Mattress Firmcustomer service with staff and management at stores #4042 and #4078

S Aug 13, 2018

I work with a nonprofit in Bastrop, TX. We are partnering with Salvation Army to provide financial assistance to families affected by Hurricane Harvey. We have worked with staff at these 2 stores for 4 families. Of the 4 we have had issues with 3 of them and how the store processed the payments. Our last client has been waiting 2 months to receive his mattress because staff and management cannot figure out process Salvation Army payments from one transaction to the next. This has been very frustrating to our client and as well Salvation Army and ourselves. At this point we are considering cancelling the order and sending our client to another vendor. Attached is the quote that we have been working off of with the store and management. The store manager says they are having a difficult time processing and promises to contact us but never does. We initiate all communication with the staff. At this point we would like corporate to take over this order or we will ask to cancel. Sheila Lowe - Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team [protected]

customer service with staff and management at stores #4042 and #4078

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