Maytagmaytag washer# mvwc6esww1


I have already made a complaint about this inferior product and I received a notice from Maytag wanting more information. This washer is just a pile of junk as is evident by all the comments of other unlucky people who happened to purchase this machine. The water leveling-temperature control switch will go bad and start to agitate before any water runs into tub. You may run the risk of tearing out the transmission or even running the washer over with water on your floors. Then if you are lucky enough to get through the spin cycle, it runs more water to get your clothes all wet again. When I got the chance to talk to the Maytag representative, I just happened to be sitting in front of my commuter, looking at all the hundreds of complaints others had already made. She denied that this problem even existed. She offered to give a discount on new washer, call a service person to fix my washer at my expense. I know there is not much else an unlucky owner of this piece of trash can do to get Maytag to take responsibility for making this product good. I do however think that all owners of these defective washers should let Lowes, Home Depot, and other large retailers know that you will no longer buy these appliances from them unless Maytag makes some amends.


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      Dec 23, 2017

    Hi Frankie.

    Appreciate reading your concerns on this washer. I've got a considerable amount of background and can state that this model is actually pretty decent. It has sold a considerable amount although it's an older model and still no longer within the industry.

    Unfortunately even good products can break. It's frustrating I know.

    Did you purchase any form of extended warranty coverage on the unit?

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