Mashreq Bank — credit card complaint number 3648373

Mashreq Bank
Dubai UAE

Sub: Minimum payment Credit Card # [protected], Card holder Balu Purushothaman
Ref # 3481614-H9H3Y2-Cancellation of ‘EC'
Ref#3648373-K2B3Y2-Complaint registered on 11.06.2019

Dear Sir /Maam
With reference to above Card Please note I have been settled my easy cash loan amounted AED 8.263.42 along with early settlement charges paid amount 105( with VAT) currently I have statement for June and its reflecting there is a minimum payment amounted AED 9, 494.00, It seems balance amount AED 8263.42 was included in minimum payment same I had paid on 16.05.2019 under reference # 3481614-H9H3Y2,
I request you to check my statement and reduce the minimum payment which has been wrongly included in my minimum payment

Awaiting your kind confirmation by return


Balu Purushothaman

Jun 26, 2019

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