Maruti Suzuki / Wagon R Duo LXIdistributed front wheel alignment in a brand new vehicle

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Attention: Mr. Jagdish Khattar
[Managing Director]

I ‘Sachin R. Patil’, paid full amount of Rs. 4,34,433/- to ‘Sai Services Station Limited, Pune ’ on 16th August, 2007 to buy a new ‘Wagon R Duo LXI Model’ of Maruti Suzuki. [Reference: Commitment Checklist Number 716 of Sai Service Station Ltd]. I have asked for the wheel alignment report of the new car. I already had given them the clear instruction that I will accept the vehicle only if the wheel alignment reports i.e. camber and caster is according to the specified values. Unfortunately the camber [Left -0047’ Right -0010’] and caster values are not even near by to the specified values. So I didn’t take the delivery the car. In spite of my instructions ‘Sai Service Station Ltd, Pune’ has registered the same faulty vehicle on my name. [Chassis Number 556235]

After several follow-ups and meetings with service engineers/customer care managers, I came to know that the wheel alignment machine of ‘Sai Service Station Ltd [Authorized Maruti dealer] was not calibrated. But still they were doing wheel alignment of the customer’s vehicles 25 to 30 per day on the same faulty machine. They are just making money out of it. I think ‘Sai Services’ is least concern about the after sales service given to their customers.

I also had a haunting meeting with Mr. Kanteppa Patted [Territory Service Manager]. As per his knowledge he told me that vehicle doesn’t have any problem. Caster/camber values are with tolerance limit according. When we asked him, what does he mean by tolerance? Tolerance is for whom? Manufacturer or Customer? He instead of giving a satisfactory answer of my queries, he told me in a rubbish language that, “You will never get a vehicle according to the specified values of caster and camber. You can do what ever you want. You can also go to court and media.” in front of the employee’s of ‘Sai Services’. Is this a way of talking with the customers? Is this for what he is getting paid for?

According to the latest wheel alignment report after calibration of the machine,
Front Camber values Left -0008’. Right +0027’
Where as specified value is +0010’
Front Caster values Left +2018’. Right +3018’
Where as specified value is +3035’

Still the caster and camber of the brand new car is not according to the specification. When camber and caster is fixed, it should be at the perfect position +0010’ and +3035’ respectively. For Wagon R caster/camber cannot be adjusted. Once these get dislocated, it will be for ever. The whole steering geometry, life of the tires is depending on the setting of caster and camber. At least brand new vehicle should not have these problems.

Could you please explain me the tolerance of 10 given for fixed caster and camber is for the manufacturer or a customer? Is it for a brand new vehicle or used one? If more than 50% tolerance already utilized by the manufacturer while making the new vehicle then what is left for the customer? You, what happens if caster or camber goes out of tolerance limit, must know it. As per my technical knowledge, if caster and camber is fixed for a brand new vehicle then those should be at a perfect position according to the specified values. But unfortunately caster/camber of new ‘Wagon R Duo LXI Model’ of Maruti Suzuki of Chassis Number 556235 is not at the perfect position. Due to this reason I am not accepting this vehicle. Registration cannot be the reason for accepting this faulty vehicle. I would like to have a brand new ‘Wagon R Duo LXI Model’, which should be perfect i.e. according to the specified values of caster and camber.

As per the valuable suggestions given by Mr. Kanteppa Patted, I thought you must be aware of these details before I approach to the consumer court or media. If Maruti Udyog Limited is not able to manufacture or give me the new car according the specified values of caster and camber then please give me back the full amount of Rs. 4,34,433/- plus 10% interest rate till date. Please let me know your feedback as soon as possible. It’s already delayed by more than a month. This technical problem has been identified by my brother Mahendra Hasabnis [Mobile-[protected]] who is having his own wheel alignment machine.

Yours Sincerely,
Sachin R. Patil.
[Mobile: [protected]]

Flat no 2, Sagar Society
Gawde colony
Opposite Tata Motors
Chinchwad 411033.

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