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Maurices has gone so downhill. ALWAYS the same "sale", no coupons ever, and the selection screams boring Grandma. I've been in store and online almost 13 times and found NOTHING to buy. That speaks volumes. Footwear, on occasion, something has peaked my interest and guess what is ALWAYS the outcome? They don't have my size. I have the Maurices card, as of now, but at this point, I see no reason to keep it. Their jeans kept me holding on, but that's a big no as well. Good thing gone bad.

manager rebecca

I spend a good deal of time at this store. The manager Rebecca was talking horribly about one of her employees in front of customers. She said she was "getting rid" of the...

store manager

I always come into Maurices in the Acadiana Mall located in Lafayette, La and now it's under a new Store Manager. I have been going in a few times from September 2019 and now...

maurices jeans

This is completely upsetting very summer i have bought your brand capris for the last 5 yrs now only the last 2 years you haven't brought them back and its up setting since im shorter and the crop kind are pants on me. I think you really need to bring back your brand capris . Also im a credit card holder i would hate for you to lose me and quite a few other people that i know over this.

the customer service of a manager was horrible

My niece has been shopping at the store in Danville, Illinois since she was 14 years old and she is now 36 years old. She was is a terrible traffic accident 2 years ago and sustained a head injury that has been problematic but is recovering. She needed to appear in court this April past and a friend bought some clothes for her. She got her original size and found that they were too large for her. A few months later she tried to return the items and she was accused by the manager, a dark haired woman of wearing the clothes and then trying to return them. My niece didn't understand what was going on and my husband stepped in. He tried to tell the manager what had happened and he was yelled at and he yelled back and ended up being banned from the store. I wasn't there and I'm not allowed in either and I love the clothes this store has. Several months later we went back to the mall that the store is in and my niece wanted to see what clothes they had. She had forgotten that she couldn't go into this store anymore. My husband stopped her but the manager had him arrested for being in the mall, he wasn't banned from the mall. All charges were dropped. This manager actually told them that since my niece hadn't spent enough money in the store in the last year that we didn't need to be there. Customer service is vanishing quickly, all over. We'll never go back to that store and it's a shame.Now I can't lodge a complaint because I'm not on social media. Baloney.

manager rude explicit conversation

Sadly, this is not the first time I have heard the manager inappropriately discuss subjects about men, partners, and her sex life while her employee is left in an awkward...

24/7 striped tee with colored yoke and lace sleeve inlay

586104 Good morning, I wanted to send in a review about one of my favorite tops I purchased at Maurice's last December. It's referred to as the "24/7 Striped Tee with Colored Yoke and...

telephone number for online orders

I called the telephone number the "chat" person gave me to place an order. I did not get a confirmation email. So I called the number again. I was told there was not an order for...

customer service

Walked into east colorado springs store and wasn't greeted. Then when I wanted to ask for a different size, I was ignored. Two young customer service women looked me in eyes and...

customer service

I had a return to make on a pair of shoes. The employee working didn't greet me. Also while talking to her on the phone beforw arriving at the store she told me she could refund...

about a manager

I was in Maurices in Chillicothe Ohio today 05/28/2018, there was a manager by the name of Kami Hice. She had awful customer service and we could over hear her talking bad about...

denied a cancellation of order

My computer froze up and I accidentally placed two identical PayPal orders 3 minutes apart except 1 of the orders was going to my previous address. I immediately emailed Maurice'...

shopping for jeans

I walked into Mauries in Mtn Home Ark. Last Monday about 2 or 2:30. I needed some jeans so badly and I usually go in and someone greets me and ask if I need any help. Well that...


Hello, my name is Sara Daniel. My daughter works for Maurices in Victoria, Texas. She is a full time student at the community college and she turned in her class schedule 2 time...

order details call centre customer support/unprofessional service received

I ordered 5 items making my order beneficial when ordering from Canada . You removed one item that you didn't have in stock and shipped the order the same day without giving me...

Awful company

here's my sad story:
1) I ordered jeans that were on their big deal sale.
2) Paid as usual
3) 2 weeks later I got nothing and called them to figure the things out
4) I was said that the jeans were on back order and they didn't know when exactly they would be available again.
5) Two days later I got a notification stating that my order was canceled all of a sudden even though I never requested that!!!
6) Called them to remind of a refund. They said yes, we know, but didn't do anything.
7) It's been one week and there's no sign of anything at all: customer service, money, and information. Yes, I am aware that money isn't usually reimbursed fast, but I would like to be notified of everything. Unfortunately, it's impossible.

worker complaint!

I went to the maurice's in lockport, ny and the so called assistant manager was completely rude. My cousin and I were looking at some clothes right after we had gone shopping. The...

do not buy from them

I gave them two shots and each time was terrible.
All because of a couple of items I couldn't find anywhere but their website.
Anyway, the first order took 6 weeks to arrive. The quality was nothing special.
But the second time was beyond appalling. It actually never arrived. Not to mention that I ordered it 3 months ago
The customer service is terrible, helpless and hopeless. I will never buy anything from them.

discounts and online chatting

I have been a customer of Maurices for many years and I have to say, the company is so cheap. I have asked time and time again why I am not getting the coupons as a Maurices CC customer. I am also military and have submitted that information before so I can get the discount and I am unable to use it and I have to call in? The woman I have been chatting with, Umani, has been the most unhelpful person. She takes at least 5 minutes to get back to me and is unable to help me at all. I like your clothing but I can go anywhere else and get coupons to use. I am a single mom and I'm trying to get my kids clothes for school and can't afford to pay full price. My kids love your clothes but if I am never able to get coupons, I will be unable to shop here anymore. I just wanted someone to know how unhappy I am with the customer service I have received.


I originally found a shirt I wanted in store but found it wasn't carried in my size. When ordering the product through a sales representative in store she stated that it would...

the poor customer service from a store employee

My wife and I went to the store in Grand Rapids, Center Point on 4/26/17 at 3:45 PM. We had been to the store in Kalamazoo the day before and they didn't have my wife's size but...

they lost my order

I don't know where my order is and the worst part is that no one from Maurices is able to help me. I made an online order and paid for a home delivery.
I received a message from Maurices support that my order was successfully delivered but I did not receive anything. Their rep said that order was delivered to my home address and he was surprised to hear that I did not get anything. Maurices rep said he'll try to find what was going on and later he told me that my order was probably delivered to the wrong address!! They said "probably" so they were not even sure what actually happened. They also said that refund was not possible because status of my order was "delivered". These people gave me nothing but trouble and because of their poor service I lost my money. Be careful!

rude staff

These people are extremely rude and impolite! Recently went to Maurices with a friend of mine and wanted to buy a dress.
My friend also found something she really liked and asked me to buy that for her using my Maurices member card and I said sure.
One of the Maurices employees heard that and came to us saying that I cannot give the card to someone else. I said I'll buy both dresses myself but she claimed that was against their rules. What rules? Why can't I use my card and buy two dresses? Why do you people even care what will I do with the dresses after I buy them?
So that day we left the store without buying anything. These people from Maurices are super nasty.

I want my order!

I ordered from Maurices online store and did not receive my stuff! I was supposed to get it weeks ago and still nothing. I checked the tracking system and it said that my ordered was already delivered. Then I contacted Maurices customer service and they said that it was not their problem and claimed that my order really was delivered a long time ago. I asked them to check my cadres and they refused! I bet they sent it to the wrong place, or maybe they are just liars and never even shipped anything!

maurices.comused clothing!

Don't buy anything from Maurices. I worked there for a couple of months and left the job because the store manager was an absolutely terrible person. But that's not the point. I want to tell everyone that these guys sell used clothing! When someone returns clothes, the store manager takes them home to wash them and then he brings them back and sells them as new! When clothing is damaged the manager tries to hide everything! Please stay away from this place and shop elsewhere.

maurices.comdouble charge and no delivery of the order

My friend ordered dress from the website She got it and told that it was the best dress ever. I registered on this website and wanted to buy some clothes, like dress and skirt, from them, but they charged me twice and didn’t provide info and order. I sent emails and messages through the website, but nothing. No response, no order and no money. Total scam. So be careful if you use this website or leave comments if you have horrible experience with this seller.

  • Mk
    MkStItCh Sep 29, 2014

    So, are you are saying your friend got you caught up in a scam OR that she is smart enough to use the website properly and you are not???

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  • Na
    Nancy Laabs Sep 10, 2018

    Date of incident-9/17/2017

    The dressing rooms were very messy and unclean. I have shopped at Maurices for many years and have not ever had that bad of an experience.

    Resolution-coupons or an Amazon gift card.

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  • Je
    Jessica Duemler Sep 16, 2019

    I paid $40 for these pants to wear to my office job. Within 1 wash, the material in the crotch area was thin and ripping, and by the 2nd wash, there is a huge hole and is widening with every wear. I'd expect a pair of pants from Maurices to be made of good quality material, but this doesn't appear to be the case. I have the size 10 black pair.

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  • Le
    leadana dempsey Nov 03, 2019

    I purchased items from Maurices on 10/15/2019 and I have not received my items.

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