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Nov 09, 2007

MDG - Disgraceful customer service!

I made the same mistake of wanting to buy Canadian. I went to the MDG store in Newmarket and was sold a system by a student. We got the system home and noticed that there was a white “speck” on the flat screen monitor. We called MDG and were told, “not to worry” because that often happens with the flat screens. Usually there are four or five of these dead pixels and we were lucky we only had one.

A few months later my computer crashed and I took it back to MDG for repairs. I told them that it was a business computer for three businesses and one business was an international health charity where patients depended on us for information, support and referrals to specialists in their area of expertise. I didn’t want them to think that we only used it for e-mail and computer games. We were told that they would give us same day service for an extra fee. We paid the fee and got the computer back within a few hours. Even though that was a nice turn around time, we live out of town and had to sit in a Tim Horton’s for two hours while the computer was being fixed. Anyhow, I should not complain.

Over the past weekend I had intermittent problems getting on line. I checked to see that my firewall and virus programs were up to date and were running. They were. I did a virus scan, registry scan, pest control for cookies, Counterspy, and Ewido (anti-spy program), then I did a disk clean up and defrag. The defrag program would not run and would freeze my computer. I figured that this was beyond my expertise and called MDG for an appointment. They said to just bring it in. I said that I needed a fast turnaround.

I brought the computer in around noon on Monday and spoke to the Techie. He began telling me what was wrong with the computer without even looking at it and everything was my fault and was going to cost me. He said that we didn’t have a virus program (we did) and then he said that it was a free program (it wasn’t). We told him that we had the paid version, which gave us some extra perks, and he demanded to know what those perks were. That is when I started losing it. He also told us that defragging the computer was a waste of time and that it did nothing to speed it up. I told him that on the contrary, I found it made quite a difference.

Two days later (yep, we told him that we needed the computer fixed immediately) my husband checked on the computer and the techie told him that someone had installed and old modem. We told them that they had built the computer and if anyone had installed an old modem, it was them. By Thursday we were getting fed up, then MDG called and I had hoped by that time that they were calling us to come and pick up the computer. Not the case.

Now the techie is telling me that my virus program is out of date and my computer was probably filled with spyware and viruses and he would have to sell me his virus protection software at a cost of $100.00 but that he was waiving all inspection fees and cleanup. First of all, all computer companies clean your computer when it comes in for repair. This reduces the risk of foreign objects coming in contact with computer parts. Second, the computer is just over a year old and I had an extended warranty so I should not be paying for anything. He became obnoxious and condescending and continued blabbering on about the out-dated virus freeware I had. Now I am mad and I shouted at him (something I am not proud of but he was really pushing my buttons) I told him that the virus program was a PAID version and it updates automatically every two days. I also told him that I do not take my computer online unless I see that the virus program logo (which is visible at all times in the tray) is brightly coloured indicating that it is up to date and is running in the background. I told him that of course it was out-of-date because the damn computer hadn’t been turned on in four days and the program was automatically trying to download and update the virus protection as it is set to do.

That is when he became surly and said that he would only fix the modem since I was so sure that was the problem. That is when I hung up on him and called MDG head office.

The head office was supposed to have my computer picked up from the Newmarket store and delivered to a competent repairperson at their Head Office and then returned to a store near me. I told them not to make it the Newmarket store because I was never going to go back there. Newmarket is 45 minutes from me and the next closest store is just under two hours. Nice, when you have three businesses to run and have to shut everything down to chase down computers.

We had this conversation with MDG around 4:30 on Thursday. It is now 2 p.m. on Friday and still no word about my computer. I am trying to work with a laptop computer and my backed up files. As we all know, laptops are not made for long hours of work and it is throwing off a lot of heat. MDG’s ineptitude could easily cost me two damaged computers.

Would I buy from them again? Not a chance.

Sep 09, 2015

I ordered a bed from mdg a year ago and made payments every month and just found out is not the bed i ordered

Sep 15, 2008

Although it would be nice that a computer should work regardless where you bought it from. I laugh because anyone who even remotely knows how to buy a computer knows not to buy one from MDG. NEVER EVER buy one from MDG. It is basically a scam and its unfortunate that you two had to buy one from there. Goto Futureshop or Best buy .

Jul 28, 2008

We buy on average 3 computers every 18 months for our graphics related business and thought we would try MDG.

Didn't get what we thought we were buying, from the MDG store in London (Wellington and Bradley) tried to solve the problem by talking to the store and asking what could be done to update the system to what we needed and didn't receive a straight answer from the sales person, in fact he was extremely rude and ignorant. Called the corporate Head Office and was told that I had to deal with the store I bought the computer from because they were all franchises. Apparently there is no phone number you can call, only an email address.

The saying once bitten twice shy applies in this case and also more importantly "Caveat Emptor". There is no back up at any level and they certainly have no idea about good customer relations. Very disappointed and surprised by the outcome, would never even think of buying from them again. Suggest anyone thinking about MDG should buy with caution.

Jun 27, 2007

MDG - Folks, Stay away from MDG!

This is regarding my purchase of an LCD TV from MDG Computers store in Whitby, Ontario. On May 29th, I took delivery of a 40" LCD TV from MDG and when it was installed I noticed that there was a...

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May 30, 2007

MDG - Lack of warranty service and rude representatives!

After owning an MDG computer previously I decided after a major house fire last year and losing everything we owned to go to MDG to replace the computers in our home. A KIOSK had been put into the Staples Store in Belleville Ontario. We went a couple times to see what the prices were like (students going back to school etc) and found they were very reasonable. I convinced my partner that she should stick with MDG versus going to Dell again (who she was VERY happy with). So we picked out the machines, two desktop systems and a Notebook. 6000.00 in computer equipment and I paid "CASH" for them due to the insurance money being in my hands to replace the machines. We even upgraded the machines we wanted with extra funds of our own to get the stuff we really wanted. So now comes the issue... the Notebook's Power Adaptor blows up. Thank God it wasn't plugged into the notebook at the time. So she calls for warranty service. The technician was extremely condescending and rude. He was insisting we had to drive to Kingston to get "warranty" repair. Now a point about my partner... she WAS a technician in a call center and has extensive computer background. She was freaking out and handed the phone off to me. Now my background... I have been involved with computers since 1982, building AND using... have had my own business so I "know" what I am talking about when it comes to computers (including maintaining an 8 system lan in our home). I get on the phone and this guy starts YELLING at me... Well thats an issue cause I currently work in law enforcement so of course he's going to get yelled at right back. "click" he hangs up. SO I call back and ask to speak to a supervisor... "nope no supervisors on I am the boss right now". SO again the stupidity and yelling and "click" again. I call back he hears my voice and simply hangs up again... I try again and get a different guy. So I start all over again. Well buddy is coaching him in the background cause I can hear him and this guy now claims that he is in charge. I hang up and am I ever po'd. The next day someone from MDG calls me... very apologetic and wanting to deal with the issue because I made threats of the better business bureau as well as going to the media. A new power adaptor will be shipped etc etc no you don't need to go to Kingston. So we wait... 4 days later (on a thursday) it comes in... Problem... they sent a desktop power supply... So we refuse it and return to sender. I call back and advise them that we refused the package cause they sent the wrong item. Well when we get it back we'll send you the right one... 4 days later I call... still haven't received it back and they won't send anything till that happens. Ok this is ###ed... I call the Kingston Store and get the run around... manager on days off no idea. need to bring it in etc etc etc... Now this is 6000.00 of equipment and they won't ship? I bought a freakin HP laptop at WALMART for when I travel simply to be able to use messenger to talk to my family and THEY sent me a box fixed my unit and sent it back within 3 days during the same time period! Anyhow I digress... I get a call on last saturday almost three weeks into this crap and its "supposedly" the manager from MDG in kingston... dunno what we can do was a head office issue blah blah blah... Ok you need to hear me Mr. Manager, I WILL go to the BBB AND the Media if this isn't resolved by monday. "Nothing I can do for you etc etc". Hangs up. Now I am steaming mad sitting at my store having just endured some of the worst customer service over the last almost three weeks and a "manager" tells me suck it up and deal with Main Office... Suddenly an hour and a half later i get a call... Oh the item was shipped out thursday (this is on saturday) from the warehouse and gives me some tracking number... I go to UPS (cause thats who brought the first WRONG power adaptor) and guess what... FAKE! No such tracking number... So Tuesday (monday was a holiday) my partner calls MDG head Office... no such tracking number and it was supposedly sent via canada post. Today UPS pulls up and delivers a box to our store. My son signs for it... its brought home and I look at it and immediately state (wait for it) "Its the WRONG FREAKIN ONE AGAIN". Can people at this company NOT look at the records and make SURE the right damn part is sent? So I call again and I am "tryinbg" to be pleasant... 4 phone transfers later I get someone claiming to be a technical support manager but "oh the warehouse is closed so I don't know if we have a power adaptor" and they want us to send in the NOTEBOOK for them to match the adaptor up... ok... lets see... why not send us a box for the BROKEN ONE and then make sure it matches that and send the NEW ONE to us? They do not NEED the notebook! it was working fine till the battery completely died! Just send us the damn adaptor. At this point I am preparing to go to the media because the delays, excuses, poor service, condescending attitudes and rudeness are not WORTH my money. We "had" recommended MDG to others... NEVER again! In fact my partner is so disgusted with them if it were not for the fact this was a 2200.00 machine she'd throw it out and turn to dell or ANYONE else. Personally I do not believe this will be resolved any time soon as I could tell i was simply being placated. We'll see what occurs within the next 48 hours. Monday May 28th if we have not gotten this resolved with some sort of apology "at a minimum" I guess I will have no choice but to go to the BBB and the media. I will not accept two or three day waits and the wrong parts any more either. If they want to impress me they need to load their own tech with one of every power supply and send him down in a car and resolve this. Again I have to look at the example given by HP for a 700.00 notebook and they went above and beyond! MDG you really need to have someone a) teach your tech support people not to be condescending and rude b) make sure your warehouse sends the right parts when sending parts and c) get a better WARRANTY program that INCLUDES services as HP does. If you want to compete and be compared to them as a leader then you need to start doing business "better". you have my name, you have my email. If you check my name the one in Trenton Ontario is the one you want... The clock is ticking. Up to you how this goes. For me its done and I am prepared to move on this as a consumer that recognizes my rights in Canada and specifically Ontario with respect to poor service and shoddy warranty.

I too bought product from them five months ago and the desktop thyat they supposedly "fixed" is slow as fck and constantly is not responding. My ten year old computer works better then their "new" computer. I should have reviewed this site before purchasing.I have'nt been recomending them to anyone nor will I ever.

I do believe the jerk-off is "Random Guy", not the OP...

Sep 01, 2008

hey jerk off,
mdg not registered with BBB so good luck. also mdg pays media (tv and newspapers and radio) to advertise for them so if the media posts some random (again I express) jerk offs complaint, then they lose tons of money in advertising profit. If you know computers like you say you do, then you should know that buying parts and building yourself if much cheaper. congrats on setting up a lan server. *clap clap*. should have sucked it up and gone to kingston store. and before you run your mouth again, i dont work for them or anything, i just hate jerk offs who have nothing better to do than complain.
p.s. call center EMPLOYEES are not tehnicians. if they were they would make more money working on systems rather than sitting on their ### trying to act like they know what theyre talking about. surprised you can find the power button.

Apr 27, 2007

MDG - Lousy customer service!

I was dealing with MDG to get a TV and laptop.. I was told by Rob that he just needs to get the paperwork to me, I sign it, fax it back and he will do the rest and that I will receive the products within a week... I called him to make sure that this was going to happen. I couldn't get a hold him.. The employee had no clue of who he was and said "we can offer you the product upon that you pay $39.99 for 16 weeks before you receive the products".. I said "no bloody way.. I expect to receive what I am paying for immediately". She told me that that is not how they work. She also told me that even though I haven't signed anything yet, I would be charged $500 for any cancellation so she couldn't cancel the order that hasn't been processed yet... I was pissed about it. I asked to talk to a manager, she said that "no manager is available, but, I am a manager so you have to deal with me". I told her "I will not pay $500 for something that hasn't happened yet" and she told me "you have no choice in the matter". She told me that "if you want to complain about it, email feedback AT and they will get back to you within 24-48 hours".. Well, 1.5 weeks later, no response. I also put a request in the email for a receipt to show that they opened the email... It hasn't happened. This company does not care about customer service or the customers. They only care about trying to make money. If i was to ever get anything from them, they are going to have to prove to me that the product is top notch quality at a top notch price I receive it in timely matter with no BS non of this payments for 16 weeks crap before you receive the product and way better customer service than what you get when you call... They are lousy at treating customers.

Ryan Tomlinson,
Delta, BC.

Dont have anything form you and yu are still taking money out of my bank would like all that back


Decided to try MDG computers because of their financing options and boy was I impressed. Service is fast and friendly and prices are reasonable. Would recommend and rebuy from them anytime.

I should have read the complaints before dealing with MDG. Their customer service doesn't exist and the tv that showed up was broken. No replacement in sight and no word from their irresponsible sales people or customer service.

Don't do business with them.

Nov 15, 2007

I bought an MDG system almost 3 years ago and paid monthly, every time I paid I would receive a bill stating that I owed more than I bought the system for. I bought the system for around $1700 almost 3 years ago, and they say that I still owe them $1900 today! I have stopped paying as I have calculated all of my payments and have paid well over what I bought the system for and filed a complaint. The error was that I was not to be charged interest for the first year, and I was charged from the very beginning, which is why the amount has never dropped. Pretty INSANE interest rate! I contacted MDG and the Toronto Star and MDG offered to give me a free monitor for my troubles? Yeah okay! I refused, and now I have a collections agency calling me for $1900. This company sucks ###!

Jun 13, 2007

Interesting to read your comments about MDG. I have had quite a different experience with them, in fact I have had my MDG PC for quite some time now and haven't had a single problem with it. When I was researching PC's before I bought my MDG I found that it was only MDG that uses Tier one brand name components in all of their models. And the packages deals they have were certainly competitive with other company's. I forwarded your complaint to because they have contact with all the major brands in Canada and if you post your comments there as well you will have their attention! Hope that helps!

Feb 14, 2007

MDG - Manufacturer's defect, warranty not covered

Purchased a computer from the Newmarket MDG computer store on May 17, 2006. I went there to buy a computer that they has advertised in the newspaper ads, but when I got there found out that Internet...

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