...

Terrible quality product!

I bought a MDG desktop computer with Intel Premium 4 inside in March 2006. The computer started overheating and shutting down periodically within the first 6 months. I would leave it off for a while then I would turn it back on, and it would work well for quite a while and I thought that whatever was wrong was fixed. It started up again in March of this year, but much worse, I contacted MDG technical support and they told me it was either Windows (and I should try re-installing that) and if that didn't work it was probably a hardware problem (I had not installed any hardware, the only parts in the computer were all original from the factory), I wrote back and told them I couldn't get it to stay on long enough to re-install Windows and I asked for the specifications for the model I have so I could take it to a repairman. They told me to download PCWizard... I had already made it clear that the computer would not stay on for longer than a few seconds. I finally got the repairman and when he opened it he found that the computer was missing a fan... Due to this manufacturing oversight I had to buy a new Intel Pentium 4 64B Processor 631 lt - 3.0G/800/2M/5775.

1 Antec 80MM Tricool 20/26 CFM 18/24DBA,
1 Antec 120MM Tricool 39 CFM 25DB.

For a cost of $207.21. The lack of the fan and the resulting overheating had burnt the processor and the 1 existing fan.
I am still paying for this computer and I would like to know if I am within my rights to ask MDG to reduce this cost from my balance.

I am tired of dealing with them directly as they don't seem to want to listen to you when you do explain the problem.

Totally dishonorable, and cannot be trusted

I purchased a MDG laptop as a Christmas gift for my husband. I also purchased a Wireless Optical Mouse (around $50). When I went to pick up the laptop and accessories on December 24th, 2007, I was told that the wireless mouse was out of stock, that I was just to call back after Christmas and when it was available, and I would get one. However, I have phoned twice and went to their store personally - they said I have no proof that I didn't get the mouse when I picked up the laptop - and oddly enough, there is nothing marked on the receipt that it was out of stock. So I should have listened to all the bad rap on this company - totally dishonorable, and cannot be trusted. Stay away from MDG - don't learn the hard way like I did.

  • Do
    Docc Apr 20, 2013

    They are only there to rip you off I started with a deal of a nexus 7 Bluetooth headphones $80.00 and speaker $80.00 after paying the three security payments, I was told that the nexus was out of stalk. they tried to pawn off a lower tablet to me. when I didn't go for that they said that the Speaker were out of stock but they would give me a $200.00 printer. The printer on the market was only $80.00. then they threatened me that they would close the account and I would have to apply again. So I settled for a 1 TB hard drive an other $80.00 item.this all cost the same as the original order. Please be careful with this "COMPANY?" My biggest problem is this is the only way I could have gotten the tablet They are the ones who should be checked for fraud I also reported them to BBB with no luck.

    Good luck with them. I will get even with them.

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  • Do
    Docc Apr 20, 2013

    Please people bring this forum up to day.

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Bad customer service, bad product

On September 13, 2007 I contacted MDG computers to let them know that contrary to what we had been told by...

MDG Computers is useless!

I go to the IBT (International Business and Technology) program at my high school here in Canada; it has a focus on (obviously) business and technology. As part of the program, we were forced to buy a laptop through the school, these were Durabook models. Let me first tell you the price and specs: $1800 for a Core 2 1.73 Ghz processor with 1 GB of RAM, a 120 GB hard drive, Intel Integrated Graphics (low end, can't find exact specs), 2 batteries (one 9 cell, one 6 cell) and 3 yrs of in-school warranty (on a weekly basis). Yes, $1800, and all we got was XP Pro with Word, Excel and PowerPoint (plus InfoPath and Access) 2007. For $1800, we were given such a useless computer, I could have gotten a better model (I checked) from Dell for around $800 with 3 yrs. of next-day, in-home support. After getting the computer, many people had hardware problems; my keyboard never worked from day one, almost everyone's screen has something wrong with them, and, well, that's just the good side.

I want to make one thing clear before I continue: we were given a Windows Vista Business key, but no installation CD. I called Microsoft, and they said this was illegal. But the worst part is that the copies of XP we have are PIRATED, none were able to activate, so MDG used a USB drive with a crack or something similar (same one for everyone) to skip activation on the computers. Of course, I contacted Microsoft on the matter, they said they would look into it.

Now, let me tell you the blatant lies they told us. They said we'd be getting two 9-cell batteries with 5 hrs of battery life, we instead got a 9 cell and a 6 cell with 3 hrs and 2 hrs of battery life, respectively. They said we'd be getting a 160 GB hard drive, but we lost 40 GBs for no reason. They also promised 2 GBs of RAM, a better processor, and 'lots' of preinstalled software. The laptop itself has the fan on the bottom for some reason, and it gets incredibly hot after little under an hour of continuous use, so does the charger. The core temperature of the processor is, on average, over 60 degrees Celsius; its maximum temperature is about 100 degrees. It spikes to over 80 degrees in less than 2 hrs sometimes. The laptops are also unusually heavy; the battery alone is about 2 lbs.

I could go on forever. There are no buttons or sliding things to open the lid, instead, we have to just pull it open. There are clips that keep it closed, these often break, for a while, MDG refused to fix them, saying we were abusing our laptops; only after multiple complaints from parents did they start fixing them. They only come once a week to our school, we have to fill out a paper form and put it in a box to get a repair. And even though we have to sue these laptops for four years, they only give us a three-year warranty.

Let me end by saying DO NOT BUY FROM MDG, they WILL scam you out of your money and refuse to fix their shoddy computers, many others share my view (just search complaints.com for 'MDG'), and I hope that MDG will never sell another computer. They lied to us, refused to fix our laptops, used pirated software, and took our money. And you know what? Our school is now going to allow any brand of laptop for people to bring next year. Unbelievable how a company can scam students and leave once they've made a quick buck. Or a couple hundred thousand.

  • Md
    MDG SUX Feb 07, 2008

    wow, yo, your telling the truth, i don't get it, why don't we all just make a big group and sue them, and you didn't mention the graphics card, it's so old, you can't even play most #-D games. everything else by the way, is perfect. if i havn't made my point, to shorten this up,
    MDG SUX!!

    By: MDG SUX

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  • Md
    MDG SUX Feb 07, 2008

    Sorry, lol, you did mention the graphics card, maybe not to well, but my part of that end clears it up, Good Job!

    By:MDG SUX!

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  • An
    Andrew Baker Feb 18, 2008

    Hey, thanks for the great post. I'm a student of ibt as well in ontario. and ive also suffered through the same dilemmas as you, i take it you are in grade nine? i believe the grade 10s got el 100's but thats beside the point. the school didnt actually force us to buy theese laptops but they did make it very clear that others were frowned upon and you would be outta luck if they didnt work. that was bull. we were in less luck with the sh!tty mdgs. the warranty was a joke and the used it as an excuse to charGE $500 extra but they refused to fix 2 cent clips for a week until i referred everyone i nkew to get they're clips fixed (you're welcome) ive had mine replaced 3 times and im startign to wonder why they dont just switch for stronger clips. when i asked the heavy-accented, probably iilegal immigrant, why theyu didnt just have a button on the front, he said that all new laptops are like that. i havent seen any... and i doubt that hp would have breaking clips on their laptops. the dirability test was another joke..... the drop test was 13 inches: a complete failure, the motherboard fractured, so they only insured it for a drop of 3 inches which is like placing in on a table... WTF. the scool said theyd withstand falling down the stairs, people are already returning their laptops at 3/4 the sale price and going to buy much better hp or dell notebooks even after pocketing 500$. DONT BUY MDG, THEY USED PIRATED SOFTWARE AND CHEAP HARDWARE, THE ONLY GOOD I CAN SAY ABOUT THE COMPUTER IS:

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  • Th
    The graphics Card Oct 02, 2008

    The graphics card is quite old and useless
    it has barely any power at all
    we dont even have an s-video port!
    all we has is a vga port and the "SUPER STRONG" graphics
    the graphics card is old and is was not even available for laptops that were priced $1300+ and I checked
    trust me
    these are the graphics specs:
    -Mobile Intel 945GM chipset family
    -224mb video ram
    -video card 3d acceleration
    -2.0 pixel shader
    thats all!

    there is no vertex shader and there is no video HW Transform & Lighting (that is just sad)

    btw for the fan problem, just use it as a heater, winter is coming soon anyways lol

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Disgraceful customer service!

I made the same mistake of wanting to buy Canadian. I went to the MDG store in Newmarket and was sold a system by a student. We got the system home and noticed that there was a white “speck” on the flat screen monitor. We called MDG and were told, “not to worry” because that often happens with the flat screens. Usually there are four or five of these dead pixels and we were lucky we only had one.

A few months later my computer crashed and I took it back to MDG for repairs. I told them that it was a business computer for three businesses and one business was an international health charity where patients depended on us for information, support and referrals to specialists in their area of expertise. I didn’t want them to think that we only used it for e-mail and computer games. We were told that they would give us same day service for an extra fee. We paid the fee and got the computer back within a few hours. Even though that was a nice turn around time, we live out of town and had to sit in a Tim Horton’s for two hours while the computer was being fixed. Anyhow, I should not complain.

Over the past weekend I had intermittent problems getting on line. I checked to see that my firewall and virus programs were up to date and were running. They were. I did a virus scan, registry scan, pest control for cookies, Counterspy, and Ewido (anti-spy program), then I did a disk clean up and defrag. The defrag program would not run and would freeze my computer. I figured that this was beyond my expertise and called MDG for an appointment. They said to just bring it in. I said that I needed a fast turnaround.

I brought the computer in around noon on Monday and spoke to the Techie. He began telling me what was wrong with the computer without even looking at it and everything was my fault and was going to cost me. He said that we didn’t have a virus program (we did) and then he said that it was a free program (it wasn’t). We told him that we had the paid version, which gave us some extra perks, and he demanded to know what those perks were. That is when I started losing it. He also told us that defragging the computer was a waste of time and that it did nothing to speed it up. I told him that on the contrary, I found it made quite a difference.

Two days later (yep, we told him that we needed the computer fixed immediately) my husband checked on the computer and the techie told him that someone had installed and old modem. We told them that they had built the computer and if anyone had installed an old modem, it was them. By Thursday we were getting fed up, then MDG called and I had hoped by that time that they were calling us to come and pick up the computer. Not the case.

Now the techie is telling me that my virus program is out of date and my computer was probably filled with spyware and viruses and he would have to sell me his virus protection software at a cost of $100.00 but that he was waiving all inspection fees and cleanup. First of all, all computer companies clean your computer when it comes in for repair. This reduces the risk of foreign objects coming in contact with computer parts. Second, the computer is just over a year old and I had an extended warranty so I should not be paying for anything. He became obnoxious and condescending and continued blabbering on about the out-dated virus freeware I had. Now I am mad and I shouted at him (something I am not proud of but he was really pushing my buttons) I told him that the virus program was a PAID version and it updates automatically every two days. I also told him that I do not take my computer online unless I see that the virus program logo (which is visible at all times in the tray) is brightly coloured indicating that it is up to date and is running in the background. I told him that of course it was out-of-date because the damn computer hadn’t been turned on in four days and the program was automatically trying to download and update the virus protection as it is set to do.

That is when he became surly and said that he would only fix the modem since I was so sure that was the problem. That is when I hung up on him and called MDG head office.

The head office was supposed to have my computer picked up from the Newmarket store and delivered to a competent repairperson at their Head Office and then returned to a store near me. I told them not to make it the Newmarket store because I was never going to go back there. Newmarket is 45 minutes from me and the next closest store is just under two hours. Nice, when you have three businesses to run and have to shut everything down to chase down computers.

We had this conversation with MDG around 4:30 on Thursday. It is now 2 p.m. on Friday and still no word about my computer. I am trying to work with a laptop computer and my backed up files. As we all know, laptops are not made for long hours of work and it is throwing off a lot of heat. MDG’s ineptitude could easily cost me two damaged computers.

Would I buy from them again? Not a chance.

  • Da
    Dave Bawden Jul 28, 2008

    We buy on average 3 computers every 18 months for our graphics related business and thought we would try MDG.

    Didn't get what we thought we were buying, from the MDG store in London (Wellington and Bradley) tried to solve the problem by talking to the store and asking what could be done to update the system to what we needed and didn't receive a straight answer from the sales person, in fact he was extremely rude and ignorant. Called the corporate Head Office and was told that I had to deal with the store I bought the computer from because they were all franchises. Apparently there is no phone number you can call, only an email address.

    The saying once bitten twice shy applies in this case and also more importantly "Caveat Emptor". There is no back up at any level and they certainly have no idea about good customer relations. Very disappointed and surprised by the outcome, would never even think of buying from them again. Suggest anyone thinking about MDG should buy with caution.

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  • Da
    Dan b Sep 15, 2008

    Although it would be nice that a computer should work regardless where you bought it from. I laugh because anyone who even remotely knows how to buy a computer knows not to buy one from MDG. NEVER EVER buy one from MDG. It is basically a scam and its unfortunate that you two had to buy one from there. Goto Futureshop or Best buy .

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  • Re
    Reviewer81664 Sep 09, 2015

    I ordered a bed from mdg a year ago and made payments every month and just found out is not the bed i ordered

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Folks, Stay away from MDG!

This is regarding my purchase of an LCD TV from MDG Computers store in Whitby, Ontario.

On May 29th, I took delivery of a 40" LCD TV from MDG and when it was installed I noticed that there was a bright red dot on the bottom right hand side of the screen, which is categorized as a "stuck pixel".

This is a high definition TV and this bright reed dot looks like the targeting site from a sniper rifle glaring at you every time there is a dark background on the screen. Needless to say it is an annoying distraction especially when trying to watch a movie or any program through this TV set.

Calling MDG Whitby store got me the old, 'there's nothing we can do" you need to talk to head office. Calls to head office were handled with "there's nothing we can do, this is a matter for the store to handle". And so the back and forth calling and lodging of my complaint goes. I also was told that this is within normal standards and that we should expect some lCD TV's to have stuck pixels. Certainly a bright red dot in the middle of your TV screen may be acceptable to mdg, BUT IT CERTAINLY IS NOT FOR VIEWING.

Next steps was to call the manufacturer, VisionQuest. They were pleasant enough but again the pushed back and set this was a matter for MDG to resolve. They did offer some assistance and help in trying to "unstick" these pixels with a software program and trying various techniques, such as rubbing out the pixel, but these efforts did not work.

It has now been one month and not a peep from MDG about my complaint and some courteous were still looking into it from VisionQuest.

It looks like my expensive TV is a victim of the old buyer beware caveat, especially when dealing with MDG.

Buyers should be made aware that MDG does not really stand behind its product once it has crossed the threshold of their shipping dock. Consumers should seriously consider buying from reputable retailers that stand behind their product and actually believe in customer satisfaction.

Only a replacement of this unit with one that has no "stuck pixel" will make this buying experience satisfactory. Stay away from MDG folks, especially when buying big ticket items.

Roland Aucoin

11 Inverary Court,
Whitby, Ontario

  • Go
    gord odonghue Oct 31, 2007

    Im also victim of mdg. would like to know if you would join me in some form of legal action.plus i plan ongetting in touch with MR. silverman at city tv. and Pat Foran at CTV. EXPOSING THEM FOR THE WAY THEY TREAT THE CUSTOMER.best regards Gord ODonoghue 9052406465

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  • Ni
    Nick Couper Jun 11, 2008

    That is absolutely unacceptable. That TV is one that was likely replaced for someone else, and then bought by MDG to resale for lower than other stores sticker-price.

    I don't know if I would call myself a victum of MDG, however I bought my computer from MDG in Whitby about 3 years ago, and since then, i've realized I overpaid by about $200 to $300. More like poor decision on my part.

    I hope the best in your follow-up in the matter. I too will never set foot in their store again, nor will I let friends or family purchase from them.

    P.S. They butchered the spelling of my name, even when I spelled it out for them. "Nikolis" is how they spelled it on my bill, and on their supposid "free computer cleaning" notice they send me, which is more so to check to see if I voided the warrenty by doing my own system upgrades.


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  • Ka
    Karen Oct 25, 2008

    I have been to MDG in Whitby 3 times, and each time it has been a bad experience. The latest (and last) time involved my ACER notebook. I bought it from MDG and if you can believe it, it broke down exactly 1 day after my ACER warranty expired. I brought it into MDG in Whitby, and the guy really didn't care that it was just 1 day. He advised me to contact ACER myself, as they don't and won't do anything on my behalf. Okay fine. Then the 'tech' opened the front of the laptop, blew inside (seriously) and pushed on a few connections. He then said "It looks like the LCD", which was what I told him when I brought it in. The kicker was they called this blowing on the computer "diagnostic" and charged me $60. I have an A+ Certification. I don't recall that bit of high-tech diagnostics in my course! The tech also bad-mouthed ACER to me. Very professional for someone selling their product to me just a year ago.
    I left my notebook with them, for them to send in for repair. They guys whole attitude was too bad-so sad.

    When I left the store I ran into a couple in the parking lot that had also been in the store. I briefly told them my story and told them I would consider buying elsewhere. By the time I got home, MDG had called and confronted me about complaining about them to people in the parking lot. I didn't deny it. They said their "manager" wants me to come and pick up my notebook. They don't want my busness.

    If MDG has any training at all for their staff, and if they invested an ounce in teaching them about customer relations, then the guy behind the counter would have understood that empathy can go a long way in customer satisfaction, and the manager would have made a call to me personally and tried to work things out. All they have accomplished now is creating an irate customer that will continue to bad mouth their lack of professionalism and customer support.

    With the economy the way it is, businesses need to invest in both customer and employee relations. MDG is a joke. A poorly run, shoddy company that doesn't give a damn about its customers, and certainly doesn't invest in its employees. I'm glad to take my business elsewhere.

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  • Lu
    luna lu Apr 23, 2009

    Stay away from this company. Their attitude leaves a lot to be desired. I asked a simple question. " Can you tell me how to listen to a cd" They in turn told me I have to pay for that information and was also told to take a commputer lesson. I was never so humiliated by a bunch of young poor excuse for human beings in my entire life.
    I will NEVER NEVER NEVER NERVER purchase anything from this company again. I AM ASHAMED THIS COMPANY IS CANADAIN.

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  • Te
    tekkie187 Oct 07, 2009

    MDG Whitby now has a comments or concerns e-mail address. Please e-mail [email protected] with any comments or concerns you may have. Thank you.

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Lack of warranty service and rude representatives!

After owning an MDG computer previously I decided after a major house fire last year and losing everything we owned to go to MDG to replace the computers in our home. A KIOSK had been put into the Staples Store in Belleville Ontario. We went a couple times to see what the prices were like (students going back to school etc) and found they were very reasonable. I convinced my partner that she should stick with MDG versus going to Dell again (who she was VERY happy with). So we picked out the machines, two desktop systems and a Notebook. 6000.00 in computer equipment and I paid "CASH" for them due to the insurance money being in my hands to replace the machines. We even upgraded the machines we wanted with extra funds of our own to get the stuff we really wanted. So now comes the issue... the Notebook's Power Adaptor blows up. Thank God it wasn't plugged into the notebook at the time. So she calls for warranty service. The technician was extremely condescending and rude. He was insisting we had to drive to Kingston to get "warranty" repair. Now a point about my partner... she WAS a technician in a call center and has extensive computer background. She was freaking out and handed the phone off to me. Now my background... I have been involved with computers since 1982, building AND using... have had my own business so I "know" what I am talking about when it comes to computers (including maintaining an 8 system lan in our home). I get on the phone and this guy starts YELLING at me... Well thats an issue cause I currently work in law enforcement so of course he's going to get yelled at right back. "click" he hangs up. SO I call back and ask to speak to a supervisor... "nope no supervisors on I am the boss right now". SO again the stupidity and yelling and "click" again. I call back he hears my voice and simply hangs up again... I try again and get a different guy. So I start all over again. Well buddy is coaching him in the background cause I can hear him and this guy now claims that he is in charge. I hang up and am I ever po'd. The next day someone from MDG calls me... very apologetic and wanting to deal with the issue because I made threats of the better business bureau as well as going to the media. A new power adaptor will be shipped etc etc no you don't need to go to Kingston. So we wait... 4 days later (on a thursday) it comes in... Problem... they sent a desktop power supply... So we refuse it and return to sender. I call back and advise them that we refused the package cause they sent the wrong item. Well when we get it back we'll send you the right one... 4 days later I call... still haven't received it back and they won't send anything till that happens. Ok this is ###ed... I call the Kingston Store and get the run around... manager on days off no idea. need to bring it in etc etc etc... Now this is 6000.00 of equipment and they won't ship??? I bought a freakin HP laptop at WALMART for when I travel simply to be able to use messenger to talk to my family and THEY sent me a box fixed my unit and sent it back within 3 days during the same time period! Anyhow I digress... I get a call on last saturday almost three weeks into this crap and its "supposedly" the manager from MDG in kingston... dunno what we can do was a head office issue blah blah blah... Ok you need to hear me Mr. Manager, I WILL go to the BBB AND the Media if this isn't resolved by monday. "Nothing I can do for you etc etc". Hangs up. Now I am steaming mad sitting at my store having just endured some of the worst customer service over the last almost three weeks and a "manager" tells me suck it up and deal with Main Office... Suddenly an hour and a half later i get a call... Oh the item was shipped out thursday (this is on saturday) from the warehouse and gives me some tracking number... I go to UPS (cause thats who brought the first WRONG power adaptor) and guess what... FAKE!!! No such tracking number... So Tuesday (monday was a holiday) my partner calls MDG head Office... no such tracking number and it was supposedly sent via canada post. Today UPS pulls up and delivers a box to our store. My son signs for it... its brought home and I look at it and immediately state (wait for it) "Its the WRONG FREAKIN ONE AGAIN". Can people at this company NOT look at the records and make SURE the right damn part is sent??? So I call again and I am "tryinbg" to be pleasant... 4 phone transfers later I get someone claiming to be a technical support manager but "oh the warehouse is closed so I don't know if we have a power adaptor" and they want us to send in the NOTEBOOK for them to match the adaptor up... ok... lets see... why not send us a box for the BROKEN ONE and then make sure it matches that and send the NEW ONE to us????? They do not NEED the notebook! it was working fine till the battery completely died! Just send us the damn adaptor. At this point I am preparing to go to the media because the delays, excuses, poor service, condescending attitudes and rudeness are not WORTH my money. We "had" recommended MDG to others... NEVER again! In fact my partner is so disgusted with them if it were not for the fact this was a 2200.00 machine she'd throw it out and turn to dell or ANYONE else. Personally I do not believe this will be resolved any time soon as I could tell i was simply being placated. We'll see what occurs within the next 48 hours. Monday May 28th if we have not gotten this resolved with some sort of apology "at a minimum" I guess I will have no choice but to go to the BBB and the media. I will not accept two or three day waits and the wrong parts any more either. If they want to impress me they need to load their own tech with one of every power supply and send him down in a car and resolve this. Again I have to look at the example given by HP for a 700.00 notebook and they went above and beyond! MDG you really need to have someone a) teach your tech support people not to be condescending and rude b) make sure your warehouse sends the right parts when sending parts and c) get a better WARRANTY program that INCLUDES services as HP does. If you want to compete and be compared to them as a leader then you need to start doing business "better". you have my name, you have my email. If you check my name the one in Trenton Ontario is the one you want... The clock is ticking. Up to you how this goes. For me its done and I am prepared to move on this as a consumer that recognizes my rights in Canada and specifically Ontario with respect to poor service and shoddy warranty.

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    random guy Sep 01, 2008

    hey jerk off,
    mdg not registered with BBB so good luck. also mdg pays media (tv and newspapers and radio) to advertise for them so if the media posts some random (again I express) jerk offs complaint, then they lose tons of money in advertising profit. If you know computers like you say you do, then you should know that buying parts and building yourself if much cheaper. congrats on setting up a lan server. *clap clap*. should have sucked it up and gone to kingston store. and before you run your mouth again, i dont work for them or anything, i just hate jerk offs who have nothing better to do than complain.
    p.s. call center EMPLOYEES are not tehnicians. if they were they would make more money working on systems rather than sitting on their ### trying to act like they know what theyre talking about. surprised you can find the power button.

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  • Ha
    hammy May 11, 2009

    I do believe the jerk-off is "Random Guy", not the OP...

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  • Md
    mdgchump Feb 09, 2012

    I too bought product from them five months ago and the desktop thyat they supposedly "fixed" is slow as fck and constantly is not responding. My ten year old computer works better then their "new" computer. I should have reviewed this site before purchasing.I have'nt been recomending them to anyone nor will I ever.

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