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Staples reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jan 2, 2007. The latest review Epson ink was posted on Sep 11, 2021. The latest complaint brown true air office chair was resolved on Apr 28, 2019. Staples has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 219 reviews. Staples has resolved 66 complaints.

Staples Customer Service Contacts

+1 800 333 3330 (United States)
+44 121 322 1000 (United Kingdom)
+54 114 136 6666 (Argentina)
+43 800 201 473 (Austria)
+32 80 081 959 (Belgium)
+45 70 130 131 (Denmark)
+33 825 334 455 (France & Monaco)
+353 15 530 078 (Ireland)
+39 161 880 844 (Italy & San Marino)
+352 80 085 139 (Luxembourg)
+31 884 545 000 (Netherlands)
+351 707 200 656 (Portugal)
+31 206 511 111 (Netherlands and Rest Of Europe)
+886 412 8288 (Taiwan)
500 Staples Dr.
Framingham, Massachusetts
United States - 01702


6 Staples Ave., Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4W3

United Kingdom
Aqueous 3, Aston Cross Business Park, 50 Rocky Lane, Birmingham B6 5RQ

Industriestraße 8, 2540 Bad Vöslau

Ringlaan 39, 1853 Strombeek-Bever

Korskildelund 6, DK-2670 Greve

63, Grande rue, 95470 Survilliers

Gropiusplatz 10, 70563 Stuttgart

Block B, The Crescent Building, Northwood, Santry, Dublin 9

Via per Gattinara, 17, 13851 Castelletto Cervo (BI), Italia

  • 7B, rue des Mérovingiens, Zone d'activités Bourmicht, L-8070 Bertrange
  • Boîte Postale 1324, L-1013 Luxembourg
  • Hoogoorddreef 62, 1101 BE Amsterdam ZO
  • P.O. Box 23456, 1100 DZ Amsterdam ZO
Per Krohgsvei 1, 1065 Karihaugen

ul. Bysewska 18, 80-298 Gdańsk

  • Humlegatan 15, 504 41 Borås
  • Box 1777, 501 17 Borås
  • Tong Ning Road, Shanghai, Building 5, Third Floor, 200335
  • Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015, China
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Staples Complaints & Reviews

StaplesEpson ink

I went to try and return my ink that I had bought from staples it was the wrong ink the manager Jamie this is the mission location by the way would not return this unopened package because it was slightly dent in the one half I had stated why it could have been possibly the reason and she somehow got it in her head that my dog damaged the package and there was even drool that she noticed. I'm sorry but drool this woman is clearly off her rocker . So yea now I'm out money for this unopened ink that I can't return because staples has a certain standard as she put it and cannot sell it . Boxes get dented it's part of the business I'm shipping or anything along the way this is supposed to be customer service associate that can solve simple issues like this and could have sent it to the vendor to exchange package so that it could be sold properly if that was the case in her end but for a customer who cares right it's not her money . I bought a lot of groceries that day another bag could have been sitting on top of the ink bag and that could be where it got the dent but certainly not a fight with my dog .

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    Aug 30, 2021

    Staples — Malfunctioning large format printers.

    Technicians said the problem is an ongoing one that they don't intend to fix since it's been broken...


    StaplesStaples recycle program - not


    Staples - Bradley, Illinois

    I have about 10 old DVD players, monitors, stereo receivers, a projector, and some monitors. After finding the attached link with acceptable items staples recycle program accepts, I loaded up my car to bring over. I called first just to be sure and thankfully I did as I was told by the employee (who confirmed with his supervisor and inventory manager) that they will only accept items they sell and only smaller computer related items (ie. Monitors)... Basically nothing I have. This is very contrary to the staples website (see link above) and I called this out to the employee and was told it was wrong. Really???

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      Purchased a chrome note book or computer on July 2nd 2021 and used it once before I went on holidays, came home July 20th and went into the store to see if they would transfer my files from my old comp to my new one (as I was told most places would do that for someone) and I delt with the kid that I bought it from, well he had to go in the back and talk to his boss twice (as I was told he was busy dealing with an other customer on the phone) the final result was I was told the fee would be 80 bucks cause that was there rate, so I am guessing the money I spent two weeks earlier wasn't enough for the manager. The really sad part is I bought the thing even though 2 of the staff couldn't or wouldn't put MSN as my home page when I bought it, as they told me there is probably an app for me to do it myself Al Kendall

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        StaplesOrdering Shelving

        I put in an order on 7/2/21 for 2 shelving units Item#148012 and have NOT received them as of 7/12/21. I called Customer Service and she tells me it was not processed because they didn't have the items. Couldn't someone have contacted me and let me know so i can look for other options.

        This is VERY BAD service. It's 7.12.21 and i have already anticipated receiving this items only to find out that it was cancelled!!

        You need to improve your service or i will look for other alternatives!!!

        Unsatisfied Customer!!!
        Mat Finau

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          StaplesLaptop return method of payment refund

          I returned an online purchase bought with E Certificate to a Staples store. Called 800.333.3330 to verify the method of refund and was told a check would be issued since it was over $500 (The store Manager was also on the call). I received notification that the refund would be issued in Gift Card several days later. In the meantime, I made another purchase at a competitor's store expecting a check refund. Staples won't honor the representative's statement insisting they must issue a gift card as per policy. Matter unresolved at this point in time.

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            May 17, 2021

            Staples — Hostile environment store 0735

            It seems the last time I made a complaint through the questionnaire it seems that it made things worse, Allen...

            Staples Office SupplyService

            I went to the Staples Office location in Waycross Georgia on Saturday May 15 2021. I arrived at approximately 10:20 AM. I entered and ask the young register clerk if I could get a doc reduced overall by 40%. He replied I don't think we do that here, as he was speaking I was walking to the copy & photo section and seen the necessary equipment to do this. I said it seems you can do that here but you just might know how to--is there anyone else here. I had not noticed him speaking to someone on his head set and he replied I am speaking with my manager right now and they told me to tell you to return at 11:30 for this. I said why? I was told the manager was busy doing something and would do it at 11:30 or I could go else where to get this done...As I left I fully understood the parking being empty and I know my vehicle will never be there again. This store does not know the meaning of customer service so I will spend my money where they do understand that fact of life. Bob

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              Apr 21, 2021

              Staples — Unjustifiably harassed by employee

              On Sunday, April 18 (2021) at approximately 5:20pm, I came to Staples on 800 Nitro Market Place, Crosslane...

              Staplescant cancel an order

              cannot cancel a print order after you place it. now im placing two orders and apparently i have to call tomorrow to cancel the original but i chose express shipping for the print.so its gonna be ready early. absolutely so annoying. "cancel order" button is so simple, just don't get it. I know I am going to go in there and have to pay for both prints, just so unbelievably annoying

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                went to the Staples store in Clarksville Indiana, went up the the print service counter where I stood behind a lady who left saying she was to old to wait any longer. I waited for 6 minutes while the young girl was on her cell phone and never looked up or over at the counter. I went to the check out counter and ask the young man if he could get some other help at the print counter, he refused to help and refused to call anyone else to help. This kind of service will turn customers off to your company. You have good products, but the in store help seems to be more interested in their cell phones.

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                  StaplesA Hewlett Packard office jet printer, scanner, fax

                  I purchased this item on 1/1/21. I set it up at my home office and found I needed to contact my IT consultants to install the item properly. My IT consultants installed the item and informed me, they had more complaints about this item then any other product of this type. Since January, I have had to have my computer consultants reinstall or completely remove the Smart Task software so, I could use the product at least 3 times. I scan and copy throughout the day. The fact that this item continues to malfunction indicates to me this item has a huge soft ware problem. I attempted to return the item this morning to my local Staples where I purchased the item and was told they wouldn't take it back. Further, the young lady informed me that I should have purchased the extended warranty. I did not purchase the extended warranty because when purchasing a new item it should function perfectly. If you are pushing the extended warranty, it implies poor quality merchandise.

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                    StaplesWarranty on computer

                    Hello, I purchased a computer for my daughter November of 2018. I also purchased the most expensive accidental coverage ($299). I was told it covered everything and she wouldn't loose school time because it would be taken care of at the store- repaired or replaced.
                    I went to Staples where I purchased it (on DelPrado, Cape Coral FL) a month ago. The warranty is thru Nov 2021. The computer camera does not work, and the screen is cracked. I was told that you no longer work with ‘square trade- Allstate' so I have to work directly with them. It has been nothing but a hassle. I sent the computer last week, they said they just ‘received' it today. No guarantee how long it will take them.
                    Meanwhile, we are having the worst time trying to get her online for school.
                    I paid the huge fee to avoid this. I'm disappointed that this is how Staples is handling the situation.
                    I cannot imagine buying another device at staples, and will absolutely tell everyone I know not to purchase an extended warranty, since you won't stand by it.
                    Claim with Allstate: [protected]
                    Deanna Fisher
                    623 SE 32nd Street
                    Cape Coral, FL 33904

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                      Staplesphotograph and lamination job

                      2/22/21 Order [protected] Staples 4210 Electric Road, Roanoke Va.

                      Requested series of digital photographs be printed, then laminated with a border clear area to fully seal the lamination.

                      The order was sent to their central processing facility.

                      I was charged $55.98

                      ****They did NOT provide the clear edge requested for moisture barrier sealing as requested. This made the order useless for intended purpose, as flat coasters for drink glasses on wooden finished furniture.

                      They overprinted way too many of most of the photographs. The bill was for the original amount.

                      Leslie was my contact, email print.[protected]@Staples.com

                      I contacted her email and never heard back from her. Ignored completely.

                      Thank you. J. Lane [protected]@aol.com

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                        StaplesCharter of Rights Section 6 Violation; Violation of the Emergency Act 1421 and Discrimination Laws of Canada

                        RE: Store located on Donald St Ottawa Ontario ( almost on the corner of St Laurent)

                        I tried to shop at your store on Sunday. I was refused entry by Charles at 4:02pm, he was wearing a black shirt and he refused to provide his employee ID number. I am not able to wear a mask for medical reasons.
                        He told me I was not welcome in the store because I could not wear a mask. As I am sure you are aware this violated my Charter of Rights Section 6, a violation of the Emergency Act 1421 and broke the Discrimination Law. No "bylaw" can overrule any of these true laws.

                        So I am providing you the opportunity to correct this situation. Should you chose not to, I will have no choice but to sue you, the person that refused me entry and the company.

                        I await your response.


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                          StaplesComputer installation software

                          I have an hp laptop, because someone hacked into my laptop to peeping my files, so I took the hp laptop to staples located :23710 el toro road lake forest, ca 92630. Ask to reinstall window 10 system.
                          But your staff replaced my 1tb hard drive with a 500gb hard drive. Gave me that a someone else's old toshiba hard drive and tell me it is the hard drive of my laptop. He lied.

                          My hard drive absolutely nothing bad at all, and my hp laptop is a new model. I bought it less than 2 years. It only need reinstalling the software problems. Staples staff lied, more charge and stole my hard drive.

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                            Feb 19, 2021

                            Staples — Laptop office 365

                            It involves Bureau En Gross Store #77 at Dorval Québec. I purchased a Laptop in 2019 with TWO YEARS warranty...

                            Feb 18, 2021

                            Staples — Manager rude

                            The Manager at Terra Losa staples kicked me out because I didn't have a mask of my freaking nose...

                            Feb 11, 2021

                            Staples — I need my old position back at the staples

                            I used to work here at staples pleasant hill, 94523 as a technical associate but then I went to India back...

                            Feb 11, 2021

                            Staples — Tech service

                            I took my laptop in on 2/8/2021 order #[protected] to Store # 662 for my McAfee virus protection to be renewed...

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