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Complaints & Reviews


I ordered a ink cartridge for my printer on Thursday, January 23 and delivery was promised January 24th. The order # is [protected]. I was worried about delivery of my order and so...

brother cartridge

I would like to complain that I stopped by our local Staples here in Rome, GA yesterday and bought a Brother LC61BK cartridge. They charged me $33.99 plus tax + $36.37 for the...

customer service

Here is the post from my Facebook page regarding my experience at your Grandville, Michigan store.
After reading it, many of my friends will be boycotting your stores as well for this reason, please read on.
Dear Staples Salesman,
I am not sure why you felt the need to follow me all over the store this afternoon.
1. Don't be so obvious about it.
2. Don't try to justify it by TELLING me that retail theft has been a problem in your store.
I only came in to buy more mechanical pencils, which I found on my own, and went straight to the counter and paid for.
In the meantime, someone else that you SHOULD be watching is probably robbing you blind!
I will not be shopping here anymore.
Signed a customer who went to a competitor and spent another $50, that your store could have gotten.
Your loss.
Kim Johnson [protected]

Ps: I have alerted all the media outlets as well, so they can tell everyone how you treat customers!

  • As
    A shoplifter Jan 09, 2020

    I had a great day in Staples today. it seems that all the security were following somebody buying mechanical pencils. Good news!!

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the store manager pat's is incredibly rude and ignorant I was treated with extreme disrespect

After being denied paying with a check because of certegy's 'suggestions' I simply asked your clerk for the phone number and return code reason that they were being given so I...

dell laptop

11/04/19 Tech argued with me: He did not know monitors are all currently LCD with backlighting and that the backlighting is either incandescent or LED. He did not know if latest...

staples delivery

I ordered some shipping boxes and packing tape on Monday October 28. 2019 and their carrier, Prestige, which was an unmarked rusty van, delivered them Wednesday October 30...cardboard boxes delivered in the rain, unprotected, and at least 3 or 4 of those boxes in the bundle were already somehow mechanically destroyed...I have no idea what happened but I refused delivery. I called Staples and they agreed to reship on Thursday October 31...but when 6pm arrived and my order didn't, I looked up my order. The shipper lied and said I refused the Oct 31 order! Chat reordered and said they go out ASAP...but the email confirmation said Monday November 4th. I just told Staples chat to cancel the entire order but I'm not sure I got through to the guy so I responded to the confirmation with a cancel order as well...and included an explanation. I'm done with Staples and no $10 courtesy coupon is going to change my mind. Perhaps they shouldn't rely on slugs driving beat-up child molesting type vans to make their deliveries. Never again.


I was in your Staples yesterday Oct.15, 2019 and what i witnessed was embarrassing and extremelyyyy unprofessional!! I witnessed a employee walk in maybe just starting there shift...

luv sac chair

The chair came with faulty hydraulic and jammed wheel. The store would not replace, exchange or refund. Thank god i took the protection plan. well guess what. The protection plan was also denied. whats the point of this payment if it does not cover what its for. with that being said :

DONT EVER PURCHASE THE PROTECTION PLAN (ASURION) . It's AN ABSOLUTE FRAUD. THEY WILL NOT REPAIR, REPLACE OR EVEN ASK FOR THE PRODUCT EXCHANGE. It is a complete nightmare. Please turn to OfficeMax, Global industrial or even AMAZON which you can return your items when defective.

luv sac chair

lack of wifi

I am complaining because I came to Staples in Santa Monica only to find out there is no Wi-Fi available to me to do business and be able to print some important documents I needed to bring to a client today.

I am so upset about this because it affects my business. Staples is supposed to be the place you come for your business needs and I have always been very loyal to Staples however for me this is a huge problem and changes my perspective of the company.
WiFi is a basic need and should be available at all Staples stores because it is part of what we expect as a customer.

I spoke with manager and he had no explanation. He seemed to wear that it's been an issue for other customers and I don't even know what to say except for I hope you get it resolved because I am going to change my loyalties do a different situation if I can't count on Staples.

This is such a simple thing that can make a big difference in how I view your company.

defective product

I ordered a 13 folder accordion folder online and when I received the folder I was shocked, and somewhat disappointed, to find that the inside folders inside the accordion folder were bent and defective, allowing for a nonfunctional folder. I would like to receive another folder to replace my defective one. I was disappointed with the item I received because I revered Staples for being a company that provided quality products.

defective product

  • Co
    Concerned5000 Sep 17, 2019

    This isnt a real complaint this happens with products everywhere... Whats sad is it took you longer to take a picture and find this site then it owuld have been for them to replace it FREE.

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Good morning, My complaint is about something I needed printed. I came into the store. It took a few minutes for the worker to acknowlegde my presence. That was fine, but the...

Staples. — Refund not processed yet.

Returned the item I ordered they received it back on July 10 2019 here's the link...

"customer service" rep named sherry

I placed a call to Staples July 23 2019 stating that I had been missing an order for over a week (3 coil rolls of stamps). I had also emailed our own Staples Rep, as well as the...

order # 4673984 and 4673352 dated july 10, 2019


I ordered 2 Dell Labtops online against subject order numbers. My order was accepted and payment was in process but on July 15, 2019 i got an email from Staples saying your order has been cancelled since there was a mistake in the price from Staples, This is not my fault. If you posted a product and price online to sell, its your responsibility to deliver that product at that given price. If you did a mistake in price its your responsibility, not my fault. Therefore it is reqeusted to please deliver the ordered products against subject order numbers at your earliest. Please confirm.

Fawad Rabbani

  • Co
    Concerned5000 Sep 17, 2019

    There is no obligation for any seller rather virtual or in a physical store to honor a incorrect price. This is explicitly stated in their terms and is the process EVERYWHERE.

    You likely knew the price was incorrect and tried to take advantage of it. Morally the only person who was at fault was yourself.

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online order

I order online know July 10th for Swiss gear luggage bags. Received confirmation order number. Payment in process. Order supposed to deliver today know July 12. After waiting for...

service straight through

I visited a Staples in Connecticut on Friday. With me, were two coupons that I had to use at the time of purchase.
The assistant manager was wonderful within the store, she had great customer service.
Then came checkout.
I handed the two coupons over, was asked if I found everything that I needed (good)...then the crappy experience started.

Instead of maintaining eye contact or working with my order, he looked at my phone and saw the crack on my screen cover. A sales pitch commenced about liquid cover or whatever it is.

I had a question about one of the products that I was going to purchase, but he kept droning on. Finally, I cut in.

He answered the question, asked for my rewards number and saw that I am an educator. At that point service slowed down and he started to discuss how the rewards program works for staff, how we can work as a school...I can read the flyers..

Meanwhile, he had trouble getting the coupon to go through, so the awesome assistant showed up.

Thinking that this is commission, I called customer service and explained my complaint...the lady seemed perplexed...said she would give me to HR...?????

I asked where I was calling, she said the Philippines - really Staples? Really...are you saving a few bucks offshoring your customer service?

I am shopping at CVS for my supplies or will use AMAZON...

amazon alexa display and demo

I went into 2 of your stores today specifically to have my wife listen to the Amazon Dot, generation 3. We were going to buy one if she liked the sound. In both stores (Newark, Delaware) all of the devices didn't function. The technician came over to help and could only offer the lame excuse that the power supply must be busted. No help at all. What was troubling was nobody in either store really cared at all that we were having a bad experience. I'm sure Amazon would be unhappy to hear the money they pay Staples for the great display was being wasted.

  • Co
    Concerned5000 Sep 17, 2019

    So use youtube for a demo, why would you go to an office supply store to see how ALexa worked?

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hp envy 7855 printer

Bought this printer in Jan 2019 from Staples. Worked fine and after some pics were printed we had to buy new ink cartridge because printer doesn't come with a long life cartridge. So went back to Staples and purchased new ink cartridge. After that we notice the pics weren't that great. So I called Staples in Bluffton, SC and they said to do all the tests ete. Well nothing changed. So I brought printer in(Saturday May 11 2019 at 4:00PM ) for Tech to look at. He did a few tests and said he didn't know what was wrong with it. He said to call HP and they will help. I asked the Tech if he was sure there was nothing wrong with the cartridge that staples store had sold me. Tech said it was fine.
Well what happened? Tech said nothing more I can do. So a brand new printer only months old doesn't work? You have no idea what's wrong and I can't get a new one.
Maybe you sold me a lemon.

  • Co
    Concerned5000 Sep 17, 2019

    So call the manufacturer. It sucks yeah but staples isnt responsible for how you used the machine or how it worked. its HIGHLY unlikely that this type of machine was defective. Its likely what you printed, how your printed or what you printed on.

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[Resolved] brown true air office chair

I bought this office chair on May 22, 2016 at Staples in Lebanon, PA for $200. It had a 5 year warranty. It broke on April 28th, 2019 and I fell off of it onto the floor and hurt my back and arm. Staples in Hershey, PA on April 28th, 2019 said the warranty is with the manufacturer. The manufacturer is in China and has no US contact information. The employees or manager at the Staples in Hershey, PA are no help. I want to exchange the chair for a new one. My name is Joe Joynes in Palmyra, PA. [protected]. My email is [protected]

brown true air office chair
brown true air office chair
brown true air office chair

  • Resolution Statement

    I talked to Staples Corporate. They do not make the chair I bought anymore. they are unable to send me any parts to fix it. They offered $160 in Staples coupons that could be used to buy a new chair. I bought a better chair from them and paid the difference.

we are not complaining, we had bad experience, ups in your store?

The two girls working gave no service ? We got our own box, cut it an did the work ? They did not seem to care ? usually we go to the regular UPS in Greenville South Carolina ? We were told this store had UPS? Big difference ? The Greer store does not need UPS if they are not going to have the service ? This was today . We simply did what we started, pack the box . Then went to the United State Post Office, we were not going to pay for poor service ? One girl was pregnant, the other was a black haired heavy set girl ? It was about one clock ! So we paid for the box, $2.50, we bought a new paper we had to go get . We looked an they had packing paper . they never offered? We never said a bad word ! Figure that is your Job ? The post office was a pleasant experience ? We write because we have had many things done in your store ! Can you image how a customer feels with this service ? We would think they would find a new store with a different name ?

  • Co
    Concerned5000 Sep 17, 2019

    its a ship center, you sorta have to have the items ready when you get there. They dont pack it for you like a dedicated shipping store.

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employees lack of professionalism

Print & Marketing Supervisor Employees name ---- Melissa Date ------------------ 4/8/2019 Sale [protected] Customer Order [protected] I got to the counter, there wa...


I went into the Staples located in Anderson SC this evening. I ran to the restroom before shopping. I went into the first stall & the seat looked a bit nasty — wet as if someone...

Staples Office Supplieshp ink cartridge 4 color combo

I'm writing this letter of request for exchange of merchandise. I purchased from Staples Office Supply a hp 920xl combo ink cartridges for my 6500-inkjet printer. At the time of purchase the combo cost $65.00. Unfortunately, my printer stopped functioning and I could no longer required the use of the ink. I have brand new box of ink never been used or opened. I attempted to return the ink to Staples to make an exchange. Due to the expiration date I was unsuccessful in receiving an exchange on the merchandise.
I'm truly disappointed that I could not make an even exchange on the merchandise. I wasn't asking for any monetary compensation. Unfortunately, i'm stuck with ink that will not provide any use of service.
Hewlett Packard has an exceptional reputation for providing quality assurance to your consumers. I look forward to your reply in regards to this issue.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me [protected].

Tania Wynn

store stocking

I love Staples and spend substantial money at the Camp Hill PA store and have ever since you opened in Mechanicsburg, PA and then in Camp Hill, PA 17011 However, tonight, I went...

copy/print self service

Store #0953 on 12/29/17 and Store #1117 on 1/16/18 both leaked information that I was processing using self-service. I contacted the store manager Darryl at store 0953 on the...

manager @ mill plain road, danbury, ct usa, 06811, retail store. employees difficult, obnoxious, antagonize customers.

Placed an order on line, order went through, received multiple emails regarding my order. Had to make 2 calls inquiring about the emails. When I went to pick up my order employee...

about my order

I went to the store to bought 4 chairs dormeo espo octaspring chair gray, but didn't have it so the manerger help me order online and I paid by credit card on 10/28/2018. the next day 10/29/2018 I recieved the email said the order is not available but your guy still got the money in my credit card. and I call the store they said refund me and it issued same day my order . now I call staple [protected] they said it take 3 to 5 business day why your guy take my money so quick and return take 3 to 5 days I was your customer been years this is the first time I order thing online, I was s disappointed and I will not be staple 's customer any more and I will tell my family and friend too

lack of courtesy coupon

Dear Sir/Madam:
My name is Tony Bobet From New York City. I am filing an complaint to I was planning to order an item on October 27, 2018. The item that i order Ampad Quadrillie Pad 8 1/2 x 11 Quad Ruling Graph Paper 4 squares inches 50 sheet Pad. the amount of the item of $4.99. Order# [protected]. I pay with Courtesy Coupon from the amount of $20.00. When i ask for the assist. from Kenneth. He was the one was helping. He was lying to me. The Courtesy Coupon #[protected]. And, its Expiration on 02/28/2019. I want to an gift certificate.
It's didn't say the limited or how i have to order. I going to file an complaint

lack of courtesy coupon
lack of courtesy coupon
lack of courtesy coupon
lack of courtesy coupon

photocopier center

I went to Staples at 630pm to photocopy my lease and other documents for evidentiary purposes to use at the LTB. After having issues with the machine I asked for help. The...

customer service in east rutherford, nj

On September 29th, I was at your East Rutherford, NJ location. Your cashier totally ignored me, didn't speak, look at me, etc. just threw my items in a bag. I complained online...

courtesy coupon

I am filing this compliant from I am not sure of the coupon and i do not want take no chance of going to buy something and they didn't take it. the coupon number#...


Dear Sir / Madam:
My name is Tony Bobet. I resided at 1710 Seward Avenue. Bronx, New York City, 10473, Apartment #5-G. I order an item name is Verbatim 47 GB DVD-RW for the amount of $29.99. When I received the item. And, I saw the receipt. Is much different then the the below of this page its will show of what I am talking about. I am not scam or fraud of the amount.


gives misleading delivery dates

order no [protected]
member number [protected]
from email: Arrives in Store By: Friday, September 14, 2018
I ordered ink and oversized printer paper from Staples on 9/13/2018 specifically because I needed the paper immediately and Staples said it would arrive by 9/14. (see statement from email). It did not arrive and today is the 16th and it still has not arrived.

Staples on 2nd Avenue New York — unethical behavior at staples

Good evening, Last week I went to the 2nd Avenue store to try to get an estimate and until today I didn't' receive any email or call form Craig, who took my order at...

i-phone charging cords - 10 ft

2899 I purchased 3 I-phone charging cords and to find that they are not good cords and was not in good working order... My company has a national contract with staples for a while now...

price on paper shredder

Went to the Staples store and found a shredder listed as $89.99. Manager told the employee who took a picture of the price and ready to ring me up not to sell it to me. Manager...

rude manager on duty (customer complaint)

Hi there. Let me first say that I LOVE Staples, and as a special education teacher, most of my paycheck goes to buying supplies and fun things from your stores for my students to...


2899 Date of incident: 9/19/2018 I called 2 of your stores in Santa Monica, CA to check on current inventory of Brother toner TN750. I was placed on hold for over 10 minutes, hung up...

Dell 12.5 Laptop

2899 FRAUD BY Staples They sold me a Dell REFURBISHED laptop in Oct 2016, CLAIMING it was a Windows 10 computer, but it died just 6 months after getting a WIN 10 OS patch. I took it... — poor service

From: Washington, Kyle [mailto:Kyle.[protected]] Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 10:29 AM To: Mike Subject: RE: [EXT]:Advantage Account I must tell you that is a very...